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Welcome to our selection of Kentucky "Crazy Crate" books that appeared in previous Crate Sale mailings.  Remember that Crate Sale items are not available for on-line ordering due to their limited availability.  If you see something here you would like to order just give us a call at 1-800-419-0200  to place your order!



[LLINOIS / INDIANA / KENTUCKY]  CRATE 14 BOOK 4:  ARCHITECTURE AND HISTORIC FOLKLORE ALONG THE LINCOLN HERITAGE TRAIL FROM SPRINGFIELD, KENTUCKY TO SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS.  Indiana Junior Historical Society, Kentucky Young Historians Association and the Council of Illinois Student Historians have collaborated in the compiling and publishing of this work. 1970. As the students studied the area throughout which Thomas Lincoln’s family, including the young Abe Lincoln, traveled, it became apparent to the students that certain architectural styles were spread among all three of these states while others are limited to two or even one of the states.  The booklet is organized by these styles, but it consists of photos of examples of certain styles of architecture with examples and details of their history.  Of course, they picked up on the stories and folklore that came with the photos.  As a genealogist, I was most interested in the locations of the dwellings pictured and found several that my ancestors were likely to have seen.  Some lazy summer day I plan to take a trip to see some of these.  Owner’s names were usually given for the buildings pictured.  Some are even public buildings.  Fascinating study!  44 pp., cardstock cover, folded, stapled, over 100 historic buildings with some information on each.  WAS $8  SALE PRICE $5

[KENTUCKY \ GENERAL]  CRATE 19  BOOK 2:  KENTUCKY BOOKS IN PRINT 1989 By  The Researchers, Indianapolis, IN.  This handy catalog has several sections and represented a lot of work on the part of Carley and Joan Gioe, who first compiled it.  This catalog represented over 160 vendors with Kentucky material for sale at that time.  Therefore, it represents a catalog of books you can look for on the Internet or through used bookstores.  Each county is represented with several to dozens of books in print in 1989.  For myself, I looked through the book and saw many books in print back then that are still on my shelves today. State-wide general books cover 6 pages of small type.  County records are listed alphabetically by county and there are 45 pages of them.  Sources are listed for Kentucky families in print with biographies in county or state wide books and an index to them.  The addresses for the historical and genealogical societies are admittedly dated, but once you know they existed, you get to play detective [well, isn’t that what we like about being genealogists?] and find out if they still do today.  There are several pages of vendors and many of us are still in business and probably still have in stock copies of the books you want.  If we don’t, we may still have the printing copy, and with today’s modern photocopiers, we can probably make you one.  However, don’t write to any of us and include a check for the amount in this book.  It is way too late for that!  Due to its age, this book, originally priced at $12, is now available for only $6.  [Remember, if you know it existed, you can find it somewhere.  If you don’t know it existed, you don’t even know enough to look for it!!!]  Was $12  Sale Price  $6.

[KENTUCKY]  CRATE 64  BOOK 11:  KENTUCKY MARRIAGES 1797 – 1865:  Compiled by G. Glenn  Clift. Reprinted from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society. GPC, copyright 1938, 1939, 1940.  Index copyright 1966 GPC.  Hardbound, 258 pages.  $25.

The spread of people from Virginia into Kentucky makes this an appropriate book to add to this crate.  These marriages were copied originally from the early Lexington, Kentucky, newspapers.  Then they were compiled in this book in order to minimize the usage of these rare and vulnerable newspapers.  A list of abbreviations indicates the names of the seven newspapers that were examined and abstracted. 


1. Rev. B. T. Quinn, of Scott County, to Miss Carelia, daughter of Gen. Milton Stapp, of Madison County, Indiana.  M [married] latter place, Sept. 1, 1853.  S 9/9.  [The number of county residents marrying those of another county or state amazes me, as travel was not that easy in those times, but it is not that unusual to see someone from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri or Tennessee traveling to somewhere in Kentucky to marry their true love or, indeed, to see the reverse occur!  The national flavor of these records astounds me.  Look at these:

2. John Walker Wood, of Georgetown, Ky., formerly of Albemarle county, Va., to Miss Margaret, second daughter of Major James Catling.  M [married] at White Cottage, Holmes county, Miss. Feb 24, 1840.  OR 4/23

3. Henry Dulany to Miss Frances A. Carter, daughter of Landon Carter, deceased, of Sabine Hall.  M [married] in Fredericksburg, Va. in April, 1827.  Well, so much for marrying the girl next door!  The variety of places mentioned in these abstracts is mind-boggling!  But then, in early Kentucky nearly everybody came from somewhere else.  I have about four ancestors whose marriage announcements are in this volume, so I won’t part with my volume, but I have several of these on the shelf priced at $25.  The first one to call and order it will get this very slightly used one for $22.50.  Just the stamp from our customer’s private library is on this one copy.

[KENTUCKY]  CRAZY CRATE 64  BOOK 12:  KENTUCKY OBITUARIES:  by G. Glenn Clift.  GPC, 1966, hardbound, 258 pages.  By the same author from the same sources as the marriage book above, this book deals in a sadder side of life-the obituaries.  SAMPLE ENTRIES;  1John Bradford of Lexington.  Died March 20, 1830, aged 83 years.  “The moral philosopher of the West.”  Obituary in KG 4/2. 2. Major Valentine Peers, of Maysville.  Died at the residence of his son-in-law, Lewis Collins, Saturday, June 19, 1830.  He was a soldier in the Revolution.  Obituary in R 6/23. 3. Mrs. Ann Marie Carr, consort of W. C. Carr, of St. Louis.  Died in August 1826.  R 9/4

4. Colonel Daniel Boone, discoverer and first settler of Ky.  Died Tuesday, September 26, 1820, at Charette Village, in Missouri, where he was buried.  R 1/23.  Surely if you have any ancestors in Kentucky,  you will find something in these 258 pages that will help you.  Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to read all these papers to find our ancestor’s marriages and death notices!  Thank you, Mr. Clift, for all the work you did  All those newspapers to read!  All those cards to hand print!  All that indexing to do by hand!  And all we have to do is check it for our surnames! [Mind you, this was before computer indexing back in the 1940s!]   Obviously, Lexington, Kentucky, residents thought they were pretty close to being the center of polite society in that era.  Aren’t we glad they were interested in keeping track of each other!  Record-keeping is one of the signs of an advanced society.  I have one copy from my friend’s library at $22.50 for sale here.  I have several brand new ones at $25.   Call us if you are interested in either one, or both, of this fascinating pair of very important resource books for the Bluegrass state.


