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Scioto: Created in 1803 from Adams County. County Seat: Portsmouth. Courthouse: 602 7th St., Portsmouth, OH 45662-3948 (614) 353-5111.

YOGSOH SCIOTO-01:  SOUTHERN OHIO TAXPAYERS IN THE 1820s [FOR] SCIOTO, LAWRENCE AND PIKE COUNTIES.  By Heritage Research, compiled by Marilyn Adams, 1981, 59 8" by 11" pages, cardstock cover, wrapper-style, stapled.  This index to more than 4,000 taxpayers from these three counties is based on the following tax duplicates.  For Scioto County they used 1823: land-tax list and the 1826-28 both land and chattel lists.  For Lawrence County they used 1822 land-tax list and the 1828 both land and chattel lists.  For Pike County they used the 1823 land-tax list and the 1826 both land and chattel list. 
Your surname may appear more than once on a list because the author could not determine if, because the name was the same, may not mean the person is the same.  [NOTE: The Scioto County duplicates present a special problem in that the original official sometimes wrote Smith, A. John for John A. Smith, but he was not always consistent in that either. Determine surname, then please check both A. John and John A. as it was impossible to determine which order was correct.]   There are a lot of names in this book--25 or more names per column, three columns on a page and 59 pages will give you a good shot at finding out if your ancestor owned any land or chattle (personal property like horses or cattle) anywhere in these three counties.   Sample entries in the book are given with an explanation as to their meaning.  
Surnames with four entries are marked with a (,) but if they number five or more first names they are marked with the number as (#).  Surnames are   listed here: Adams 9, Allison, Anderson 7, Andre 5, Andrews 7, Armstrong 7, Austin, Baccus, Baker 6, Barber 8, Barger, Barn(e)s 5, Barrett, Beauchamp, B(ec/ee)kman 10, Bennett 24, Blank(e/i)nship 9, Bonser 8, Boswell,  Bowen 7, Bower/s 5, Bowman, Boy(n/ing)ton 6, Bradford, Brammer 8, Brewer 6, Briggs 5, Brown 24, Bruce, Brumfield, Bryan 5, Bryant 5, Buck, Bull 5, Bumgarner 7, Burk/e 6, Burner 5, Burris 8, Burt 14, Butcher 5, Campbell 8, Canter 5, Carpenter, Carrol/l/Carrel/l 6, Carter 8, Chaf(f)in 6, Chapman 6, Chenoweth 12, C(e/i)ssna 6, Clark 26, Clay, Clingman 11, Cock(e)rel/l 7, Co(a)l/e 8, Collier 10, Collings, Collins 9. Conklin, Cooper 5, Corwin/e 6, Creamer, Cross, Crull 10, Cutler, Daniels 6, Davidson 15, Davis 14, Davisson 6, Day 7, Dean, Deaver 8, D(i/y)kes, Dole 5, Downing 11, Drury, Dunham 5, Edwards, Ellison 8, Eubanks, Evans 6, Ferg(a/)uson, Feurt 6, Flem(m)ing 5, Forgy?, Foster 5, Frampton 8, Freeman 5, Fullerton, Gardner 5, Gilr(oo/u)th, Givens 5, Glaze 10, Good(e/i)n 5, Graham 6, Green/e 5, Guth(er/re)y 7, Harrison 5, Hartley, Haskins 5, Hatch, Hayward/Haywood 5, Henderson 5, Henry 6, Hitchcock, Hodge, Hodges, Holliday, Holt 5, Howard 16, Huff 7, Hughes/Hues 10, Hull 6, Humes, Humphr(ies/eys) 5, Hunter 5, Huston 6, Hutton 6, Ingersoll 5, Irons, Jackson, James 8, Ja(y)nes, Johns(t)on 20, Jones 13, Keller, Kell(e)y 10, Kellison, Kendall 6, Kenney 5, Kerr, Kimball, Kincaid, King 6, Kin(n)ison, Kirkpatrick 6, K(e)neff 5, Koon/s 7, Ladd 5, Lambert 9, L(au/aw/or)ence 9, Lawson 6, Layton 6, Leath 5, Lee 7, Lewis 15, Lindsey 6, Lodwick 5, Long 5, Losey, Low/e 6, Lucas 9, Lun(d)beck 7.  This is taking up a lot of room, so I am stopping here.  Call me if you are searching for a name in the last part of this book, and I will look for you if I still have the book!  PRICE: $15            

