1860 Illinois Mortality Schedule
Volume III
Counties Lake through Ogle
Transcribed & Indexed
by Lowell M. Volkel
Surname Index
103 Pages, 8.5" x 11"
Softbound ... $20.00

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This 103-page, 8.5" x 11" publication contains a complete transcription of the 1860 Mortality Schedule for the following Illinois Counties:
Lake, LaSalle, Lawrence, Lee, Livingston, Logan, McDonough, McHenry, McLean, Macon, Macoupin, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Mason, Massac, Menard, Mercer, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Moultrie, and Ogle.
Each entry includes: *When Applicable

This schedule lists those people who died one year prior to the beginning of the enumeration: from June 1, 1859 through May 31, 1860. It does not include deaths for the decade.

Examples from Volume I

Mason, John, 62, Male, Married, b. New Hampshire, d. May, Farmer, Killed by the Falling of a Large Rock
Hughs, Hugh, 65, Male, Married, b. Pennsylvania, d. March, Farmer, Consumption, Number of Days Ill: 4 Years
McMillen, Susannah, 90, Female, b. Maryland, d. August, Cancer, Number of Days Ill: 1,095

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Abel, Abercromby, Abney, Abny, Abott, Achael, Ackerson, Acord, Adair, Adams*, Adcock, Adderman, Addis, Addymore, Aikin, Aimond, Akier, Akin, Albers, Albertson, Albright, Alden, Alderdice, Aldridge, Alexander, Alfeck, Alflicker, Alice, Allabough, Allen*, Allenbough, Allendorfff, Altinius, Amburg, Amour, Anders, Anderson*, Andrews, Anglen, Angleton, Arceneau, Archer, Ardle, Armstrong*, Arnauld, Arnet, Arnold, Asbury, Ash, Ashley, Ashlock, Ast, Atchison, Atkins, Atkinson, Atnip, Atwood, Augusine, Augustine, Ausborn, Austin, Avera, Avery, Avise, Axtell, Ayde, Ayres

Babbs, Babcock, Bacon, Baggs, Bagfield, Bagley, Bagwell, Bailey, Baker*, Balch, Baldridge, Baldwin, Baley, Balker, Ball, Ballance, Ballard, Ballback, Balleau, Balsor, Bancroft, Banes, Banks, Bannon, Barb, Barber, Bard, Baker*, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barns, Barr, Barrell, Barret, Barrett, Barrow, Barry, Barstow, Bartlett, Bartolome, Barton, Bastian, Bateman, Baterzo, Bates, Batsford, Battin, Baubeck, Bauden, Bawlson, Bawsman, Baxter, Bayley, Beach, Beall, Bean, Bearce, Beaty, Beaufries, Beaufsus, Beaver, Bechard, Beck, Beckelshymer, Beckett, Beckman, Beebe, Beed, Beers, Belcher, Beldin, Beldon, Belknap, Bell, Bellford, Bellows, Belt, Bembrook, Bennett*, Benoit, Bentley, Benton, Berg, Bergland, Berland, Bernard, Bernherd, Berover, Berry, Bertchi, Bertrand, Bervier, Bett, Bettis, Bevard, Beverly, Bias, Bibbons, Biby, Biers, Biggerstaff, Biggs, Bilby, Bill, Billings, Bion, Bird, Birdin, Birmingham, Biship, Bishop, Bissell, Bisset, Bissette, Bissonette, Bivens, Bixby, Bixler, Black*, Blackabee, Blackadon, Blackburn, Blackeby, Blackhurst, Blackman, Blackson, Blades, Blair, Blakely, Blankenship, Blazer, Bliss, Blodget, Bloid, Boardman, Bockins, Boidnaut, Bolster, Bond, Boner, Boone, Booz, Bosby, Bosly, Boswell, Bott, Bouchard, Bousenback, Bousman, Boutwell, Bowers, Bowdln, Bowiln, Bowlen, Bowlin, Bowman, Boyd, Boyle, Boyles, Boynton, Brackett, Braden, Bradford, Bradley*, Bradner, Bradshaw, Brady, Brahana, Braning, Branson, Brant, Brawner, Brendel, Brenner, Bresseau, Brewer, Brewster, Briant, Brickerden, Bridge, Bridges*, Bridle, Brimhall, Brindige, Brink, Brisk, Brisom, Bristol, Britton, Brizone, Brock, Brockway, Brooks, Brossaw, Brouillet, Brown**, Brownell, Browning*, Bruce, Brugh, Brumley, Brunden, Brundige, Brunk, Brunson, Bryan, Bryant*, Buchanan, Buck, Buckingham, Buckley, Buffum, Bulkley, Bull, Bundige, Bunnel, Bunner, Buntor, Buoyer, Burch, Burchell, Burde, Burdick, Burgess, Burk, Burke, Burkett, Burlison, Burner, Burnet, Burnett, Burns, Burr, Burress, Burroughs, Burrows, Burrus, Burt, Burton, Buseler, Bush, Bushnell, Butcher, Butler, Button, Buvois, Buzory, Byers, Byler, Byrd

