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YOGSOH ERIE-01  ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, 1860 CENSUS.  (PARTIAL COPY)  Covers only persons 40 years old or older.  Age and place of birth are shown.  If the birthplace given is Ohio, the state is not given.  This is designated to be a “finding guide” for ancestral research and quantity necessitates abbewviations.  Standard abbreviations are used for states.  Other abbreviations are:  (f) – female, used only when initials are all tht is given.  (b) – black.  Abbreviations used for places that are not states:  AL-Alsace, AU-Austria, BD-Baden, BV-Bavaria, BE-Bern, CD-Canada, EG-England, FR-France, GY-Germany, HN-Hanover, HD-Hessen-Danstadt, HK-Hessen Kassle, IR-Ireland, IM-Isle of Man, MK-Mecklenburg, NU-Nassau, NS-Nova Scotia, PO-Poland, PR-Prussia, SA-Saxony, SL-Scotland, SW-Switzerland, WL-Wales, WU-Wurttenberg. 


Starting with Margaretta Twp.(being continued from a previous issue of this periodical), SAMPLES:  DAVIS, Thomas-70-IR [MEANS Thomas Davis is 70 years old and was born in Ireland.]  BELL, Isaiah-65-(b)-Md.  [MEANS  Isaiah Bell is 65 years old, is black, and was born in Maryland.  Under Isaiah is inset Sybil-(b)-48-Va.  MEANS CYBIL Bell is black, 48 years old and was born in Virginia.

There are three columns to a page and there are 4 pages which apparently cover a continuing part previously done for this first Margaretta Twp., Kelleys Island, Sandusky first ward, and Sandusky second ward.  Then another section of 7 pages covering Groton Twp. and Vermillion Twp.  And a third section of seven pages covering the continued part of Sandusky Twp. second ward, and part of Portland Twp.  All for Erie County.  [The first section is apparently missing.] 

Also tucked in the back pocket of the pocket folder that holds this 19 total pages of information on Erie County is one sheet of burials in Jim Wood Cemetery, Florence Twp.  Contributed by Mrs. LeRoy Harris of Wakeman, Ohio.  There are 18 Parker, 1 Bates, 7 Bentley, 4 Wood, 1 Starks, 2 Hatinger, 2 Crawford, 2 Freeman, I each for Johnson, Palmetier, Clough, Barber, Taylor, Mooters, Aldrich which includes the tombstone reading This is easily searchable for your surnames, but it is not really saleable, so if you pay $5 for the shipping, I will send it to you FREE of additional cost.  If you order something else and want this, tell me and we will tuck it in at no extra cost to you.

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