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Union: Created in 1820 from Delaware, Franklin, Logan and Madison Counties. County Seat: Marysville. Courthouse: County Courthouse, Marysville,OH 43040 (513) 642-2841.

YOGSOH UNION-01:  UNION COUNTY, OHIO, MARRIAGES 1820-1825.  Plus UNION COUNTY, OHIO, WILL, ESTATE AND GUARDIANSHIP RECORDS 1821-1828.  Copied from Gateway to the West, periodical, 1972, Six pages, placed in a nice, new three hole punched, metal prong fastener, cardstock pocket folder.  Surnames are alphabetical by name of groom, 99 marriages mean almost 198 surnames!  Surnames with two (,) or more than two (#) entries are listed here.  Remember, grooms only:  Amrine, Brooks, Burdick, Burnam, Burnham, Graham, Harris, Hovey, Johnson, Kenady, Mitchel/l, Or(r)ahood, Parmenter, Porter 3, Reed 4, Robinson and Wood/s 2,
Plus: UNION COUNTY, OH, WILLS, ESTATE AND GUARDIANSHIP RECORDS 1821-1828.  Testators of wills left detailed records as to wife, [not always mentioning her by name, though], and children, [usually listing married daughters by their married names which is very helpful!] witnesses names are included [Often a relative or neighbor].  Surnames listed include only the testator [man who wrote the will.]  Surnames are: Anderson, Bagley, Bedlack, Boal, Bowen, Brown, Burham, Burnham, Cochran, Comer, Connor, Coolidge, Curry, Ewing, Galloway, Garner, Hovey, Kerr, King, Kirkpatrick, Lanphin, Maze (Mays?), McDowell, Miller, Mitchell, Munger, Orr, Reed, Robinson, Sager, Sherman, Snodgrass, Stewart, Teeters, Wood,   
and Woodward.  Some of these surnames appeared with three or four different men of that surname leaving wills.  These are abstracts mnentioning all heirs.  PRICE:  $5

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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