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FFOH- 33 FRNK 01: D074:  EVERY NAME INDEX TO THE 1870 FEDERAL POPULATION CENSUS, FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO.  Compiled and Published by the volunteers of the Franklin County Genealogical Society, Columbus, Ohio.  1999.  Cardstock front cover with clear plastic overlay, heavy nice back cover and wire spiral binding.  What a lot of work went into this book!  Price $20.  This IS NOT an index to the heads of households in the 1870 Census.  This is an every-name index with the code for the township and the page number for every one of them.  240 pages, with 84 names per column, three columns per page and 240 pages and this is just for Franklin County.  Now granted, this is a big county and the capital city, Columbus, is located here, but that is still a lot of people.  An analysis of the film and the enumerator’s handwriting peculiarities is helpful.  Of much interest to me was the chart called the Breakdown of the inhabitants of Franklin County, Ohio, as listed on the 1870 census.  It gave the area name, the number of inhabitants, how many were colored, how many were foreigners, percentage from which foreign country and the next most foreigner’s countries.  In all cases the largest percentage of foreigners were either German (19 times with rates often in the 60% to 80% range) or Irish (7 times with % usually under 20%.).  The total population numbered 62, 061 as added by the census takers.  2,715 were colored, 10,464 were foreigners.  Most often counted foreigners were Canada (1 time), England (5 times), German (3 times), Ireland (8 times), and Wales(2 times). Some had no nation listed as the second most populous foreign group.
The first page lists names from AARON to AGLER with the following surnames having five or more: Abbe 11, Abel 5, Abner 8, Abott 7, Achey 7, Acker 5, Ackerman 15, Adam 13, Adams 105, Addle 7, Adel 12, Agan 6, and Agler 6 on this page alone.  239 more pages to check!  PRICE:  $20.
FFOH-FRNK 02: C005:  CALDWELL’S ATLAS OF FRANKLIN COUNTY AND OF THE CITY OF COLUMBUS, OHIO.  This book was taken from actual surveys by, and under the direction of, J. A. Caldwell, C.E. & H. T. Gould, B.A.  They were assisted by Henry Cring, Col. J. N. Headington & Josiah Kinnear.  Published by J. A. Caldwell & H. T. Gould, of Columbus, Ohio in 1872.  This reprint was by Unigraphic.  1973.  No index is provided.  These Landowner’s Maps are clear and readable with the assistance of a magnifying glass or a Magnabrite [available here.  $25.]  Pictures of farms and buildings are few.  Complete atlas had 111 pages.  This reprint has 58 pages printed in an 11 inch by 14 inch size.  The landowner maps for each township are printed here and the views of farms and landmarks appear to be here also.  Price for this large size, hardbound book is $25.
FFOH-FRNK 03.  D083:  NAME INDEX TO THE FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO PLAT MAPS OF 1842, 1856 AND 1883.  Compiled by Emily Smith Garner and Ima Stanfield Wilson.  1982.  Published by the Franklin County Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  174 pages, cardstock covers, stapled.  PRICE:  $10.  This, of course, is the county in which the capital city, Columbus, is located.  Although the original maps are not included, the names of the property owners from the maps are all here in one neatly alphabetized list. This lets you know if people of your surname lived in this county and owned property there in any of these three years stated above and in what Township and quadrant they lived The format gives you the surname, first name or initials, year of the plat map, then a two-letter abbreviation of the township, plus some with NE/NW for northeast/northwest or SW/SE for southwest/southeast quadrants identified.  Then there is a column for additional information.  Since there are so many names in this book (174 pages at 50 lines per page,) we are looking at location guides for nearly 8,700 landowners!  Here are some of the surnames with over ten entries:  Adams, Agler, Alkire, Allen, Alspach, .Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Barbe/e, Barr, Baughman, Beers, Biggart, Bishop, Black, Borrer, Bowman, Britton, Brown, Buck, Bull, Burr, Campbell, Carpenter, Carter, Case, Chambers, Chenoweth, Clark, Clouse, Clover, Coe, Cook/e, Cooper, Cornell, Cramer, Dague, Davis almost 2 pp. Dean, Decker, Dun/n, Edwards, El/liot/t, Evans, Ferris, Fisher, Gantz, Gardner, Geiger, Graham, Gray, Green, Griswold, Groom, Haines, Hall, Hard, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Haughn, Havens, Hays, Headley, Helsel, Henderson, Hendron, Henry, Hensel, Hess, Holmes, Holt, Holton, Horlocker, Howard, Huffman, Hunter, Ingalls, Innis, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kalb, Keys, Kile, King, Kissinger, Kramer, Krum/m, Landon, Lane, Latham, Latimer, Legg, Lewis, Lisle, Livingston, Long & Lunn. Many, many more! Price $10.
