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*NEW LISTING:   YOGSOH-ASHLAND-01:  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO ORIGINAL RECORDS, APPLICA-TIONS/AFFIDAVITS, RETURNS AND NOTES.  By Sue Lee et al.  USED. 28 pages, cardstock covers, 3 clasp folder.  This is an additions and corrections volume.  After Volume 1 was finished from the record books in the courthouse, the original papers were found in the basement of the courthouse.  The records found in the basement did not always agree with what had been written in the books the courthouse had been using.  Not knowing which set was more right or if some of the one and sometimes the other were, the ladies agreed to sort, categorize and alphabetize this set and then produce this book of records, which are somewhat different in some aspects, from what was reported in Volume 1 of the marriages.

There are seven pages in the index.  Surnames listed here appear three or more times:  Ackerman, Ayers, Brown, Bruckart, Budd, Burk, Chamberlain, Chapel, Crow, Davis, Disbrow, Drake, Fuller, Gable, Harris, Haynes, Jones, King, Long, Means, Moore, Myers, Sampsel, Shaffer, Shriner, Smith, Spangler, Thomas, Vantilburgh,  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  PRICE:  $8.00


*NEW LISTING:  FFOH-ASHLAND-03:  D137. ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO MARRIAGE RECORDS, PROBATE COURT, VOLUME 4 1870-1878 AND VOLUME 5 1878-1886.  By Don and Lucille Boyd, assisted by Linda Funk.  Published by The Ashland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society, 2002, 41 pages 8 ” by 11”, cardstock covers, wrappers, These two Probate books are bound together.

The computer program used is as clear as a bell and a joy to read.  The marriage information appears all in one line.  Volume 4 begins with marriages in February 1870 and ends 18 October 1878.  The First Section is Book 4 has the grooms listed alphabetically with bride’s names, date of marriage and page numbers in the original books.  The Second section has Book 4 (1870-1878) with the brides listed alphabetically with grooms, dates and page numbers in the original book.

Volume 5 begins with 19 October, 1878, and continues to 3 December 1886.  The Third section has Book 5 (1878-1886) with the grooms listed alphabetically by name in this section of the book.  The Fourth section has Book 5 (1878-1886) with the brides all listed alphabetically in the original book with page numbers.  With pages, (1,763 2 = 881 marriages) [divided by two since each marriage appears once under the male name and once under the female name.]  Due to the design of their program, I can not abstract a total index because I would have to search all four sections for each surname.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.

