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Mercer: Created in 1820 from Darke County. County Seat: Celina. Courthouse: Mercer County Courthouse, Celina, OH 45822 (419) 586-3178.

Y0GSOH MERCER-01:  CEMETERIES FROM MERCER COUNTY, OHIO These records have been copied from some book not identified.  They represent pages 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111 and 112 which cover Brookside Cemetery.  At the bottom of page 111 and for all of page 112, you will find records from the Burntwood Cemetery, which also appears in the above cemetery book, but this copy is not in the same format as the society's book and is not copied from it, nor is it complete.    The cemeteries are not indexed, nor are they in alphabetical order.  I have chosen to select just the surnames from each page:  The * means the name appears on more than one page.  Page 106: Bixer, Broly, Cain, Caldwell, Campbell, Cathcart, Douglas, Kathcart, Laughlin, Logan, Pence, Shaw, Stewart, Stipp, Thomas, Wiley, and Young.  Page 107:  Bixler, Bell, Carper, Cowan, Davenport, Doak, Etherington, Jelley, Malcom, Marshall, Patton, *Pence, Snodgrass, *Stipp, Wilson and Wright.  Page 108: Alexander, Austin, Belston, Cecil, Close, Detjen, Eaton, Gump, Hoover, Kathcart, Leapley, Lenox, Liston, Mains, McVay, Moore, Schneck, Thorn, Throckmorton, Wegley and Weymar.  Page 109:  Barga, Barge, Bowen, Brunson, Burress, *Douglas, Graham, *Lenox, Lorton, *Marshall, Mason, *Patton, Potts, Sisco, Stephens, Thomas, Watson, *Wilson, *Wright, and Yinger.  Page 110:  Blue, *Bowen, Branson, *Cain, *Douglas, Kimmel, Kuehn, Layman, *Lenox, *Mason, Pellman, Pohlscheider, Price, Pullman, Shaver, *Stephens, Sutton, Tingley, Unum, Vogler, Walter and Zimmerman.  Page 111: Behm, Bradley, *Cathcart, *Cowan, Etzweler, Helman, *Hoover, Jelly, Kimmell, *Pellman, Penrod, Sloan, Smith, Thornberry and *Wilson.
Those people bried in the Burntwood Cemetery are:  Page 111 bottom and 112:  Beam, Behm, Beyer, Christian, Coate, Cole, Green, Grundon, Hay, Johnston, Kerns, Kindel, Kindell, Lane, Monroe, Rosaborn, Shively, Snider, Stevens, Wyatt and Yaney.
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See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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