FFOH-FRNK 04:  D101:  BY ONE SPIRIT, THE HISTORY OF THE CENTRAL COLLEGE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, THE CENTRAL COLLEGE OF OHIO AND THE BLENDON CENTRAL CEMETERY.  All of Franklin County, OH. By Lillian Brown Gossett with Photography by John R. Stewart.  Sponsored by  The Central College United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. in cooperation with The Blendon Bicentennial Commission.  1976 by the author who has beautifully added, in ink, the inscription, “The Past is but a prelude to the future-“, November 10, 1977 and her signature.  This is a Limited First Edition-Number 1665.  249 pages, each 5 by 9 inches, Hardbound, a picture of church steeple on front with title in script, title and author printed on spine.  PRICE $25.  Starting with the very founding of the community out of which the Church was born, this book presents the story of Presbyterianism in Blendon Township in a factual yet most readable manner.  Lists of names abound as they cover many groups; past ministers, deacons, military honor rolls, listed by war.  The index is 13 pages of small print with 72 lines in each of two columns.  My abstract of it includes surnames with three (,) or more than 3 (#) entries are: Arrison, Ayers,
Ballard 10, Bennett, Best, Brelsford 5, Brown 8, Bushnell, Cameron 5, Campbell, Chambers, Clapham 13, Coe, Connelly 5, Cooper 4, Copeland 5, Day 8, Dean 5, Dickey 12, Dubois 7, Ellsworth 9, Fancher, Foster 5, Fritsche, Gates 5, Gillespie 8, Goldsmith 8, Gould, Grinnell 5, Griswold, Hall 4, Harrison 5, Hart 11, Heinz, Hilscher4, Howard 9, Hunter, Jameson 3, Kohr 5, Landon 5, Lee 21, Lind 6, Mann 7, Martin 5, Mattoon7, McCutche(o)n 4, McDannald 20, McLeod 7, Mead 5, Miller 6, Milligan 4, Moon 5, Moor/e 7, Noble 20, Ogden, Olmstead 7, Park, Parkinson, Paul/l, Phelps 25, Pinney 8, Porter 9, Rice 4, Richards 6, Rogers 5, Roloson 10, Rugg, Schneider 4, Scott, Shaw, Sherman, Smith 9, Stewart 4, Taylor 7, Thompson, Tomlison 4, Trapp, Trumbull 5, Ulry, Wagner 3, Wallace, Ward 4, Wardwell 4, Washburn 8, Watson 5, Watt 23, White 5, Wilber 3, Wilson 8, Wolfe, Wright 4 and Zimmer.  There may be many page numbers behind each of these index entries, so there’s a great opportunity for finding information.  For instance, under American Revolution (1775-1783) two soldiers are listed as being buried here.  Francis Olmstead was a Capt. In John F. Wyllis Co., Col. S.B. Webb’s Regt. Continental Line (1778-1781). Born 1760 (Simsbury, Conn.)  Died Jan. 21, 1828.  Emigrated to Ohio, 1810; pensioned in 1818.