PRICE:  $18


*NEW LISTING:    YOGSOH-ASHLAND-04:  GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS FROM LOUDONVILLE, ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO NEWSPAPERS, MARCH 20, 1873 TO SEPTEMBER 1, 1892.  By Mrs. Thelma S. (Shafer) Ungerer, 95 pages, 8” by 11”, bound in a cardstock folder with a metal binding strip   Over 990 items have been abstracted and alphabetized, over 1.900 names are in this book.  There are births, deaths, obituaries, marriages, pensioners, divorces, probate items, jurors, post office unclaimed letters, petitioners, etc. for Ashland, Wayne, Holmes, Richland, Knox and other surrounding counties.  95 pages of facts, humor, and sadness, each depicting the life of our early pioneers, the author’s, and hopefully yours!  Plus an abstract of the POLL BOOK of 1853 which contains the names of the 89 male, heads of families for the town of Loudonville.  Hundreds of names in the index.  The surnames with three (,) or more than three (#) entries are listed here:  Albright, Anderson 9, Anthony, Appleman 7, Arnholt 8, Arnold, Bacon, Bachman 4, Baker 9, Barker 5, Beard, Beck 4, Bell, Bender, Bernhard, Bird 5, Bishop 5, Black 9, Bowen, Bowman 12, Boyers 4, Bracy, Breckeisen 6, Breckler, Breitenbucher 6, Brubaker 10, Byers 5, Campbell 8, Case 10, Cassel, Castor 6, Chesrown5, Christiansen 4, Conrad 5, Coulter, Covert/s, Cowen 5, Craig, Crow, Danner 7, Darling 4, Davis 10, Denny, Dent, Darrenberger 6, Dornbier 5, Downing, Eason/Eison, Echelberger, Eddy 8, Emmons, Epperly 4, Esselburn 3, Etzweiler, Ewing 4, Eyster 6, Fisher 17, Flack 4, Frederick 6, Freshwater, Fritz 4, Fuller 4, Gates 4, Gesselman 4, Gilbert, Goon 4, Graf, Gretzinger 3, Hannan, Hay 6, Hayes, Helbert 6, Heltman, Henselman, Herzog 5, Hildebrand 4, Hiner, Hissem 12, Holman, Hon(n)eberger, Horn 11, Hughes 17, Humphrey/s 11, Hunter 5, Ingmund 4, Irvine,  Jackson, Jarvis, Jeffries, Jennings 5, Jones 7, Kaylor 6, Keller, Kelly, Kelser, Kettering 5, Kick, Kindle, Klein, Kuhn, Lambert, Larwill 6, Lefever, Lemley, Lemmel 4, Leopold, Lewis 6, Liggett, Linn, Long 22, Losh 5, Lowe 4, Markel 4, Marks 4, Martin 4, Maxwell 5, McClure, McConie/e, McCurdy 6, McKee 4, McLaughlin 4, Metcalf 7, Metger, Miller 23, Mills 5, Moa(ts/tz), Moores 6, Mourer5, Motz, Mouthrup 6, Moyer.s 4, Mumper, Munger 4, Mu(t)cher, Myers 5, Newkirk 4, Noggle, Norris 5, Nyhart 4, Oliver 4, Otto 4, Parcell, Parker, Parsons 5, Petot 5, Peters 5, Pocock 5, Poff 4, Pollock, Porter 3, Potter 5, Potts, Powell, Priest 5, Purdy, Quick 4, Redd 4, Reed 15, Reichert 4, Reinhard 7, Reinhart, Riblet/t 4, Richey, Rinehart 4, Robinson 4, Rollins 5, Ross 4, Rowland, Rush 4, Rust 8, Sanborn 6, Sandborn 6, Schauweker 6, Schmidt 6, Scott 14, Shafer 6, Shaffer 4, Sharp 4, Sheridan 4, Shreve 4, Seibert, Simms 4, Smith 28, Snyder 11, Stacher 14, Stamm, Stauffer, Stentz 4, Sterling, Stewart 4, Stichler, Stitzel, Stockmon 9, Stoner 4, Stouf(f)er 4, Strang, Strong 8, Sullivan, Swartz 6, Switzer 4, Taylor 6, Tenschert, Thonpson 5, Trease 4, Truckenmiller, Ullman 6, Vance 4, Waddle 5, Wallace, Wallice, Walter/s 11, Warner, Weimer 9, Weirick 5, Welsh 7, Welton, Wentz, White 5,  Young, Yuncker, Zimmerman and Zook 4.  What a lot of work she did for our benefit!  Used copy, and only 1 is available.    $25.00


*NEW LISTING:  FFOH-ASHLAND-05  D138.  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO CHURCH RECORDS, VOLUME I.  By Thomas Stephen Neel.  Published by the Ashland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 2000, 159 pages, cardstock covers, wrappers, 14 different churches have records abstracts in this book.  Their denominations are: Reformed & Lutheran, Congregational, Presbyterian, Church of Jesus Christ, Evangelical and Baptist.  Also there is a listing of the churches by township and a separate listing by denomination.

There are abstracts of the obituaries in the Western Christian Advocate and in the Der Christliche Botschafter.

Churches are located in the following  townships: Clearcreek, Mifflin, Mohican, Orange, Perry, Ruggles and Vermillion.

The every-name index with five or more first names includes: Adams, Alberson, Anderson, Andrews, Armentrout, Armstrong, Arnold, Bacon, Balentine, Barns, Beach, Beatie, Bebout, Beer, Bell, Beverage, Black, Boyd, Brown, Brubaker, Buchan, Buchanan/n, Budd, Buffamyer/Buffenmyer/Buffmier,

Burns, Bushnell, Butler, Cameron, Campbell, Carr, Carter, Cellar/s, Chambers, Ciphers, Clark, Coe, Cole,

Connelly, Cook, Coulter, Cowan, Cox, Craig, Crisp, Culbertson, Cunningham, Curry, Curth, Curtiss, Cyphers, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, Debor, Deem, Dickey, Dodge, Donley, Doty, Dunlap, Eaton, Edgar, Edwards, Eldred, Ewing, Ferguson, Fluke, Ford, Fox, Frey, Friend,  Fry, Fulkerson, Fulton, Furnish, Gault, Gibson, Gillis, Glenn, Godfry, Goudy, Graham, Granger, Grimm, Hamilton, Hanna, Hayes, Hays, Heffner, Heichel, Heifner, Heiser, Helbert, Higbee, Hill, Hindman, Hoffman, Horn, Hough, Householder, Howe, Huffman, Hunter, Jackson, Jameson, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Judson, Kennedy, Kerr, Kester, King, Kiplinger, Kirkpatrick, Lash, Leach, Lee, Linsey, Long, Ludwig and Lyman.   Used copy, and only 1 is available.  PRICE:  $18


*NEW LISTING:  FFOH-ASHLAND-06a, 06b,c 06, & 06d.   D107:  [NOTE:  The next four obituary books are sold as a SET for $36.]


