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Richland: Created in 1808 from Fairfield County. County Seat: Mansfield. Courthouse: 50 Park Ave. E., Mansfield, OH 44902-1850 (419) 755-5501.

FFOH RCHLAND-O1:  D135: A CENTENNIAL BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF RICHLAND AND ASHLAND COUNTIES, OHIO.  This reprint was sponsored by the Ashland and Richland County Chapters of the Ohio Genealogical Society in 1983.  The book itself measures 831 pages, each 5 " by 9", plus a 39-page every-name index.  They actually have many pages devoted to genealogy, occupations, lives and families of these people.  Thomas Hammon's sketch begins on page 256, there is a full-page picture of he and his wife, Rachel, (seated) on the next page, and the sketch continues on page 257, and 258.  These sketches detail some ancestors, the current family, children and often, grandchildren.  Business details are also related.  This is a genealogists' dream book!  The index is organized by surname and looks like this for the Hammon family:  HAMMON:  Catherine, 257,258; Ellen 258; George 257; George H. 258, John 258; Mary 258, Rachel 257; Rachel portrait 256a; Thomas 256,257,258; Thomas portrait 256a.  This index, alone, took up five lines in the two-column index.  Other surnames with five lines or more are: starting with the Ms to the Zs:  McBride, McClellan, McConkle, McCormick, McNully, McCurdy, McDowell, McLaughlin, Manner, Mansfield, Martin, Marvin, May, Mengert, Miles, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morr, Moser, Mowrey, Myers, Mykrantz, Needham, Nelson, Noble, Ohler, Ott, Ozier, Palmer, Parker, Patterson, Pearce, Peterson, Pittenger, Plank, Post, Priest, Pugh, Pulver, Ramsey, Reed, Reynolds, Riddle, Roasberry, Robinson, Ropp, Rose, Rummel, Sackett, Sampsel, Sanborn, Scott, Sechrist, Shafer, Sharp, Shaw, Shatzer, Sheets, Shelby, Sherman, Shidler, Shocker, Simpson, Skiles, Sloane, Slocum, Smith, Snavely, Snyder, Spade, Stake, Stambaugh, Starr, Statler, Strimple, Sutter, Swineford, Switzer, Taylor, Thompson, Thornburg, Todd, Tracy, Trauger, Tucker, Uhlich, Urie, Van Nest, Vanscoy, Voegele, Wagner, Walters, Weaver, Webber, Weiser, Welty, Wentz, Wharton, White, Wiles, Williams, Wilson, Winters, Wise, Wolff, Wolford, and Zehner.  Book is over 2" thick!  Beautifully hardbound.  PRICE $85