Cacy, Cady, Cairns, Caldwell, Caleet, Calkins, Calloway, Calogen, Calsil, Calvert, Calvin, Cambridge, Cameron, Camp, Campbell*, Canada, Candbill, Candbree, Cannedy, Cannon, Cantway, Carhall, Carhel, Carlin, Carlisle, Carmody, Caroll, Carpenter*, Carr, Carrell, Carrico, Carrigan, Abbey, Abbot, Abbott, Aberhart, Abley, Abner, Abrahams, Acken, Acker, Ackers, Ackman, Adams*, Adcox, Adkins, Aigenberg, Aiken, Aikin, Ainsworth, Akeman, Akers, Albert, Albertson, Alberty, Albright, Alden, Alderson, Alexander*, Alford, Alkire, Allen**, Allin, Allison, Alsup, Alter, Altig, Alton, Alway, Ament, Ames, Amherst, Anderson**, Andre, Andrews*, Angelo, Angerstein, Annis, Antrim, Applegate, Arahood, Arch, Archer, Arends, Arkaban, Armerer, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Ash, Ashbaugh, Ashenfilter, Ashley, Ashlock, Ashton, Ashurst, Atchison, Atkins, Atkinson, Atterbery, Atwood, Aubert, Augustine, Aukland, Ault, Austice, Austin*, Auxier, Averill, Avery, Avis, Ayers, Ayres

Babcock, Bacon, Bade, Baden, Badger, Badtorf, Baer, Baggell, Bailey, Baily, Baine, Baker**, Balch, Baldwin, Bales, Ball, Ballard, Ballon, Ballow, Bamly, Bandy, Banhouse, Bany, Barber, Bard, Barhaut, Barker, Barkrant, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes*, Barnett, Barnhouse, Barns, Barr, Barret, Barringer, Barron, Barrotte, Barrun, Barrus, Barry, Bartlett, Barton, Bassett, Bateman, Bates*, Bathburn, Batteiger, Batton, Baxter, Bay, Bayles, Beach, Bean, Bear, Beardsley, Beath, Beaty, Beauvard, Becker, Bedee, Bedinger, Beede, Beedle, Beems, Beers, Behme, Beisheimer, Belk, Bell**, Bement, Benedict, Benington, Benjmain, Benkon, Benles, Benner, Bennet, Bennett, Benolkin, Benscoter, Benson, Bentley, Bently, Benton, Berkman, Bernoys, Berry, Berrymann, Bessant, Bessont, Best, Bethel, Betzer, Beuliz, Beurand, Bice, Bickelhaupt, Bickerman, Biddle, Biggs, Biglow, Biles, Billick, Billings, Billingsley, Billiter, Bingham, Binny, Bird*, Birge, Bishop, Biss, Bitzbelger, Bixby, Black, Blackman, Blackwell, Blair*, Blakesley, Blanchard, Blankenship, Blankinsop, Blatner, Blatue, Blevens, Blish, Blitts, Blood, Bloodgood, Bloom, Blunderman, Bly, Bobble, Boggs, Bogine, Bohan, Boice, Bokerfive, Boleman, Bond, Bonner, Boomer, Boon, Boosinger, Booth, Boothroyd, Booyer, Boreing, Bosley, Bossinger, Bostick, Boules, Bovey, Bovy, Bow, Boward, Bowding, Bowen, Bower, Bowers, Bowersock, Bowland, Bowles, Bowman, Bown, Boyd, Boyer, Boyle, Boyles, Boynton, Bracken, Bradberry, Bradbury, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Bragg, Bramhall, Brancher, Brandis, Branhall, Branham, Brann, Brannon, Brantner, Brasius, Bratton, Bray, Break, Brecken, Breem, Breinn, Bremer, Brendenberg, Brennan, Brenon, Bresner, Brewe, Bridges, Brigg, Briggs, Brighman, Bright, Brimer, Briner, Brinkerhoof, Brinkey, Brinnie, Brislot, Britt, Broaddus, Broadwell, Broderick, Brokeman, Brooker, Brookes, Brooking, Brooks, Broott, Brosius, Brott, Brown**, Brownfield, Browning, Bruington, Bruner, Bruning, Brunton, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buchcanan, Buck*, Buckley, Buelyer, Buford, Bughman, Bull, Bullman, Bundy, Bunker, Bunkerhoof, Bunn, Bunnker, Burden, Burge, Burgraf, Burgraph, Burk, burke, Burkes, Burket, Burkholder, Burlingame, Burne, Burnell, Burnes, Burnett, Burns**, Burnus, Burr, Burrell, Burris, Burrows, Burt, Burther, Burton, Burtub, Busden, Bush, Bushert, Bushfield, Bussard, Bussman, Butler, Butterfield, Buttler, Buvond, Byrn, Byrnes