[KENTUCKY / ROWAN FAMILY]  CRAZY CRATE 65  BO0K 4:  THE ROWAN STORY:  FROM FEDERAL HILL TO MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME.  By Randall Capps.  Limited First Edition Number 254, Homestead Press, Inc. This edition has been endorsed by the Nelson County Historical Society.  It is signed by the author.  Ex lib.  Several markings on front cover, inside pages.  This book is the tale of the Rowan Family stretching from the Pioneer period of Kentucky to 1920.  In their first generation on Kentucky soil, the Rowans went “from buckskin to broadcloth and from a log cabin to a mansion.”  The story of this family and their fortunes and misfortunes is worthy of the telling. Members of this important family were the first owners of the home now known and popularized in Stephen Foster’s beautiful song of “My Old Kentucky Home.”  Reflected in their home, you will see the kind of people who lived here and made it the center of culture in Bardstown.  The story of the family tells you much about the people of Kentucky also, as the Rowans were not alone in their spirit.  Their fierce independence, their generosity, their pride in home and country but above all in family and honor are evident throughout the book.  110 pages,  $15.  [Note:  This book will not be delivered to the first caller until I get a chnce to finish it!  I’ll hurry!  If you ever go to Bardstown, I strongly suggest you visit “My Old Kentucky Home.”   This lovely home is a reminder of another time, another place, a different world, one your ancestors might have known.  My ancestors lived in Nelson County for a time and it is possible they knew the Rowans.  Maybe yours did, too!  We attended the fine musical honoring Stephen Foster the same night after visiting the household during the day and sharing a fine Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner  Note:  Not Colonel Sanders, this was a truly original, mouth-watering, finger-licking treat.  So good!  The meal was served in an antebellum home on a lovely lace tablecloth in a beautiful dining room decorated to please the eye as much as the food pleased the tummy.  We felt as warmly received and graciously treated as the Rowan’s treated their guests.  What a delight that trip was!  The romance of Kentucky is alive and well in Bardstown.  Give your family a history lesson they will love to learn!  I was just a child on my first trip there.  The entire trip impressed me so favorably that I have been back several times to relive it!


[IRISH / KENTUCKY]  CRAZY CRATE 80  BOOK 8:  IRISH PIONEERS IN KENTUCKY.  By Michael J. O’Brien.  This book credits Irishman James McBride  with the discovery of Kentucky and tells how much of the early history relates to the Irish immigrants who came there.  Mention is made of the early fur trders who were among the earliest visitors and some who became the early settlers.  Many of the early Irish followed the trades of forest guides, river pilots and surveyors.  Surnames with four or more references in this booklet are:  Allen, Boyle, Brian, Bryan, Butler, Collins, Daviess, Dougherty, Dunn, Fleming, Flinn, Hagan, Higgins, Hogan, Kelly, Kennedy, Logan, Martin, Masterson, McAfee, McBride, McClure, McConnell, McDonald, McMahon, McMillan, Moore, O’Bannion, O’Hara, Steele, Sullivan/Sullivant plus many more names with two or three entries and lots with one entry, which can really count if it is your surname. 

70 pages, 5 ½” by 8 ½”, cardstock cover, stapled and taped binding.  $10.  {Multiple copies available.}

[KENTUCKY / PICTORIAL] CRAZY CRATE 86  BOOK 2: KENTUCKY A PICTURE BOOK TO REMEMBER HER BY!  Crescent Books, Featuring the photography of Andrew Heaps. 1986 edition.  ? pages not numbered, hardbound on beautiful heavy, slick paper, gorgeous color!  $14.  Kentucky is beautiful.  No one can doubt that.  But the incredible photography is the star of this show.  If you have Kentucky ancestors, you should have this book to show your grandchildren.  It makes you wonder why on earth they ever left!  Very few words take up space in this book.  The photos are identified, but that is about all, but the scenery, oh yes, the scenery.  That’s what it is all about!  Looking through this book made me remember to schedule a spring show somewhere down there.  $14


[KENTUCKY / HENDERSON COUNTY / 1870 CENSUS]  CRAZY CRATE 89  BOOK 12:  HENDERSON COUNTY, KENTUCKY 1870 CENSUS [ABSTRACTS], By Robert D. McManaway, McDowell Publications, laminated covers, 1981, 241 pages.  $25.  This abstract contains much that is of interest to genealogists.  Household numbers, names, ages, occupations, place of birth if not Kentucky, month of birth if under one year.  Some notes added in pen.  A lot easier to read than the census microfilm is!  $25

[KENTUCKY / HISTORIC FAMILIES] CRAZY CRATE 89  BOOK 13:  HISTORIC FAMILIES OF KENTUCKY.  By Thomas Marshall Green.  Published in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1889.[This material was originally published in a small book format and it occurred to someone that with a little bit of judicious shrinkage and placement adjustments on the pages, this book could be printedon 77 pages of paper at a considerable savings.  So they did it.  The pages are 4 up on each sheet of paper.  The print is admittedly smaller than you would normally be used to, but with a magnabrite [the little, hand-held magnifying gadget we sell for $25 that fits in your hand and gets pushed or pulled across the page as you read] It is not difficult to read.    The book is of value to people with lots of Kentucky from Virginia roots.  The author says his book was written with special reference to stocks immediately derived from the valley of Virginia; tracing in detail their various genealogical connections and illustrating from historic sources their influence upon the political and social development of Kentucky and the states of the south and the west.  Families mentioned in the book include:  Allen, Alexanders, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrongs & Rowlands, Ball, Ballard, Ballengers, Barbour, Baskerville, mention is made of 27 various battles; Beatty,& Logan, Bell & McDowell, Benton, the Bibbs, Birneys &McDowell, Blain & Morris, Breck & Todd, Brashear& Sullivant & Trotter, Briggs, Brown, Buford, Bullitts, Burden, Burr, Butler, Caldwell & McDowell, Calloways & Crawfords, Campbells, Carlisle, Carrington, Carson, Carthran, Chrismans, Clarks, Clays, Crittendens, Coalters, Cummings, Davidsons, Dickson, Dodge, Duke, Fontaines, Floyd, Fremont, Fry, Garrard, Givens, Greens, Greenlee, Harbison, Hardins, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Haupt, Hawkins, Helm, Houston, Huston, Innes, Irvines, Jackson, Jacob, Jones Keene, Keith, Lane, Le Grand,   Lewis, Lincoln, Logan, Lyle, Madison, Marshall,   Mitchell, Moffatt, McAlpin, McClung, McClures, McDowell, McGavock, McHenrys, McKinleys, McKnights, McPheeters, Matthews, Montgomerys, Monroes, Moore, Muirs, Murrays, Nash, Neil, Nelson, Newton, Nourses, Parkers, Patton, Paul, Payne, Paxton, Porters, Picketts, Poage, Preston, Price, Randolph, Reade, Reeds, Reids, Richardson, Rochesters, Rutherford, Salling, Singletons & Rowans, Shelby, Smith, Steele, Strothers, Starlings, Stephensons, Strange, Taylor, Thorntons, Trimble, Trigg, Trotter, Todds, Vance, Walker, Wallace, Warners, Washingtons, Weller, Wickliffes, Wilcox, Williams, Willis, Williams, Wood and Woodsons,   [NOTE:  Please disregard the ‘s’ and ‘es’ at the ends of these names.  Many times he would preface the name with  “the” as in “the Smiths”  obviously referring to the family whose last name was Smith.] This book took a long time to write up because a few of these surnames were mine!  Well, I had to look them up, didn’t I?  I mean, before I sold the book? 

