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Carroll: Created in 1833 from Columbiaria, Harrison, Jefferson, Stark and Tuscarawas Counties. County Seat: Carrollton. Courthouse: Courthouse Public Square, CarrolltonOH 44615 (216) 627-2250.

YOGSOH CARROLL-01: CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO EARLY MARRIAGES 1833-1849.  VOLUME 1.  By Carroll County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  1984.  Limited Edition.  Pages of the book are unnumbered, but the index with 54 lines per column, 3 colums per page and 43 pages is wonderful.  Please scan the index for names similar to your surnames for the spelling of these records is questionable, but just as in the original.  This book contains the first 2,363 marriage entries of Carroll County, Ohio, Stapled, Taped, encased in laminated wrappers.  The first section consists of a chronological list of those who performed the marriages with as much information about them as could be found, identifying them by church or township if possible.  Chronologically arranged by the marriage return number, you can search by time period.  The marriage entry contains the return number, the names of the bride and groom, date, officiant’s number from the first section and the page number in the probate record.  A small number of entries dated 1849 were found in the second probate book.  These had no number assigned to them, originally, so a fictitious number was assigned to assist in the indexing process.  There is a combined index of brides and grooms integrated by surname, so the family is together under one surname.  Surnames with five (,) or more than five (#) entries are:  Adams, Albaugh Allbaugh 14, Allen 9, Allman 6, Anderson 6, Atkinson, Baker 12, Ball 9, Barnhill, Barnhouse 6, Barr 7, Barrick 7, Baughman, Baxter 27, Beamer 9, Beatty7, Belknap, Best 14, Black10, Blackledge 6, Booth 7, Bower 6, Boyd 9, Brooks, Brown 31, Buck, Birchfield6, Burrier8, Busler 7, Cahill 8, Cameron 11, Campbell, 6, Capper 6, Carns, Carter, Champer 8, Clark 26, Clinton 7, Close, Combs 6, Cook 9, Cox 10, Crawford 24, Criss, Crooks, Cross 6, Cummings 7, Daniel 7, Davis 55, Dennis 10, Denny 9, Devore 14, Donaldson 9, Dunbar, Dunlap18, Eagy, Ernst, Ebersole 8, Edwards 8, Elliott 11, Erwin 6, Everett, Fishel 8, Fisher 9, Fitzpatrick, Foreman 8, Foster 9, Gantz 7, George 16, Gibson 7, Gilmore, Graham 9, Green 6, Grimes 6, Guess, Hales, Hall, Hamilton, Hardesty 9, Harkless, Harman 6, Harsh 22, Hart 12, Hawk 9, Hemming 12, Henderson 9, Henry 6, Herrington, Hersh 7, Heston 7, Hewit 7, Hewitt, Hibbs 7, Highland, Hill 10, Holmes 7, Huffman, Hunter, Huston 15, Irwin 7, Jackson 11, James 15, Jenkins 9, Jennings, Johnson 13, Johnston 29, Kail 9, Kelly 9, Kibler, Kintner 8, Knox 7, Lee, Legett6, Leslie 6, Lewis 6, Lewton 13, Lindersmith, Lindsey, Little 6, Logan 6, Long 18, Lotz, [Example:  Maffet 4/Maffett 1, Maffit 3, example of how spelling errors can affect the total. None of these made my list, but there are probably 8 marriages here in the same family.  For this county, I stuck strictly to the exact spelling because the spelling errors were too numerous to deal with! The count is probably short or your name didn’t make it at all, because of the numerous spelling variations.]  Manfull 7, Maple 12, Marshall 21, Martin 17, Maxwell, McClain 6, McKee 6, McLaughlin 9. McMillen, McQueen, Meek 6, Merrick, Merrill, Miller 47, Milner, Moody 8, Moor, Moore 12, Morgan 7, Morrow 6, Myers 26, Need, Nelson 6, Newell 5, Norris 8, Palmer 8, Parker 8, Patton, Peterson 7, Philips 6, Phillips 7, Potts 9, Price 19, Pugh 17, Queen 5, Rainsberger, Reed 7, Rice 8, Richards 7, Richardson, Rider 7, Rippeth 7, Robertson 10, Robins 8, Robinson 7, Roby 12, Roudebush 14, Russell 8, Rutledge 6, Sample 6, Scott 25, Sell 11, Shannon, Sharp 6, Shaw 21, Shawver 7, Shepherd 9, Sherrod 9, Simmons 22, Sinclair, Slates 11, Smith 37, Snider, Snively 6, Snyder, Springer, Stackhouse, Stephens, Stewart 18, Stoneman 7, Stull, Stuller, Swearigen 5, Taylor 15, Thomas, Thompson 35, Tope 15, Tressel, Tripp 6, Umbaugh 6, Vanhorn 11, Wallace 21, Walters 11, Ward 8, Warren, Watson 10, Weaver 8, Wells, West 23, Westfall, Whitacre 8, White 12, Wier, Williams 11, Wilson 7, Witherow 7, Woods Worley 9, Yant 8 and Zollars.  Book is in good condition.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.   PRICE: $28  


YOGSOH CARROLL-02:  NEWSLETTER.  By the Carroll County Genealogical Society, Carrolltown, OH.  Mrs. Linda Houyouser, Editor.  Mostly from the early 1980s.  In a cardstock pocket folder.  Over sixty pages of information concerning Carroll Co. folks, some marriages, history excerpts, cemetery records, queries, diary excerpts, obituary scrapbook, index to wills and estates, school attendance books, membership lists and their ancestors, cemetery interments, church records 1849s, ancestor charts, visitor’s lists, President’s message, Chit-Chat Column, plus additional articles on these same subjects in later issues.  No index, but lots of names.  USED.  These were mimeographed almost 30 years ago.  They can be read, but the ink is patchy.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.   $5  


YOGSOH CARROLL-03:  CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO, COURT APPOINTED AND CHOSEN GUARDIANS, FROM WILL BOOK A, 1833-1843.  Copied by Jean Scarlott, 1981.  Typed transcript of records.  Guardianships 9 pp., Indexed 4 pp. and Alien and Naturalization Records , Common Pleas Journal A, 1833-1839, 3 pp.  Punched with three holes in cardstock folder.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.   PRICE:  $8  


YOGSOH CARROLL-04:  CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO CENSUS ABSTRACTS TAKEN FROM 1850 FEDERAL POPULATION CENSUS OF UNION TOWNSHIP, CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO.  Abstracted by Lois J. Hemming, 1981.  Two columns on 10 pages, 8” by 11”. Punched with three holes in cardstock folder.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.    PRICE: $5  


YOGSOH CARROLL-05:  WILL ABSTRACTS TAKEN FROM WILL BOOK A 1833-1843 OF CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO.  Abstracted by Jean Scarlott, 1981.  Will Book Abstracts 10 pp., Index, 9 pp.  Punched with three holes in cardstock folder.  Used copy, and only 1 is available. PRICE: $9 

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