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Wayne: Created in 1808 from Columbiana County. County Seat: Wooster. Courthouse: 428 W. Liberty, Wooster, OH 44691-4851 (216) 263-3121.

FFOH-WAYNE-01:  D164; CENSUS OF 1880 WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO.  Copied, compiled and arranged by Richard G. Smith, 1979.  Compiled, typed and published by the Wayne Co. [Ohio] Historical Society Genealogical Society, Wooster, Ohio.  Printed by Unigraphic.  1979.  323 pages, hardbound, title in gold on spine.  Book is 9" by 12"  Data for each township, in alphabetical order, is followed by data for the cities of Orrville and Wooster, and all are in separate sections.
Each listing consists of data collected and written beginning with the surname of each head of households
As well as persons with different surnames living with them, all listed alphabetically within each township.  Persons with a different surname are listed in a separate entry in the proper place in alphabetical order.  In each entry is given the name of the person with whom he is living and the relationship, if any.  The data given is, family number, surname, given name, occupational code[given in this book], age, race white unless other given in (), Sex, Spouse is second person listed if followed by a ;.  If not the spouse, relationship is stated.  Children-all names that follow unless otherwise listed.  Place of birth (3): 1. of person, 2 of person's father, 3 of person's mother.  All children were born in Ohio unless otherwise noted.  Sample:  Number 072: Surname BRUBAKER: Given name, David: occupation (fr) farmer: age 32: P-P-P born in Pennsylvania, so were his father and mother:  ; means spouse Lydia: age 33: O-P-P, born in Ohio, Parents both born in PA; Harriet 9: Wm. 3:  Phares 4 mo.
The index covers the listings of heads of household and separate surnames.  This abstraction lists those surnames with four references or more:  Acker, Adams, Albright, Alexander, Alleman, Allen, Ammon, Amstutz, Anderson, Antles, Armstrong, Arnold, Ash, Atkins, Aukerman, Ault, Aylesworth, Bahl, Bailey, Bair, Baird, Baker, Bard(en/on), Barnard, Barnes, Barnhart, Bareret, Bartel, Barth, Barton, Batdorf, Bates, Baughman, Bauman, Baumgardner, Baysinger, Beall, Beals, Beam, Beard, Bechtel, Beck, Becker, Beeler, Beery, Bell, Berg, Berger, Berkey, Berry, Bessey, Best, Bevard, Bevington, Bicl(el/le), Biddle, Biggs, Bigler, Billman, Bixler, Blackwood, Blanchard, Blough, Boigegrain, Boley, Boor, Boss, Bott, Bower/s, Bowersock, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brandt, Brenizer, Brenneman, Brenner, Bricker, Brickerhoff, Brothers, Brouse, Brown Brubaker, Buchanan, Bucher, Buckley, Buckwalter, Budd, Buger, Burkholder, Burnett, Burns, Bush, Butler, Buttermore, Byers, Caldwell, Callahan, Cameron, Camp Campbell, Carl, Carlin, Carr, Carson, Case, Caskey, Cayho, Chaffin, Chapman, Childs, Christine, Christy, Clapper, Clark, Cleckner, Cline, Coclin, Coe, Cole, Collier, Collins, Conrad, Cook, Cooper, Coover, Cornelius, Correll, Cotterman, Coulter, Coup, Cramer, Craven, Crawford, Crile, Crites, Crosby, Culbertson, Culler/s, Cully, Cunningham, Curry, Dague, Daniels, Daugherty, Davidson, Davis, Days, Deible, Demiller, Dennis/s, Derr, Detrick/s, Detwiler, Dice, Dies, Dilgard, Dintaman, Dodez, Donnelly, Douglas, Downing, Dressler, Dunham, Dunlap, Durstine, Dye, Eason, Easterday, Ebbert, Eberhart, Eberly, Eby, Eck(h)ard/t, Ecker, Eddy, Edwards, Eichenberger, Eicher, Elgin, Elliot, El(e)y, Emerick, Emerson, Emery, Ervin, Eshelman, Eshman, Etling, Evans, Ewing, Eyman, Fair, Farmer, Fath, Feas(z)el, Feeman, Feightner, Felger, Felix, Fendenheimer, Fe(u_rguson, Fetter, Fetzer, Fickes, Fike, Filby, Finley, Firestone, Fishburn, Fisher, Fletcher, Flickinger, Flora, Flory, Fluhart, Follis, Foltz, Foot, Force, Fordenwalt, Forrer, Fortney, Foss, Foster, Fouch, Foust, Fox, France, Franks, Fra(s/z)e, Fra(s/z)ier, Frederick, Fritz, Fr(ey/y), Funalman, Funk, Fye, Gable, Gailey, Galehouse, Gallagher, Garber, Gardner, Garm(e/i/o)n, Gfarret, Garver, Gault, Geitgey, George, Gerber, Gerstenschlager, Gingerich, Ginter, Girard, Glasgow, Glass, Gochnaur, Good, Goodhart, Goodyear, Goudy, Graber, Grady, Graham, Grant, Gr(ay/ey)Gregor, Green, Greenwald, Griffin, Griffith, Groff, Grosjean, Haas, Hackett, Hagaman, Haley, Hall, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammer, Hammond, Hanna, Harbaugh, Hardin/g, Harmon, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartel, Harter, Hartman, Hartzler, Hatfield, Hawk, Hayes, Heffelfinger, Heffelman, Heise, Heller, Henberger, Henderson, Henry, Herr, Herrington, Hershey, Hesler, Hess, Hewit, Hileman, Hill, Hilty, Hindman, Hiner, Hines, Hinkle, Hoff, Hoffman, Hofstetter, Hoisington, Holderman, Hollinger, Holm, Holmes, Homan, Hook, Hooley, Hoover, Horn, Horst, Hostetler, Hough, Houghton, Houser, Hoverstock, Howard, Hower, Howey, Howman, Huff, Huffman, Hughes, Hunsberger, Hunter, Huntsberger, Hurst, Hushower, Hutch(e/i)ison, Hutchinson, Ickes, Immel, Irvin/e, Jackson, James, Jam(e/i)son, Jarvis, Jeffries/Jeffrey, Jenkins, Job(es/s), Johnson, Johnston, Jolliff, Jones, Kampf(t), Kauffman, Keck, Keefer, Keiffer, Keister, Kell(ar/er), Kell(ey/y)0Kerr, Kesler, Kell(ey/y), Key/s, Kimber, Kime, Kindig, King, Kintner, Kiser, Kissinger, Kistler, Klein/Kline, Kramer, Kuhn, Kurtz, Lake, Lance, Landaw, Lander/s, Land(es/is), Langell, Larwill, Lattimer, La(u/w)bach, Laudenschlager, La(u/w)rence, Lee, Lehman, Lehr, L(ei/i)chty, Leies, Lepley, Levers, Lewis, Ligget, Lilly/Lilley, Limbach, Lindsey, Litt(el/le), Locke, Long, Loreau, Lowe, Lower/s, Lowr(ey/y)Lucas, Ludwig, Lutz, Lytle, This continues on for more than 80 columns more!

