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Ross: Created in 1798 from Adams and Washington Counties.  County Seat: Chillicothe.Courthouse: Ross County Courthouse, Chillicothe, OH 45601 (614) 773-5115.

YOGSOH ROSS-01:  ROSS AND HIGHLAND ABSTRACTS OF BIOGRAPHIES.  3 pages, cardstock covers, stapled, This is much more than an index.  Price $3.  This book is new.  Each county is sorted by township listed, usually then by surname as it appears in the book.  Each page number is listed, county of residence, subject's surname and first name, birth year, state or country of birth, wife's name, father's name, state or country of his birth, then his mother's name.  A Sample Biography reads like this:  Each page number is listed, [p 240], township of residence [Green], subject's surname [IRELAND] and first name [George], state or country of birth [OH] and year of birth [1823], wife's surname [Hopkins], and first name [Sarah], an asterisk in a column if they had children [*], the subject's father's first name [Stephen] and his birthplace MD] and his mother's surname [Carmean] and first name or initial [E.] are given.
Sample Biography reads like this: p. 240   IRELAND, George,   OH   1823   Hopkins, Sarah   Stephen   MD.  Carmean, E.  You even get a bonus with this one.  Under the position of the first wife, the second wife's name is given in the next line.  She was:  Alexander, Martha!  There is enough information given that you can sort out whether this man is yours or not.  Most large genealogical libraries have this book and most also have someone who will photocopy pages for you. With up to DOZENS of people listed on these three pages, you have almost 100 people that you can identify by their page number, county, name, year of birth, birthplace, wife's name, father's name, birthplace of father, and mother's maiden name.  PRICE:  $3

YOGSOH ROSS-02:  CHILLICOTHE, U.S.A., OHIO'S FIRST CAPITAL.  ITS HERITAGE PRESERVED - ITS FUTURE SECURE.  20 pages, 11" by 17", folded to 8 " by 11" and stapled in the centerfold, heavy textured cover same size.  The seal of the city highlights the front cover.  In this fine booklet you will see very good pictures-clear with good contrast, a drawing of the Ross County Medical Center has pride of place right under the title on page 1.  The one-room school where our ancestors studied has been replicated at Hopewell and a picture of a scale model of the courthouse share the bottom of the title page.  Page 2 gives the History of Chillicothe (founded in 1796 by Nathaniel Massie, a Virginia Military District Surveyor) and Ross County (formed from the northern section of Adams County in 1798).  Names such as Rev. Robert Finley, Dr. Edward Tiffin, and Thomas Worthington.  Territorial Governor Arthur St. Clair named this county in honor of his good friend Senator James Ross of Pennsylvania.  Originally Ross County went all the way up to the Greenville Treaty line, but now its size encompasses 668 square miles.  In 1800 Chillicothe was designated as the capital of the "eastern section" of the Northwest Territory.  They built a courthouse, too, which later served as Ohio's first statehouse.  Chillicothe was the major trading center for this area in the early 1800s.  A map of early Ohio illustrates the early size and importance of this area.  Page 3 highlights jobs, business and industry.  History preserved is the Highlight of Page 7 as the lovely Historical Society Museum Building is spotlighted, along with the Chillicote Public Library, the Franklin House and the David Candless McKell Library.  Page 8 features the Mound Builders Mound City National Monument to the Hopewell peoples and their culture, who lived in this county 2,000 years ago, the Dental Museum Memorial in Bainbridge, the Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe and the Veteran's Administration Hospital Chapel.  Page 9 begins the coverage of Chllicothe's future through the business groups that help to build its future.  Marvelous map on page 10 that lets you navigate all through the town to find what you want to see next.  This is followed by a street guide, a county map guide and a secondary road index.  A total map of the county follows on pages 16 & 17.  Views of Sugarloaf Mountain fill pages 18, 19 & 20.  Excellent Tourist Guide, produced with pride by the Chillicothe Telephone Company.  Nice piece!  PRICE:  $9  

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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