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Monroe: Created in 1813 from Belmont, Guernsey and Washington Counties. County Seat: Woodsfield. Courthouse: County Courthouse,Woodsfield,OH 43793 (614) 472-5181.

FFOH-MONROE-01:  MAP OF MONROE COUNTY, OHIO.  By Jno. B. Noll, 1869.  Arrangement of map portions compiled by Rita Bone Kopp, 1983, 50 pages, 8 " BY 11", cardstock covers, plastic circular binding strip which lets pages lie flat for easy viewing and photocopying. An original of this total map is displayed in the Genealogy Department of the Monroe County Historical Society's Perry Museum.  The Library of Congress' Photo-duplication Services, in Washington, D.C. can provide reproductions of this map.  It is Landownership Map #655, 1869 Monroe County, Ohio, by Jno. B. Noll.  The original map is in color, but the copy received by Mrs. Kopp was in black & white.  The map, in order to reproduce it for this book, because these maps are included, required the townships be divided and placed on separate, facing pages.  Townships (T) numbers and Range (R) numbers were added where necessary for clarity.  This mini-atlas fills a large void.  All 18 townships have their own map/s.  All maps are here, but no index is
included.  Landowner's names are generally easy to read.  Book is priced at $9.

FFOH-MUNROE:  D151: A LISTING OF ENTRYMEN ON LANDS IN MONROE COUNTY, OHIO By L. Richard Kocher.  1997.  Published by Woolkoch Publishing Co., Columbus, OH.  59 pages, cardstock covers, plastic comb binding, [Note: Copies of the maps indexed herein are available through this publisher.  The listing of the names is done both in alphabetical order and by range - township and section.  Name, date of entry with the entryman's place of residence is listed if given.  This abstract of the index contains surnames with three or more entries:  Adams, Allen, Altop/p, Archbold, Armstrong, Atkinson, 20+,  Bailey, Bain/s, Baker 15+, Baldwin, Barber, Barker, Barrett, Beal/l, Beaver, Belszer, Bever, Blackledge, Blane, Bowr(e)y, Bradfield, Brock, Brown 12+, Browny, Buchman, Carothers, Carpenter 10+, Cehrs, Clark, Clegg, Cline, Coc(h/k)ran, Coen, Coon, Cooper, Couger, Cox, Craig, Crow, Dailey, Davis, Dawson, Dearth, Delaney, Dement, Dennis, Die, Dille, Dillon, Dorr, Dougherty, Duval/e, Dye, Eddy, Evans, Ferrell (3 spellings), Fisher, Forshey, Forster, Franz, French, Fuel, Gatz, Goetz, Graham, Gray, Gregg, Griffith,
Hamilton 10+, Hendershot, Henderson, Henthorn, Jickman, Hicks, Hollister 30+, Holswarth (4 spellings), Hough 15+, Howell, Hubacker, Huffman, Ingol(a/d), Jackson, James, Johnston, Jones, Kampfer, Kent, King, Kinney, Kirkbride, Knight, Kyger, Lamping, Lawrence, Long,  Too many more left to do!  PRICE:  $15

YOGSOH MONROE-3:  ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CEMETERY, SWITZERLAND TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY, OHIO.  This information was copied from Ohio Records & Pioneer Families, mixed pagination, so will
explain as I go.  Two pages from page 57 & 58 contain the following surnames with two or more graves: Armann 2, Arman 3, Abersold 2, Bauer 2, Blatter 5, Davis 2, Boles 2, Du(e/ig 2, Fankhauser 4, Fraley 4, Frantz 2, Freudiger 3, Fr(a/oe)lich 2, Henn(ey/y) 2, Kief(f)er 3, Kimple 2, Klebe 4, Lapp 9, Leacher 2, Lo(e)w 6, Long 2, M(i)ehl 4, Otto 3, Schaf(f)er 2, Schlabach 3, S(ei/ie)bert 3, Shlabach 4,  Stephan 5, Straugh 2, Treiber 4, Walter 2, Wintermann 5, At the bottom of page 58, there is a small section of names from the Mt. Carrick Cemetery in Center Township, which is noted as not being completed yet.  Names are Bischoff 2, Craig 2, Duffy 1-Civil War, Fisher 2, Hart 3, Jeffries 4, Mason 2.  Singkle graves were not indexed here, except for Civil War veterans. The next page is 59 and it is a single page of grave listings from Captina Church of Christ in Switzerland Township, that contains the following surnames with two or more graves: Ault 2, Book 2, Broemsen 2, Brock 2, Brown 12, Beubout 2, Decker, Feaster 2, Fraley 2, Gates 9, Gaw? 2, Gillaspie 2, Headly 2, Korner 6, Lemley 2, Massie 3, Oneacre 4, Powell 2, Reeder 3, Smith 9, Stukey 3, Taylor 4 and Trigg 2. The next page is from Bush Chuurch of
Christ Cemetery in Wayne Township and is also from OR&PF, Volume 20, pages 14 through 17.  Too many names to abstract here as they are not in alphabetical order.  From OR&PF volume 18 are page 95 and 96 from Buchanan Cemetery in Wayne Township, in Monroe Co., OH.  Surnames with 2 or more than two graves are listed here: Buchanan 18, Campbell 6, Cooper 7, Denbow 2, Faith 9, Fisher 8,  Fleming 2, Graham 9, Hamilton 3, Harbin 2, Keylor 4, Kennedy 5, McCammon 4, McDonald 2, McFadden 3, Moore 6, Pickens 15, Robinson 6, Smythe 14, Spence 2, Stumpert 2, Weber 18, Wise 4 and Yoe 4.  The last section at the bottom of page 96 is for Potts Cemetery, in Center Township of Momroe County, Ohio.  Surnames with 2 or more burials are listed here:  Faith 4, Fisher 2, Osburn 15, Preshaw 6, and Potts 8.  PRICE: $5

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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