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Trumbull: Created in 1800 from Jefferson and Wayne Co., MI. County Seat: Warren. Courthouse: 160 High St., Warren, OH 44481-1005 (216) 841-0562.

HHOH TRUMBULL-01:  ABSTRACTS FROM BIOGRAPHIES IN JOHN STRUTHERS STEWART'S HISTORY OF NORTHEASTERN OHIO.  Seven pages 8" by 11", 1983, cardstock covers, stapled. By Carol Bell, $5.00.  This book includes the counties of Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, Stark and Trumbull, Ohio.   There are three volumes in this set and over 470 biographies have been abstracted here.  Countries mentioned as birthplaces for a subject or his father total 28.  Volume I is historical and is not included in this abstract.  Included in this project are both Volume II which covers page numbers 499 to 816, while Volume III covers page numbers 817-1,118.  When this abstract was first done there was no every-name index to this history.
The format for the abstract of each biography includes the page number on which it is located in the original book, an abbreviation of the county in which the person lived, his/her complete name, the year born, the subject's birthplace, the wife's surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, an asterisk if the subject person had children, the subject's father's first name and birthplace and the subject's mother's maiden name and first name.  All of this information appears on one line; such as this one:  Sample of one sketch follows:  
712, TR, REED, Hudson W., Jr., 1900, PA, DE WALDO, Bernice, __, Hudson W., PA, McGill, Grace.
Which tells you this:  page 712, county TR  (Trumbull), subject REED, Hudson W., Jr., birth year 1900, birthplace PA, wife DE WALDO, BERNICE, children, __ (NO), father's first name Hudson W., father's birthplace, PA (Pennsylvania) , mother's name MCGILL, GRACE .  Price $5

FFOH TRUMBULL-02 - TRUMBULL COUNTY, OHIO:  D145.  THE BOOK OF WARREN.  Written and compiled by L. C. Vinson. Compliments of McCluer Lumber Company.  This little book is 5.5 by 8.5 inches, worn and missing the back cover.  Spine is ragged and torn in places, but contents are tight and hold together well. Map is well drawn in pencil on inside front cover.  This is one of those souvenir booklets put out by a businessman in the town as a public service.  This book is full of pictures, photographs of people, places and things that are important to this town and its people. There are a lot of ads, a lot of history of the town, well written, and the photographs are well done.  The history of the town of Warren started in 1795 when the state of Connecticut sold to the Connecticut Land Company 3,000,000 acres of land in what has been known as the "Western Reserve" for the princely sum of $1, 250,000.  In 1796 that company sent Gen. Moses Cleaveland with a large party of engineers to survey their purchase prior to its sale.  Moses Warren, one of the party, was assigned to the task of platting Trumbull County and adjoining territory, and laid out the town of Warren.  After the survey was finished, General Simon Perkins was sent out to handle the sale of a large portion of the land now comprising the town of Warren, and he became one of the most prominent figures in the life of the community. The first public school was organized in 1802. It was taught by John Leavitt-the founder of Leavittsburg.  The first regularly organized church was started on the First Sunday of September, the 3rd, and has held services regularly ever since, at least until the time of the publication of this book in 1920.  There are hundreds of names in this booklet!  No index!  PRICE: $8.

FFOH TRUMBULL-03:  HISTORY OF HARTFORD TOWNSHIP, TRUMBULL COUNTY, OHIO.  [TYPED MANUSCRIPT, unedited]   By Clara Hart Mizner.  1873.  Photocopy of a typed history.  Begins with a photocopied map of Trumbull County, Ohio, 1898.  Scale is 3 miles to the inch.  Hartford is the middle township of five on the east side of Trumbull County, south of Kinsman Twp. and Vernon Twp., north of Brookfield Twp. and Hubbard Twp.  Just east of Fowler Twp. A description of the beginning of the white man's adventure in this New World that became America, we come to 1799.  Three young men from Hartford, Connecticut started westward and stopped in what is now Hartford Twp., Ohio.  Howard Brockway cut the first tree.  The other two young men were Isaac Jones and Ashel Brainard.  They built a cabin, cleared a tract, planted wheat.  Jones and Brookway returned to Connecticut to bring their families back.  Isaac Jones settled in what is now "old Burg Hill".  He had married Chloe Brainard.  Ashel Brainard settled on land east of what is called "Brockway Hill' on land later owned by Jacob Kepner.  Asa Andrews bought 1,000 acres, surveyed by Holmes and Root, in what is now the State Line Road, selling some to Robert McFarland.  In 1804 and 1805, the following families came from Hartford, Connecticut:  Richard Hayes, Thomas Bushnell, Andrew Bushnell, Ashel Borden, Ashel Borden, Jr., Samuel Tuttle, Capt. Alexander Bushnell, Shaler Fitch, Elam Jones and William Tathbun.  In 1806, the area around Weldon was settled by John Kepner and Isaac Pfoutz.  The story was told of the Indians coming by, who were given some lard and sausage, and went away, but every year they came back for more. [Thought they were getting paid rent or blackmail not to attack?  Well, it worked, whichever it was!] Titus Broadway settled south of the center on land owned by Holmes Brockway. Daniel Bushnell and Capt. Thomas Thompson came from Farmington, CT and bought 500 acres southeast of the center.  Charles Merry, Samuel Spencer and Gad Hart came and settled east of the center.  Spencer, going north of the center.  First school was erected in 1804.  By 1802 they were planning a Congregational Church.  They named the place Hartford after the capital of Connecticut.  All of the above is found on the first two pages of this 17 page history.  It needs, but does not have an index, so I have decided to properly index it for the buyer and for your information.  The numbers behind the name are the page numbers in the booklet on which that name is found.  RESEARCH  MONOGRAPH:  PRICE: $2 FOR THE FIRST PAGE ORDERED (COVER INCLUDED. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.) 50 EACH ADDITIONAL PAGE.  WHOLE BOOKLET $8.

