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Morgan: Created in 1817 from Guernsey, Muskingum and Washington Counties. County Seat: McConnelsville. Courthouse: 19 E. Main St., McConnelsville,OH 43756-1172 (614) 962-4752.

FFOH-MORGAN-01 - D152:  HISTORICAL REMINISCENCES OF MORGAN COUNTY, OHIO By Hon, James M. Gaylord, 92 pages, cardstock cover, stapled and taped binding.  Reprinted from The  Weekly Herald,
McConnelsville, Ohio, 1921, by the Morgan County (OGS Chapter #59 Historical/ Genealogical Society, 1984.  Full of stories about the early settlers of this village, the jail, the townspeople brought up from the
memories of the boy who saw most of it.  Stories of details he knew and the people whose lives made this town what it has become.  Learn about the pigeon flights and the squirrel migration across the river.  Learn how to track a horse and the man who rode it.  Very interesting reading.  Most townships are covered.  Records were checked to verify his words. The last few pages contain an every name index. Surnames with three or more entries are:  Adams, Aiken, Allard, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Baker, Ball,
Barker, Beckwith, Bell, Briggs, Brown, Bullard, Burgoon, Chapelier, Cheadler, Choate, Clark, Clay, Coburns, Collison, Conn, Connaway, Corner, Craft, Crawford, Davises, Dawes, Dearborn, Devereaux, Devin, Dolan,
Echerman, Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Emerson, Eveland, Fordices, Fouts, Frisby, Fulton, Gates, Gaylord, George, Gibson, Gregg, Grubb, Hainsworth, Hanna, Harris, Hawkins, Hodges, Herring, Hews, Howard, Hoyt, Hughes, Jack, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Johnson, Joslin, Kahler, Keith, Kennison, King, Knox, Kuntz, Larison, Laughery, Lawrence, Lewis, Linn, Loper, Lupardis & Lucas. PRICE: $14

YOGSOH MORGAN-02:  GENEALOGICAL EXTRACTS FROM NATURALIZATION RECORDS MORGAN COUNTY, OHIO.  February 1982, By the Morgan County Genealogical Society.  Compiled by Charles Woodburn and Elmer Gerlach.  Fifty pages, 8" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  A Department of Morgan County Historical Society 1982.  This book is comprised of an abstract of all the Naturalization actions taken in Morgan County, Ohio beginning with the formation of the county in 1819.  No Naturalizations were certified after the date of 1899.  The information came from the Common Pleas Court Minute Volumes A-H, the Naturalization Records and Declarations of Intent in the Probate Clerk's Office, Morgan
County Supreme Court Minutes in the Archives, File Boxes in the Archives and File boxes in the Clerk of the Courts' Office.  For the most part but certainly not always, the two papers may be the Declaration of Intent and the Final Record of Naturalization.  However, in some cases the Declaration of Intent had been filed in another county or the state of previous residence.  Likewise, the men might file their Declaration of Intent here and die or move further west before the actual granting of citizenship papers was accomplished.  The Naturalization laws differed somewhat at different time periods, but generally there was a period of time, as long as five years residence in the U.S. was required, along with a written Declaration of Intent to forswear allegiance to rheir old ruler and become a U. S. Citizen two years prior to the granting of citizenship.  Families, wives and children were "grandfathered in" as citizens when their husband or father's citizenship was granted.  If the names seem very familiar to us, we have to remember that after we became a country, even the English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh were now foreigners and needed to follow the law to become citizens here.  Surnames with two or more records are:  Ahle 2 (documents- understood), Anderson 6, Ardin 2, Armstrong 2, Atkinson 2, Bac(h/k)man 2, Bar(c/k)l(a/e)y 2, Barrow 2, Bates 2, Beisser 2, Bell 6, Black 6, Boden 3, Booker 2, Boyd 2, Brauer 2, Brill 2, Brown 7, Burkart 2, Burton 4, Caldwell 3, Cahill 2, Campbell 4, Carruthers 2, Chris/s 3, Clark 2, Colgan 2, Co(l/l)ison Conn 3, Cooey 2, Cooper 4, Cope 2, Cork 2, Coulter
2, Creighpaum 2, Chris(t)man 3, Cull(a/e)n 2, Cunningham 2, Curran 3, Diehl 5, Dona(hew/hoo) 5, Dorsey 2, Duff(e)y 3, Dugan 3, Epley 2, Extine 2, Firsyth/e 3, Foy 2, Freeborn 3, Freyman 2, Fush 2, Galvin 2, Gle(i)ger 2, Glenn 4, Gobble 5, Goodlive 3, Gorml(e) 6, Gosman 2, Greer 4, Harkins 2, Harman 3, Harsh 5, Hartman/n 3, Hay(e)s 2, Heil 3, Hide 2, Hi(gh)land 2, Humphrey 4, Hunter 2, Hutchins 3, Jacobs 2, Janeway 2, Jenkins 2, Johnson 8, Jones 2, K(e/i)llian 2, Kelly 2, Kennedy 2, Kernan 2, Keving 2, Keys 2,
Kirnan 2, Krighbaum 2, Kronabidder 2, Little 6, Mall(e/i)n 7, Martin 7, Massey 2, Mast  4, Masterson 6, Me(l/l)or 6, Miller 11, Mitchell 3, Mout(s/z) 3, Mulligan 3, Murphy 3, Must 2, McCarty 2, McGill 2, McGovern 3, McHugh 3, McKee 4, McLean, McMannus 2, Neabal/Neible 3, Newman 2, Nicholson 2, Nixon 2, Oliver 7, O'Neal 2, Ormiston 2, Peoron 2, Peterson 2, Pidcock 2, Pilkington 2, Porter 7, Prescott 3, Pugh 2, Quary 2, Ratliff 4, Reaor 2, Reed 4, Reiman 2, Reinberger 2, Richardson 2, Robberman 2, Robinson 3,
Rodgers 2, Ryan 2, Schaus 2, Scott 2, Sherlock 3, Shields2, Shrater 2, Smith 8, Smithurst 3, Sn(i/y)der 2, Stephenson 3, Srewart 5, Strong 4, Taggart 3, Taylor 9, Thompson 7, Townsend 3, Trost 2, Walpole 5, Watson 2, Weaver 4, Wetgherall 6, White 2, Wilson 4, Wymer 2, Young 2, Zimmerman 2 and Zinsmaster 5.  PRICE:  $15     

