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Meigs: Created in 1819 from Athens and Gallia Counties. County Seat: Pomeroy. Courthouse: 2nd St., Pomeroy,OH 45769 (614) 992-2895.

YOGSOH MEIGS-01:  MEIGS COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS, BOOKS 1 AND 2, 1819-1862.  By Homer C. Pierce. 1977.  Self-published. 136 pages, cardstock cover, stapled and taped.  $30.  For 103 pages the format is:  First column: Groom's first name, middle name or initial if given, and surname; Second column: Bride's first name, middle name or initial if given, and surname; Third column: Marriage Date; Fourth column: Married by: Name; Fifth column: His title: Rev., J.P., Priest, etc.; Sixth column: Volume and page number.  
The next 33 pages include the Bride's names alphabetical by surname and the page number on which her name will be found.  First Surnames for the Grooms will appear here in this abstraction of this book if there are three or more first names in this book followed by a comma and the number of brides by that surname:  Abbot 3,2; Ackley 4,-; Adams 13,14; Albert/s 0,4; Aleshire 4,13; Alexander 2,9; Alkire 5,8; Allen 8,5; Altman 3,2; Anderson 15,21; Archer 4,4; Ashworth 7,3; Askin/s 2,4; Atkins 0,5; Atkinson 9,6; Aumiller 10,3; Austin 5,4;  Babcock 4,1; Bac(h/k)us 1,4; Baer 3,1; Bailey 27,29; Baily 1,3; Baird 1,3; Baker 15,7; Bal(e)y 3,3; Ball,1; Banks 2,6; Barber 4,1;  Barker 3,9; Barn(e)s 2, 7; Barnh(e)art 5,4; Barney 2/1; Barret/t 5,8;  Barringer 8,11;  Bartlett 0, 3, Bartley 4,3; Barton 5,7; Bass 3,3; Batterson 3,4; Beatty 3,5; Bebee 3,3; Bell 9,6; Bellows 3,9; Benedict 1,2; Bengel 3,2; Bennett 2,3; Bestow 6,1; Bickford 3,1; Bickle 3,6; Bicknell 1,2; Biggs 2.2; Bing 3,3; Bingham 2,4; Biram 4,0; Birch1,2; Bird 1,2; Bishop 1,6; Bissell 4,5; Black 5,5; Blackmore 3,0; Blain 2, 6; Blair 3,4; Blake 1,7; Blaz(i)er 3,1; Blizzard 1, 5; Bobo 4,2; Bogar(d/t) 3,1; Boice 2,4; Bolin/g 3,0; Bolton 2,7; Boring 8,0; Bosworth 10,8; Botkin/s 3,0; Bowen 2,8; Bower/s 6,5; Bowl(s)s 4,0; Bowman 4,4; Boyd/s 2, 3; Bradfield 4,6; Bradford 2,2; Bradshaw 12,11; Braley 19,9; Branch 23,23; Brewer 3,1; Brickel/s 2, 8; Bridget 3,3; Brooks 14,14; Brown 17,32; Browning 0, 4; Buck 4,2; Buffington 10,8; Burch 2, 7; Burnap 2,4; Burn(e)s 2, 3; Burnside 2/1; Burroughs 3,2; Bush 2,2; Butcher 3,1; Buxton 1,3; Byrnside 0,2.  With over 56 lines per page for the first 103 pages, you can see this book holds over 11,000 names!  It is well worth the $30 price tag.  You can see from the A-B names the number of families that lived in
Meis County and/or married there.  One little brown spot about inch across is a blemish on the cover, but the information inside is good and clear.  What a big job this was.  Our appreciation goes out to Mr. Pierce for this wonderful collection of marriage data.  PRICE $30

YOGSOH MEIGS-02:  PACKET OF MATERIALS IN POCKET FOLDER.  Icludes Meigs County Historian, Volume X, No. 1, March 1989.  By the Meigs County Pioneer and Historical Society.  Beginning with the President’s Report, for the coming spring months and it looks like there is a lot going on.  From the list of members, page 2, looks like the President will have a nice set of helpers!  Victor L’Berger Brown wrote an article about “The Millersville and Vicinity That Was.  Lots of nice detail about that area.  In the center pages there is a reproduction of a newspaper or history of the doctors in Pomeroy, with word sketches of the Medical Fraternity of Pomeroy, Dr. J. W. Hoff, Sr. James H. Hysell, Dr. George B. Ackley, Dr. D. C. Whaley, Dr. F. C. Are, Dr. Mary M. Cutler, Dr. Richard Owens, Dr. C. L. Orr and Dr. Richmond Slaughter.  It continues with more biographies of Dr. J. H. Jones, and then turns to the past with Dr. Sebastian Hehm and then speaks of the German settlers of Meigs County.  The back sheet lists materials available forsale to researchers from the Historical Society and the Genealogical Society.  Membership back then was $5 per year.  Also included was The Megaphone, the publication of the Meigs County Genealogical Society, for Spring of 1989.  Information about The Soldier’s Discharge Book is included here.  An interesting article concerned Meigs County Citizens who had gone abroad.  My, my!  People from Meigs really did get around!  Outstanding News!  ALVIN OGDEN, an early settler of Columbia Township, Meigs County, whose 355 descendants testify to the fact that marriage was not a failure.  His ten children’s large families attest to that. 

If you belong to this family, someone needs to sponsor a family reunion so you can meet all these nice people who share the blood lines of Alvin Ogden and Hannah Kimmel.  Since this article was in a paper published in 1891, how many descendants do you think they would have by now?  In 1883 there was published in the paperan official list of Meigs County residents who drew government pensions.  The top amount was $72 and George Hatch got that.  $50 was next and James Lytton drew that.  $26.25 was next and Robert E. Phillips got that.  Wm. Moore drew $24, so did Wm. McMaster, George E. Warner, Columbus Reed and John Roedel.  Poor Adam Bentz, wounded in the left side got only $1.  Twelve dependent mothers usually received $8 as did most widows.  There were 42 of them.  Those with dependent children got more.  The death of Mrs. Betsy Stewart was reported in the paper in December of 1879.  Nice maps of Ohio’s development appear next.  Queries finish this newsletter which is full of more interesting things than I had space to relay to you.  14 pages in this alone.  Also enclosed in this pocket folder are two cemeteries.  Buried in Half Acres Cemetery are:  Carmichael 4, Cross 3, Farley 5, Puckett 1, Van Pelt 1, Wood 5. 

Rawlings Cemetery holds Chase 1, Dean 4, Edwards 1, Farley 5, Goodin 2, McGraw 1, Martin 2, Rawlings 20, and Stansbury 4.  PRICE:  $3   

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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