2009 Patricia A. Gooldy  I am so sorry about this, but I had this arranged in a standard two-column format, but the Constant Contact Services Provider said the HTML couldn't handle that, so this is the best I could do without doing the entire nelwsletter over in a different format.  Since it was already 6:30, I haven't had dinner yet, and I am hungry; I hope you can figure it out.  Thanks for understanding that you don't work with tecnology, you simply cope with it.  

History of Hartford Township, TRUMBULL COUNTY, OHIO:  INDEX:
4-H Clubs 13, Adams, Helen 10, Andrews, Asa 1, Andrews, Lucy 4, Apple Queen 14, Archer, (Mrs) Marion 17, Archer, Robert 10, Arner, "Sonny" 15,
Arnold, Theodore 10,

Badger, Joseph 5, Banks, (Dr.) _____ 4, Banning, A. D. 10, Banning, Gail 10, Bascom, A. L. 10, Bates, C. J. 8, 10, Bates, Julia 16, Bates, H. L. 10,
Baumiller, George 10, Bell, B. W. 8, Barnett, Joseph 7, Bennet, C. A. 8,
(died in Civil War), Bennet, Charles 8, (died in Civil War), Bennett, Edwin 6,
Biggins, Myrta Fowler 9, Blaney, George 13, Bliss, R. D. 8, Boester, Dorothy 10, Borden, Ashel 2, 3, Borden, Ashel, Jr. 2,3, Boy Scouts 13, Brainard, Ashel 1, Brainard, Chloe 1, Brainard, Cladius 8, Brockway, Daniel 8, (died in Civil War), Brockway, Edward 1, Brockway, (Mrs.) Eunice 7, Brockway, Holmes 2, 3, Brockway, (Miss) Junie 11, Brockway, (Miss) May 11,
Brockway, Titus 2, 3, 4, Brockway, (Mr.) W. H. Brockway, (Mrs.) W. H.
Burg Hill Grange 10, Burnett, Joseph 7, Bushnell, Alexander (Capt.) 2, 3,
Bushnell, Andrew 2, 3,  Bushnell, Daniel 2, 3, Bushnell, George 16, Bushnell, Jerusha 4, Bushnell, Milo 8, (died in Civil War), Bushnell, T. A. 8,
Bushnell, Thomas 2,3 Bushnell, William 4,

Cassidy, Lewis 11, Carlton, Jennie 9, Caulfield, Lee 10, Cippolone, Nicholas 10, Clark, Clyde 9, 11, Clark, George 11, Clark, Julianna 10, Clark, (Mr.) L. A. 11, Clark, (Mrs.) L. A. 11, Coe, Harvey 5, Cole, F. E., Croft, A. T. 8, 10,
Crosby, Obed 7, Crosby, (Mrs.) Obed 7, Crouch, H. H. 10, Cunningham, Mera McDowell 9, 10, Curtiss, Frank Jr. 8, (died in Civil War),

D'Almaine, Thelma Shaw 10, Davis, John 13, DeLong, May Craig 10, Drury, Clint 11, Dutcher, George 8, (died in Civil War)

Eastern Star 13,

Fabick, _____ 17, Fire Dept. 13, 15, Fitch, Frank 11, Fitch, John 7, Fitch, (Mrs.) John 7, Fitch, Shaler 2, 3, Flint, Lawrence (Larry) 9, Flint, Lena Clark 9, Ford, Grace Jones 7, Ford, Ransom 11, Fowler, (Mr.) D. A. 11, Fowler, (Mrs.) D.A. 11, Fowler, (Mr.) James 11, Gage, "(Aunt) Fanny" 7, Gage, Frances Dana 7,