*NEW LISTING: USED ITEM.  FFOH-ASHLAND-06a:  D107 PART 1.  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO OBITUARIES, 1904-1907.  [FROM THE ASHLAND TIMES AND GAZETTE NEWSPAPER, ASHLAND, ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  Abstracted by Rita Bone Kopp, Typed by Susan Dunlap Lee, Index by Ann Tennant for the Ashland County Society.  1991. 77 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  Very thorough presentation.  Sample:  RUSH, Mrs. William, died Saturday at home in Jeromesville, 82 y(ears), her husband died 6 weeks ago.  FROST, Charles S.  President of Wayne County National Bank of Wooster, died Friday born Battleboro, VT 16 Mar[ch], 1832; s/o [son of] C. C. Frost, a well-known botanist.

These samples above are very small, many of these obituaries are 20 or more lines long.  Lots of details.  Index is computer generated in six columns, is a surname index with page numbers and nearly 80 lines in each of 6 pages.  Lots of people!  Used copy, and only 1 set is available.  Set of four volumes $36.


*NEW LISTING  ASHLAND-06b:  D107 PART 2,    ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO OBITUARIES, 1908-1911.  [FROM THE ASHLAND TIMES AND GAZETTE NEWSPAPER, ASHLAND, ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  Abstracted by Rita Bone Kopp, Typed by Susan Dunlap.  90 pages, cardstock covers, punched with round plastic binding strip. 1992, 4 volumes for $36

How would you like to find this one?  WOOELLSON, Andrew, 64 y[ears], died Monday, at home of daughter Mrs. Nelson Banks of S of Washington village.  Born Germany, to Galion, OH 1877, 1890 to Richland Co., son Walter of Ashland, Daughters: Mrs. Banks, Mrs. John McDaniel, Anna,, and Bertha of near Mansfield. OR this one:  WALKER, Mrs. James, died at home on N. Depot St. Nankin, 27 March, 86 y[ears] 7 m[onths 8 days.  Born PA 9 Aug 1824. buried Fulmer Vault, husband CW Vet.  Some of these are three times this long!  Used copy, and only 1 set is available.  Set of four volumes $36.


*NEW LISTING: USED ITEM.  (only 1 copy)FFOH-ASHLAND-06c: D107 PART 3,    ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO OBITUARIES, 1912-1914.  FROM THE ASHLAND TIMES AND GAZETTE NEWSPAPER, ASHLAND, ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  Abstracted and index by Rita Bone Kopp, Typed by Susan Dunlap.  1993, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  4 volumes for $36.  Most of these now are too large to copy here.   Samples are of some unusual ones.  NEIER, Frank drank carbolic acid in woods several miles N of New London, found dead in woods.  OR  BACON, Lynn of near 1 miles E[ast] of Wellington, gored to death by a bull on his farm Wednesday.  KLINE, John, funeral in West Salem, 76y 9m 7d,  wife died in Nov. 1875, 7 children, 1879 married again, 3 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters, 45 grandchildren, 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  WHERE ARE THEIR NAMES???  Used copy, and only 1 set is available.  4 Volumes for $36


*NEW LISTING: FFOH-ASHLAND-06d:  D107 PART 4  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO OBITUARIES, 1915-1917.  [FROM THE ASHLAND TIMES AND GAZETTE NEWSPAPER, ASHLAND, ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  Abstracted and indexed by Rita Bone Kopp, Typed by Susan Dunlap.  1995, 70 pages, indexed, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  It’s strange, in this volume, most people have a very detailed obituary, but a few are very short, like this one:  LAPEARL, Daniel, of Ashland Co, OH died in Mansfield Jail, 42 years.  OR MURRAY, Guy Leroy, s/o Alvin, died 28 Oct., 1916, 9m2d OR McCARTY, James, b[rothert]of] J.S. supposedly of Ashland, died, hit by train in Chicago 7 December OR BUCHANAN, Isaac, died at home, 412 W. Fourth St. Saturday, OR COFFIN, Caroline Carter, w/o Thaddeus, died Sunday in New Castle, IN, sister Mrs. W. N. Starr deceased, buried in New Castle. 4 # 6a, 6b, 6c, and 6d Used copy, and only 1 is available.  All 4 Volumes for $36