YOGSOH SCIOTO-02:  EARLY COURT RECORDS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME 1.  By Caryn R. Shoemaker, C.G.R.S., This is part of a two volume set.  This is Volume 1 dated February, 1979, 130 page book + 36 page index.  Cardstock covers.  The abstracts in this book for this volume cover the following records:  Death Records-1856-1872.  Sample: Probate Court Office-Murphy, Mary d[ied[ 4 June 1856 , a[g]e 25 y[ears] p[lace of ] d[eath] Ports[mouth], [cause] chrinic diarrhea m[arried], [occupation] housewife, p[lace of] b[irth] Ireland, next of kin,  par[ent] I. Legler. 

Wills 1803-1850.-Sample:  ARMSTRONG, John, will wr[itten] 12 May 1833;  Pr.[obate Court recorded] 19 Sept[ember ]1833;  Formerly of Cincinnati; verbal will; brother Joshua ARMSTRONg; sister Drusilla WALKER.  EXEC[UTOR]. Joshua ARMSTRONG. With H. Ingram and David McCALL.   [Some wills are more lengthy and detailed, up to a half page.]
Guardianship Cases 1803-1849-Sample:  Case # 3287- Name of Wards and ages: CARRAWAY, Mary Ann 10, Harriet 8, Henry 6 and Thomas 3: Heirs of Thomas [Carraway]; Guardian:  David McCALL; Bond Date:  24 Feb. 1834.

Marriages 1803-1815; Noel, John to Margaret Lowrey, 2 April 1815.

Marriage Affadavits, 1852-1862;  18 July 1861:  Samuel MONROE (AGE 20) & Mary Jane Deaver (age 16).  Consent of his father, Aaron MONROE, and her father, Michael DEAVER.

Declarations of Intent to Become Naturalized 1858-1861 and 1880-1884.  HOLTZ, Gotlieb  [Country] - Baden [which is in Germany]  27 December 1860.  This book certainly reflects the skills the author learned while working for her certification.  Her work ios impeccable!

The index has two columns of 40 to 45 names each on a page.  Surnames mentioned on three (,) or more than three (#) pages starting with the Ms are: Malone, Marshall 5, Martin 12, Masters 5, May, McCall 7, McCarty 4, McChesney 4, McCoy 5, McDonald, McDowell, McElhaney, McKee 6, McKinney, McNeal 5, Mead 6, Merrill 5, Miles, Millar, Miller 16, Mills, Mitchel 5, Monk, Monroe, Montgomery 8, Moore 21, Morford, Morgan 7, Morrison 4, Munn 6, Munyan, Murphy 4, Mustard 4, Myers 5, Nail 6, Neary, Nelson 4, Newman, Nichols 4, Nixon, Noel 25, Nolder, Norman, Nurse 6, Offnere, Osborn 11, Overman, Parker 4, Parks, Patten 5, Patton 5, Peebles, Perry 8, Peyton, Phillips 4, Piles, Pool 5, Porter 4, Powell 6, Power 4, Price 7, Pursell 4, Pyle, Rankin, Rankins, Rardon, Ray 6, Reed 7, Reeve 4, Reeves, Rice 5, Richards 5, Rickey 5, Riggs, Roberts, Robinson 5, Rockwell 5, Ross 3, Russell 6, Scott 9, Sexton, Shaw, Shelpman 5, Sheward 4, Shoemaker 4, Shope, Short, Sikes 6, Simpson 5, Skelton, Slack 5, Slater, Slocum, Sly, Smalley 4, Smith 34, Snively, Snook, Snyder 5, Squires 8, Stephens, Stephenson, Stewart 12, Stockham 7, Sullivan, Swain, Taylor 7, Temple, Thomas 11, Thompson 15, Thornton 5, Titus 6, Tracy 9, Trexler 5, Triggs 4, Tucker 4, Turner 21, Utt 4, Vigus, Vincent 4, Walt 4, Walker 7, Wallace 6, Waller 5, Walls, Ward, Webb 4, Welch 6, Wheeler 12, Whitcomb 4, White 16, Wilcoxon, Willey, Williams 23, Williamson 5, Wilson 13, Wolf 5, Wood 8, Woodruff 4, Woods, Worley 10, Wright and Young 10.  PRICE:  $30

