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Welcome to our collection of Tennessee research books.  We are proud to be able to bring to you the best selection from the most trusted publishers of Tennessee materials.

On this page of the collection you will find books on general Tennessee research, books covering the entire state, some regional materials, and at the bottom of the page, some books from our "Crazy Crate" sales.

Additional Tennessee material can be found on the following pages. Click on the page names to see these selections.

Tennessee Military Records

Tennessee Census Indexes and Tax Lists

Tennessee County Records


by Dr. George K. Schweitzer, 132 pp., 6" x 9', Softbound ... $12.00

A 132-paged book containing 1073 sources for tracing your TN ancestor along with detailed instructions. Chapters include I: TN Background, II: Types of Records, III: Record Locations, and IV Research Procedure and County Listings (detailed listing of records available for each of the 96 TN counties).



[TENNESSEE / SMOKY MOUNTAIN AREA]  STRANGERS IN HIGH PLACES, The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains.  By Michael Frome.  Revised Edition.  University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN, 1980. 391 pages, softbound.  This is the story of a place Ė a huge place with a profound effect on the environment of those who lived there and those who live there now.  In turn, these people also have had an effect on the place in which they lived or in which they live now.  His book tells the story of this place and its inhabitants, from the Eastern Cherokee Indians, the back country settlers, the lumbermen, the moonshiners, the bears and the boars, and others, both beast and man.  He continues his plea for the protection and preservation of the National Parkís natural beauty as a reminder of the natural habitat of our ancestors.  Always emphasizing manís natural interaction with the land he lives in and on, he relates the story of the Great Smoky Mountains with respect and affection for the region, its people and their history.  $10

[TENNESSEE]  CRAZY CRATE 11  BOOK 12:  1850 CENSUS, LAWRENCE COUNTY, TENNESSEEIncludes some other early records.  By Marymaud Lillen Carter and Joan Coffey Hudgins.   A list of tithables from 1818, some polls, the 1820 census of Lawrence County, early marriage records found lying loose in a filing cabinet + the 1850 census are included as are four different indexes.   184 pages, stapled and taped, index-weight cardstock covers.    USED. $25

[TENNESSEE]  CRATE CRAZY 53, BOOK 5: OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF ATCHLEY FUNERAL HOME RECORDS, SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE. COMBINED VOLUME: Volume I 1930-1954 and Volume 2 1955-1973.  Transcribed by Larry D. Fox. Published by Smoky Mountain Historical Society, Sevierville, Tennessee, 2002, hardbound, Vol. 1 has 154 pages and Volume 2 has 186 pages. Both volumes in one binding. Sample: Dorfer, William John, 61, born 5-27-(18)95 in New Jersey. Died 10-4-(19)56. R. 9 Sev. Maintainence New York City Subway. Father was William Dorfer. Mother Pauline Andry. N. Y. Bay Cemetery. Survivors, Widow Elizabeth, 2285 H Boulevard, Jersey City and 1 son. Pristine condition ... $50

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