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Warren: Created in 1803 from Hamilton County. County Seat: Lebanon. Courthouse: 320 E. Silver St., Lebanon, OH 45036-1816 (513) 932-4040.

HHOH WARREN-01: WARREN CO. EARLY MARRIAGE RECORDS; 1803-1812.  Compiled by Colleen Alice Ridlen, 2001 43 Pages, 8.5"x11", cardstock covers, stapled.  The original marriage books from which these marriages were abstracted are in the County Clerk's office in Warren County, Ohio.  Marriages are listed alphabetically by both the surname of the groom and again by the surname of the bride and then interfiled in one alphabetically arranged list.  All the people, whether male or female, are listed in one alphabetical list with their spouse and the date in each entry.  Each surname is together.  
Makes your research easier and you are less likely to overlook someone.  It also makes it easier to check for possible mis-spellings of the surname.  Surnames with three(,) or more than three (#) entries are listed here:  Anderson, Baker, Baldwin 8, Be(e)dle, Benham, Biggs, Blackford 5, Bone, Bonta, Bowyer, Brandstreeter/Branstrator, Brown, Campbell /Campble 5, Carpenter, Carter 4, Case, Cass(el/le), Clark 13, Clev(e/i)nger, Corwin, Cow(a/e)n, Cox, Creamer, Cummins, Cunningham, Curl, Curtis, Davis 5, Death 5, Dill 6, Drake 6, Everman 5, Fields, Fox 7, Fry/e 5, Garrard, Goodpasture, Hail/Hale, Hall, Harris, Hart, Hathaway 8, Hay(e)s 4, Heaton 5, Hester, Hunt, Hunter, Johnson 5, Jones 5, Kelly 5, Kelsey 4, Kibby, Kirby 5, Lee 5, Leonard 6, Ligg(e/i)t/t, Little 4, Ludlum, McCarty, McDon(n)ald, McGriff 4, McGuire, Maloy 4, Martindale, Miller 6, Mills 6, Morrios 6, Morrison, Mount/s 4, Mullin 4, Murphy 7, Nutt, Osborn 4, Painter 4, Phillips 4, Porter, Pruice 7, Pugh 5, Ray, Reed 6, Reeder 5, Richardson, Robb, Roberts, Ross 8, Runyan 5, Seamon/s, Serring 4, Shaw 6, Smith 10, Snook, Spray 4, St. John 4, Stewart 6, Sutton, Swanger, Swift, Taylor, Thomas 5, Thompson 5, Todd, Townsen(d/t), Trimble 4, Tullis, Walker, Ward 5, Watson, Williams 8, Wilson 6 and Wright 9. PRICE: $12  

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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