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Ashtabula: Created in 1811. County Seat: Jefferson. Courthouse: 25 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson, OH 44047-1027 (216) 576-9090.

HHOH-ASHTBL-01:  ABSTRACTS FROM BIOGRAPHIES IN JOHN STRUTHERS STEWART'S HISTORY OF NORTHEASTERN OHIO.  Seven pages 8” by 11”, 1983, cardstock covers, stapled. by Carol Bell, $5.00.  This book includes the counties of Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, Stark and Trumbull, Ohio.    There are three volumes in this set and over 470 biographies have been abstracted here.  Countries mentioned as birthplaces for a subject or his father total 28.  Volume I is historical and is not included in this abstract.  Included in this project are both Volume II which covers page numbers 499 to 816, while Volume III covers page numbers 817-1,118.  When this abstract was first done there was no every-name index to this history.  The format for the abstract of each biography includes the page number on which it is located in the original book, an HHOH abbreviation of the county in which the person lived, his/her complete name, the year born, the subject’s birthplace, the wife’s surname, first name and middle name or initial, if given, an asterisk if the subject person had children, the subject’s father’s first name and birthplace and the subject’s mother’s maiden name and first name.  All of this information appears on one line; such as this one:  Sample of one sketch:  [1,080, MH, Morrison, W. A., Dr., 1857, PA, Hazen, Mary, *, James F., PA, Mehard, Anna.] Which tells you this: PAGE-1080; COUNTY-MH  (Mahoning); SUBJECT’S NAME-Morrison, W. A., Dr.; BIRTHPLACE-Pennsylvania; WIFE-Hazen, Mary; CHN, * (yes); FATHER-James F.; BIRTHPLACE- Pennsylvania; MOTHER’NAME-Mehard, Anna.


The entire sketch which is in the original book would usually give much more information on this man who is the subject of the sketch.  This is much more than just an index.  Each page number is listed starting on each line in the first column, county of residence, subject’s surname and first name, birth year, state or country of birth, wife’s surname and first name, an asterisk in a column if they had children, the subject’s father’s first name is given and birthplace and his mother’s surname and first name are given.  This book has covered sketches of people found on page 499 through page 1,118!   There is enough information given that you can sort whether this man is yours or not.  Most large genealogical libraries have this three-volume set and most also have someone who will photocopy pages for you.  With up to 84 people listed on six pages, you have almost 500 people that you can identify by their page number, county, name, birth date, birthplace, wife’s name, father’s name, birthplace of father, and mother’s maiden name.  PRICE:  $5


*NEW LISTING:  YOGSOH-ASHTBL-02:  UNION LIST OF MATERIALS ON GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY FOUND IN ASHTABULA COUNTY, OHIO, LIBRARIES and TWO LIBRARIES IN ERIE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA.  Compiled in October, 1974, by Ashtabula County Genealogical Society, 101 pages, 8” by 11”, hardbound. USED, $20.  This effort was made by the society to assemble in one source book.  as much as possible of the material available to researchers on this county in these locations.  Twelve libraries were involved in the collection of this data.  It is a great help to those who live in the area to know what libraries would, perhaps, have an index to the courthouse records they need.  At the cost of both time and money, wasted trips are not an option.  This book would certainly make you aware of the many sources for these records and which of the twelve libraries have them on hand for you to check.  The listing of the categories of records fills four pages.  Very helpful idea for those who live far away ensuring that they write their letters of inquiry to the library that has that material.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  PRICE $15.00

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