Gilbert, S. C. 10, Gilkey, Sheldon 8, (died in Civil War), Girl Scouts 13,
GOP organization 13, Gocost, Stewart 8, (died in Civil War), Grange 13, 14
Grizwold, W. T. - map,

Haible, John 11, Hammock, W. M. 10, Haney, Cynthia Barnett Harding, C. W. 10, Harford, Oresco Niblock 10, Hart, ____ 4, Hart & Truesdale 5, Hart, Albert Bushnell 6, Hart, Cad 2, 3, 4, Hart, Calvin (Lieut.) 8, (died in Civil War), Hart, Fred 11, Hart, (Mr.) Fred C. 11, Hart, Helen Fobes 10, Hart, Ida Gillen 9, Hartman, Anna Gates 10, Hayden, U. S. 16, Hayes, Edward 3,
Hayes, Linus 4, Hayes, Richard 2, Hayes, Richard (Col.) 4, Hayes, Sarah
(Mrs. Seth) 5, Hayes, Seth 5, Hazlet, Margaret 10, Heglip, James 4, Hewitt, Ashbury 8, (died in Civil War), High School  Band 10, Holmes, (Surveyor) 2,
Holcomb, Virgil 8, (died in Civil War), Holt, (Dr.) _____ 4, Hull, Brunell 8,
Hull, Kent 11, Hull, Osman 15, Humason, Asa 5,

Infield, (Dr.) ____ 4, Irwin, (Dr.) _____ 4,

 Jeffingwell, R. D. 10, Johnson, Mabel Warnock 10, Jones, (Leiut. Governor)
____ 14, Jones, C. J. 8, 11, Jones, (Mr.) C. J. 11, Jones, (Mrs.) C. J. 11,
Jones, Elam 2, 3, Jones, Isaac 1 Jones, Lizzie Beebee 9, "Juvenile Granges of
Trumbull County" 14,

Karr, "Dutch" 15, Kepner, Fred 11, Kepner, Jacob 1, 2, Kepner, John 3,

Ladies Aides 13, Lafferty, Clara Jones 9, Lamasters, A. O. 10, Lane, David 17, Lausche, Frank (Gov.), Leffingwell, W. C. 10, Leming, (Dr.) ___, 16
Leming, Henry 16, Leonard, T. F. 10, Lingo, W. R. 10, Little League 13,

Martz, Anna Johnson 10, Masons 13, McCartney, L. T., McClymonds, Clara 10, McDowell, A. J. 8, McDowell, (Miss) Iran 12, McDowell, Mera, McDowell, (Mrs.) R. J. 8, McDowell, R. J. 8, 12, McFarland, Abner 8, (died in Civil War),
McFarland, Robert 2, McGrath, Emma 16, McWilliams, Grace Williams 10,
McWilliams, W. R. 10, Merry, B. E., Merry, Charles 2, 3, 8, (died in Civil War), Merry, Harriet 4, Messenger, Harvey 8, (died in the Civil War), Miller, Ethel Hull 9, Miller, (Mr.) T.L. 11, Miller, (Mrs.) T. L. 11, Miner, Julius 46, Moore, Jennie Pruden 9, Mizner, Clara Hart cover, Mizner, (Mr.) ____ 14,
Mizner, (Mrs.) ____ 14, Mountain S. 8, (died in Civil War), Mowery, R. B. 8, 10, Mullett, Ben 16,

Nephew, David 11, Newman, C. A. 9, Newman, G. M. 8, Newman, (Mr.)
Garward 11, Newman, (Mrs.) Garward 11, Norton, George 8, (died in Civil War), Novak, Jim 17

Onstott, Dorothy,Galloway 17, Optimists 13, Ott, Edward Amherst 6,

PTO 13, Parsons, _____ 17, Pelton, J. 8, (died in Civil War, Perrine, George 11, Pfoutz, Isaac 2, 3, Plympton, (Mr.) ___, 16, Plympton, Cordella Bushnell 16, Pollitt, J. H.  10, Pomeroy, Lettie Clark 10, Pope, William 8 (died in Civil War), Pruden, Frank 9,

Rathburn, (Dr.) 4, Rathburn, George 11, Rathburn, William 2, 3,
Robinsons, Harold 10, Rogers, (Mr.) Steve 11, Rogers, (Mrs.) Steve 11,
Root, (Surveyor) 2,

Seaton, Henry, Jr. 16, Seaton, (Mr.)) William 8, 11, Sechler, M. G. 190,
Shires, William 8, (died in Civil War), Shontz, H. G. 10, Short, Frank 10,
Southdown, _____ 10, Spencer, Edward 11, Spencer, L. G. 8, Spencer, Owen 8,(died in Civil War), Spencer, Samuel 2, 3, Stanley, Austin 13,
Stewart, Carrie 9, Stewart, Carson 14, Stocz, Frank 10, Sutliff, Byron 12,

