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Noble: Created in 1851 from Guernsey, Monroe, Morgan and Washington Counties.County Seat: Caldwell. Courthouse: Courthouse, Caldwell, OH 43724 (614) 732-2969.

FFOH-NOBLE 01: D-155:  A LISTING OF ENTRYMEN ON LANDS IN NOBLE COUNTY, OHIO By L. Richard Kocher, Woolkoch Publishing, 1997.  44 pages, cardstock covers, plastic comb binding.  $15.  Like all the other books done by this publisher, there is a listing in alphabetical order of the individual who bought the land in this county originally and in some cases could have been actually living on or near its location. Acreages purchased are listed next.  The exact acreage may differ slightly in actusl deeds or in Patent documents.  The Date of purchase is given.  The location as to county and to state of residence is given if shown.  Alphabetical index starts with A-L, but for the purpose of this abstract I will begin with the Ms with three or more mentions:  McBride, McClintock, McKee 10, McLaughlin, McLauw, McVicker, McWilliasms, Meridith, Merrill, Merritt, Merry, Miller 8, Milhorne, Mills, Moore 10, Morganridge, Morris 19, Morrison 11, Morstell, Moser, Mount, Myers, Nicholson 5, Noble 5, O'Neil/l, Ogg 5, Pickinpaugh, Powell, Reany, Reed 8, Reeve/s, Rich 8, Richey, Roach, Robinson, Roe, Rossiter, Scott7, Secrist, Severance, Shackle/r, Smith17, Spencer, Sprague, Stanbury, Starr, Stewart 8, Sut/ton, Swank, Taylor 8, Thompson 17, Thotla/Thorlo, Thurlo/Thurlow, Tilton, Triplett, Waller, Walsh, Walters, Ward 5, Watson, Webber, West, Wharton, Wiley, Willey, Williams 5, Wilson 10, Windell/Windle, Woods 6 and last, and Wybrand.   PRICE: $15

YOGSOH NOBLE-2: SOAKUM  A STORY.  By H. Edmund Danforth,
Caldwell, Ohio. Published 1912.  Illustrated by Donald Ross.  222 pages,  5" by 8", hardbound.  Price $15.  This volume is dedicated to the surviving pioneer settlers of Duck Creek Valley.  I do not know, for the book does not say, whether this story is grounded in fact or is just fiction, but this newsletter has been delayed while I read the book.  Looking for a clue as to its origin I found only a story, but what a story, gripping in its intensity, stirring with its twists and turns, fraught with possibilities and the best read I have had for months.  If it is only a work of fiction, it is superb, but it has an authenticity that I imagine indicates the story is based on a story or a legend that took place in a town that is no longer.  PRICE:  $15