CRAZY CRATE 166:  BOOK 2:  EASTERN KENTUCKY REFERENCES.  By Evelyn Jackson and William Talley.  1980, McDowell Publications, 496 pages, softbound, indexed, $35.  Dr. Talley had done two collections of data from a similar area previously.  This collection contains detailed information of a highly various character, ranging from the immediacy of copied letters from the past and newspaper dispatches to modern canvases of very old graveyards, and including public and private documents of sundry kinds.  A truly daunting amount of labor is represented here, and it will save many a genealogical researcher at least a corresponding investment of time, effort and money.  Murder, suicide, drowning and mayhem are leavened with the curious, the coincidental and the incredible.  Counties covered are Boyd Co. (8 categories including Church records, Family Bible records, Abandoned graveyards); Carter Co. (6 categories including Old Cemeteries); Fleming Co. (5 categories including Spencer Family, Land Claims, Abandoned Cemeteries); Greenup Co. (7 categories, including tax lists, Land Suits, and civil suits); Lawrence Co. (2 categories Will Book 1 and Cemeteries); Lewis Co. (12 categories including Civil War letters, Waring & McAllister Records among others);  Montgomery Co. (Will & Estates from Book 1); Nicholas Co. (3 categories including Marriages 1826-1835, Bible records); Rowan Co. (4 categories including Mt. Pisgah Cemetery).  Plus a complete index!  Surnames with more than five first-names references are listed here for the letters A & B to show you the depth and breadth of the coverage of these records:

Adair 7, Adams 17, Adkins 7, Alexander 16, Allen 11, Allison 18, Anderson 12, Applegate 6, Armstrong 8, Arthur 10, Bagby 16, Bailey/Baily 5, Baker 13, Ball 6, Ballard 6, Banfield 5, Barnett 5, Barr 5, Bartlett 7, Bartley 5, Bate 5, Bayless 5, Beringer 5, Bell 11, Bellomy 10, Belt 7, Bennett 5, Berry 12, Biggs 5, Bishop 10, Black 8, Blackburn 6, Blaine  6, Blankenship 5, Bloomfield 6, Boggs 5, Bolt 14, Boone 10, Bowen 10, Boyd 6, Bradley/Bradly 6, Bradshaw 13, Bragg 6, Breckenridge 8, Brook/Brooks 11, Brown 49, Brubaker 12, Bruce 7, Bryan 10, Bryant 9, Bryson 9, Buchannan 7, Burgess 8, Burk/Burke 11, Burks 5, Burns 29, Burriss 13, Burton 7, Bush 11, Butler 6,  This is all I have room for here, but this big book goes on to Z!  $35

KENTUCKY: A HISTORY OF THE STATE. By W. H. Perrin, J. H. Battle, and G. C. Kniffin was first published in the 1880s.  There were nine or more editions with the same or similar historical text but with varying appendices.  The biographical section of each edition differed, each set relating to separate geographical sections of Kentucky.

These biographical sketches are recognized by genealogists and local historians as one of the most important sources of biographical and genealogical research information for the Kentucky counties they cover.

Families of varied social and economic backgrounds are mentioned.  Many Revolutionary, Indian Wars, War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War Soldiers are referred to in these sketches.

DAR & SAR applicants have used these biographical sketches as indications of lineage and Revolutionary Soldier’s Service.

The original copies of what has become popularly known as Perrins History of Kentucky are very rare and expensive.

These volumes constitute a series of reprints of the biographical sketches.  An index, edited by Thomas W. Westerfield, has been added in order to make these contents more accessible.  The indexes add all the names referred to as father and mother, grandparents, brothers & sisters, children and grandchildren to the list of biographees.  Each volume covers different counties which are listed with each Volume number. 

All books are printed on acid-free paper and are 8.5 by 11 inches in size.  All bindings are laminated cardstock, with glued wrappers.  These books are available for you to purchase.  I have multiple copies of all of these.   Research is also available, per surname, if you want the information, but do not wish to purchase the book.  After receiving the indexes, you may select the first names you wish to have copied for you, and our research department will photocopy the actual biographical sketches by page from the books.  All biographical sketches from all 9 of these books are available at this time from our research department.

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 1:   KENTUCKY GENEALOGY AND BIOGRAPHY -- VOLUME 1.  These sketches cover Breckinridge, Edmonson, Grayson, Hancock, Hardin, Hart, La Rue and Meade Counties.  243 total pages with pages 215 to 243 being the index.  Laminated wrappers, glued binding, indexed.  $30. 

CRAZY CRATE 181: RESEARCH OFFER – KENTUCKY GENEALOGY AND BIOGRAPHY -- VOLUME 1 as above:  We will copy one surname and its listing of first names and page numbers from the index [plus the first title page of the book for your documentation purposes] for $4 for each surname or we will copy three surnames from the same book for $10.  There is no shipping/handling charge for this project. 

Later, our research department will be happy to supply any individual pages which you may wish copied from the book for $1 each, as needed, if the book is not otherwise available to you. 