Cadwalader, Caery, Caich, Caiger, Caine, Calder, Caldwell, Calhoun, Call, Callahan, Callen, Callor, Camblin, Cameron, Camm, Cammel, Camp, Campbell*, Campblin, Camplain, Can, Candy, Caner, Canes, Canfield, Canilly, Cann, Canob, Canon, Cape, Capps, Card, Cardwell, Carey, Cargins, Carl, Carlin, Carlton, Carmack, Carmichael, Carmick, Carnahan, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carrer, Carrigan, Carriker, Carrol, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Carton, Caruthers, Carver, Carxson, Cary, Casady, Casey, Casnor, Cass, Cassell, Cassen, Castine, Castledine, Caswell, Cattrell, Causy, Cauthorn, Cavanaugh, Cave, Caveny, Cawthorn, Ceary, Ceriner, Chaincy, Champlain, Champion, Chance, Chandler, Chaplin, Chapman, Chappel, Charlie, Charlton, Chase, Chatfield, Chauncy, Cheek, Cheever, Chehogg, Cherry, Cheshire, Chester, Chilcutt, Childers, Childress, Chism, Chitwood, Chrisman, Christman, Christopher, Church, Churchill, Churchman, Clancy, Clark**, Clarke, Clarkson, Clary*, Claude, Clawson, Clay, Claycomb, Cleavland, Clemens, Clements, Cleveland, Clevenger, Clevsner, Clifford, Climell, Cloes, Close, Clotfelter, Coakley, Cobbs, Cochram, Cochran, Cochrane, Codgal, Codington, Coffman, Coggensal, Coggeshall, Coil, Colby, Cole*, Coleman, Coles, Colgan, Colins, Collew, Collins*, Collister, Colvin, Colwell, Colyan, Coman, Combs, Comm, Conant, Conard, Conkey, Conley, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Conners, Connor, Conote, Conover, Conrad, Conrow, Convers, Converse, Conway, Conyers, Coogan, Cook*, Cooksie, Cooksy, Cooly, Coombs, Coon, Cooper*, Cope, Copeland, Corbet, Corbit, Corcoran, Cordane, Corder, Cordum, Cordune, Corey, Cormack, Corn, Cornell, Corr, Corrie, Corsley, Corwin, Cossen, Cottew, Cottle, Cottrell, Couchman, Coulter, Courtney, Coverpier, Cowan, Cowen, Cowhitca, Cowley, Cox**, Coy, Craig, Crandall, Crane, Cranton, Crapnell, Crawford*, Cray, Crays, Creager, Creamer, Creasey, Creek, Creel, Cremire, Cresa, Cress, Cressey, Crewell, Crick, Criffield, Crisey, Crist, Cristy, Crocker, Crodie, Crogan, Crombie, Cromby, Crook, Cropbar, Cropsey, Crosby, Crosmine, Cross, Crossbar, Croswell, Crouch, Crowder, Crowell, Croy, Crozier, Cuhn, Cullen, Culley, Cully, Culver, Cummings, Cuningham, Cunningham, Curl, Curley, Curran, Curry, Curtice, Curtis, Cushery, Cushing, Cusick, Cutler, Cyphers

Dady, Daft, Dagame, Dagenspike, Daley, Dalgam, Dalgarn, Dalton, Damaroust, Daniels, Dantz, Darby, Daring, Darlin, Darlington, Darro, Dasher, Dass, Daugherty, Davenport, Davey, Davidson, Davis**, Dawson, Dazen, Deacon, Deafenbaugh, Dean, Dear, Deas, Debord, Deck, Decker, Decrose, Deedz, Deen, Deese, Degamis, Dehaven, Daidz, Deismar, Delamey, Delaney, Delany, Delap, Demon, Demoss, Denby, Denlin, Denny, Densmore, Denton, Deo, Derderling, Dernier, Derr, Derriker, Derwin, Desery, Detamore, Detmore, Devine, Dew, Dewey, DeWoolf, Dexter, Deyo, Diamond, Dick, Dickenson, Dickey, Dieffenbacher, Dietmire, Digman, Dillen, Dillman, Dilly, Dilzell, Dimmock, Dinan, Dinwidie, Dippo, Dipps, Diseny, Ditritch, Dixon, Dixson, Doane, Dodds, Dodge, Dodson, Dodwell, Dody, Doft, Dollison, Domigan, Donahue, Donaldson, Donica, Donnally, Donnely, Donoho, Dorelin, Doris, Dorsey, Doss, Doty, Doubledage, Dougherty, Doughty, Douglas, Doulin, Dow, Dowdall, Dowell, Dowlon, Downey, Doxey, Doyle, Drake, Draper, Drenan, Drennan, Drennen, Drew, Drum, Drumond, D Silva, Duck, Dudley, Dufield, Dugan, Dugdale, Dugger, Dulin, Dum, Dumas, Dunbar, Duncan*, Dunham, Duning, Dunlap*, Dunn, Dunning, Dunsworth, Duponte, Durant, Dutcher, Dutro, Dwelly, Dwyre, Dyer

Eagan, Eah, Earl*, Earls, Easley, Eastman, Eastwood, Eaton, Eckert, Eckles, Eddy, Edgington, Edington, Edwards*, Egan, Ehrhart, Eichburg, Elder, Eldred, Elijah, Eliman, Elizabeth, Ellers, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Ellisson, Elliston, Ellner, Elmore, Elston, Elting, Elwell, Embereck, Emerson, Emert, Emmons, Emons, England, Englast, Engle, Engler, Enlow, Entrikin, Epperson, Erb, Ercenbreck, Ernst, Erp, Erust, Ervin, Erwin, Eryler, Escenbreck, Esenkelman, Eshelman, Esleman, Essenmaker, Etter, Etters, Etting, Evans**, Eveland, Ewing*