Taft, Robert  A. (Sen.), Thompson, ____ 17, Thompson, Seth 16, Thompson, Thomas, (Capt.) 2, 3, Tracy, Dudley 5, Tracy, Jimmy 5, Trumbull County
Granges 14, Tuttle, Samuel 2, 3, Tyrell, (Mr.) ____17,

Uhlinger, (Mr.) J. W. 11, Uhlinger, (Mrs.) J.W. 11, Uplan, Daniel
(Dr.) 4,

V.F.W., Van Auken, E. P. 10, Vince, William 18,

Wade, Stan (Products, Co.), Walker, Dr. ____4, 16, Welch, Dolph 10,
Whitcraft, G. E. 10, Wilcox, (Dr.)____ 4, Wilde, H. M. 10, Wise, Bertha
Season 10, Wolcott, Milton 17, Wright, Irving 7, Wright, Eunice Brockway (Mrs. Irving) 7, Wyland, Jacob 7,

See this and the next pages for The Place Names Index.
Place Names Index:
Airplane Co. 15, Angling Road 14, 15, Antietam Post Office 4, Apple Festival 14, Apple Orchards 13, Arboretum 14, Auto race track 13,

Blacksmith shop 13, 15. Brockway Post Office 4, "Brockway Hill" 1, 5, 12, Brockway House 15, Brockway School 8, Brookfield Township 14, Burg Hill 7, 9, Burg Hill R.F.D route 15, Bushnell house 15,

Carnes Farm 13, Center (used as locator) 1, cider mill 12, "Church of Christ" 5 Cleveland, [Ohio] 9, clock factory 6, Community Church 10, 11, 12, Community Church parsonage 13, Congregational Church 2,3, 4, 10, 11, 12, Congregational Church new1846, 5, Connecticut 1,

Dam - West Street Hill 12, Disciple Church 11, 15, Drake University 6,

East Street School 8, Erie Railroad 13,

Farmington, Conn. 2, Fire Department 13, First Masonic Lodge 4, First Methodist Church 7, First store [Heglip/Hayes] 4, Five Points Nursing
Home 14, Five points road divisions 14, 15 Fowler R.F.D. route 15,
Fowler Township 14,

Galloway Funeral Home 6, Gasoline stations 13, Gates Corners
School 8, Gates Ledge property 14, Grange Hall 13, Greenville, Pennsyl-
vania 15, Grist mill 4, Gustavus Township 12,

Hartford Academy 6, Hartford Center Cemetery 4, Hartford, Connecticut
1, 2, 3, Hartford High School 8, 9, Hartford, Ohio, town 2, 8, 14, Hartford Post Office 4, 12, 15, Hartford School 8, Hartford Township cover, 1, 10, 12, 14, Harvard University 6, Hayes-Grangville Road 14,

Jerusalem Lodge #19 4, Joseph Badger Meadows Presbyterian Camp 14,
Joseph Badger School District 12,

Kentucky 7, Kincaid Place 17, Kinsman 5, Kinsman Building 12, Kinsman Township 12,

Low Grade Railroad spur 12, 15,

Masonic hall 4, 5, McDowell's House 17, McDowell's Store 12, Methodist Church 11,

New Masonic Hall 13, New Methodist Church 12, New Methodist parsonage 12, New Municipal Building 13, New Post Office 13,

"Old Burg Hill" 1, 13, 15, 17, "Old Burg Hill" Cemetery 10, Old Burg Hill School 8, Old Hartford Post Office 12, Old Masonic Hall 11, Old store building 4,

Peach orchards 13, Pennsylvania State Line 14, Plymouth Rock, Massachu-setts] 1,

Racket Store map

Saw mill 4, 13, schoolhouse 2, Sharon 15, Sharon Speedway 13, Sharpsville, [Ohio?] 11, Shoe Repair Shop [Lewis Cassidy] 11, Stan Wade Products Co. 13, State Line Road 2
Thomas Thompson's bar 2, Trumbull County, Ohio map, Transfer, PA 6,

Underground Railway Station 5, University, ? 14,

V.F.W. Hall 13, Vienna Township 14, Vernon 5, Vernon Township
12, 13,

Warren, Ohio map, Weldon, [OH?] 4, 13, Weldon Post Office 4,
Weldon School 8, West Street 4, 15, West Street Hill Dam 12,
West Street School 8, Western Reserve 7, Wood working shop/
Dudley Tracy] 5,

Yankee Run 4, Yankee Golf Course 13, Youngstown, [Ohio] 14, Youngstown, [Ohio] dam 12, Youngstown HistoricalSociety 14

Every time I talk myself into doing an index, I am continually amazed at the amount of time and care it takes to do one.  There were just too many names to NOT do it!  I do not believe this was ever finished, never mind published, but it was so nice of her to send it to a fellow genealogist..

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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