Volume 1 surnames beginning with A-C with five or more than five entries (first names) are listed here:  Abney, Adair, Adams, Adkisson, Alexander, Allen ½ column, Amos, Anderson ½ column, Applegate, Arms, Arnold, Ashcraft, Atkinson, Ayres, Babbage, Baker, Bale, Ball, Bandy, Barbour, Barnes, Barr, Bartlett, Basham, Beard ½ column, Beauchamp, Beavers, Beeler, Bell, Bennett, Bevill/e, Bewley, Bishop, Black, Bland, Board ½ column, Bond, Boone, Bowling ½ column, Bratcher, Brents, Brooks, Brown nearly a column, Bruner, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckner, Burch, Buren, Burtle, Butler, Buttram, Byers, Cain ½ column, Caldwell, Card(e/i/o)n, Carter, Castillo, Cave, Cessna, Chambers, Clagett, Clark, Clarkson ½ column, Claycomb, Coakley, Cobb, Cobble, Cof(f)er, Compton, Conklin, Connor, Cook, Cottrell, Cox, Craddock, Craig, Crawford ½ column, Creacy, Crust, Crittenden, Cull, Cundiff, and Cunningham.  There are hundreds of surnames in this book with less than five first names, of course, so call us for any surname you are searching which is not listed above.  Call on our toll-free 1-800-419-0200.  When you inquire about our research service give us the Volume number of the book and the surname.  Although there will be no charge if the surname is not found in the book you requested, we hope you will order the surname listing sent to you if we find it is in the book. You may find a single page with as many as 25 first names and relationships in the sketch.

Here is a sample of the amount of detail given in the actual biography on Volume 1, page 74 (Hart County, KY) of one man who is not a Vertrees at all, but he married one:  THOMAS J. HARDY was born in Barren County, Ky, September 22, 1834, and is a son of James G. Hardy, who was of Welsh descent and born in Virginia May 3, 1795.  The grandparents of Thomas J. were Isham and Mary (Snead) Hardy, also of Virginia, and immigrants to Barren County.  James G Hardy, a self-educated man, became successively a teacher, a surveyor, and a politician, and, after holding various minor civil offices, and the office of Colonel of State militia, was elected as a Democrat to the State Legislature in 1827, 1828,1829,1830, 1838 and 1839, and to the Senate in 1840, 1844-45, and 1847.  In 1855 he was elected lieutenant governor by a large majority; he died July 10, 1856.  Thomas J. Hardy was reared on the home farm, of which he assumed charge at the age of sixteen in his father’s interest, and at eighteen on his own account.  September 4, 1856, he married Miss Lillie D. Vertrees, daughter of Jacob and Catherine (Davis) Vertrees, and of German descent.  William D. Vertrees, a brother of Mrs. Hardy, was wounded at the Capture of the city of Mexico: he was a lawyer and once judge of Hardin County.  Mr. Hardy first bought a farm of eighty-five acres near his fathers which he sold in 1856, and then for three years lived on his fathers place.  In 1860 he moved to Rowlett’s Station and engaged in trading in tobacco, wheat and cattle.  In 1868 he bought his present place, one mile south of Horse Cave town, which at that time was all in timber.  Three years later he moved on the place, which he cultivates and at the same time travels for an agricultural implement firm.  The names of his children are Kate E., Mattie (the wife of Tyree L. Bull), John V., William T. and Ottie N.  Mr Hardy is a member of the Horse Cave congregation of the United Baptist Church, also a member of the K. of H.  He has been a life long Democrat, but never ran for an office or held one.

Wow! What a lot of information! There are 214 pages, of which the above is 2/3 of one column out of the two columns on page 74.  Four of the people mentioned in the above column are listed in the index under the name Vertrees, which offered 11 names on 6 pages.  There are five other pages with a Vertrees on them in the 29-page index which has four columns to a page. 

On Page 39  (Hardin County, Ky) John Vertrees is mentioned along with the Van Metre family and others as being resident in Hardin County as early as ca 1780.  On page 40, it is related of Christopher Miller, one of the pioneer heroes of the county, that with Daniel Vertrees and a number of others, he was pursuing a band of savages who had been among the settlements stealing horses, when they suddenly encountered them, and a desperate fight ensued.  Vertrees was wounded, and after a severe struggle, in which several of the Indians were killed, the remainder fled.

On page 123 (Breckinridge County, Ky) in a sketch concerning James H. Cunningham, son of Matthew Cunningham, I copied the following:  Matthew Cunningham was twice married; first about 1809, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Little Berry Davis, of Fauquier County, VA.  From this union sprang Little Berry D., Nancy B (Vertrees), Sarah W, (Cox), James H., and Joel D.

On the same page 123 Breckinridge County, Kentucky, Eli H. Dean was born July 6, 1846, on the same farm where he now resides, and he is the fifth of the six children, born to Summers and Elizabeth (Moorman) Dean.  He has been twice married: first April 25, 1867 to Miss Kitty J., daughter of James and Sally (Vertrees) Wortham of Grayson County.  She died March 10, 1868.


Now on page 194 (Grayson County).  Here we find James S. Wortham, a prominent member of the Grayson County bar, was born on the old homestead farm, near Leitchfield, August 17,1849.  He is the eldest of three children born to James H. and Sarah W. (Vertrees) Wortham, of English and German extraction, respectively.  Much more on this lawyer given here.

Then on page 231 – the last page in the book – under Meade County, KY, there is a biographical sketch concerning Samuel M. Wrather.  The second paragraph tells about his father, Daniel Wrather, was also a native of Virginia; was born about 1785.  He was a millwright by trade and a soldier in the War of 1812.  His father was a hotel keeper near the place where Lynchburg road crossed Goose Creek.  Daniel Wrather, was married in 1821, to Miss Martha, daughter of Col. Morgan.  Her mother’s name was Sally Vaughn.  The former was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  The children of Daniel Wrather were Samuel M., Sarah A. (Keith), William and Mary T. (Blisset).  Samuel M. Wrather has been twice married; first, February 24, 1847, to Miss Milvina A., daughter of Reuben G. and Lucy P. (Jones) Clarkson.  To them have been born Glovie (Vertrees), George W., Richard A., Henry D. and Hallie A.  Much more about him in the article.

And this is just the Vantrees/Vertrees surname in a book in which I only expected to find them in Hardin County.  The way these families are all mixed up and intertwined, it would be an exercise in complex social engineering to diagram them!  But I found related surnames that now need to be watched for in all my research.

