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Butler: Created in 1803 from Hamilton County. County Seat: Hamilton. Courthouse: 130 High St., Hamilton, OH 45011-2732 (513) 1167-5800.

YOGSOH-BUTLER-01:  BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO MARRIAGES 1803-1812. By Colleen Corwin Ridlen.  25 pages, 8.5"x11", cardstock covers, stapled.   Published by the Researchers.  This book has the marriages filed alphabetically.  Individual’s surname and first name, bride and groom, are both listed separately with their spouse’s surname and first name and the date of the marriage.  This way all members of the same surname/family are listed together.  Approximately 50 marriages per page times 25 pages 1,250 divided by two because each marriage is listed once under the groom’s surname and once under the bride’s equals approximately 625 marriages in this book for this 9 year period.  This is a new book.  Surnames with two marriages are shown by a (,) or more than 2 by a (#) marriages are:  Adams, Alexander, Allen, Anderson 3, Andrew/s 4, Armstrong 4, Ayres 5, Badgely, Bailey, Baird 4, Bake, Baldwin 3, Ball 11, Barber, Barkalow 3, Beaty 3, Besler 3, Bell 6, Bishop, Bonnell, Bowl(e)s, Boyd 3, Boyer 3, Bree/s 3, Bridge/s 3, Broadbury 3, Brodrick 3, Brown 5, Burget/t 7, Burns 3, Campbell 7, Carmichael, Carson, Case 4, Castor, Catterlin, Chambers 4, Clark 13, Clem 4, Colby 3, Conklin, Conner, Cook 4, Cooper, (Coap/Cope)stick, Cornelison, Corry, Cox 4, Craig 6, Crane 5, Crooks 5, Cummin(g)s, Dailey, Davis 14, Decker 3, Deneen 3, Doty 3, Drake 3, Drybread 4, Dunn, Duvall, Earh(e)art, Elliott, Em(m)erson, Enoch, Eny(e)art 5, Evans 4, Ferguson 3, Fisher 4, Fleming 3, Fleenor 4, Flowers, Freeman 7, Fruit/s 5, Gard 7, Gardner 4, Garver, Gee 3, Gble 5, Gray 4, Green 3, Gregory 3, Griffith, Grimes 4, Gunyon, Hahn, Hall 3, Hammer, Hancock, Hand 3, Hannah, Harden 3, Hard(/i)esty 3, Harper 5, Harrel, Harris 5, Hart, Harvey, Hawkins 3, Hayse, Henderson, Horner, Hougham 4, Howard 3, Hueston, Huffman 3, Hunt 4, Hunter 3, Hutch(e/i)n/s, Irwin 3, Iseminger, Jewell, Johns(t)on 9, Jones 11, Keller, Kerr 3, Kyger, Lee 4, Legg, Lennen, Limpus 3,  Line 8, Lister, Liston 3, Little, Logan 3, Long 7, Love, Lytle 3, McCloskey 3, McClure 3,McCray 3, McDonald/s 7, McGarey 3, McGuire, McKean 4, McKinstry 4, McMznus 3, Mansfield 3, Marks, Marsh, Martin 13, Mas(s)ey, Miller 4, Mills, Misner 3, Mitchel/l 4, Montgomery 3, Moore 14, Morgan, Mulford, Murphy 8, Murray, Newton, Nichols, Noble 4, Ogl, Orbison 3, Osborne 3, Paddox, Page, Paine 4, Parker 4, Parkison, Part(-/e/i)low 8, Patterson, Patton, Paugh 3, Pearce, Perkins, Perry, Piatt, Pierson 3, Potter 4, Powers, Price 4, Priddy, Randle, Reece, Reed 9, Richardson 5, Richmond 3, Ringland 3, Robbins 3, Roby, Roseboom, Ross 4, Round 3, Russell, Ryne(a)rson, Sackett, Salle, Schenk 4, Seward 4, Sewell 3, Shafer, Shaw 3, Shep(a/e)rd, Shields 4, Simpson 3, Small(e)y, Smiley, Smith 12, Squire/s 4, Stackhouse, Staggs 3, Stillwell 3, Stonebreaker 3, Stuart, Sutton 3, Taylor 5, Thomas 4, Thompson 8, Tietsort 4, Torrence, Troxell, Tutrner, Urmston, Vail 6, Van Blear 3, Vanduyn/e, Vannest, Vansyckle, Vantrees, Waggoner 4, Waller, Ward 6, Watson 7, Watts 3, Welch, White, Whitinger, Wilcocks, Wilkins 3, Wilkinson 4, Willey, Williams 4, Wilson 14, Wood 3, Woodruff 5, Worth, Wright and Young 3.  Price $8