Fagan, Fahay, Fahr, Fail, Fairbanks, Fairfoul, Faith, Falder, Falker, Falkner, Fanchingburg, Fanning, Farbanks, Fargo, Farmer, Farrell, Farris, Farrow, Farwell, Faust, Fay*, Faylor, Feasel, Fehmel, Feiner, Feisher, Felenstein, Felker, Fell, Felmstein, Felton, Fender, Fenton, Fergerson, Ferguson, Feussteine, Fickess, Fidler, Fiedler, Fields, Filbert, Fillmore, Fink, Finley, Finn, Fishback, Fishburn, Fischer, Fisher*, Fisk, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fitzjerrold, Flack, Flagg, Flason, Flatley, Flatt, Fleharty, Fleming, Flemming, Flesher, Fleshman, Flinn, Flood, Floyd, Flynn, Fogerty, Folder, Foley, Follett, Folley, Folson, Fonces, Fonhault, Forbes, Forbis, Forbus, Ford, Forrest, Fortner, Foskaet, Foskart, Foster*, Fouces, Fouch, Foulks, Fowkes, Fox, Foy, France, Frank, Franklin, Frantz, Frary, Fraser, Frasur, Frazer, Frazier, Fredrick, Free, Freland, French, Friday, Friend, Frink, Frisbie, Fritz, Frost, Fruguise, Fry, Fuller, Fullerton, Fulton, Funderburk, Funk, Furgerson, Furgison, Furguson, Fusher, Fuss

Gabill, Gadulaig, Gaff, Galahan, Galarno, Galbraeth, Gale, Gallaher, Gallop, Galton, Ganes, Ganon, Gants, Garber, Garbill, Garbin, Gardner, Garland, Garman, Garmer, Garner, Garrett, Garrick, Garrison, Garver, Garwood, Gasaway, Gass, Gaston, Gaughen, Gayman, Geduldig, Gee, Geer, Geers, Geiger, Geist, Genter, Georg, George, Gerber, Gerdess, Gerechten, Germain, Gervin, Gest, Gibb, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Giger, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Gilfrey, Gilham, Gill, Gillam, Gillespie, Gillham, Gillmore, Gilmore, Gimblin, Gimbton, Ginther, Gipson, Givens, Givler, Glancy, Gleason, Gleeson, Glossop, Godby, Godown, Goggenbehler, Goff, Goheen, Goins, Golay, Goldan, Golden, Goloy, Goltra, Gones, Gooch, Good, Goodel, Goodfellow, Goodnuff, Goodrich, Goodwin, Goodyear, Gorden*, Gordon, Gore, Gorland, Gouche, Gould, Gove, Grace, Grady, Graff, Graham*, Grainer, Graney, Grant, Grantham, Grass, Graveny, Graves*, Graw, Gray*, Greegg, Greemore, Green**, Greene, Greenleaf, Greenwood, Greer, Greeshamer, Gregg, Gregory, Greishamer, Gridley, Grierson, Griffin, Griffitch, Griffith, Griffon, Grimes, Grimit, Grimm, Grimshaw, Grob, Groff, Grosenheimer, Grosh, Gross, Grossman, Grot, Grout, Grove, Gruss, Gruwell, Guard, Guenther, Guffin, Guggemahler, Gulzweller, Gum, Gumell, Gunnell, Gunnels, Gurlock, Gurton, Guss, Gustin, Gwin

Hackess, Hackman, Hadley, Hagan, Haines, Hainline, Hairfast, Haley, Hall*, Halpin, Halsinger, Haly, Hamber, Hamilton**, Hamlin, Hammer, Hammon, Hammond, Hamper, Hampton, Hance, Hand, Handcock, Handley, Hanegan, Haney, Hankerson, Hankins, Hanks, Hanlin, Hanly, Hannaford, Hansacker, Hansbarke, Hanson, Hantchett, Harbeck, hard, Hardcastle, Hardell, Hardenbrook, Harding, Hardy, Harel, Hargrave, Harkness, Harland, Harman, Harmon*, Harney, Harp, Harphane, Harret, Harrigan, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harritt, Harshberger, Hart, Hartley, Hartman, Hartshorn, Hartsing, Hartten, Hartund, Hartwig, Harvey, Haskins, Hasman, Hastings, Hatcher, Hatton, Hatzel, Hauptmen, Havenhill, Havens, Havley, Haw, Hawes, Hawhay, Hawkins, Hawley, Hayden, Haynes, Haynor, Hays, Head, Heafer, Heath, Heart, Heaton, Hebron, Heckeritz, Hedgecock, Heely, Heim, Heinrich, Heiron, Heisen, Heley, Helfisch, Helm, Helmick, Hendee, Henderson, Hendricks, Hendrix, Henline, Henne, Hennery, Henning, Henrick, Henry, Henshaw, Hensler, Henson, Hentz, Henze, Herbert, Herington, Herman, Hermon, Herner, Hernie, Herrington, Herron, Herryman, Hervser, Hescherberger, Hess, Hessey, Heufer, Hewser, Heyen, Heyer, Heysin, Hibbin, Hickman, Hicks*, Hifferon, Hiffisch, Higgins, Hight, Higley, Hill**, Hillard, Hillman, Hillsbra, Hillyer, Hilm, Hilman, Hines, Hiney, Hinkley, Hinky, Hinman, Hitt, Hoag, Hoblet, Hockersmith, Hocky, Hodges*, Hoes, Hoffman*, Hogget, Hoggett, Hohenstein, Hohimer, Hoke, Holden, Holegate, Holiday, Holland, Hollenback, Holler, Holliday, Hollis, Holly, Holmes, Holton, Holtzgrave, Homer, Honnen, Honning, Hood, Hoodman, Hook, Hooper, Hoops, Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hopper, Hopson, Horn, Hornback, Hornbuckle, Horochin, Horrigan, Horseman, Horton, Hoskins, Hotchkiss, Hotton, Houghten, Houseman, Houston, Houts, Hovey, Howard*, Howe, Howell, Howenstine, Howser, Hoxey, Hoy, Hoys, Hoyt, Hubard, Hubbard, Hubbell, Hudgepath, Hudletson, Hudson, Huetson, Huff, Huffhind, Huffman, Huggins, Hughes, Hughs, Hulgate, Hull, Hullet, Hullinger, Humber, Humberd, Humbert, Hunt, Hunter, Huntly, Huntoon, Hupp, Hurburt, Hurd, Hurley, Hurst, Hurt, Husen, Husheed, Huson, Huth, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hyde, Hyneman