YOGSOH NOBLE-03:  NOBLE COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS, BOOK I, SHARON TOWNSHIP.  Published by the Noble County Chapter of OGS, 1984, 52 pages, cardstock covers, plastic binding.  Cemeteries in this volume include:  Danford Church, Foraker, Forest Grove, Gordon, Kildow, Lowe, Manchester Church, Marquis, Sailor, Sharon (old), Sharon (new), and Swank.  Also included in this book are two articles:  The Clinginsmith Story and The Frederick Yerian Story.  A very nice map marks the location of these cemeteries.  The note of explanation about the development of this land and its various jurisdictions brings up a very important aspect of genealogical research.  Determining the actual jurisdiction of the land is never easy.  This township has been a part of various counties before it became Noble County in March of 1851.  From 1819 this land was a part of Morgan County in the townships of Manchester and Olive, so records for 1819 to 1851 would be located in that county.  Prior to 1819 records for this area were divided between Washington County in the southern half and Guernsey in the northern half, so those counties would need to be searched if your people were in this part of Ohio during those times.  Surnames with three (,) or more (#) stones are included in this list:  Archibald 10, Danford 9, Jordan 8, Morris 12, Paxton 4, Smith 5, several graves are unmarked, but records are listed from obituaries or tradition.  Foraker Cemetery has three graves all Forakers.  Gordon has two graves both Gordons.  Forest Grove has five pages of inscriptions.  Surnames with three(,) or more than three (#) stones are listed here:  Aduddle 9, Archibald 7, Beckley 7, Bell, Boon, Briggs 4, Burlingame, Collins, Coyl, Crouch, Foraker 9, Foreman 9, Gallatin 4, Grdon 5, Keyser 7, Noyes, Oliver, Parks 27, Pedicord, Purkey, Scoggan 5, Shields 6, Smith, Srack, Sutton, Walters, Wharton 9, Wiley 16 and Welsh 7.  Kildow holds the graves of 22 people, Pickenpaugh has six, Swank has five, none of the others have 3.  Lowe Cemetery has 11 Lowes and 1 O'Donovan.  Marquis has 10 graves-7 Marquis, 2 Gill, 1 Walters.  Manchester Church Cemetery has three pages 10-12, Archibald 5, Baley 4, Bailey 4, Brownrigg 8, Ellison, Fogle 3, Harmon 9, Hutchinson, Kuntz 6, Nichols 5, Pickingpaugh 5, and Walters 20. 
Sharon Cemetery (old) has Archibald 10, Cain 5, Crooks 4, Kelly 6, Long 5, Marquis 4, Morrison 8, Parrish, Stoneking 4, Thompson 8, Timberlake 4 and Wiley.  Sharon Cemetery (new) Ackley 9, Aiken 4, Archibald 10, Baker 11, Ball 4, Barber 4, Beckett 10, Beckley, Bell 6, Bigley 23, Bivins 4, Blake, Boggs 23, Boney 6, Boyd 60, Bridgman 6, Briggs 7, Brotton, Brown 9, Brownrigg 5, Burlingame 6, Cain 19, Caldwell 25, Cisler 7, Clark 4, Collins, Combs 4, Connell 5, Conner 5, Coulter 5, Courtney 4, Craft 4, Cunningham 9, Danford 10, Dannels, Darrah, Davis 5, DeLancey, Denham, Dennis 4, Doverm, Dutton 4, Dye 4, Eicher 5, Elliott 11, Ellison 6, Emmons 5, Ewing 5, Ferguson 7, Fogle 6, Foote 7, Foraker 10, Foreman 4, Foster 7, Garrett 4, Gill 6,Green 9, Grimes 4, Haga10, Haines 7, Harmon 14, Harper 4, Hendershot, Hill 6, Hooper, Hughes 5, Huston, Hutchins 6, Iams 13, Jacobs 13, Jennings 18, Jerles, Johnson 7, Keeton, Keith, Keyser 23, Kirk 5, Knott 9, Landaker7, Lawrence 9, Leonard 4, Lesco, Lewis, Long 29, Love 17, Lowe 17, Lowman 5, Manifold 9, Marquis 74, Martin 4, Milner, Milligan 10, Mills, Mitchell, Morgareidge 6, Morris 17, Morrison 11, McCune 7, McDonald 9, McFarland, McGee 6, McGlashhan 6, McKee 8, McMunn 5, Nesselroad 5, Nichols 17, Norwood, Parks 18, Parrish 69, Patterson 6, Phipps 5, Pickenpaugh 14, Porter 27, Pyles 5, Racey 4, Ralph 8, Ramsey 13, Reed 14, Rice, Rock, Ross 9, Roy (p.52), Russell, Sayre 5, Schafer, Schreiber, Scott 4, Selix, Sheppard 5, Shields, Smith 16, Smoot, Spencer 4, Spriggs, Stack 5, Steen 16, Stevens, Stewart 18, Stringer, Swank 7, Thorla 7, Tedrick, Titlton 45, Winters 14, Wheeler 23, White, Wiggington, Wiley 40, Wilson 5, Winder 7, Terian 19,    
PRICE: $10