FFOH-WAYNE-02: D007:  1873 CALDWELL'S  ATLAS OF WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO. By J. A. Caldwell, C. E. assisted by Hon. John Brinkerhoff County Surveyor, Henry Cring C.E., C.T. Adams Sr C.E., J.H.Lee C.E.  Published by J. A. Caldell, Sunbury, Ohio.  Reprinted in 1974 by The Bookmark, Knightstown, IN.  This stunning 14" by 17" huge book of wonderful maps was taken from actual surveys by and under the direction of J. A. Caldwell.  The reprint does reproduce every page, excepting the Ohio State Map, that was in the original atlas.  It is, unlike many reprints, the same size as the original.  The original numbered 113 pages were not printed (because blank pages left behind each map were also numbered in the original atlas) and were not reproduced here.  This atlas appears from the Table of Contents to have 63 pages in it.  This is a landowner's atlas and the names are clearly written on the lots and plats where known.  Most township maps have close to a hundred little plots with names, and after my previous experience indexing that little monograph of just 17 pages, I did not even consider indexing these 63 pages!  This atlas has cardstock covers, is firmly stapled and taped.  Tape is smooth and tight and in good shape.  It is just beginning to fray at the top where it has been pulled off the shelf by a fingertip.  It has been used and there is a fold in the back cover that could become a crease if it were folded too many times more from side to side.  I think it was folded to hold on a photocopier.  Keeping it supported will help it to lie flat.  Price is $25.

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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