HHOHBUTLER-02:  BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO, ABSTRACTS OF THE BIOGRAPHIES FROM THE 1882 HISTORY.  By Martha Whitesell, Compiler.  Gives name, birthplace and year, wife's name, father's name and birthplace, and mother's name (if given) plus page number of sketch.  The format for the abstract of each biography includes the page number on which it is located in the original book, his/her complete name, the year born, the subject’s birthplace, the wife’s surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, an asterisk if the subject person had children, the subject’s father’s first name and birthplace and the subject’s mother’s maiden name and first name.  All of this information appears on one line; such as this one:  There are approximately 785 biographies in this book!  Sample of one sketch:  390, MARSHALL, Linus R., 1825, NY, McFall, Sarah, *, Samuel F., NY, Kellogg, E, This one line tells you this: PAGE, 390, SUBJECT’ NAME, MARSHALL, Linus R., BIRTHPLACE, NY, BIRTH YEAR 1825, WIFE, McFall, Sarah, CHN, * (yes), FATHER, Samuel, BIRTHPLACE, NY, MOTHER, Kellogg, E.  NEW.  Price $5.00 


*NEW LISTINGS: YOGSOH-BUT-004:  BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO, MARRIAGES, 1807-1809.  No author is identified with these pages which were photocopied from something else.  Since Gateway to the West is mentioned as a previous source of an article on these marriages from 1803-1806, I am making only a reasonable guess that the author is Anita Short, who with her mother produced an inordinate and prodigious body of work on Ohio Records in a periodical named “Gateway to the West.” [NOTE: I am happy to say I knew Anita well, have visited with her at her home and at conferences and have her library, which I acquired when she decided to sell it, still as the core of my Ohio collection.  This excerpt is page 71 through 75 of the periodical and contains over 225 marriages. With over 225 x 2 = 450 men and women, not in alphabetical order, and with no bride’s index,  I didn’t have time or space to do that index!  450 surnames is just too many to do here.    Used copy, and only 1 is available.  PRICE: $4.00  


*NEW LISTINGS: .  YOGSOH-BUTLER-05:  BUTLER COUNTY: THEN AND NOW:  A BICENTENNIAL COLLECTION OF HISTORIC SCENES.  By Thomas Huff.  This unusual book is stunning, each page is suitable for framing and there are twenty-five to choose from.  Here’s the story!  This sketch artist roamed the streets of the towns and the roads, the highways and the by-ways for the most memorable and historic sites in Butler County.  He used pen and ink to sketch these great buildings, the architecture of Butler County from the Opera House to the churches, the bridges, the houses, the schools, the courthouse, Paramount Theatre, the railway station, the firehouse and more are captured and frozen in a moment of time by this artist’s skill with his pen and ink sketches.  They spared no expense in treating these beautiful sketches properly.  All of these were printed on buckeye antique cover stock in 11” by 17” size, two up, and folded.  The paper stock is perfect and the sketches could be easily separated for framing.  The only flaw is on the cover where a pen has filled in two blocks about 3/8 ” long by “ high located in the upper front cover.  If I had a lawyer’s office in Hamilton, Ohio, (county seat), I would have them framed and hung on the walls.  There is information about each one of the subject structures, identifying it, in type. so you can compare it to the original if it still stands.  Lovely sketches, outstanding work!  Used copy, and only 1 is available $15.00  


*NEW LISTINGS:  YOGSOH-BUTLER-06:  BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO, BIBLE RECORDS.  Compiled by Robert D. Craig.  1967.  18 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  This book has no every-name index, but it does have a good Table of Contents.  The Table lists:  Bishop Bible, Lyons Family, Sheard Family, Knost Family, Beckett Family, John Freeman’s Will, Skinner Family,Osborn Family, Keely Family, Pierson Family, Wilson Family, Herron Family, Mackubin Family, Edwards, Hess, Reeder, Slout, and O’Brien families, Laird Family, Shera Family, King, Hunsinger, Booth Families and Wiley Family.  Book is in good condition.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.   PRICE: $15.00  


*NEW LISTINGS:  YOGSOH-BUTLER-0 7:  AMANDA CEMETERY.  Margaret and Richard Lyons did this to help the Butler County Chapter of OGS help others.  6 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  $5.  Located in Lemon Township this cemetery sits on a small triangular tract of land just south of Middletown on State Road 4.  The boy scouts did this work originally in 1979 as a community project and is on filr in the Lemon Twp. Clerk’s Office.  The cemetery is currently used as a “potter’s field” for the poor.  The following names are taken from the records of Clifford Stewart, past Twp. Clerk for Lemon Twp., and current sexton for the Amanda Cemetery.  His recores are current to March of 1985 and include some records not included in the boy scouts work.  Surnames in the index with two or more entries are: Beach 13, Bell 2, Bogan 2, Briant 3, Clark 5, Coddington 6, Davidson 5, Dentist 3, Dickey14, Doyle   2, Dunn 5, Fausnaught 2, Fleming 5, Henderson 3, Henry 7, Kyle 5, Lawrence 2, McCluecy 2, McFlinn 4, McLaughlin 2, Mulford8, Parker 2, Potter 6, Putz 6, Shafor18, Sheets 2, Shepard 4, Sims 5, Simpson3, Sinkey 2, Smith 2, Starr 2, Unknown6, Vadder 2, Vancleef 4, Vancoyk 2, Waldron 5, Warner 7, Whitesell 2 and Williams 2.  Used copy, and only 1 is available  PRICE: $5.00  

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