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 2:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 2:  Biographical sketches from Allen, Barren, Metcalfe, Monroe and Warren Counties.  Edited by Thomas W. Westerfield. ©1971.  Book ends on page 229.  Index runs from page 231 to 267. $35.

CRAZY CRATE 181:  RESEARCH OFFER – KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 2:  Volume 2 surnames from D to G that have five or more first names are listed here:  Dalton 18 names on 3 pages, Davashar/ Davasher 18 names on 4 pages, Davenport 14 names on 2 pages, Davidson 27 names on 7 pages, Daviess 1 on 1,+Davis 44 names on 19 pages, Dawson 3 names on 2 pages, Day 21 names on 3 pages, Dearing 11 names on 3 pages, Denham 6 names on 3 pages, Dennis 3 names on 1 page, Devine 4 names on 2 pages , Dicken 16 names on 5 pages, Dickerson 31 names on 7 pages, Dill(i)ard 20 names on 2 pages, Dillingham 3 names on 2 pages, Dill(i)on 15 names on 2 pages, Dilly 3 names on 1 page, Dishman 20 names on 5 pages, Dixon 25 names on 4 pages, Dodd 27 names on 5 pages, Dodson 20 names on 5 pages, Dohoney 12 names on 2 pages, Donaldson 4 names on 2 pages, Donnelly 4 names on 2 pages, Doty 4 names on 1 page, Doughty 4 names on 2 pages, Douglas/s 16 names on 7 pages, Dowell, Downer, Downing ½ column, Duff, Duncan ½ column, Dunham, Dunn, Durham, Durkee, Duval/l/le, Eddy, Edmunds, Edwards ½ column, Edwell, Ellis ½ column, Elrod,Emerson, Ennis, Eubank ½ column, Evans, Everrett, Ewing, Fant, Faulkner, Ferguson, Fergusson, Finney, Fishback, Fleming, Flippin, Flora, Flowers, Follis, Forbes, Ford, Fortune, Foster, Fox, Fraim, Francis, Frank, Franklin, Fraz(i)er, Freeman, Gaines, Garman, Garnett, Garrison, Garvin, Gatewood, Gee, Gibson, Gillenwaters, Gilmore, Glaze, Glazebrook, Glover, Goad, Goode, Goodman, Goodnight, Goodrum, Gorin, Gossom, Green, Greer, Grider, Griffin, Grinstead, Ground/s and Guy.  

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 3:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY AND BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 3:  Sketches from Butler, McLean, Muhlenburg, and Ohio Counties.  Edited by Thomas W. Westerfield, ©1971, McDowell Publications, 208 pages of sketches plus a simplified index of 15 pages. Wrappers with glued binding.  $30

CRAZY CRATE 181:  RESEARCH OFFER:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY VOLUME 3:  This index will list surnames with three or more than three PAGES on which the name appears, so you can order all the pages on which your name appears for however many dollars are represented by the number behind the surname listing and you will have the complete content of this book for that surname!  The ! behind a number means it is supposed to be more than a one-digit number.

Samples of an entry with only 1 or 2 pages are not included here because there are hundreds of single-page surname entries.  This is the part of the index listing three or more names for the As only and in this one book only:  Abbott 13! (first names) on 1 (page),   Acton  31! first names listed on 7 pages.  Adams 10! names on 3 pages, Addington 3 names on 3 pages, Adkins 14! names on 1 page, Alexander 8 names on 5 pages, Allen 27! first names on 7 pages, Ambrose 15! names on 2 pages, Anderson 12! names on 9 pages, Anglea 3 names on 1 page, Anthony 5 names on 3 pages, Archibald 3 names on 3 pages, Arendell 15! names on 2 pages, Armendt 17! names on 2 pages, Arnold 6 names on 3 pages, Arthur 4 names on 1 page, Ashby 11! names on 3 pages, Ashcraft 3 names on 1 page, Ashley 14! names on 1 page, Ashly 3 names on 1 page, Atherton 6 names on 4 pages, Atkins 5 names on 2  pages, Aull 15! names on 1 page, Austin 61! names on 24! pages, Awtry 21! names on 3 pages, Axton 27! names on 3 pages.

Because of space considerations, I must restrict the rest of this to entries with three or more pages listed, but you can easily see that three pages could net you as many as 27 new cousins.  Talk about cousins by the dozens! 

The rest of this index for this book lists the number of pages your name appears on.  Order direct from 1-800-419-0200 and you will receive the number of pages that include your relatives by that surname and perhaps a stranger or two also which bear your ancestral name!  A neat way to uncover more family than you previously knew about!

