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Lorain: Created in 1822 from Cuyahoga, Huron and Medina Counties. County Seat: Elyria. Courthouse:   308 2nd St., Elyria, OH 44035-5506 (216) 329-5536.

YOGSOH LORAIN-01:  LORAIN, OHIO, 1903 SOUVENIR AND 1924 TORNADO, ILLUSTRATED.  By George H. Teague, Reprint by Unigraphic, 1980.  Reproduction made possible through the sponsorship of the Black River Genealogists, Lorain County Historical Society, Elyria, Ohio.  This is a rprint of two boks of definite historical importance in one lovely hardbound copy.  PRICE:  $30.  Articles appearing in the Table of Contents often have accompanying pictures that do much to give the flavor and feeling of the city to its readers.  Thirty-nine subjects follow the development of the city.  The subjects cover primarily the public and private entities that make up a city.  Under the public facilities are the articles covering in depth such facilities as Lorain’s Waterworks, the Filtration Plant, Public Health Conditions, the Public School System, the Post Office, Electric Trains, Lorain Telephone Service, the Gas Company, Lorain’s Public Library, St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Harbor, the Fire Department and the many Churches of varied denominations.  There were firms and stores helping to build prosperity for all – The Lorain Steel Company, Ship Building, Steel Ships, The Lorain Daily Democrat, Banks and Banking, the National Stove Works, The Hotel Franklin, The Automatic Shovel Company, The Brown-Cochran Company, and the Lorain Foundry Company. There were entertaining and recreational pursuits available for every taste-the Verbeck Theatre to readily available Bathing, Fishing and Hunting, and a Glimpse of the Picturesque.  A proud, growing town in a lovely county in a beautiful state, blessed with every good thing living in America is all about.   There is a chronology in this first part of the book that begins in 1786 and is full, all 115 pages of it, of all the great things that happened here before June 28th of 1924.


Then came the Lorain Tornado, devastating Main Street and many even on the outskirts of town as buildings crumbled, trees fell littering the streets, and making them useless as nothing could drive through them.  Totally impossible, as cars were tossed around like matchsticks, farmers’ fields were so littered they could not plow, and people died.  Life changed forever in that day, but the people of Lorain had their faith, their willingness to work hard to make their city not only livable, but better than ever.  The second part of this book is filled with pictures of heart-breaking destruction.  The photographer who took these pictures preserved a moment of utter devastation and a rebirth of determination in these people to rebuild their town.  Their ability to move byond despair to a definite plan to rebuild says much for those sturdy men and women of Lorain who wrested their town back from Mother Nature’s most destructive temper tantrum and turned it forward into building something even better.  What a monument to these people who survived and went back to work to first, clean up the mess, and then to rebuild their town.  Their response to disaster shows the American Spirit at its best. There are an additional 32 pages in this section of the book.  Many, many names are scattered throughout this book.  Our thanks to Grace Merritt who indexed both sections of this book.  Surnames appearing on two pages, or more, are listed here:  Alten, Artress, Babcock, Baumhardt, Bihn, Bowman,  Braman, Braun, Bremer, Brown, Colton, Corlette, Daniels, Delaney, Doll, Donaldson, Dupont, Dutton, Eddy, Essig, Ewald, Eyler, Ferguson, Fox, Francis, Garver, Gawn, Gerhart, Gillmore, Gilmore, Glitsch, Gore, Griffin, Hageman, Hart, Hoge, Honecker, Horn, Hug, Johnson, Jones, Kaneen, King, La Marche, Lewis, Lyons, Mahoney, Martin, Meier, Miller, Moore, Nichols, Nielson, Penny, Pierce, Pole, Porter, Resek, Ried, Root, Rose, Rowley, Sefton, Seher, Seraphine, Smith, Smythe, Sr. Alocoque, Sr. Ludmilla, Stark, Swartwood, Teague, Thompson, Tonsing, Vaughn, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Wickens, Williams, Wright and Wurmser,  In the book about the tornado many of the same names exist.  I have added those appearing on two pages here only if they did not appear in the previous list:  Baker, Buttle, Csillag, DeWeese, Donahey, Hoffman, Kroll, Mills, Moc,  Both books bound in one cover.  PRICE: $30.

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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