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Kentucky Index, Volume 1
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Kentucky Index, Volume 1

In 1985 Michael Cook published the Kentucky Genealogical Index, Volume 1. This is a consolidated index of the following Kentucky periodicals:

"A" - Kentucky Ancestors
"G" - Kentucky Genealogist
"E" - The East Kentuckian
"U" - Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy & Records

This is a an every-name, full-name index. There are 847 pages containing every name listed in these publications. The publications contain source records, marriages, deeds, wills, naturalizations, estate records, family genealogies, queries, and other related records. The index includes all references to an individual or family in these periodicals. Each reference identifies the name of the journal, the volume and issue number, and the specific page.

We can check the index and provide a list of all references for any surname for $3.00. Your list will include the references and the identifying reference information (such as; Bourbon Co. Marriages 1809-1833.) If you wish to obtain a photocopy of the complete article, we will be glad to quote a price. (Subject to copyright restrictions.)

We also have copies of all issues referenced in the Kentucky Genealogical Index Vol. I. If you wish to purchase photocopies please:

  1. List the full name of the individual you are interested in.
  2. Indicate the complete rederence as listed in the index.
  3. Remit the fee, $1.00 for each page copied (minimum $3.00 order.)

All orders must be accompanied by a $2.00 Shipping and Handling charge.

You can use our standard order form to order an index search. Indicate Kentucky Index Search as the item ordered and list the requested surname. For other information or a quote on photocopies of articles please contact us.

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