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Williams: Created in 1820 from Darke County. County Seat: Bryan. Courthouse: Williams County Courthouse, Bryan, OH 43506  (419) 636-2059.

YOGSOH WILLIAMS-01:  THE KALAMAZOO VALLEY FAMILY NEWS LETTER, VOLUME 4 NO. 4, SUMMER QUARTER, JUNE, 1975.  WILLIAMS COUNTY, OHIO.  1 CITY, 8 VILLAGES, AND 12 TOWNSHIPS.  This area was set off from Indian Territory by The General Assembly of Ohio on April 1, 1820, and named for David Williams.  Reduced to present boundaries in 1849.  County Seat is Bryan, Ohio.  Page 258  show an old log cabin which was being restored as a project of the Williams County Historical Society.  Page 259 has a map of and information about Brady Township.  Page 260 gives even more information about this area's churches.  Page 261 gives a landowner's map and recent trustees, clerks, constables and Justices of the Peace from about 1939 through the 1955 for some and as late as 1975 for trustees and clerks.  Page 262 Welcomes new members to this Kalamazoo Genealogical Society that dedicated this issue to Williams County, Ohio.  Page 263 covers Bridgewater Township and its early settlers.  Page 264 covers the village of Blakeslee with information as to what businesses were there and who owned them.  The Library hours given are for Michigan libraries.  Page 265 focuses on Center Township and its early settlers, Page 266 focuses on the libraries of Williams County.  Page 267 lists the livestock count for the men of Williams County from the 1837 tax lists.  Page 268 is all about the Village of Edon, Page 269 gives village mayors and other officials and information, and charter membership lists of, the Florence Lodge of the I. O. O. F., the Edon Lodge of the F.& A.M. and the Boone Post of the Grand Army of the Republic.  Page 270 is centered on the City of Bryan with lots of information about this city and an aerial view too, with pictures of the schools on 271, some early voter lists, and a list of male voters over 21 in Pulaski County in 1843.  Superior Township takes center stage on Page 273 and 274.  In 1840 ten males voted. By 1842 there were 32!  Newspapers are covered on Page 275 and the history of Hamlet of Columbia is told. Pages 276-288 are missing  A list of the cemeteries is on Pages 289 and 290, but no list of those buried there appears.  Springfield Township starts on Pafe 291.  (no page 292.)  Page 293 shines the spotlight on Madison Township.  The village of Pioneer was founded in October of 1853 by J. P. Norris.  Page 295 continues with the lists of offials and information on the Village of Alvordton.  Page 296 has lots of information on the village of Montpelier and begins the Village of Edgerton, which is continued on the next page.  Northwest Township is featured on Pafe 297.  Mill Creek Township is featured on Page 298.  Pulaski Tonship is the center of attention on Page 299.  (No Page 300.)  Page 301 covers news from Saint Joseph Township, The Village of Stryker claims our interest on Page 302.  On Page 303 we study Jefferson Township.  (No page 304.)  There is a list of the subjects of the Biographies in the 1882 History of Williams County by Goodspeed on Pages 305, 306. and 307.  Page 308 gives us information about West Unity Village.  Page 309 gives officials, Clerk Treasurers and Councilmen.  Page 310 has pictures and so does the last page in this stapled book.  I would venture to guess that the index to this book would be more than twice the size of this book.  You would have thousands of names.  What a daunting task, but oh, how helpful it would be!  This book has not been punched because you would lose data, but I have placed it in a pocket folder to protect it.  PRICE:  $14   

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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