FFOH RICHLAND-02:  D158:  FROM THE ANNALS OF RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  Compiled and Edited by Mary Jane Armstrong Henney, 1996.  Published by the Richland County Genealogical Society.  223 pages 8" by 11", hardbound.  Beautiful Book.  The Table of Contents of this book is three pages long, divided into sections titled EARLY RICHLAND COUNTY, THE PIONEERS, [Tales of ] RICHLAND COUNTY, MANSFIELD, THE CIVIL WAR and CITIZEN VIGNETTES.  For a lover of history and reminiscences of days gone by, and especially for those with ancestors who lived in this county this book is a GOLD MINE of tales of long ago.  The story of the man who captured the bear alive is worth the price of the book by itself!  Price $30. The index includes the following surnames with three or more entries [NOTE:  Since many of these tales are of an historical nature rather than genealogical, many people are mentioned by name only a very few times.] Adams, Andrews, Appleseed, [Johnny], Armstrong, Au, Baker, Bartley, Baughman, Bell, Bentley, Bigelow, Black, Boals, Bowman, Boyce, Bricker, Brinkerhoff, Brown, Bryan, Burns, Bushnell, Cairns, Cantwell, Carpenter, Carrothers, Chandler, Chew, Clark, Clay, Coffinberry, Condon, Cook, Copus, Coulter, Coyler/Collier, Craig, Crail, Crawford, Culler, Cummins, Cunningham, Cuppy, Curtis, Darling, Davis, Day, Dickey, Dickson, Dirlam, Douglas, Edgington, Ewing, Ferguson, Finney, Fireoved, Fleming, Ford, Fry, Gass, Gilkison, Grant, Grimes, Hagerman, Harrison, Hedges, Henderson, Hill, Holmes, Jenner, Jones, Journeycake, Kendall, King, Kohler, Lake, Larwill, Lee, Leedy, Lewis, Leyman, Lincoln, Love, McBride, McCluer, McClure, McComb, McCoy, McCullough, McElroy, McFall, McIlvain, Mack, McLaughlin, Martin, Matson, Maxwell, May, Meily, Miller, Moore, Morrow, Myers, Nail, Needham, Newman, Page, Palmer, Parker, Patterson, Peterson, Pipe, Pittenger, Pugh, Purdy, Quigley, Reed, Rice, Roop, Rowland, Ruffner, Seymour, Sherman, Smith, Snyder, Stevens, Stewart, Strong, Sturges, Styer, Swigart, Taylor, Teegarden, Tidball, Todd, Ward, Watson, Weldon, Welty, Wiler, Williams, Wilson, Winters, Wise, Wolf, Woodhouse, Wright, Young, Zimmer and  Zimmerman. Many of the tales in the above book are inspiring, interesting, or thought provoking, but my favorite was this one:  It was a clipping from a 1926 newspaper, no further date or information known.  Among the goldfish which played in the Vasbinder fountain in Central Park during the summer months, there were two large carp that someone had stealthily put in with them.  When the fish were removed in the fall to their winter home at the water works, the carp were taken along.  For the first few days everything went along in the usual smooth manner.  One of the firemen at the plant, however, was the owner of a beautiful cat, name unknown, The cat was the idol of the entire water works force and when the fish came, Mr. Cat was wont to sit on the ladder over the fish tank and watch the fish play, swiping at them with one furry paw.  There was really no harm in the diversion, but it happened that one of the carp had developed a bitter hatred for the feline spectator and, in the presence of witnesses, Mr. Carp leaped from the water and slapped Mr. Cat full in the face with his tail.  The blow was so violent that the cat's neck was broken.  Everyone at the water works mourned for the cat and made preparations to try the carp on a first-degree murder charge.  Or maybe this true story will move you:  from the pages of the Ohio Register, February 14, 1815:  Married - Mr. "Seely Simkins, age 88 to Mrs. Elizabeth Ask, age 28.  "It's love's flame that's kindled by desire.  An 'old sticks' surely best, because it's drier."  Oh, on second thought, maybe not, this is the second one!  Ohio Register - Apr 18, 1815.  Died, Seely Simpkins, age 88.  Married 2 mos., 3 wks."  [May we assume he died a happy man?]  PRICE: $30

YOGSOH RICHLAND-03:  MARLOW PATTERSON CEMETERY, SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  By the Ohio Genealogical Society.  July 23, 1960.  James Marlow, Sr. settled on his farm which includes the cemetery in 1832.  Thomas Marlow, his son died January 5, 1845, and was buried in the Mansfield Cemetery.  Later that cemetery was moved and all the bodies were taken up.  Mr. Marlow had the body of his small son moved and buried in the woods on his farm, thinking to move him later to a final resting place.  Before that could be done, some children of a neighbor died of a contagious disease, and were also buried in the woods on a corner of the farm close to the grave of Thomas.  In 1874 neighbors in the vicinity formed the Marlow Cemetery Aassociation.  The articles were signed by 4 Marlow men, 4 Patterson men, 2 Campbells, a Sweney, a Day, Rev. Cairns, a Scott and a Loermer.  The ground was plotted into 46 lots each 10 feet by 30 feet in size.  In the early days no burial permits or death certificates were issued or required.  The records now in existence are those kept and preserved by Ira Marlow and his daughters.  There are eight, and possibly twelve, graves that are unmarked and unrecorded.  An excellent plot map is included in this book.  Eleven  8" by 11", pages are printed on cardstock, with cardstock covers, stapled.  This is an excellent, detailed reading of this cemetery with every detail that could be found in measurement and placing of the stones and detailed transcriptions and condition reports on the status of the stones.  The index is at the front of the book and includes: Beer 3, Campbell 2, Carroll 1, Courtney 6, Curtiss 1, Hartupee 3, Hoover 1, Larimer 2, Marlow 19, Mathews 2, Maxwell 5, McBride 1, McCaskey 1, McClure 1, McDonald 2, Moore 4, Murphy 6, Patterson 10, Reader 1, Roethlisberger 4, Shortess 5, Smith 3, Stimens 1, Sunnucks 3 and Sweeney 2.  The last page has come loose from the staples so I have placed this in a pocket folder for safety purposes.  $10