YOGSOH NOBLE-04:  MT. TABOR CEMETERY, (Methodist Episcopal Church) STOCK TOWNSHIP, NOBLE COUNTY, OHIO.  By Catherine J. Sims & Fran M. Miller. 1986.  Printed by F & L Enterprises, 30 pages, 8 by 11 inches, cicular plastic punched binding, 2 columns, indexed.  Surnames with 3 stones (,) or more than 3 (#) are:  Anderson, Archer 4, Ball 11, Barnet/t 7, Beran 5, Boggs, Brown 8, Cavana(u)gh, Crum 12, Curtis 19, Denbow, Dooley 10, Eddy 4, Forshey 10, Heartley 4, Hesson 5, Hogue, Hood 4, Johnson 9, King 22, Leasure 42, Leisure 10, Mallett 33, Marsh 6, McKittrick, Miller 8, Milton 5, Miracle 6, Murr(a/e)y 15, Neiswonger 14, Orr 22, Reed, Renner, Robbins 8, Sill 4, Slack 6, Smith 10, Spence 13, Springer 4, Steed 5, Thompson 15, Todd 11, Van Fossen 12, Vanfossen 5, Warfield 9, Wells 19, Williams 5, Wright 6 and Yoho 3.  PRICE:  $8

YOGSOH NOBLE-05:  NOBLE COUNTY, OHIO WILL BOOK I, INDEX TO WILLS 1852-1861.  Page 177-178 from Gateway to the West.  118 wills from residents of
Noble County with the year probated and the pge number in Will Book I.  Order directly from the Probate Judge, giving name, year and page number given here in this book for copies.  Ask for the original papers if they still have them.  That is always an option you wanr to preserve.  Most courthouses kept all their paper loose in boxes or other containers.  Many of the materials were not written down in the books until the 1870 and 1880s.  BONUS: Two deed abstracts from Clark Co, OHIO:  1.) For Abraham Runyon, assignee of Andrew Bumgardner, other names mentioned are:  Thomas Stimpes and wife, Hiram Runyan, Nathaniel Bunnell, Jr. and wife Susannah, Peter L. Runyan and wife Mary, John W. Runyan and wife Rachel et al, Sophia Runyan, Henry Runyan and wife Rachel, Samuel Wright and wife Esther, Andrew B. Runyan and wife Matilda, Archibald McKonkey and wife Lydia, James McMillice and wife Ann Sophia.  Land in Clark Co., OHIO.
2.) Heirs of Susan Kirkpatrick to George McCullah:  John Kirkpatrick, Susan Kirkpatrick, James Kirkpatrick and wife Malina, Stephen R. Martin and wife Nancy, John Kirkpatrick Jr. and wife Mary Ann, Daniel Pittenger (all of Delaware Co., In) John H. Ellis and wife Phebe, Robert Kirkpatrick and wife Susan, right, title and interest to land in Clarl Co., OHIO
All in an archival sheet protector in pronged folder.  $3

PAGE 175-176.  There are 64 surnames listed in this excerpt from Gateway to the West.   Sample:  Pitzer, Jacob, died 1-24-1868, age 60 years, place of death Elk Twp., place of birth German[y], married, occupation farmer, parents, Johann Pitzer and Catharina Danner, found on page 10.  All in an archival sheet protector in pronged folder.  $3

YOGSOH NOBLE-7:  NOBLE COUNTY CHAPTER-OHIO GENEALOGY SOCIETY PERIODICAL, OCT/NOV/DEC, 1984, VOLUME I - #4.  Pages 35 to 45.  Nice township map from the 1870 census, Index to the Atlas of
Noble County, The Archer Family Bible with 23 births, 3 marriages and 12 deaths.  Other surnames include:  Davis, Dent, Gray, Jennings, Randall, Smooth, Stone, Westcott, Williams, a list of publications for sale, Queries and a handy chart of the county abbreviations used in the 1820-1850 Census, along with a note that in the 1840 census both Montgomery and Monroe Counties were abbreviated alike -MON- through a clerical error.  A full page of newspaper abstractsfollow.  They close with information on Vital Records and Military Records.  PRICE: $2

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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