Also listed was Edward Phelps, Sr., 8th Co. lst Regt. Conn. Infantry, 1787. Born Aug. 27th, 1759 (Windsor Conn.). Died: Aug. 10th, 1840. Great-grandson of Wm. Phelps; one of first settlers in Windsor.  Emigrated to Ohio with family in 1806.  Ten men with War of 1812 deaths have similar notes.  Sixteen from Civil War likewise.  One from Spanish American War, fifteen from World War I; thirty-six from WW II; six from Korean War; four from Vietnam.  An additional twelve were added later to the above lists.  Monument descriptions are sometimes added too, perhaps by descendants still attending the church at the time the book was written.  Very interesting book.  $25
YOGSOH FRANKLIN 05:  FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO PENSION ABSTRACT OF JOHN IRA COOK AND JOSIAH T. COOK.  As printed in the Palm Beach County Genealogical Society Newsletter/Periodical Volume 12, No. 2 Spring, 1977.  Submitted by Mrs Mabel R. Lutz of Vero Beach, Florida.
The paperwork has been abstracted for both of these men.
John Ira Cook’s pension file was #WC 827 192 AND Josiah T Cook’s file was # XC 945 768.  The papers for John Ira Cook include (1.) Abstracts of War Dept. Records from the Adjutant General’s Office dated October 10, 1882; plus (2.) An abstract of a “Circular to be returned with an executed voucher. Stipulates he was married to Jane Strain Cook March 28, 1861.  Two living children Otto Cook and Bertha Cook.  (3.) certified copy of marriage record.  (4.) Declaration for Pension, (5.) Pertaining to wife and children (6.)  Certificate of Death from, Franklin County, Ohio, buried in Mt. Sterling, Madison County, Ohio.  Died March 15, 1917. father John Cook, Mother Nancy Crossley.  (7.)  Declaration for Widow’s Pension for Jane Cook.
(8.)  Certificate of Death for Jane Cook, Died January 16, 1929.
Father Thomas Strain, Mother Eliz. Deffenbaugh.  Information at the end concerning the Military Order of the Zouave Legion of the United States
The papers of Josiah T. Cook are similar to those of John, but, of course the information is somewhat different because of his Declaration for an invalid pension.  Born in Madison Co., Ohio.  Father was William Cook, born in Ohio and his mother was Abigail Crossley, born in Ohio.  All other information is there also.  Gives birth and death dates for him, his wife, Malinda Corder, and birth dates for their four children. He was married twice, first to Evaline Collins, who died 26 August 1871.   Second he married Malinda C. Corder 27 November, 1879.  He died 17 August, 1911 aged 72 years and was buried at Dennison Chapel.  His widow died 20 January, 1939.  Both men had a father named Cook, but the first names were different.  Their mothers were both Crossley, Nancy & Abigail, but their first names were different also.  How they were related, and even if they were related, cannot be stated with this information alone.  PRICE:  $5 FOR BOTH SETS OF PAPERS. 
YOGSOH FRANKLIN 06:  THE FRANKLINTONIAN.   A publication of the Franklin County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  Multiple issues of this periodical including Volume IX, #1, January, 1981, includes surname index to previous year 1980, list of original land owners of the Virginia Military Lands who located in the Franklin part.  9 pagesm; Vol. 10, Number 9, October, 1982 Calendar of Events, The Columbus Business Directory 1843-44 starts at L-goes to Metz 2 pp.; Abstracts of Wills, Vol.A  (partial) 17 entries, Court of Common Pleas, begins with Dale goes to Fally, Marriages 1829 to 1846; Ancestor Tables, Queries, Naturalizations, Declarations of Intent, Common Pleas, Book2, a list of Ohio newspapers on microfilm with dates covered, ADA to Loudonville; Surname Index to 1982 Newsletters; Map of Ohio Network of American Research Centers.  I have done only two of these.  They would take up an entire newsletter if I did them all.    There are, I am sure at least ten of these.  They are 8 “ by 11” paper punched for a three-ring binder.  They have been inserted in an Acco-Press binder for safe-keeping.  The binder is over an 1” thick.  All for $8 

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