YOGSOH SCIOTO-03:  EARLY COURT RECORDS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME 2.  By Caryn R. Shoemaker, C.G.R.S., This is part two of a two volume set.  Volume 2 dated April of 1981, 108 page book + 16 page index.  Cardstock covers.  The abstracts in this book for this volume cover the following records:  Index to the Guardianship Cases 1850-1900;  Sample:  Year 1891 - Case Number 4334 - Ward(s): ACKERMAN, Jane,  The case file itself may contain account papers and other documents in addition to the guardian's bond.  Photocopies may be ordered from the Probate Court.

Record of Minister's Licenses - 1833-1877;  Sample: Rev. Emanuel Thienpont, Denomination Rom[an] Cath[olic] Date 7 March 1833.  Place of Practice: Cincinnati.

Taxpayers of Scioto County 1809-1820;  Sample:  Campbell, William, X marks the spot under West column under the years, which means his land is a part of the Virginia Military District.  X also marks the spot indicating he paid his taxes in those years, an asterisk* under 1820 denotes he was a non-resident in 1820-the only year that they recorded that information.  The years marked with an X for paid taxes are 1809-10, 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1816, 1817, 1818 and 1819. 1820 is not marked with an X.

Supreme Court Records 1809-1820; Page 157:  William Martim vs Elizabeth Martin-Divorce:  4 Dec. 1816.  On 27 January 1814 he filed, said Elizabeth has more than 5 years been absent, treated him with extreme cruelty and neglect.  She summoned, didn't appear, divorce granted.
Supreme Court Jurors 1811-1820; Lists of jurors summoned for duty.  Just names, no details, but he had to be there to be sworn in, so it does establish residency and date.

Chancery Record, Supreme Court 1821-1847; Page 147.  Sample:  Marie LAWSON vs John BRUFFY - Divorce:  11 Apr. 1837 filed in 1836.  She said in July 1835 he proposed.  She thought him to be an industrious sober mechanic.  They married on 6 Aug. 1835, in Scioto County where she has resided since infancy.  She was entitled to her father's estate, he had nothing.  Bruffy talked her into exchanging her part for a lot in Portsmouth, #336, to live in town.  Deed executed.  Short time later, he was arrested for bigamy and perjury.  He had married in Greenbriar County, Virginia, on 3 July 1833, to Mary Farnsworth.  Sentenced to 5 years for bigamy, 7 years for perjury.  She returned to her mother's arms.  He gave a quit claim.  Marriage annulled.  

