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Miami: Created in   1807 from Montgomery County. County Seat: Troy. Courthouse: 201 W. Main St., Troy, OH 45373-3230 (513) 335-8341.

YOGSOH MIAMI-01:  ROBINSON’S 1962 MIAMI COUNTY, OHIO RURAL DIRECTORY.  The Master Copy of this directory contains five sections of information organized for convenient reference.  They are 1.) General Information Section.  2.)  Alphabetical Section. 3.) Road Guide. 4.) Buyers’ Guide 5.) Map of the County.  The Map has been omitted from this publication.  Incredible Detail, this photocopy will help you find descendants of your ancestors who still lived in Miami County in 1962, which would make it far easier to find out if they havedescendants who might live there now.  The Alphabetical portion of this book runs for 187 pages followed by the road section which has 68 pages in it.  The Buyers’ Guide is like a yellow pages for the area businesses organized by category.  The alphabetical part is the most interesting in that the individual entries look like this:  ANGLE, Clinton E. (Opal L.:4 ch)farm 22 N. Sugar Grove Rd. Nwtn twp. R1 Δ Covington. With over 20 heads of household’s given name, listed with their wife’s name, number of minor children, occupation/job of the head of the house, house or position  number, road on which subject lives, township. mailing address, and the symbol of a triangle denotes a telephone subscriber and the telephone exchange.  Way too many to attempt a listing here.  $20     

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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