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Perry: Created in 1818 from Fairfield, Muskingum and Washington Counties. County Seat:New Lexington. Courthouse:Courthouse, New Lexington, OH 43764 (614) 342-2045.

YOGSOH PERRY-01:  CORNING, OHIO - OTHER PLACES - OTHER TIMES.  By Wahnita DeLong, 66 pages, Beautifully hardbound.  Whipporwill Publications.  The author says, "The poems in Part I are based on memories from a decade at the turn of the century.  Life was simple, natural, and easy going, at least in a little town like Corning.  It was a good time for children to be growing up.  I am glad I was a child then."  This lady had a little of the imp left in her and her poems are a vivid memory of some of the times the imp showed herself.  Her poems are like snapshots for the mind as she evokes in you what she was feeling at the time.  I am oldenough to have memories of what it was like back then.  I have read this book all the way through every time I have had reason to look at it at all. It is a loving telling of the past, humorous and nostalgic.  It makes me long for the days when I would arise and say, "No plans for today!  I can do anything I want!  Instead of saying, "What needs to be done first today.  She talks of common joys of childhood and I smile as I read it.  It is good to be reminded of a time when it was not necessary to work every minute of every day!  She traveled often and with rare insight into others.  Part II is filled with poems of the places she went, some physically, but some I think, she visited in a book, a picture, a painting, or just in her thoughts.  Part III has moments in time, frozen for you to read.  A rare insight into a talented lady.  You will enjoy it, but don't rush through it.  Savor it!  These poems need thoughtful thinking about, but you will be richer if you give each one of them the time to work its magic on you.  $20

YOGSOH PERRY-02:  CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS FROM SOMERSET, PERRY COUNTY, OHIO,  Copied by Mrs. John Fedorchak, Eleven pages, single sided, mimeographed, placed in a prong folder.  These inscriptions (pages 1-4) were copied in the Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery in July, 1958.  A stone Tablet in the cemetery indicates that it was the site of an Evangelical Lutheran Church meeting held Sept. 14, 1818.  Although this cemetery is no longer used for burials, it has been kept in good condition.  It is one block from the town square in Somerset.  Burials in this cemetery are typed in alphabetical order by the first letter only.  Surnames with two (,) or more than two (#) burials are listed here: Acker 4, Beckwith, Birkhimer, Brechbill, Brunner 10, Cowen, Darshman, Dashmen 3, Foy, Griffith 2, Gri(m/m) 3, Henkle, Higgins 3, Lutz 4, Moeller 6, Nunnemaker 4, Swineheart 4, Trout 3.
On another trip to Perry County Cemeteries this author and her aunt found and copied another Lutheran and a Catholic cemetery.  She has combined the cemeteries in this copy marking the ones in the
Lutheran Cemetery with an "L" and the ones in the Catholic Cemetery with a "C".    I have chosen for this abstract to separate the lists.  We will do the Lutheran Church first: Beckenstos, Binckley, Cole, Defenbaugh, Fulton 3, Lidey, Lutz, McCormick 3, Overmyre 3, Sanderson, Schauer, Snedecker, Sturgeon 6, Swineheart 7 and Zartman 2.  
Now for the Catholic Church:  Burshu(s/w), Cluney, Creighton, Collins, Costigan, DeLong, Donley, Downhour, Finck/Fink 9, Gallagher 3, Gordon, Harper, Hearhol(t)zen, Hodge, Johnson 4, Kennedy 3, McDonald 3, Miller, Musselman, O'Neil, Ryan 4, Slevin, Spurck, Weir and Wiseman 5.  There is a lot of detail in the inscriptions that she copied and there are many surnames that have only one burial by that name.     

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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