Chancery Record 1839-1845; Divorce Cases Before 1851; and Miscellaneous Records.  Most of these are complicated land division records which would take up too much paper to list here. Lots of names and details!  There were morgages back then they couldn't pay either!  Banks sued, Insurance Companies sued and everybody you owed money to tried to sue you when a relative died if you were in the said deceased's will.  The divorces are some really sad stories.  The men tended to drink too much and abandon their wives and children for parts unknown, but the women were not pillars of virtue either.  Samle: Page 206.  Elmore Welsh vs Roana Welsh.  2 Apr. 1849.  Petitioner states they married in 1838 in Jackson County, and they lived together until Feb. 1847.  In Oct. 1847 she committed adultery with _____ FOX and David MURRAY and Benson (?) LAIR and others. She is now a resident of Indiana.  Divorce granted.
This book is also done very nicely and there are so many names in it!
The Surname index for this volume will run from A to L.  Three entries are marked with a comma(,) if more than three pages name will be marked (#):  Abbott, Adams 8, Albert 5, Alford, Allen 6, Anderson 8, Andrews 6, Armstrong 4, Arnold, Austin, Baccus 6, Bailey 6, Baker 4, Ball 5, Barber 10, Barr 5, Barrett, Batterson, Beassley, Beloat 7, Bennet/t 14, Blue, Bolen, Bonser 7, Bowen, Boyd, Boynton 4, Bradford 3, Brewer 3, Brouse, Brown 19, Brush, Burris, Burt 9, Campbell 11, Canter, Carey 4, Carter 4, Chamberlain, Chapman, Clark 6, Clingman 14, Cole 9, Collier 4, Collins 9, Connor 4, Cook 6, Cooper 7, Copes, Crawford 4, Creighton 4, Crull 6, Culp, Cummings 5, Curran, Cutler 4, Daniels, Darby, Darlington 4, Davidson, Davis 8, Dever 7, Dillon 4, Dodge, Drake 5, Duduit, Dunlap 4, Dupuy, Enslow 5, Evans 4, Ewing, Ferguson, Feurt 7, Finley, Folsom, Funk 4, Gaylord 4, Gharkey 5, Givens 6, Glaze 5, Glover 9, Graham 5, Graves 4, Green, Gregory 4, Grimes, Gunn 12, Hall 6, Hamilton, Hard 4, Harris, Hatch 4, Henry 5, Hitchcock 4, Hodges, Holland, Holmes, Hughs, Huston 4, Hutton 3, Jackson 9, James 4, Jenkins 5, Johnson 15, Jones 18, Kelly 7, Kendall 8, King, Kinney 6, Kirkendall, Lacroix, Lambert, Lawson 8, Lee, Leet 4, Lewis 8, Lindsey 7, Littlejohn, Lloyd 6, Lodwick 8, Logan 4, Lucas 10, Malone 4, Marsh, Marshall 6, Massie 5, Mastin 4, Mathews, McCall 7, McCarty, McCloud 4, McDaniel 4, McDougal, McKinney 9, McLaughlin 7, Mercer, Miller 10, Mitchell 5, Montgomery 7, Moore 18, Morgan 6, Morris, Morrison, Munn 6, Munyan, Murfin, Myers, Nelson, Nichols 4, Noel 17, Norman 3, Norris 4, Nurse, Oaks, Offnere, Oldfield 6, Orm, Parker, Patton 7, Pearson, Peck, Perry 5, Peyton, Phillips 8, Piles, Pollock, Powell, Power, Powers, Price 5, Rankin 4, Reed 7, Reeves, Richards, Robey, Robinson 4, Rupe 4, Russell 7, Salladay 4, Scott 9, Shackford, Shearer, Shelpman 5, Shoemaker 3, Simpson 4, Smith 20, Sparks, Spriggs, Squires, Stewart 4, Stiles 4, Stockham 4, Storer, Sumner, Swords 8, Taylor 8, Terry, Thomas 6, Thompson 5, Thotnton 6, Timmons 4, Tomlinson, Tracy 7, Tucker, Turner, Vastine, Veach 4, Wait 5, Walker, Waller 6, Walls, Wamsley, Watson, Wheeler 6, White 7, Wilcoxin 4, Williams 5, Williamson 5, Wilson 6, Wolf 4, Wood 5, Worley 5, Yingling and Young 12.  Dozens of names mentioned on only one or two pages, but who knows what you could find out if you only could see those pages!  PRICE:  $25        