Bailey 3, Baird 9, Baker 17!, Barker 4, Barnard 4, Barnes 6, Barnett 10!, Barrett 5, Bean 9, Belcher 4, Bell 18!, Bellar 3, Bennett 23!, Benton 4, Berry 9, Berryman 3, Blaine 4, Blair 3, Blankenship 3, Bohannon 4, Bolton 4, Boone 3, Borah 3, Boston 4, Boswell 4, Boyd 5, Bratcher 3, Breckinridge 3, Brown 21!, Bryant 3, Buell 3, Bunch 3, Burchfield 3, Burks 3, Butler 6, Byers 3, Cain 3, Caldwell 3, Campbell 9, Cardwell 5, Carpenter 4, Carr 3, Carson 16!, Carter 4, Cates 3, Chapman 13!, Chick 3, Chinn 5, Christian 4, Clark 11!, Clay 8, Cleveland 3, Coffman 5, Cohron 4, Cole 8, Coleman 16!, Collins 3, Compton 3, Cook 7, Cooper 9, Cox 8, Craig 4, Crawford 4, Crow 5, Daniel 7, Daugherty 5, Davenport 5, Davis 20!, Dawson 3, Day 7, Dennis 4, Dexter 5, DeWeese 8, Dixon 3, Dockery 4, Doolin 3, Douglas 7, Downing 3, Downs 3, Drake 4, Duke 8, Duncan 8, Duvall 3, Eades 7, Eadsa 4, Easley 3, Edwards 5, Embry 5, English 3, Eskridge 3, Evans 6, Everett 3, Everly 4, Ewing 8, Felix 3, Ferguson 6, Field 4, Fields 3, Filmore 3, Finley 4, Fisher 3, Flener 8, Ford 10, Forman 3, Forrest 4, Foster 8, Frazer 3, French 3, Fulkerson 6, Fuqua 3, Galloway 3, Gentry 4, Gibson 7, Gish 3, Glover 3, Gordon 3, Gott 3, Graham 3, Grant 4, Graves 6, Gray 8, Greeley 4, Green 10!, Greer 4, Gregory 3, Griffin 4, Guffy 5, Haden 5, Hale 10!, Hall 8, Hamill 3, Hampton 6, Hancock 5, Hardin 5, Hardwick 3, Harper 3, Harreld 5, Harris 10!, Harrison 15!, Hawkins 4, Hay 4, Haynes 5, Helm 7, Hendricks 4, Henry 7, Hill 11! Hines 8, Hocker 7, Hodges 4, Hood 6, Hoover 9, Hopkins, Houston 3, Howard 14!, Hudnall 5, Hudson 4, Huff 3, Hughes 6, Humphrey 10!, Hunt 8, Hunter 5, Huston 4, Hutchison 4, Igleheart 5, Iler 3, Jackson 16!, Jago 3, James 20!, Jenkins 5, Johnson 34[It would be cheaper for you folks to buy the book!], Jones 22!, Kahn 3, Kendrick 3, Kimbley 6, Kimmel 4, King 9, Kittenger 3, Kuykendall 7, Landrum 4, Lawrence 3, Leach 15!, Lee 12!, Lewis 6, Liles 3, Lincoln 4, Lindley 3, Logan 3, London 6, Long 4, Lowe 3, Lyons 4, McClellan 3, McConnell 4, McCormich 3, McCoy 5, McDaniel 3, McDonald 5, McHenry 4, McKinney 5, McReynolds 5, Maddox 8, Magan 3, Marshall 4, Martin 20!, Mason 10!, Mathis 3, Maxey 4, May 4, Mendel 4, Metcalf 4, Miller 24!, Mills 5, Mitchel 4, Mitchell 11!, Monroe 3, Montague 3, Moore 16!, Morehead 4, Morgan 14!, Morris 4, Morton 10!, Mosby 4, Moseley 6, Murphey 3, Murray 3, Nall8, Neel 6, Neely 3, Newsom 3, Newton 6, Nickolls 4, Noffsinger 4, Norris 3, Oglesby 3, Oliver 3, Orange 3, Overton 5, Owen 8, Park 3, Patterson 7, Paxton 4, Payne 7, Pemberton 3, Pendleton 6, Pendly 5, Penrod 3, Peters 3, Phelps 9, Phillips 6, Phipps 6, Pierce 5, Pirtle 6, Pitman 3, Plain 3, Polk 3, Porter 13!, Potts 3, Price 3, Proctor 6, Ragland 5, Raley 5, Ralph 3, Reade 5, Reed 3, Reid 4, Reader 12!, Renfrow 8, Reno 4, Reynolds 3, Rhoads 5, Rhodes 4, Rice 4, Riggs 3, Riley 3, Roach 3, Roark 8, Roberts 4, Robertson 12!, Robinson 7, Rogers 7, Roll 3, Romans 7, Rone 8, Ross 6, Rowan 5, Rowe 10!, Runner 4, Scott 11!, Seymour 4, Shackelford 3, Shacklett 3, Shanks 3, Sharer 3, Sharp 6, Shaver 4, Shelby 3, Shelton 6, Sherman 9, Sherrel 3, Shields 3, Shoemaker 3, Short 5, Shown 3, Shrewsbury 3, Shull 3, Shultz 11!, Simmons 4, Slaughter 6, Smith 31!  [You may as well buy the book!], Snodgrass 3, Stateler 4, Steele 4, Stevens 12!, Stewart 10!, Stokes 3, Stone 4, Strother 3, Stroud 5, Sublett 5, Sutton 3, Sweatt 8, Tabor 4, Tanner 9, Taylor 54! [You have to buy the book!], Thomas 18!, Thompson 3, Tichenor 10!, Tilford 5, Tinsley 5, Townes 4, Turner 10!, Van Buren 3, Vaught 4, Vickers 3, Wade 9, Walker 8, Wallace 7, Wand 7, Ward 7, Washington 6, Watkins 9, Weaver 5, Webb 4, Wedding 4, Wells 5, Westerfield 6, Wheeler 4, Whitaker 6, White 15!, Wickliffe 3, Williams 30 [You should buy the book!], Willis 9, Wilson 17!, Wise 4, Wood 9, Woods 3, Woodward 3, Wright 13!, Yost 5 and Young 10!

CRAZY CRATE 181: BOOK 4:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY VOLUME 4:  Sketches from Caldwell, Crittenden, Hopkins, Livingston, Logan, Lyon, Simpson, Union, and Webster Counties.  Editor was Thomas W. Westerfield, ©1972, 327 pages,  

Book is larger than the others so is priced at $35.

CRAZY CRATE 181:  RESEARCH OFFER ON KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY VOLUME 4:  Volume 4 surnames beginning with H-L with five or more than five entries (first names) are listed here:  Hail, Halcomb, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond ½ column, Hampton, Handlin, Haner, Hardin, Harding, Hardwick, Harralson, Harris full column, Harrison, Hart, Hatfield, Hatter, Hawthorn, Hayden, Haynes, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hendrix, Henry, Herndon, Herrington, Hester, Hewlett, Hibbs, Hicks, Hill, Hillyard, Hinton, Hobdy, Hodge, Holcomb, Holland, Hollingsworth, Holloman, Holloway, Hooper, Hoover, Hopson, Horn, Hosick, House, Howard, Howell, Hoy, Hudson, Huey, Huffines, Hughes, Hughs, Hunt, Hunter, Hupp, Hutchings, Hutchison, Ingram, Isbell, Jackson ¾ column, James ½ column, Jenings, Jenkins, Jennings, Jepson, Johns, Johnson nearly a full column, Jones, over a column, Jordan, Kendall, Kerley, Kidd, Kie, Killick, Kimsey, King, Kirbey, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kirtley, Koon, Korb, Laffoon, Lain, Lambert, Lambirth, Lander, Langley, Lanier, LaRue, Lawler, Leak, Lee, Leech, Lester, Lewis ½ column, Linley, Logan, Lomg, Lovan, Love, Lovell, Lowe, Lowery, Lowey, Lowry, Loyd, Lucas, Lunsford, Luster, Lynch and Lyon.