YOGSOH MORGAN-03 CEMETERIES OF HOMER-MARION TOWNSHIPS, MORGAN COUNTY OHIOJune,1982.  1982 Morgan County Historical Society. 85 pages, cardstock covers stapled, good condition.This tabulation of cemetery inscriptions in Homer and Marion Townships of Morgan County,
Ohio is the fifth in a series of seven.  The purpose of this book is to preserve the historical and genealogical data recorded on these stones.  The cemeteries in Homer Twp. that were copied for this volume include:  Berry, Bishopville, Calvary, Cary - Lewis aka Ferndale, Howard, Joy, Liberty Hill.
Mountville, Union, Unnamed #1, Unnaned #2, Watson (Wells), Wrightstown.  The Ceneteries from Marion Twp. covered in this book are Bethel, Chesterhill, Ellis, Coshen Run, Janes, Lovell, McVey, Mt. Zion, King,
Pleasant Hill, Quaker, Westland and Whitacre.  For the most part each cemetery is in alphabetical order, bu there is no index that includes all the names in order.  Maps are included with diections for these addresses.  PRICE:  $17.50      

YOGSOH MORGAN-04:  MORGAN COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERIES Six pages of more cemetery records from Morgan County, placed in a pocket folder with metal clasps.  The first is Malta Cemetery in the town of Malta, in Malta Township.  These are photocopies from the same book from which the previous partial cemetery listings have been taken.  Page 84, 85 and 86 seem to all be from Malts Cemetery.  C.W. stands for Civil War veteran, usually only 1 per surname.   Surnames found here with two or more than two(#) burials are:  Baker 2 C.W., Barrell C.W., Benjamin C.W., Best 4, Bricker 2, Brownell 2, Clark 2, Cornelius 2, Corner 7C.W., Crawford 2, Davis 4, Dunnington 3, Dunsmoor 4, Dutcher 2, Finley 2, Foutz 2, Gillespie 3, Gillmore 2, Harding 3, Harvey 8, Harris 3, Havener 2, Hedges 2, Hoffman 4, Holcomb 4, Hough 2, Humphrey 2, Lent 2 C.W., Lucas 2, Lutton 2, Maxwell 2, McComas 8 C.W., McCoy 2, Miller 14 C.W., Milligan C.W., Newman 2, Palmer 11, Parr 3, Pedicord 2, Pennell 2, Pond 8, Prickett 5, Rambo 5, Rhear 4 C.W., Riley 5, Rogers 5, Scovill 4 C.W., Seaman 2, Sears 2, Sillery 5, Timms 4, Tolbert 2, Willis 2 and Woodmanse 2. Also included are pages 138 and 139 which have readings of the Neelysville, Ebenezer M. E. Church copied in July of 1961, on them.  Listings for two or more (#) are as follows:  Barnes 2, Beal(e/e) 5, Bell 3, Boden 2, Browka 2, Dobbins 1 C. W., Elliott 6, Ethell 3, Fitch 2 C.W., Fry 2, Garrett 3 C.W., Gheen 5, Hanson 3, Harman 6, Hartford 2,  Herron 7, Israel 5, Jackson 2, Johnson 2, Johnston 3, Kelly 2, Kraps 8, Little 5, Martin 3, McCarty 2, Miller 2, Morrison 2, Neely 2, Oliver 2, Porter 5, Scott 6, Sheets 2, Sigler 2, Smith 7, Spencer 11, Walker 2, Watkins 2, and Young 8.  The last sheet, page 140, lists stones in Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery in Meigsville Township.  It appears to be complete.  It contins the following burials:  Barnes 2, Bollinger 2, Buchanan 2, Dearborn 2, Fulton 6 C.W., Harris 2, Head 2 C.W., McCormick 5, Noyes 2, Porter 13, Robinson 2, Shaffer 4 C.W., Singree 4 C.W., Smith 5, Tennant 3, Thompson 2 and Welch 2.  As fillers along the bottom of some of the pages they have little biographical notes which will be helpful. Names for the subject of these are: Barnes, Connor, Davis, (Dunsmoor-famous family of Scotland with extensive history in the History of Morgan Co., by Richardson.), Hanson, Harmon, Jett, Miller, Neely, Porter and Tennant.

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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