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Montgomery: Created in 1803 from Hamilton and Wayne Co., MI Counties. County Seat: Dayton. Courthouse: 451 W. 3rd St., Dayton, OH 45422-0001 (513)225-4000.

YOGSOH MONTGOMERY-01  AN INDEX TO CHILDREN'S HOME RECORDS FROM MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO, 1867-1924.  Indexed by Eugene Joseph Jergens, Jr.  Printed by Wright State University.  The Key to the volumes of records is very helpful to understanding how this book was done.  The pages contain a surname, a first name and occasionally a middle name or initial in the first column. At the end of this line are the following codes:  The Volume RI1 is a record of inmates (1867-1903)
The Volume RI2 is a record of Inmates (1893-1912).  These records contain name of child, age, sex, birthplace, when admitted, when discharged, remarks.  
Volume IR1 contains Records of Indenture (1868-1894)  and Volume IR2 contains Records of Indenture from (1895-1908).  These records include the following information: name of child, age, sex, date of indenture and/or adoption, to whom indentured, to whom adopted, remarks.
Volume DR1 for the Death Record contains information: name of child, age, sex, date of death, grave number, and cause of death.
Volume MC1 (1886-1923) contains information as to the name of the child, date of movement in and out of Children's Home, destination.  This book is an index to these records.  It is not the record.
The records have been deposited wth the Department of Archives and Special Collections.  Inquiries should be addressed to the Archivist at
Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio 45435. The pages are printouts from the computer and are unnumbered.  There are probably about seventy.
8" by 11" and have cardstock covers, with a round plastic comb-style binding.  Each child may have several of these documens in their file, so all the documents for each child should be requested.  Index of first page shows the records of 150 documents belonging to 98 children with names from Abel, Rose Ann (with one code) to
Anderson, St. Clair (with 3 codes).  Other names may have many codes such as these. Each page has 150 lines for documents showing.  70 Pages.  PRICE: $15

YOGSOH MONTGOMERY-02  MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO CEMETERY RECORDS, INDEX (By Brien?) I believe this to be the author's name.  This is a spiral bound composition book, 7" wide by 8" tall.  The hand printed title states, "Index to Miami Valley Records Volume 4 Cemetery Records of Montgomery County."  This entire book is handwritten in neat, very legible pen, three columns per page, 19 names in each column with page numbers.  There appear to have been 209 pages in the actual book which is not here.  But here is the index.  Would be a good thing if we could find the book, check it out, type up the index, which is not yet in alphabetical order except for the first letter, and put it in the Mntgomery County Library!  The first surnames on Page 1 of the index are:  Allen 1, Anderson 1, Archer 1, Adkins 7, Archer 7, Allen, Anderson 7, Archer 7, Anderson 16, Allen 19.  Now all we have to do is match it with a Volume of Cemetery records!  Want the  job? PRICE: $5

YOGSOH MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO INDEX TO THE MAP OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO TAKEN FROM ACTUAL SURVEYS, 1851.  By Ken J. Heeter.  Printed by the Bookmark in 1975, this is the newer reprint done in 1979.  This is a Landowner's map.With 23 pages, 8" by 11", heavy cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  Surnames with five or more than five first names are listed here:  Allen, Anderson, Andrew, Apple, Arnold, Baker, Barkalow, Beechley, Beard, Bowman, Bowser, Bradford, Brenner, Campbel/l, Clemmer, Coblentz, Cook, Cotterman, Eagle, Eby, Emerick, Florey, Fouts, Fox, Furnas, Garber, Gephart, Getter, Gregg, Haines, Harris, Harshman, Hatfield, Hay, Hester, Hoffman, Holl, Holzapple, Hoover,
Horner, Hutchins, Hyre, Johns, Johnson, Kauffman, Kelsey, Kemp, Kimmel, King, Kinsey, Kister, Kneisley, Landis, Leisure, Lees, Long, Lowrey, Macy, Martin, Metsker, Michael, Miller, Moyer, Mumma, Mundhenk, Munger, Myer, Neff, Olinger, Pease, Prugh, Reed, Reiker, Riley, Roads, Rohrer, Shade, Shaeffer, Shank, Sheets, Shell, Shively, Shock, Shroyer, Smith, Snider, Spitler, Stetler, Stewart, Stiver, Sunderland, Swallow, Swank, Swartzel, Taylor, Thomas, Tobias, Treon, Tressel, Ulery, Waggoner, Wagoman, Warner, Waymaire, Weaver, Wenger, White, Williamson, Wilson, Wolff, Yount and Zehring.  New.  PRICE:  $8.50     

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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