Ibertson, Ide, Iherington, Ikenroth, Inboden, Ingerbrack, Inman, Insley, Ipal, Irons, Irwin, Isaacs, Isgrig, Ishmal, Ivans, Ives

Jackson**, Jacobs, James*, Jamison, Janders, Jane, Janney, Jarvis, Jeffers, Jenner, Jenison, Jenkins, Jenks, Jennings*, Jett, Jewell, Jewitt, Jobe, Johns, Johnson**, Johnston, Joiner, Jolley, Jomes, Jones**, Jonus, Joost, Josebox, Joss, Judson, Judy, Jurgens, Justice

Kadel, Kadell, Kalowsky, Kamm, Kampo, Kane, Kangelater, Kappis, Karnes, Karr, Karrack, Karydoter, Kaser, Kate, Katham, Kaufman, Kayman, Kean, Kearny, Keckeritz, Keefhaver, Keeling, Keely, Keen, Kehoo, Keith, Kell, Kellar, Kelley*, Kelloy, Kelly*, Keltenback, Kemp, Kendall, Kenedy, Kennedy, Kennel, Kennet, Kenney, Kennikin, Kent, Kenyon, Keowan, Keown, Keppe, Kepple, Kepps, Kerley, Kern, Kerners, Kerr, Kerwin, Keshner, Kesler, Kessinger, Kester, Kett, Kettenback, Kevners, Keys, Khul, Kick, Kidder, Killen, Killiher, Killion, Kimball, Kimble, Kimpel, King*, Kingore, Kingsley, Kinican, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkland, Kitner, Kitt, Kittle, Kitzmiller, Klear, Kleibacker, Klein, Kline, Knecht, Kneff, Kniggan, Knigge, Knight, Knoble, Knodle, Knoles, Knowles*, Knox*, Knutson, Koch, Konig, Kortz, Kramer, Kreider, Kreitzer, Kring, Kruger, Krugge, Kuderly, Kuhn, Kuhner, Kumpf, Kurley, Kylander

Labastine, Lack, Lackey, Lacy, Laddy, Laden, Ladue, Lafergee, Lake, Laman, Lamb, Lambach, Lambert, Lampert, Lampres, Lancaster, Land, Lander, Landers, Landis, Landreth, Lane*, Laney, Langdon, Langhans, Langley, Langly, Lankford, Lankins, Lantey, Lantz, Lapham, Lar, Larbard, Large, Larimore, Lash, Lasuski, Laubendahl, Lauer, Lauflin, Laughland, Laughlin, Laurence, Lauson, Laux, Lavely, Lavery, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, Lawyer, Laylon, Layton, Leach, Leasman, Leatherwort, Ledgerwood, Lee, Leecher, Leek, Leevy, Leifferts, Leighton, Leisman, Lemar, Lemmer, Leneham, Leonard, Lepler, Leppert, Leroy, Leslie, Lett, Leutwiller, Levalley, Levi, Levoacher, Lewis**, Lews, Lewy, Lieth, Lifler, Light, Lilly, Limk, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsley, Liness, Lingafelter, Lingofelter, Link, Linkswiler, Linn, Linquist, Lipe, Lirear, Liske, Lismon, Litehizer, Little, Littles, Livear, Lloyd, Lmias, Lock, Lockwood, Lofton, Logue, Lohaver, Lomas, Lonergan, Long*, Longfellow, Longmier, Longnecker, Lonias, Lood, Lord, Loren, Loring, Losemheid, Louis, Love, Lovel, Lowe, Lower, Lowery, Lownsbery, Loyd, Luby, Lucas, Luce, Lucket, Luckhart, Lufkins, Lukehart, Luken, Lumbert, Lundy, Lurrt, Lurst, Lush, Luth, Lutz, Luxford, Lyberger, Lyle, Lyman, Lynch*, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Lytle

