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Highland: Created in 1805 from Adams, Ross and Clermont Counties. County Seat: Hillshoro.  Courthouse:  P. 0. Box 825, Hillsboro, OH 45133-0825 (513) 393-1911.

HHOH HIGHLAND-01 :  ROSS AND HIGHLAND ABSTRACTS OF BIOGRAPHIES.  Three pages, cardstock covers, stapled, Price $3.  This book is new.  This is much more than an index: 161 biographies are abstracted here into one or two lines.  Each page on which a much longer biography is printed is condensed and listed. The book is sorted by Township.  On each line you will find the page number in the original book, subject’s surname, first name and middle initial appear next followed by the birth year and the state or country of his birth, next is his wife’s surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, then there is an asterisk (*) if they had children.  Second wives are listed separately on a second line.  Next comes the subject’s father’s first name is given and his birthplace and his mother’s surname and first name are given.  There is enough information given that you can sort whether this man is yours or not.  Most large genealogical libraries have this book and most also have someone who will photocopy pages for you.  With up to DOZENS of people listed on six pages, you have over 160 people that you can identify by their page number, name, year of birth, birthplace, wife’s name, father’s name, birthplace of father, and mother’s maiden name.  That is a lot of information for $3.  PRICE:  $3

YOGSOH HIGHLAND-02:  HISTORICAL DIRECTORY OF PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHES UNDER THE CARE OF G. W. H. SMITH, S. S.  This reprint of a rare copy, first printed in 1898, that  was found in the personal effects of an elderly Belfast resident, is being produced, with an added index, to preserve some of the history of these old churches.  For many years the five rural Presbyterian Churches described in this booklet held a prominent place in the religious life of a large segment of the population in the communities where they were located.  They were served by a pastor who resided in Hillsboro, and later in Belfast.  By 1976 membership had steadily declined, apparently as the result of changing population patterns that have removed many Presbyterians to urban areas.  Remaining with decreased congregations, without a pastor at this time are Belfast, Marshall, and New Market.  The New Petersburg congregation dissolved in the 1930s and the church property was sold to the Landmark Company.  A feed mill now occupies the building.  The Bethel congregation disbanded in 1963.    

Lots of names!  From the new index, I have abstracted these surnames which appear more than three times:  Ault, Baker, Baldwin, Beath, Bell, Eyler [mislocated in the B listing, it is spelled Eyler in the book and in the index] Bridge, Bogard, Brown, Burris, Butters, Catlin, Cochran, Cook, Crispin, Dick*, Duncan, Elliott, Eubanks, Eyre, Eyler, Fawley, Forsythe, Frazer, Frump, Galbraith, Gailer, Gall, Gendelsperger, Gilbert, Gillespie, Glasgow, Graybil, Hamilton, Hastings, Hizer*, Hook, Hunter, Kelley*, Keys*, Lemon, Letherman*, Long*, Lyle*, McCann, McClintock*, McConnaughey*, McCullough*, McMullen, McNeal, Mercer, Muhlbach*, Murry, Nesbit*, Marshall, Pearce*, Purdy**, Reed, Robinson*, Rotroff, Sanders, Shelton*, Shaw*, Shivers, Smith*, Storer*, Strain*, Sweeney, Tannehill, Taylor, Temple, Templin*, Vance, Van Winkle, Vanzant*, Walker*, Wheaton, Wilkin, Wise*, Wisecup*, Williams*, Williamson*, Woodard, and Young*.

Nice 40 pages, 5“ by 8” after folding once. Stapled.  PRICE:  $5

See Howe's Histories for more on this county.
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