YOGSOH SCIOTO-04:  GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME I.  MADISON AND HARRISON TOWNSHIPS,  By Caryn R. Shoemaker, June, 1978.  88 pages of 8" by 11" paper in a brand new three-ring binder.  The Harrison Township Cemeteries covered in this book are:  Barrett, Abijah Batterson, Batterson, Bennett (old), Bonser, Colegrover, Dixon-Mill, Gregory, Harrison Furnace, Ketter, Knore, Kuhner, Lair, Lily, Lindsey, Mead, Monroe, Powell, Pyle, Rigtish, Rogers, Schaeffer, Shumway, Shuter, Sieling, Smith, St. John's Catholic, Stockham, Titus, unnamed and Yaley.  The Madison Township Cemeteries are:  Adams, Alexander Bennett(old), Bennett, Thomas, Butler, Downey, Fairview, Field, Flack, Glendale, Hall, Jenkins, Kallner, Kelly, Kronk, Madison Township, Martins, Mault, Mt. Carmel, Munn, Pearl, Pleasant Grove, Pyle, Squires, Strickmaster, Wells, Wheeler, Wheeler, White, White Gravel.  There is no way to tell how many burials for each surname appear on any one page of any one volume.  We do think it is appropriate to note on how many pages that surname is listed as within any one township, the greater the likelihood of all people in that township is for them to be related in some way.  Surnames which appear on three (,) or more than three (#) pages are listed here:  Adams 5, Adkins 4, Alexander, Allen 7, Arthur, Baker, Batterson 4, Bennett 6, Blackburn 4, Blakeman, Bower, Brame 4, Brown 8, Burchett, Canter, Carter, Clark, Cole 5, Colegrove 9, Collins, Comer 4, Conkal 4, Cooper, Coriell 8, Crabtree 5, Crull 4, Daniels 4, Davis 5, Debo, Deemer 5, Dever 6, Dodge 4, Downey, Durham, Erwin, Flack 5, Frazier 4, Frowine, Fullerton 4, Garrett, Giles 4, Gilliland 6, Green, Hancock 5, Haney, Henson 4, Hickman, Hopkins, Irwin, Jenkins 6, Johnson, Justus, Keller, Kent 4, Knore, Kronk 4, Lansing, Lewis 6, Lintz, Lowe, Lyons 6, Magnet, Martin 10, Mault, McDaniel, McKenzie 4, McKinney, Mead, Miller 8, Moore 4, Mougey, Mullins, Murphy, Neary 4, Nye, Parker, Peach, Pfeglar, Pool, Porter 4, Powell 4, Purdy 4, Pyle 4, Ramey, Rickards, Rickey 5, Risner, Rockwell 4, Shear, Shoemaker 5, Shonkwiler, Shump, Shumway, Sieling, Sikes, Slattery 4, Slone, Smith 13, Snyder 4, Sparks 4, Spriggs 5, Stockham 6, Sturgill, Swaim, Taylor, Titus, Vangorder 4, Ward 4, Warren, Watters, Weeks, Wells 4, Wheeler 4, White 6, Williams 7, Wilson 5, Wolfe,  and Wyant 3.  PRICE:  $18

YOGSOH SCIOTO-05:  GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME II.  JEFFERSON AND VALLEY TOWNSHIPS, BY CARYN R. SHOEMAKER, C.G.R.S., December, 1979.  92 pages, punched for a three ring binder in a brand new binder.  Jefferson Township cemeteries included in this volume are:  Candy Run, Canter, Flatwoods, Harger (See Pine Grove), Jacobs, Morgan, Munn, Pine Grove, Stritmater, three unnamed.  Valley Township Cemeteries included in this volume are:  Cockrell, Crull, Dernback, Egbert, Fishburn, Houston, Marsh, McConnell Farm, Jones, Luckett, Lucasville Methodist Church, Lucasville, Miller, Moulton, Scioto, Snyder.  There is no way to tell how many burials for each surname appear in any one page of any one volume.  We do think it is appropriate to note on how many pages that surname is listed, as within any one township the likelihood of all people in that township to be related in some way is possible.  Surnames which appear on three (,) or more than three (#) pages are listed here:  Bailey, Barnett, Blair, Blanton 4, Brant 4, Buckler, Campbell, Carter, Clark, Cockrell, Conkel 4, Crabtree, Crull, Cutlip, Davis 4, Debord, Ehrheart, Fields, Foster, Freeland, Gilliland, Glaze 4, Griffith 4, Grimshaw, Henson 4, Hickman 5, Isaac, Jones, Jordan, Keaton, Leonard, Luckett 4, McAul.ey, McCoy, McManes 4, McNamer, Morris, Munn, Murphy, Nance, Porter, Radabaugh, Richardson, Showwiler 5, Shover, Smith 5, Snyder 4, Steele, Tackett, Turner, Wagner, Ward, Weaver, Wells, Williams 7,  and Wright 5.  PRICE: $18    