McAlister, McAlly, McAtee, McBane, Mcbeth, McBride, McCabe, McCan, McCandless, McCann, McCarrol, McCarty, McCarty*, McCauley, McCintock, McClain, McClaire, McClenie, McCleod, McClimas, McClimes, McClintock, McCluer, McClure, McConnal, McConnel, McConnell, McConney, McCoy, McCrum, McCue, McCugh, McCullough, McDaniel, McDonald*, McDonnal, McDowel, McDowell, McEnroe, McErey, McEruy, McFadden, McFarland, McGalvy, McGalway, McGee, McGill, McGimeas, McGimens, McGinnis, McGinniss, McGlasson, McGlouchlan, McGloughlin, McGormick, McGowen, McGrady, McGrath, McGraw, McGuire, McHenry, McHughs, McIlheron, McIntire, McIntosh, McIoy, McIvy, McJoy, McKay, McKee, McKenna, McKinney, McKinzie, McKisson, McKnight, McLane, McLaufflin, McLaughlin, McLeane, McLear, McLemore, Mclender, McLeod, McMackin, McMahon, McMellen, McMillan, McMullin, McNair, McNeal, McNeil, McNulty, McPharson, McPherson, M’Rae, McReynolds, McRoy, McSpirit, McVane, McVay, McVey, McVicker, McWilliams, McWithy

Mack, Macken, Maddux, Maddy, Magill, Mahaffy, Maham, Mahane, Mahaney, Mahar, Maher, Maker, Maldron, Malone, Maloney, Maloy, Malugin, Mangold, Manine, Manins, Manius, Mann, Manners, Manning, Manny, Mansfield, Mapes, Maples, Marble, March, Marime, Marney, Maroney, Marony, Marquis, Marriner, Marsh, Marshal, Marshall, Martelm Martial, Martin**, Marty, Martz, Mary, Masner, Mason*, Massiner, Masters, Masy, Matheney, Mathews, Mathewson, Mathias, Matson, Matterson, Matthew, Mattocks, Maxcy, Maxwell, May, Mayer, Mayers, Mayfield, Mayher, Mayor, Mead, Meadows, Medaris, Medgett, Meek, Meeker, Meisher, Mellody, Melton, Melugin, Memts, Menze, Merrel, Merrill, Merrit, Merritt, Merryman, Messaler, Messalla, Messalin, Messerve, Messick, Metlan, Meyer*, Meyers, Michaels, Michner, Mick, Mickey, Micklan, Mickle, Middleton, Miers, Mifford, Milbert, Miles, Millady, Millard, Miller**, Million, Mills, Milton, Mincher, Mines, Minger, Minnear, Minor, Misarole, Misenheimer, Misner, Mitchem, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mittendof, Mitts, Mix, Mize, Mobley, Mock, Moffitt, Mofford, Mollsoffer, Monfert, Mongould, Monroe, Mons, Monson, Montgomery, Mooney, Moony, Moor, Moore**, Moorehouse, Moorhouse, Moran, Morehouse, Moreland, Morgan*, Morley, Morris*, Morrison, Morrisy, Morrow, Morse, Morthland, Moss, Motmiller, Mott,, Motts, Moul, Moulton, Mourer, Mowery, Moyer, Moyes, Moyso, Mueller, Muer, Muler, Mull, Mullen, Munger, Munsterman, Munts, Murdock, Murphey, Murphy*, Murray, Murrel, Murrill, Murry, Murtry, Mury, Musick, Myers*

Nagh, Nail, Nailor, Nance, Nash, Nazworthy, Neal, Neblick, Neff, Neil, Neimier, Nelins, Nelius, Nelms, Nelson, Neoff, Nester, Nevill, Newberry, Newcomer, Newel, Newell*, Newland, Newmons, Newsom, Newton, Niblick, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholson, Nicolus, Nigh, Nishwonger, Niver, Nix, Nobbel, Noble, Noel, Noice, Norman, Northrup, Norton, Nowlan, Nubb, Nulans, Nultz, Nuseman

O’Brien, O’Briere, O’Conner, O’Connor, O’Donnell, Ogden, Ogle, Ohara, Ohr, O’Kane, Okane, Olbert, Oldendorf, Oldman, Olds, Olive, Oliver, Ollave, Ollis, Ollive, Olsen, Olson, Olton, Omah, O’Maly, Omate, O’Neal, O’Riley, Ormsbey, Ormsby, Ornellis, O’Rourke, Orr, Osborn, Osburn, Osten, Osterhault, Oswalt, Oswalty, Otto, Overhaltmur, Overstreet, Overton, Owens, Owings, Owsley, Oyster

