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Athens: Created in 1797 from Washington County. County Seat: Athens. Courthouse:
Athens County Courthouse, Athens, OH 45701-28118 (614) 592-3242.

*NEW LISTING:  YOGSOH-ATHN-01:  ATHENS COUNTY, OHIO DIVORCES.  Copied by Carol Willsey Flavel Bell, C. G., 3 pages, pocket folder  Price $2.  Early divorce records are found in Volumes titled Supreme Court Records.  These records are now stored at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.  The earliest records are found in small volumes with no further information given.  The later records, for 1814-1817, are in a large volume with more details recorded.  This information was photocopied from the periodical Ohio Records and Pioneer Families.  I have created this index to help you, and have secured it in the pocket folder the excerpt is in.  Surnames involved are: Barker, Baxter, Beaumont, Blackstone, Burnham, Cleveland, Colvine, Cozad, Crosby, Cross, Cummings, Currie, Davis, Earhart, Entsminger, Frost, Green, Hewitt, Howlett, Hubbell, Jacks, Lash, Linzee, Martin, O’Bryan, Owens, Page, Paulk, Pendergast, Pleasantman, Price, Robinson, Ross,  Simpson, Sisson, Stephens, Turvey, Wells, Wilcox and Wilson.           PRICE $2. 00


*NEW LISTINGS:  USED ITEM. (ONLY 1 COPY)  YOGSOH-ATHENS-02:  CLARKS CHAPEL CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS, ATHENS COUNTY, Edited by Beverly Schumacher, 1984, 64 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  This book concerns the people buried at Clarks Chapel United Methodist Church, County Road, 25 and Township Road 429.  The book begins with a history of the church.  There is a diagram of the cemetery to help you visualize the placement of the graves.  There are six sections in this cemetery.  There are plans of the Veteran’s graves plat records (a WPA Project), lists of the military men buried there with more information when it was available.  There is information concerning unused and/or unmarked gravesites.  There is also, (Bless Her Heart) an index.  Surnames with five or more entries in the index are:  Ashton 15, Bartlett 18, Beasley 6, Beveradge 5, Bobo 25, Bolin 9, Bretz 15, Brown 16, Carpenter 24, Carsey 19, Carter 7, Coss 14, Cranmer 10, Crumbley 8, Cullum/s 14, Dailey 19, Davis 8, Dean 5, Douglas 15, Downey 8, Fagan 5, Finsterwald 10, Foreman 11, Frost 16, Fulton 49, Gates 7, Graham 11, Hartley 13, Hawk 23, Hill 22, Hooper 8, Hull 10, Jones 9, King 9, Knox 6, Laird 6, Laughlin 5, Liggett 21, Love 40, Mansfield 10, Maxwell 16, McClain 6, McClanahan 10, McGrath 13, Miller 7, Mingus 5, Misner 12, Moe 6, Moore 9, Morrison 5, Oxley 12, Patterson 15, Phillips 53, Powell 6, Price 5, Pugh 6, Riley 11, Robinson 23, Rowland 6, Salter 7, Sams 82, Smith 5, Snow 15, Sprague 7, Starkey 5, Strahl 5, Thompson 8, Thornton 11, Tucker 9, Van Bibber 9, Walls 6, Watkins 24, White 15 and Williams 30.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  PRICE:  $20.00


*NEW LISTINGS   YOGSOH-ATHENS-03:  INDEX TO THE ATLASES OF ATHENS COUNTY, OHIO, 1875 AND 1905.  Marvin Fletcher & Beverly Schumacher, editors.  158 pages, cardstock covers, black plastic strip binding.  Price $25.  Published by the Athens County Historical Society, 1980.  There are far too many names in either of these atlases to add my abstracts here.  The Introduction begins on page 3-7.  Part I covers the 1875 Atlas, the Index of towns is found on page 8, The index of people runs from page 9-48 with over 100 names on each page.

Part II indexes the 1905 Atlas.  The index to towns is on page 50.  The subject index is on pages 51 and 52, the index begins on page 53 and goes to page 158.  This is such a wonderful help for anyone who has an unindexed atlas.  The maps are not here in this book, but this index is excellent work.  Used copy, and only 1 is available PRICE:  $25.00


*NEW LISTINGS:  YOGSOH-ATHENS-04:  THE HISTORY OF COOLVILLE, OHIO 1818 – 1968.  By Agnes C. Hill, Researcher and Historian, Jane Whitman, typist, artist and coordinator.  Third Printing done in 1975.  Some pages in the original that were blank, but were numbered have been omitted from this book to conserve paper.  Because of this practice, it appears that some pages have been left out, however, all the text from the original 190+ pages is in this book.  Cardstock covers, folder with clasps has done a good job of holding this book and protecting the inside pages.  The cover itself is bent because it is bigger than the 8 “ by 11 pages inside.  The spine is good and tight.  Book itself is in good condition, but cardstock cover is bent on the edges.  Photocopies of pictures and articles from the newspapers are a nice touch and are very interesting.  21 separate articles fill this book, including, but not limited to:  Troy Township, Cooley Family Genealogy, Coolville, Map of 1818 and 1875, Troy Twp. Officers, 1837-1883, By-Laws, Coolville Seminary, Civil War Times 1861-1865, Soldiers in the Civil War, 1875 Business Directory, Stories and Pictures of by-gone days, Churches and Societies, Obituaries (indexed), and Businesses.  Obituaries are printed here and indexed.  Surnames are Caplinger, Chevalier, Dunfee, English, Gillian (2), Goebel, Kincade (2), Linton, Meek, Mollohan, Morris, Nestor, O’Neal, Parrish, Pierce, Reed, Richardson (3), Runion, Tilton, Wallace and White.  Used copy, and only 1 is available PRICE: $30.00

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