YOGSOH SCIOTO-06:  GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME III.  PORTER TOWNSHIP.   By Caryn R. Shoemaker, C.G.R.S., August,  1980.  49 pages of 8" by 11" paper, punched for three rings and placed in a brand new three-ring binder with Volume 4.  This book begins with a map of Porter Township.  The 19 cemeteries included in this volume are:  German Catholic, Gleim, Unnamed, Montgomery, Hartley, Marshall, Highland Bend, Mt. Zion Methodist, Old Dutch (See Rideout), Price (See Marshall)  Rideout, Riverview, Rowley (See Riverview), Salladay, Selco (See Whitmore), Whitmore, Slocum, Turner, Wait, Wheelsersburg M. E., Wheelersburg and St. Peter's Catholic Church.  Unlike her first two volumes, not all of the stones in the township were copied.  Two exceptions are:  Memorial Burial Park was omitted entirely because it is new, very large, and burial records are available from the office.  Only stones predating 1880 were copied from the large Wheelersburg Cemetery.  Surnames which appear on two (,) or more than two (#) pages are listed here:  Adkins, Allard, Bahner, Baker, Barney, Bauer, Beloat, Bihl, Bliss, Brown, Cook, Coriell, Corwin, Cranston, Crichton, Delabar, Dodge 3, Dold, Duis, Edward, Enslow, Flanagan, Flanders, Forrest, Frische, Fritz, Gibbens, Glatz 3, Hall, Hammerstein 3, Hartley, Hobard, Hoberg, Hock, Howard, Hurd, Hyland 3, Kennedy, Kirkendall, Marshall 3, Merrill, Miller 4, Montgomery, Moore, Morford 3, Nagel, Otworth 3, Powers, Roe, Rowley, Salladay, Salter, Savage, Scherer, Schwamberger 3, Sherman, Shoemaker, Smith 5, Snook, Taylor, Turner 5, Vincent 3, Walker, Werner, Williams 3 and Willson.  PRICE: $26 for binder with Volume 3 and 4 included.   

YOGSOH SCIOTO-07:  GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME IV.   VERNON TOWNSHIP.  Compiled by Mildred Landrum, Marguerite Ramsey and Caryn R. Shoemaker, C.G.R.S., December, 1980.  34 pages of 8" by 11" paper, punched for three rings and placed in a brand new three-ring binder with Volume 3.  They are sold together.  This book begins with a Preface, a Table of Abbreviations and a map of Vernon Township Cemetery locations.  Cemeteries covered in this volume are:  Bussey, Cadot, Crawford, Morgan, Chaffin, Carter, unnamed (Indian?), Dutiel, Howard Furnace, Hayward, Mt. Hope Church, Nagel, Patten, Salladay and Vernon Township.  [NOTE:  Although each column of the index covers 40 surnames in this township, there are over 325 surnames with at least one burial and sometimes many more in this book.]   Surnames which appear on two (,) or more than two (#) pages are listed here:Baker 3, Bandy 3, Besco 3, Bocock, Cadot 3, Call 4, Campbell, Clark 3, Collier, Davis, Duteil, Dutiel 3, Fout, Gifford, Grim, Hall, Harper, Hayward, Jenkins, Kotcamp, Leadingham, Lemon, Lewis 3, Litteral, Marsh 2, Maynard, McFarland, McRoberts, Monroe, Morgan, Nagel 3, Nelson, Newland 3, Patten, Ryth 3, Sexton, Sheppard, Smith 4, Smittle, Stewart, Thacker, Turner, Turvey, Weaver, White, and Whitt 2.   PRICE: $26 with Volume 3 and 4 both included.

YOGSOH SCIOTO-08:  GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME V.  GREEN TOWNSHIP.  Compiled by:  Caryn R. Shoemaker, C.G.R.S., December, 1980.  63 pages of 8" by 11" paper, punched for three rings and placed in a brand new three-ring binder.  This book also begins with a Preface, A Table of Abbreviations and a map of Green Township with the 29 cemeteries clearly marked.  The cemeteries which were read in this township were: Apel, Ball, Buckeye, Cline, Day, Dold, Duduit, Feurt, Floral Hills, Gerlach, Gould, Hammerstein, Haverhill, Junior Furnace, Kellogg, Leadingham, Mollett, Mt. Carmel, Nurse, Patten, Pine Creek FWB, Powell, Powellsville, Power, Shope, Silliman, Smith-Pixley, St. John's and Strehle.  There is no way to tell how many burials for each surname appear on any one page of any one volume.  We do think it is appropriate to note on how many pages that surname is listed, as within any one township the likelihood of all people in that one township with the same surname to be related in some way is reasonable.  Surnames which appear on three (,) or more than three (#) pages are listed here:  Adams, Barber, Barnett, Belcher, Bennett, Blair, Boggs, Boynton 5, Brainard 3, Burke 4, Cline, Cook, Evans, Hall 5, Howard, Hudson, Hughes 6, Jackson, Johnson, Jones 6, Kellogg, Klaiber, Knapp, Lacroix, McCoy, Means, Miller 5, Otworth, Pierce, Porter, Rose, Seely, Skaggs, Smith 6, Smithline, Snyder, Stapleton, Stevens, Strehle, Sullivan, Turner, Wallace, Wheeler 4, Wilson, and Winkler 3.  PRICE:  $15