Packer, Paddock, Paden, Pagan, Page*, Paine, Pallet, Palmer*, Paners, Pankey, Pantier, Papa, Pardee, Pardie, Pargin, Parish, Parker, Parkhurst, Parkinson, Parks, Parmer, Parris, Parsley, Parsons, Passaw, Passow, Passwaters, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Payne, Pea, Peacock, Peak, Pearl, Pearson, Pease, Peck, Peek, Peele, Pelkey, Pelman, Pember, Pembroke, Pemont, Pendergrass, Pendleton, Penman, Pennington, Penoyer, Perdee, Perkins, Perley, Pernes, Perrine, Perry*, Peter, Peterman, Peterson, Petrie, Pfrimmer, Phelps, Philipps, Philips, Phillips*, Philman, Piatte, Pickering, Pierce, Pierson, Pinckney, Pinkard, Pinkerton, Pinkstaff, Piper, Pipkin, Pitsenberger, Pitts, Plank, Plumer, Pohl, Pollard, Pompella, Pool, Pope, Popejoy, Port, Porter, Porterfield, Portwood, Posey, Post, Potter, Powell, Power, Powers*, Powlus, Prather, Pratt, Prehm, Prenewell, Prescott, Price*, Prickett, Primm, Prince, Pringle, Pritchet, Prockington, Proclington, Provines, Pruman, Pugh, Purcell, Purley, Purman, Pursell, Putman, Pyatt, Pyles, Pym

Quade, Quarton, Queabs, Queen, Quick, Quin, Quince, Quinlan

Rabish, Radburn, Radcliffe, Rader, Raffensburger, Ragan, Ragland, Ragsdale, Rain, Rairson, Ramsey, Randall, Randle, Raney, Range, Rani, Raniey, Rankin, Ransdell, Ranson, Rappencker, Rasher, Rass, Rate, Ratekin, Rathbone, Rathbun, Rathburn, Ratke, Ratliffe, Rawson, Ray, Raymond, Rea, Reacher, Read, Reader, Ream, Reaugh, Reber, Reck, Redfering, Redfern, Redfield, Redle, Redman, Reed*, Reeder, Rees, Reesmisell, Regnier, Reily, Reinhart, Reisner, Reitz, Renneberg, Renshaw, Rentz, Renneberg, Renshaw, Rentz, Repetoe, Reuley, Reuter, Rexford, Rexroth, Rey, Reynolds, Rhine, Rhoads, Rice, Richards, Richaesson*, Richardville, Richforth, Richie, Rickerson, Ricketts, Rickuer, Riddle, Rider, Riely, Rierdon, Rigg, Riggins, Riggle, Rigs, Riley, Rimbey, Rimfry, Rings, Rirk, Riser, Rishforth, Riston, Ritchey, Ritchie, Ritter, Roach, Robbins, Robbinson, Roberson, Roberts*, Robertson, Robinett, Robinson**, Rock, Rockwood, Rodgers, Roe, Rogers*, Roland, Rose, Rosenthal, Ross*, Rossman, Rostberg, Rostberger, Rouett, Rourke, Rouse, Rout, Rowland, Rowley, Royal, Royerson, Ruark, Rubish, Ruby, Rucker, Rudish, Ruen, Ruffenburger, Ruger, Rule, Rumbles, Rundles, Rush, Russell*, Rutfield, Rutherford, Rutledge, Rutlidge, Ryan, Ryecraft

Sabastine, Sackell, Saddler, Safford, Saggers, Sailter, Salkeld, Samfile, Sammons, Sample, Samples, Sampson, Samuels, Sanborn, Sander, Sanders*, Sanduff, Sangler, Sarfe, Sargent, Sassenberg, Saunderson, Saurer, Savage, Savery, Sawyer*, Sayler, Scanlin, Scarrett, Scarrow, Scarry, Schamburger, Schaub, Scheer, Scheilte, Schermerhorn, Schieferstein, Schmidt, Schneck, Schneider, Schroder, Schroth, Schryver, Schultz, Schutt, Schweikard, Schwerdfeger, Scott*, Scovell, Scrogin, Scrone, Scurlock, Seamon, Searsey, Seavers, Seay, Sebart, Sebern, Sebow, Seed, Seider, Seiller, Seirer, Seith, Selby, Sellinger, Semular, Sender, Senion, Separt, Serrah, Serrett, Sersey, Serter, Server, Setzer, Seveley, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Seymore, Shacton, Shaddock, Shafer, Shaffer, Shanon, Sharer, Sharky, Sharp, Shaub, Shaver, Shaw, Shea, Sheehan, Sheets, Sheffield, Sheldon, Shellman, Shelly, Shenofelt, Shepard, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sherf, Sherman, Sherwood, Shilleto, Shipman, Shmitd, Shockley, Shocton, Shoemaker, Shomberger, Shontof, Shooks, Short, Shough, Shoutof, Shriner, Shroesler, Shroyer, Shryack, Shule, Shuler, Shull, Shumway, Shurky, Shute, Sibert, Siegel, Sieme, Sifler, Sigars, Sigler, Sillerman, Silver, Simmer, Simmes, Simminson, Simmons, Simms, Simons, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Sinian, Sittles, Sivers, Skelley, Skinner, Slabe, Sledger, Slee, Sloes, Sloman, Slopperan, Slowman, Slusher, Slusser, Small, Smalley, Smedley, Smeyer, Smith**, Smithson, Smitz, Smo, Smock, Smuck, Smyser, Smyth, Snediker, Sneed, Snelling, Snodgrass, Snook, Snow, Snyder, Solomon, Sotoff, Sorter, Southerland, Sovreign, Soward, Sowell, Spacher, Spafford, Spainhower, Spal, Spalding, Spangler, Spann, Sparks, Sparne, Sparr, Spaulding, Speares, Spears, Specht, Spelman, Spence, Spencer*, Sperry, Spicer, Spigerman, Spiggeman, Spilling, Spink, Spoilader, Sponogle, Sponsler, Spradling, Spraher, Sprecher, Sprenburg, Springer, Spruce, Spunogle, Squiarr, Stackhouse, Stacy, Stafford*, Stagner, Staley, Stall, Standifer, Standige, Stanfield, Stanley, Stanton, Staples, Stapleton, Staunton, St. Clair, Steale, Steed, Steel, Stegerman, Steidley, Stein, Steinman, Steinmann, Stell, Stelling, Stephenson, Stepheson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stever, Stewart*, Stienrod, Stiles, Still, Stillato, Stimrod, Stinbfoin, Stinborn, Stines, Stivers, Stockey, Stocking, Stockwish, Stoddard, Stofer, Stollard, Stone, Stonebraker, Stoneking, Stoner, Stopperon, Stout, Strain, Strawn, Street, Streeter, Stressinger, Stringfield, Stroad, Stroker, Stromate, Strope, Stroud, Stroufer, Strouper, Strout, Strube, Stryker, Stubblefield, Studley, Stwart, Styles, Subbord, Sullivan, Summers, Sumner, Sumpter, Sumter, Suppiger, Susenburgh, Sutcliff, Sutton, Swan, Swango, Swartout, Swartz, Sweet, Swick, Swift, Swimons, Swindler, Swing, Swingley