In the quest for Van Trees, etc. in this book, we find on page 106 a sketch of one Asa Alvis listed with Livingston County, KY residents.  It says he was born June 17, 1812, in Sumner County, Tenn.  Mr. Alvis traces his paternal ancestry to Virginia, but has no definite knowledge of the family beyond the grandfather, whose name was Ashley Alvis.  Ashley Alvis was born in Buckingham County, VA, but left his native state as early as 1806, immigrating to Sumner County, Tenn.  He served in the War of the Revolution and was with Washingtons army during the seven years of that struggle.  Abraham Alvis, subject’s father, was born in Virginia and immigrated to Tennessee two years after his father.  He served in the War of 1812, and in the Indian campaign of Florida.  He was a farmer by occupation, and died about 1854.  Love (Ventress) Alvis, subject’s mother was born in North Carolina, and was a daughter of David Vantress.  She died in 1836.  The family of Abraham and Love Alvis consisted of two children, viz.: infant (deceased) and Asa, subject of this sketch.  Much more is given in the rest of the sketch.

We will copy one surname and the first names plus the page numbers as listed in the index plus the first title page of the book for documentation purposes for $4 each surname or 3 surnames for $10.  Individual pages containing the actual biography may be copied from the book for $1 each when requested if the book is not otherwise available to you.  Hundreds of surnames are in this book, so call us with your surname and we will look it up even if it is not on this list. 

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 5: :  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 5:  Biographical sketches from Adair, Boyle, Casey, Cumberland, Garrard, Green, Lincoln, Madison, Marion, Mercer, Nelson, Taylor & Washington Counties.  Edited by Thomas W. Westerfield. ©1975.  Book ends on page 310.  Index runs from page 311 to 358. $35.  Laminated cardstock covers, glued binding.  

CRAZY CRATE 181: RESEARCH OFFER 181 – VOLUME 5 as above:  We will copy one surname and its listing of first names and page numbers from the index [plus the first title page of the book for your documentation purposes] for $4 for each surname or we will copy three surnames for $10.  Our research department will be happy to supply any individual pages which you may wish copied from the book for $1 each as needed, if the book is not otherwise available to you. 

This index will list surnames from M to P from Volume 5 that have five or more first names listed in the index:  Mahan, Mann, Marrs, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Matheny, Mattingley, Maupin, Maxey, Maxwell, May, Mayes, Mays, McAfee ½ column, McAlister, McAtee, McChord, McClain, McClane, McClure, McCord, McCoun, McCreary, McCubbin/s, McDonald, McDowell, McElroy ½ column, McFerran, McGarvey, McGee ½ column, McGinnis, McKee, McKenna, McKinley, McKinney, McMakin, McMillan, McMurtry, McNeely, McWhorter, Medley, Mercer, Merritt, Meyer, Middleton, Milburn, Miles, Miller well over a column, Mitchell, Moberley, Mock, Monroe, Montague, Montgomery almost a column, Moore almost two columns, Moorman, Moran, Morgan, Norris, Morrison, Morton, Moss, Mourning, Mouser, Mudd, Mullins, Munday, Murphy, Murrah, Nantz, Nave, Neal, Meale, Neikirk, Nell, Nelson, Newbolt, Nicholls, Nichols, Noe, Noland, Norris, Nuckols, Nunn, Offutt, Oldham, Orr, Overstreet, Owsley ½ column, Page, Parker, Parkes, Parrish, Parrott, Patterson, Patton, Payne, Peacock, Peak, Pearce, Pence, Penick, Penn, Pennington, Penny, Perkins, Perryman, Peterson, Pettus, Peyton, Phelps, Philips, Phillips ½ column, Pierce, Pigg, Pile, Pinkerton, Pipes, Pirtle, Pitts, Plummer, Pollard, Poor, Porter, Pottinger, Powell ½ column, Poyntz, Prewitt, Price ½ column, Pulliam, Purdy, and Puryear.   

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 6: :  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 6:  Biographical sketches from Ballard, Calloway, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, McCracken, and Marshall Counties.  Edited by Sam McDowell, ©1979. Total pages 267 of which 34 pages comprise the index. $30.

CRAZY CRATE 181: RESEARCH OFFER-VOLUME 6  – KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 6 as above:  We will copy one surname and the first names listed in the index plus the page numbers as listed in the index plus the first title page of the book for documentation purposes for $4 each surname or 3 surnames for $10.  Individual pages containing the actual biography may be copied from the book for $1 each when requested if the book is not otherwise available to you.  Hundreds of surnames are in this book, so call us with your surname and we will look it up even if it is not on this list.

This portion of the index will cover only Volume 6 with the surnames from Q through S:  Quigley, Quinn, Ragland, Ragsdale, Randle, Rasor, Ratcliffe, Ray ½ column, Rayburn, Reddick, Reed, Reeve, Rehkopf, Reid, Reilly, Remley, Rennick, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Richmond, Ridgway, Rieke, Ringo, Rivers, Roach, Roark, Robbins, Roberts ½ column, Robertson, Robinson, Rock, Rodgers, Rodman, Rogers, Rollings, Roper ½ column, Ross, Rossington, Rudolph ½ column, Rutherford, Ryan, Saffarrans, Salmon, Samuels, Sanford, Saunders, Sauner, Scarborough, Scearce, Schroader, Scott 1/2 column, Seay, Sellars, Sharp, Shaw, Shelbourne, Shelby, Shelton, Sherman, Sherrill, Shivell, Shuck, Simmons, Simpson, Sims, Skaggs, Slayden, Smith ¾ column, Soule, Spence, Sproat, Stahl, Stanley, Starks, Staten, Steele, Stephens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stone, Stout, Stovall, Stratton, Strowe, Stubbs, Sublett, Sullivan, Summerville, and Sweatman,

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 7:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 7:  Biographical sketches from Anderson, Franklin, Henry, Jessamine, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Trimble and Woodford Counties.  Edited by Sam McDowell, ©1981. Total pages 312 of which 41 pages are the index. Laminated cardstock covers, glued binding. $30.