YOGSOH SCIOTO-09:  GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS OF SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO.  VOLUME VI.  BLOOM TOWNSHIP.  Compiled by Virgil and Marguerite Ramsey. January, 1981.  77 pages of 8" by 11" paper, punched for three rings and placed in a brand new three-ring binder.  This book also begins with a Preface, A List of Abbreviations and a map of Bloom Township with the 25 cemeteries clearly marked.  The cemeteries which were read in this township were: Bauer, Beesler, Bennett, Bloom Furnace., Brady, Bloom Switch, Brant, Charles, Collier, Dietrich, Fisher, Jenkins, Johnson, Leslie, Martin, Queen, Pinkerman, Scioto Furnace, South Webster, Spencer, Stidham, Sturgill, Tackett and Thompson.  Surnames which appear on three (,) or more than three (#) pages are listed here: Allen, Bauer 4, Beesler 4, Belcher 4, Bennett 5, Burton 4, Caldwell, Canter, Cole 5, Cook 5, Coriell, Faulkner, Fields, Fisher, Hanes, Hardin, Heller, Holmes, Howell, Jenkins, Johnson 6, Jones, Justice, Kinker, Knost, Kuhner 7, Lane, Lewis 4, Martin, Mault 4, McCall, McCannon 4, McNaughton, Myers, Neff, Osbourne, Phillips, Queen 5, Rawlins, Richart, Riddlebarger, Shope 4, Slack 5, Smith 4, Stiles 7, Taylor 4, Thompson, Walker 5 and Williams.  PRICE:  $15

YOGSOH SCIOTO-10:  SCIOTO COUNTY, OHIO, 1880 OHIO CENSUS INDEX.  By Mr. & Mrs. Ivan R. Scott. 1975.  This index was copied from the filmicrofilm.  Some pages of the original census film were not readable and ofby necessity have been omitted.  74 pages.  These names were put in alalphabetical order.  They share a surname, but are not necessarily related.  You will find the surname, the first names, [a column of numbers not identified, might be the microfuilm roll number?] plus the ward or township, and the number of the family (not the page number).  Surnames listed here have five (,) or more than five (#) first names listed with them.  Adams 24, Alexander, Alard, Allen 14, Allison 6, Alt, Anderson 13, Andre 9, Appler, Arnold 12, Artis 7, Ashley 6, Baker, 27, Ball 14, Barbee, Barber 12, Brlow, Barrett , Batterson, Beatty 6, Bell 7, Bender 6, Bennett 31, Berndt, Bishop 7, Blair 9, Bond, Boren 9, Bower 15, Bowman 6, Bowser, Boyd, Boyer 14, Boynton 6, Brant 7, Bratling, Briggs, Brooks, Brown 14, Bryant, Burk 7, Burke 6, Burns 7, Burt, Bush, Call 11, Campbell 7, Canter 21, Carpenter 9, Carter 13, Chaffin 6, Chatham, Clark 28, Clifford 11, Cline 7, Coburn 10, Cole 22, Colegrove 11, Coleman 11, Collins 9, Colwell 6, Combs , Cook 26, Cooper 18, Coriell 13, Cox 12, Crabtree 34, Crane, Crawford 6, Crow 6, Crull 10, Culp 9, Cunningham 9, Daum 6, Davis 48, Dawson 7, Dean, Deaver 7, Delotel 7, Dever13, Dill 6, Dixon 7, Dodds 8, Dodge 10, Doerr, Doyle 6, Duncan, Dunlap 8, Dunn, Edwards 10, Elliott 13, Ellis, Emrich, Evans 22, Farley, Finney, Fisher 16, Fitch 8, Flack 6, Flannigan, Fleming, Flowers, Ford 7, Foster 10, Fout 5, Fox, Fuller 7, Fullerton 8, Funk 7.  I'm stopping here.   The book has another 50 pages, but since it is alphabetically arranged, it is easy enough to look them up yourself.  Variations in the spelling makes it hard to group similar surnames together to get a total count.  Lots of names, double columns.  If you have not already found your ancestors on the net, this might be a good place to look especially if you are not sure where that teen-aged boy was living in 1880.  PRICE: $10    

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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