Tabor, Taggart, Talkenbury, Talkington, Talkinsbriy, Tappan, Tator, Tavis, Taylor*, Tazwell, Tell, Temus, Tenny, Terry, Teruri, Teskie, Teustem, Therington, Thole, Thomas**, Thompson**, Thomson, Thorn, Thronbush, Thornton, Thrall, Tibbs, Tice, Tiffany, Tiffon, Tight, Tilbert, Tilden, Tiller, Timie, Tindall, Tingle, Tinker, Tippet, Tippett, Tire, Tirnie, Todd, Tolin, Tolle, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Toole, Toplan, Toppan, Topping, Torrence, Touce, Touhy, Town, Townsend, Trabue, Tracy, Traverse, Trenary, Trent, Trnog, Troupe, Trow, Truckey, Trukel, Trumbo, Trumbowe, Tubbs, Tucker, Tugaw, Turley, Turner*, Turnipseed, Turpin, Tuttle, Tweed, Twing, Twohy, Twyman, Tyre

Ury, Uthoff, Utley, Utt

Vail, Vallerux, Vallet, Vallette, Valnot, Valust, Van, Vananken, Vanarsdall, Vanbogart, Van Buren, Vance, Vandement, Vandeventer. Vane, Van Fleet, Van Gundy, Vanhise, Vanlier, Vanmeter, Vanmetre, Vann, Vannetten, Vanolstein, Vanorman, Vanostin, Van Pelt, Van Schoick, Vanvleete, Van Ward, Varenger, Var Ward, Vatriot, Vaughn, Vawter, Veach, Vest, Vincent, Vinyard, Virgil, Virgin, Vleet, Vleit, Vogt, Voight, Voiles, Vorhees, Vosburg, Voyles

Wacker, Wade, Wadsworth, Waffle, Waggoner, Wagoner, Wait, Walace, Walch, Waldo, Waldron, Walen, Wales, Walker**, Wallace, Walricks, Walrot, Walsh, Walter, Walters, Walton*, Walworth, Wampeler, Wampler, Ward, Ware, Warfield, Warn, Warner, Warrack, Warren, Washington, Wassen, Waterbury, Waterman, Watermeyer, Waters, Wathermon, Watkins, Watman, Watson, Watts, Waugh, Wayne, Wear, Weatherford, Weaver, Webb*, Webber, Webbur, Webster, Weeden, Weeks, Weethermon, Wehner, Weibezahm, Weibezan, Weiden, Weisenden, Welch*, Weller*, Wellman, Wells, Welsh, Welter, Welton, Wendall, Wenhner, Wenhues, West*, Westbrook, Wester, Westfall, Weston, Westrope, Whalen, Whaley, Wheadon, Wheeler*, Whitaker, Whitcomb, White**, Whithouse, Whitman, Whitmer, Whitmore, Whitney*, Whitsitt, Wittemore, Wicham, Wickam, Wickery, Wicking, Widick, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilder, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilhelmi, Wilkerson, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, Willcox, Willhite, Williams**, Willoughby, Willowby, Wills, Willson*, Willy, Wilmarth, Wilran, Wilson**, Wilver, Wimple, Winchester, Wince, Wine, Wink, Winter, Winters, Winthrope, Wise, Wisemburg, Witem, Withane, Witherland, Withers, Withron, Withrow, Witman, Witt, Wixom, Woff, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolford, Wolverton, Wonderly, Wood**, Woodbrige, Woodburry, Woods, Woodsworth, Woodward, Woodworth, Wookelfeinny, Woolen, Wooley, Wooters, Worden, Wortman, Woster, Wotman, Wragg, Wray, Wren, Wright**, Wyatt, Wyning, Wyzard

Yachle, Yard, Yarnell, Yate, Yates, Yorkley, Yost, Young*

Zegler*, Zemdgroth, Zimerman, Zimmerman, Zingler, Zuc, Zue, Zuk