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Knox: Created in 1808 from Fairfield County. County Seat: Mount Vernon. Courthouse: 106 E. High St., Mount Vernon, OH 43050-3453 (614) 397-2727.

YOGSOH KNOX-01  KNOX COUNTY, OHIO ROSSE CHAPEL CEMETERY aAND CENTERBURG CEMETERY These records were copied about 1951. Copies are from Ohio Records and Pioneer Families. Volume 20.  Three pages in a cardstock folder wiith holes punched for a three-ring binder, but with metal folding prongs.  Surnames with one or two burials are listed here: Branson, Wing, Andrews, Gray, Cunningham, Hunt, Norse, French, Badger, Sidnwy,Dealy, Badger, Morrel, Rogers, Clark, Williams, Cowen, Douglass, Crumbe, Rhodes, DeWette, Croy, Tress, Myers, Sawyer, Andrews, Scott, Wright, Putnam, Fish, Isaac,Bronson, Prince, Davis, Young, Knight, Case, Clippinger, French, Penhorwood, Lewis, Norton, Lane, Stockett, Mead.
Surnames with three or more burials are listed here with the number.  Drope 3, Dobb 3, Summers 3, Buttles 5+2, Clements 3, Bedell 5, Blake 3, and Strong 3.  The inscriptions on these stones bear a lot of detail.  It tells in what battle the Civil War soldier died, What church the preacher attended.  There are some Bishops here. and lots of "wife of or children of"  and some " son or daughter of" plus dates.  
The second cemetery in this folder is in Centerburg.  This cemetery bears a note that says it is not completed yet, but here are some of the surnames buried there:  Farquhar, Dally, Carmichael, Michell, Hyatt, Pierce, Skillen, Waldrof, Northrup, Huffman, Eaton, Riley, Rilea, Green, Butcher, Marshall, McNeeley, Neel, Lair, Best, Jennings, Stiggers, Hollister, Youngblood, Woodruff, Debolt, Townsend, Mills, Sutton, Myers, Kinkead, Thompson, Morey, Weaver, Armstrong, Eaton, Sutherland and SchoonoveR.  Two copies of these two cemeteries are available.  Each is priced at $3.  PRICE: $3

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.

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