CRAZY CRATE 181: RESEARCH OFFER-VOLUME 7  – KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 7 as above:  We will copy one surname and the first names listed in the index plus the page numbers as listed in the index plus the first title page of the book for documentation purposes for $4 each surname or 3 surnames for $10.  Individual pages containing the actual biography may be copied from the book for $1 each when requested if the book is not otherwise available to you.  Hundreds of surnames are in this book, so call us with your surname and we will look it up even if it is not on this list.  To show you the importance and the value of only one surname, I am copying the lone Vantreese entry in this book.  Here is the segment of this entry for the Watts and Sageser families: from page 120.   After the dispersion of the Moravian Missionaries in western Pennsylvania and the Territories of the Northwest [NOTE: this refers to the Northwest Territory meaning the land that was used to form these six states-Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  It does not mean Washington and Oregon.], many of the followers of John Huss, the founder of the sect, settled in Jessamine County, where for more than sixty years, they enjoyed perfect peace and religious freedom.  They had a large church on Jessamine Creek.  Rev. Jacob Rhorer was the last of the original Moravian preachers in Jessamine County, and died about 1866.  Among the early settlers who were followers of John Huss may be mentioned the Arnspigers, Ashews, Bashes, Bowmans, Cawbys, Cormans, Dennises, Earthenhouses, Frazers, Grows, Bruners, Hoovers, Hawsers, Smiths, Sagesers, Rhorers, Rices, Ritters, Goforths, Funks, Zikes, Veatches, Vantreeses, Katrons, Hiffnera, Waggamons, Wormsleys, Overstreets and Easlies.  They were men of good sense and clear judgment, and their children and grandchildren are honorable men and women, and among the most worthy and industrious citizens of the county. 

See what one mention of a surname can do for you!  I know a new place to look-I checked and I had no previous records of Van Treese ancestors living in Jessamine County, Kentucky. 

This portion of the index will cover only Volume 7 with the surnames from T through V:  Taggart, Tandy, Tansill, Tapp, Tate, Taylor almost an entire column, Tevis, Thomas almost an entire column, Thompson over ½ column, Thomson, Thorne, Thornton, Tichenor, Timberlake, Tinsley, Tinsly, Tobin, Todd, Totten, Townsend, Trimble, Trout, Troutman, Turner, Tyler, Utterback, Vance ½ column, Van De Graff, Van Dyke, Van Natta, Veach/ Veatch, Venable, Viley, Violett, and Voiers/Vorhies/Vories, 

See my lone VanTreese on page 120, didn’t even make the list!

CRAZY CRATE 181:  BOOK 8:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 8:  Biographical sketches from Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Harrison, Kenton, Owen and Pendleton Counties.  Edited by Sam McDowell, ©1981. Total pages 204 of which 19 pages are the index. Laminated cardstock covers, glued binding. $30.

CRAZY CRATE 181: RESEARCH OFFER-VOLUME 8  – KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 8 as above:  We will copy one surname and the first names listed in the index plus the page numbers as listed in the index plus the first title page of the book for documentation purposes for $4 each surname or 3 surnames for $10.  Individual pages containing the actual biography may be copied from the book for $1 each when requested if the book is not otherwise available to you.  Hundreds of surnames are in this book, so call us with your surname and we will look it up even if it is not on this list. 

This index from the pages of Volume 8 covers surnames from W through Z:  Wallace, alton, Wandelohr, Warnock, Washington, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webster, West, Westover, Wheatley, Whitaker, White, Wiggins, Wiggington, WilliamsWillis, Wilson, Winslow, Winston, Wise, Wood, Worthington, Wright, Yager, Yancey, Yelton, Youtsey, Zinn and Zwick.

CRAZY CRATE 181: BOOK 9:  KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY VOLUME 9:  Edited by Sam McDowell, Indexed by Sandra Howell, ©1981, McDowell Publications, These sketches are taken from the Jefferson and Bullitt Counties portion of this set.

Laminated wrappers, glued binding, 124 pages of which 10 are an index.  $30

CRAZY CRATE 181: RESEARCH OFFER-VOLUME 9  – KENTUCKY GENEALOGY & BIOGRAPHY, VOLUME 9 as above:  We will copy one surname and the first names listed in the index plus the page numbers as listed in the index plus the first title page of the book for documentation purposes for $4 each surname or 3 surnames for $10.  Individual pages containing the actual biography may be copied from the book for $1 each when requested if the book is not otherwise available to you.  Hundreds of surnames are in this book, so call us with your surname and we will look it up even if it is not on this list. 

Surnames from Volume 9 with three or more first names are listed here with the number of pages on which the surname appears and therefore, the number of dollars you need to pay for the pages needed to give you every mention of the surname in this book:  

Adams 4 (names) on 2 (pages)=$2, Ainslie 3 on 2, Allan 8 on 1, Allen 3 on 1, Anderson 8 on 6, Ashby 4 on 1, Avery 10 on 4, Bachus 8 on 1, Bahr 9 on 1, Bailey 4 on 1, Bannon 4 on 2, Barbee 3 on 2, Barker 6 on 2, Barnes 3 on 2, Bare 4 on 1, Barrall5 on 1, Bates 3 on 1, Baxter 3 on 3, Beilstein 4 on 2, Birney 3 on 1, Blackburn 9 on 6, Blackheart 4 on 2, Bloom 4 on 1, Boggess 3 on 1, Boone 5 on 4, Boswell 3 on 2, Bragg 3 on 4, Brand 4 on 1, Breckinridge 4 on 6, Bridgeford 3 on 2, Brinkwood 4 on 2, Brocar 6 on 1, Brown 21 on 9, Bruce 6 on 3, Bryan 3 on 2, Buckner 3 on 3, Bullitt 13 on 5, Bullock9 on 6, Burge 3 on 4, Burke 4 on 1, Cable 8 on 1, Cain 7 on 4, Campbell 3 on 3, Canine 6 on 1, Castleman 4 on 4, Chapman 6 on 1, Clark 5 on 6, Clay 2 on 9, Cocke 5 on 2, Colgan 8 on 1, Collins 8 on 4, Cook 4 on 3, Cox 5 on 2, Crawford 6 on 3, and Croum, 6 on 1.         

This is something different than the other research offers and more comprehensive because it includes all of the above in one huge research project, but dare you lose out on this much biographical information in one place?  If yoy have Kentucky ancestors in the 1800s you need to be aware of this set and the amount of good information it gives you.  Your Kentucky research is not complete without checking this set.


You may wish to write for our combined research offer which includes the advanced surname search of all nine of these volumes.  For each volume you will get the ACTUAL PAGE OF THE INDEX with all the first names and page numbers for any one surname.  Similarly spelled surnames are included because you receive the entire page of the index, not just your one surname. [NOTE:  These numbers do not apply to the actual books by Perrins as published so many years ago.  The pages of the original books have been renumbered for these indexes.


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