YOGSOH RICHLAND-04:  THE PASTFINDER, QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE ASHLAND AND RICHLAND COUNTY CHAPTERS OF THE OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY.  NINE ISSUES FROM VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 FROM January of 1982 THROUGH VOLUME 7, ISSUE NUMBER 4, dated in December of 1988.  The set includes:  Volume 1#1, Volume 3#1, The every name index to Volume 4, Volume 5#2, the every-name index to Volume 5, Volume 6 (combined issue #3-4,), Volume 7#1, Volume 7#3 and Volume 7#4.  This is an extremely interesting periodical for those who have Richloand or Ashland ancestors, lots of names, important records, and queries.  A good buy at $9 for all.  PRICE; $9  [See detailed reports on three of the issues below.]

YOGSOH RICHLAND-05:  THE PASTFINDER, QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE RICHLAND COUNTY CHAPER OF O.G.S. Three issues have duplicates-all are included in the above packet.  I have ONE extra Volume 5, issue #2 done in May of 1986.  This issue, in twelve pages, includes information on the pioneers interviewed in 1860 in Richland and Crawford Counties, OH, by Lyman Draper of the famous DRAPER PAPERS Collection, which can be viewed at the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The pioneers were:  John Cuppy, Jesse Edgington, John Cox, Gen. Joseph Ga?, Mrs. Cline and Hugh McGuire.  Detail is given in this issue about the family of Abrahasm Cuppy listing his ten children with their birth dates.  There is a President's message and one from the editor.  An article on 40 Divorce Records from Richland County arranged in alphabetical order from the letter H to Patton (part of a project continuing A-Z until finished.) Gives dates, names, including maiden name of wife and many times date and place of original marriage (3 pages)  Family Portrais (biographical sketches) of John Patterson.  (2 pages)  Plus it includes the survey plat map of his farm and list of his 12 children.  Two pages of detailed queries follow.  Four pages of five generation charts of members or interested persons follow.  These are a good way to hook up with cousins you did NOT know you had!   A list of members with addresses follows to facilitate written communication between relatives and members.  Books for sale are offered next.  A cute poem by a Carroll Co. researcher brought a smile to my face.  Good reading.  PRICE:  This one item ordered alone would be priced at $2 which includes shipping.  Ordered with other items, this item would be priced at only $1.

