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Published by the Greene County Historical Society.  1975.

A neat little book, 80 “ by 11”, folded in the middle and srapled, cardstock covers.  Format is an attempt yo let today’s researchers know what the town used to be called before it got its new name.  Letters, diaries, notes, bible records may use the old name and you might not even find that name on a modern map.  Nice map in the centerfold. 1.) TREBEIN’S STRATION (on Beavercreek Twp.) A small village, two miles east of Alpha, on the east bank of the Little Miami River.  It was begun in 1800, and was called by several different names, such as Paul’s Mill, Frost Station, Beaver Staation, it was also very nearly on the site of Pinkneyville.  2.) BERRY HILL CORNER (Sugarcreek Twp.,) The area at the intersection of Waynesville Rd,  and Centreville Rd.   Arranged in alphabetical order, cross-refrenced. Over 30 entries per page, and we count 10 pages, over 230 names they used to call the settlements, that thy have now replaced with newer names.  Very good condition.  PRICE:  $5  


YOGSOH GREENE-02:  ONE PAGE OF GREENE COUNTY WILL ABSTRACTS. Taken from GREENE COUNTY WILL ABSTRACTS.  From Will Book A &B  By Anita Short and Ruth Bowers.  Published and copyrighted in1972.  Wills on this page are for 1800-06 and belong to Archabald Lowry, Henry Allen, John Lowe, Alisha Sanders, James Ramsey, Joseph Robinson, David Price, John McClellan and Peggy Wilson.  $1


YOGSOH GREENE-03:  JAMESTOWN AREA SESQUI-CENTENNIAL.  June 30th to July 4, 1966.  This booklet was peinted on 11’ by 17’ nice heavy paper.  It is folded and stapled and is more than inch thick. Tidbits of history are scattered throughout the book.  Every organization has the chance to ‘show and tell’ what their organization has done to improve the lives of their fellow man!  72 pages of really interesting pictures and articles plus ads of the more than forward looking individuals who advertised in such a worthy effort.  Attractive presentation, program for the special event is in here, too.  You might even see a picture of someone you know!  Sticker residue on front upper right hand corner, names and underlining tell me this lady that owned this was actually there in 1966 when they celebrated big time.   PRICE:  $8 

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