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FFOH-CUYAHOGA-01: D015:  D015: CUYAHOGA COUNTY 1852 LANDOWNERSHIP MAP INDEX.  Indexed and published by the Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society, June 1, 1975.  Bi-Centennial Project, 104 8 “ by 11” pages printed on 11” by 17” paper and folded with cardstock covers, stapled.  The forward has an excellent description of the background of this area explaining the Connecticut Western Reserve of 3 million acres of land in the northeastern part of what became the state of Ohio, extending 120 miles from east (PA) to west to Sandusky and Seneca Counties, [OH] with Lake Erie as its northern border and the 41st parallel to the south, a distance of roughly 50 miles.  Cuyahoga County was formed in 1810.  The land owners of the city of Cleveland do not appear on the original map, therefore, they are not a part of this index.  The landowner’s maps for the county around the city are reproduced at the back of this index, so you will be able to check the neighbors of your ancestors.  The people of this period [1852] did not travel far from home, so they often did marry “the girl next door or across the street.”  The 86-page index is too long to abstract here.  Price $25.


FFOH-CUYAHOGA-02: D055:  INDEX TO THE CORONER’S FILES 1833 TO 1900.  Compiled by Cuyahoga West Chapter, Ohio Genealogy Society, 1983.  108 pages, 8 by 11 inches, heavy cardstock covers, clear plastic circular binding with punched pages.  Price $19.  Research was done to see if these deaths all had death records.  Some did, some did not, so death records should also be checked separately.  Coroner’s records contain those deaths for which there may have been a question as to the cause of death, the death was unattended by a doctor, or there was a possibility of foul play or an accidental type death scenario.  The columns give a case #, a name, an age, the date of death and the cause of death.  The range of cause of death goes from old age to RailRoad accident, and from suicide to murder.  Also mentioned are burns, smoke, gunshot, drowned, street car accident, fall, gangrene, heart, heat prostration, to poison!  Too many pages to abstract here.  Very detailed records and literally hundreds of them.  PRICE:  $19.


FFOH-CUYAHOGA-03: A095:  MEMORIES.  By Mrs. Nathan (Sabrina Ann) Cushman Hills. Printed for private circulation, Cleveland, OH, 1899.  On March 18, 1880, this lady began a letter to her children.  She began, "Having been requested by you to put on paper my genealogy and some of the reminiscences of my life, I will do so for your benefit.  For this lady, born in 1811 in St. Lawrence County, New York, she begins to tell her tale of life.  She talks about how the War of 1812 affected her town.  This lady is particularly skilled at relating her memories, what she was told and how she felt about the outside forces at work in her life.  It is thought provoking reading.  I would recommend it to anyone planning to leave the memories you have to the children whom you will leave behind someday.  There are life lessons in here which need to be learned, but sometimes are better taken when delivered in print and these are here in her young life.  The sadness, and the strength to meet it, when in a short period of time three young granddaughters were laid to rest, acts as a beacon of hope for us.  This couple lived to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary and the article in the paper, reproduced here, presents a highlight of their lives.  See Cleveland, Ohio, through the eyes of this lady of sterling character.  I would have liked to have met her.  She reminds me of my Grandmother.  An inspiring read, a lift to your spirit as you observe this gracious lady's trip through her life in her own words. Hardbound, 57 pages.  PRICE:  $10


YOGSOH CUYAHOGA-04:  1833 CITIZENS OF CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OHIO.  Report to the 23rd Congress Document 454.  Mountain Press, This book is a reprint of this document, a report to the House of Representatives concerning a meeting of inhabitants og Cuyahoga County asking a restoration of the Deposites, and the recharter of the Bank of the United States.  May 19, 1834.  Read, and laid upon the table.  This dispute was to the Executive who removed the deposit of $1,500,000 of public money being held in that bank.  It had been removed by the Executive, as they stated, unlawfully  That removal was a violation of the rights of the Bank and of the public faith.  

“To Congress alone your memorialists look for relief, and they flatter themselves its wise and efficient action may prove adequate to restore to the laws the supremacy, and to your constituents that prosperity and happiness of which they have been so wantonly deprived.  April 1, 1834.”  In 747 names in three columns each of five pages, these citizens signed their names and sent their petition.  No Resolution of this disagreement is reported here.  But you do have the names of the men who signed as a resident of this county at this date.  The publisher has provided an every-name index on 5 pages at the back. New Book,  $4  


YOGSCUYAHOGA-05:  THE NEWSLETTER OF THE GREATER CLEVELAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY.  The issues available in this offer are (#3) May, 1980; ((#4) June, 1980; (#1) March, 1981; (#5) September, 1981; (#6) October, 1981; (#7) November, 1981; (#9) January, 1982; (#10) February, 1982, and (#1) March, 1982.  These will be sent free to the purchasers of the following periodicals.  YOGSOH CUYAH0GA-06:  THE CERTIFIED COPY.  Periodical of the Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society, six copies:  Volume 9 #1, Volume 10 #2, Volume 10 #3, Volume 10 #4, Volume 11 #1 and Volume 11 #4.  These volumes are sold as a set of 6 which includes the Newsletters above:  All for $10.  There are articles in these periodicals about the Society officers, plans, meetings and senibars; but also covering some of these subjects too!  Abstracts of newspaper articles, death records 1841-1842; Divorces, Deaths (with details),  The 103rd Ohio Infantry, Bible Records Thomas Roberts and (Rachel Spencer) Roberts family (1744-1863),  Other Bible records for families were Conner, Thompson, Fewall, Strother, Willis, Raymond, Reed, Land Owners of Bedford Twp. & Bedford City, A thru Z, Ancestor charts of members are scattered throughout.  Deaths, marriages and other events from Fannie Marie White’s Journal 1849-1859, State by state listing of the availability of vital records. Ten pages of information about availability and how to access state materials and where they are kept, two excellent maps, plus queries, the second one has more of the same plus articles on Old Berea Cemetery with inscriptions, 4 pages, more Bible Records on the families of Coe, Lawrence, Gould, Collier, Landowners of Royalton Twp. 1874 Atlas 6 pages, Coroner’s records from the Annals of Cleveland, mostly drownings, marriages, disasters, divorces, some Historical Trivia, and the index belonging to the 75th Anniversary of Zion’s Evangelical Reformed Church in Greenville, PA.  Sorry, no room to do the other four, but you can see the value for a Cleveland ancestor hunter.  Who knows in which one of these your ancestor will appear!  PRICE:  $10 

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