ASHLAND-07:  D043.  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO LAND OWNERSHIP MAP. by F. L. Niederheiser, County Surveyor, including several pages of school district information.  Republished by The Ashland County Chapter of OGS.  1968.  This landowner map has literally been cut down to size for this 8 ” by 11” booklet with punched holes and a black circular binding strip.  There are two indexes-one is the index to the subscribers who made it possible to print the originals.  The map index is at the very back of this book which has no page numbers, so the township’s name leads you to the page where you will find the name on the map.  The maps came out very clear and dark.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  $17


*NEW LISTING: FFOH-ASHLAND-08:  D105  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO RESEARCH AID #6 FOR MOHICAN TOWNSHIP.  By the Ashland County Chapter of the OGS.  Co-edited by Mary E. Hovorka Beebe, Rita A. Bone Kopp and Marilyn E. Cheesman, 1988.  $25.  206 pages, punched 8 ” by 11” pages, cardstock covers, with a large size circular comb binding.  Mohican Township was surveyed in 1807 by Jonathan Cox and it’s territory at that time contained several of the other townships.  Mohican was further divided as time went on.  This is explained in an article called The Evolution of Mohican Township.  The maps shown there are a big help.  The Table of Contents page lists sixty items about which you will find helpful information in this book.  You will see a present day county map, as well as the 1807 one by Cox, There are also 1 patent owner’s map, 2 maps of 1861 and one of 1874, maps of Jeromesville, a list of 1836 delinquent taxpayers, and more maps to add to your understanding.  Also found here is the  list of the 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 census with heads of household names, and numbers of residents.  Churches and cemeteries are listed, memberships and the burials are listed.  Tax lists and voter’s lists are present for several different years.  This is an excellent idea!  Every item for the resident’s list of this township is listed here and indexed.  If you have ancestors in this township, you need to buy this book.  It is packed full of information you might not even know ever existed and here it is, all in one package.  These pages are really packed with quality information on these ancestors.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  PRICE:  $25


                       *NEW LISTINGS:  FFOH-ASHLAND-09:  D133.  ASHLAND COUNTY, OHIO, VERMILLION TOWNSHIP.  Ashland County Chapter of OGS, 1999. This is a book done in the same manner as the above book. These people know their county and they have gathered together as many recordes on the people of this township and packed them all in this 249 page book, 8 “ by 11”, cardstock covers, black comb style plastic binding.  Great value!  I can’t do an index of this book because I don’t have the time to cope with this:  Take a look at what I face when doing these indexes!  How many of these people are there? And how do they spell their name?  Vanzeble/ Vanzegler/ Vanzeler/ Vanzell/ Vanzelle/ Vanzeller/ and are they related to these? Vanzile/ Vanziler/ Vanzille.  How do I give you a count?  Do you see my problem?  Anyway, if you want me to check for your surname in either one of these book, I will be glad to do so.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  $25


*NEW LISTING:  FFOH-ASHLAND-10:  D002:  CALDWELL’S ATLAS OF ASHLAND CO., OHIO.  From actual surveys by and under the direction of J. A. Caldwell, C. E., et al.  Published by J. A. Caldwell, 1874.  This is a reprint by Unigraphic, done in 1973.  122 pages [Note:  These are, of course mostly pages of large maps.  The backs of those pages were counted in the page count, but are blank.]In a cursory look about 9 pages which include typeset articles concerning Historical Sketch, 5 pages, which includes very nice biographical sketches of Thomas Bushnell, John Cuppy, George Coutts, John Gault, John Jeffrey, M. C. Scott, I. N. Slonecker, Isaac Harvnot, Wesley Copes, Joseph Doty, John Charles, Dr. O. C. McCarty, Nathaniel Clark, J. S. Parker, and Daniel Vantileburg appear to be printed on both numbered sides.  Advertising Business Directory, 6 pages.  Throughout there are what appear to be drawings, woodcuts or engravings of the prestigious buildings and homes of residents.  Book is 11” by 14” and hardbound with the title on the spine in gold.  Used copy, and only 1 is available.  $35


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