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YOGSOH GUERNSEY-01:  PIONEER SOLDIERS OF GUERNSEY COUNTY, OHIO.   Compiled by E. Margaret Conner and Nola R. Goodpasture.  1964,  Self published.  16 pages, nice cardstock covers, stapled.  Looks new, $8.  These two women, in working on the Pioneer Certificates for this county, noticed how many men from this county had served their country in time of war.  Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War veterans came to light ofte.  These ladies decided to put together this book honoring all these veterans.  For the Revolutionary War, fought before we even became a nation, to the War of 1812 when Guernsey County’s men fought bravely to the Mexican War when none were needed.  Then came the Civil War when over 2,000 Guernsey men fought in the Union Army.  These lists, borrowed from records in the courthouse, will help genealogists to locate the military records of their ancestors who served.  One is buried high on a hill, away from the road, in a single-stone cemetery.  Abraham Luzadder, born in 1757, served with General George Rogers Clark at Haskaskia, and died in 1826 and is buried on the farm on which he lived.   Founders Cemetery is the home of at least six Revolutionary War soldiers:  Morris Adair, John Baird, Jared Bailey, Robert Bay, Isaac Bonnell, James Bratton, Robert Chambers, Capt. Thomas B. Cook, John Cummins, Ephraim Dilley, Sr. , Christopher Donover(Donoeffer) Sr., Joseph Eaton, Philip Hawkins, Basil Israel, Capt. James Jack, John Kackley, Nathan Kimball, Thomas Lawrence, William Lawrence, John Ledman, John Lewis, Adam Linn, Abraham Luzadder, Garrett Matthews, Jones McCann, Robert Moffatt, Michael Montgomery, George Morgan, Georgw Morrison, Hugh Porter, Peter Reasoner, James Sharrock, Amos Stackhouse, William Stephens, Isaac Tobin, Henry Trenner, John Turner, William Wallace, Christopher Waller, William Waller, Christopher Walter, John Walter, William Waterhouse, John B. Webster, David Wherry, Andrew Whittier, [born in 1716 in Germany-died in 1840, who was believed at 124 to be the oldest man ever to live in Guernsey County], Joseph Williams, William Wiley, Samuel White and Peter Wyrick.  More personal information is given in this book for most of these including dates of birth and death, when known, dates of moving in or out and where from or where to, rank, served under whose command, in what township he is buried, bounty land collected, if known.  On page 2, the lists are begun-ranked according to which cemetery in which they were buried

Then begins the list-men’s names lined up by the name of the cemetery.  Each column, three wide per page indicates which war and which cemetery each man was in. Additional names, listed by the DAR as being buried somewhere in Guernsey County are John Cockley, Michael King, John McKittrick, Sr., James Patterson, George Read, John Terrance, William Thompson and George Spaid.  There is also an index to the various cemeteries in Guernsey County.  What a nice book to have.  PRICE:  $8.         


YOGSOH GUERNSEY-02:  GUERNSEY COUNTY, OHIO 1820 FEDERAL CENSUS.  By Helen Pate Ross.  24 pages, heavy cardstock covers.  You will be so thrilled that this author has done this census for you when you read her note tucked modestly at the very back of this book.  She says, “This was without a doubt the poorest written smeared copy I have worked on so far. In places it looks like a page was turned over wet and smeared on the next page.”  [This indicates she had done more of these in the past.  Because genealogists who do this type of tedious, repetitive, eye-straining work for the benefit of the rest of us who use their work and thereby do NOT experience the eyestrain and having to read the entire census to locate the one line that has our ancestor’s name on it, do this out of a love for this hobby and a desire to help others for which we should be eternally grateful!]  She even offers to drive to the next town and get a microfilm copy of the page(s) you might need to see for yourself if she got it exactly right for $3.  The 1820 census has only one name per household.  Everyone who lived in that household, related or not, was enumerated by sex and thereunder by age.  Here you have 24 pages done for you and indexed.  This does contain all the sex and age numbers as given on the census.  Surnames that appear on three (,) or more pages (#) may represent far more people than three if they lived close together in adjoining households they would appear in the index on only one page, but could represent 3, 4, or even more households.  Adair, Anders(e/o)n, Armstrong, Arnold, Akley, Baker, Bay, Beall 4,   Beaton, Bell 4, Berry 4, Boyd 4, Bratton 4, Brill, Brown 8, Campbell 6, Carpenter 3, Clark 5, Collins, Cunningham 4, Davis 6, Findley, Frame, Gibson, Graham 4, Gray, Green 3, Hall 4, Hanna, Henry 4, Hill, Huffman, Hughs 5, Hutchinson, Johnson 9, Jones, Kirkpatrick, Lang, Larriner, Lindsey, Little, Long 6, Low, Marsh, Marshall 5, Mast(er/ie) s 5, Miller 6, Moore 4, Morris, Mullen, Murphy 4, Mcannel 4, McCoy, Neel, Orr 4, Patterson, Philip, Pollack 4, Reed 4, Robinson 5, Ross 4, Scott 5, Shipley 4, Smith 11, Starr,Stator, Stevin 4, Stewart 8, Tedricks 4, Thomas, Thompson 7, White 4, Wiers 5, Wilkins 4, Williams 7, Wilson 10 and Wine.   PRICE:  $6   

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