YOGSOH RICHLAND-06:  THE PASTFINDER, QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE RICHLAND COUNTY CHAPTER OF O.G.S.  VOLUME 6#3-4 COMBINED ISSUE.  Pages 33 to 60 finishing this 1987 year of issue.  Wishing everyone a Happy New Year starts off with a plea for people to write up their family and send it to the society, perhaps to publish.  An article concerning some letters written to members of the John Leppo and Catharine Darby [her father John O.; her mother Sarah] family and found in the Leppo hiouse.  They were married in 1876.  She died in 1896.  These letters were addressed to a brother and sister, probably written to Catharine's parents.  Samuel Dewalt purchased the 96 acre farm in 1910 that belonged to Catharine's parents.  He has pictures of the Lorenzo B. Darby family and the Franklin E. Darby family.  He believes they moved to Williams County, Ohio.  Next a picture of the New-at that time-OGS home in Mansfield.  Two pages of queries up front this time!  Sherman Room Acqusitions List, new members list, full page of obituaries for 1917:  William Weidner, Henry Baer, Drath Burns, Catherine A. Arnold, Martha Ann Cosner Copeland, and Mrs. Barbara Hutzelman.  Page 39 lists Birth Records 9 October 1856 through 9 December, 1856 (4 pages 50 names per page) starts alphabetically from Cunningham, (unknown) to Kirkpatrick, (unknown).  A report on the DAYBOOK of a storebook, kept by Eben P. Sturges found among his family papers in the Ohio Historical Society Manuscrip Collection.  Places people in the Mansfield area before 1820.  List follows alphabetically from Adsit, Moses to Woodard, D. A. (6 pages).  Pages 49 to 51 hold Bible Records, [Bible printed in 1828.] for a Bell family.  Other surnames included are Alexander, Bugbee, Drew, Fletter, Hadley, Hanley, Lefever, Maring, Rowse, and Smith.  The Jacob L. Maring Bible record follows:  Kaufman, Lash, Maring, Pettit, Robbins, and Rollings.  This is followed by an article with more Waring family history. Page 52 holds 2 more queries, notes on a Kiefer family reunion in 1926.  A note about four people, Mrs Sarah McKinney, Elmer Kirkpatrick, Amos Kirkpatrick and W. E. Kraiglow a 50th Wedding anniversary party for Eleanor Jane Neal and Frank Laser.  More information on the doings of the Mickey, Balliet, Schrack, McBride, Go(c)henour, Hassinger, An adoption of Eudolphia Pittenger, whose name was changed to  Eudolphia Pittenger Beerler when adopted by John W. Beeler and his wife, Samantha; a report on five graves with a now-unknown family connection - [David Carr, 90 years+] [Hannah, w/o Charles Fisher, 84 years] [Jennie w/o David Carr, 83 years+], [Sarah Heddon 86 years+] and Charles Fisher, 96 years+]  All I can say is they had a good gene pool! The Herring family petition to sell real estate filed, another query, a report on depositions filed to settle an estate of William Trucks.  A Case in Chancery Court involving several other relationship and legal issues.  Two five generation charts and a list of items for sale by the society complete this double issue.   This one item ordered alone would be priced at $3 which includes shipping.  Ordered with other items, this item would be priced at only $2.
YOGSOH RICHLAND-07:  THE PASTFINDER, QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER OF THE RICHLAND COUNTY CHAPER OF O.G.S.  Volume 7 Issue 1.  There are three copies of this issue of the Pastfinder, for sale individually at $2 each.  I think you can see how great your chances are of finding something on your family in this quarterly publication.  They are full of names!!!  The first article is about 75 pages of family information received by the society on the Lewis Henry Family.  Included in this issue are the every-name indexes for the 1985-Volume 4 and 1986-Volume 5 issues!  You can order the back issues if need be from the society after consulting the indexes inside this issue.  All issues prior to 1986 are indexed.  Queries come on the first three pages of this issue.  Page 5 has queries in the top half and 26 Marriages in Richland County of people named Dickson!  Page 6 holds some genealogical information on The Purdy Family, and a note from a wife inquiring about her husband, A. P. Wickoff, who was driven from his home by a mob and failed to turn up in Kansas City where his family went to meet him.  Page 7, 8, 9, & 10 hold about 200 Richland County, Birth Records from Kirkpatrick, Francis, 2 Aug 1856 to Shafer, Andrew on 15 July 1856.  Page 11, 12 & 13 have five generation charts, Page 14 holds notes about the Matson, Harlan and Johns Families plus the obituaries of Josiah Ottinger, Mrs. Cephanne Beck, Gerge Becker, Sr., I. W. Littler, and Henry Endly continuing on the next page.  The Ephriam Bull Family is the subject of an article appearing on page 15. This one issue ordered alone would be priced at $2 which includes shipping.  Ordered with other items, this item would be priced at only $1.

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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