Illinois 1840 Census Index
Volume V
Compiled by Maxine Wormer
Surname Index
129 Pages, 8.5" x 11"
Softbound ... $20.00

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This 129-page, 8.5" x 11" publication contains the 1840 Federal Census Index for the following counties in the State of Illinois:
Sangamon, Schuyler, Scott, Shelby, Stark, St. Clair, Stephenson, Tazewell, Union, Vermillion, Wabash, Warren, Washington, Wayne, White, Whiteside, Will, Williamson and Winnebago.
Each entry includes name of head of household, county of residence, and census page number.


ADRINE, Antona, St. Clair County, Page #320
CORRELL, Andrew, Wabash County, Page #138

Surnames Included in this Publication

* After the surname indicates over 5 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.
** After the surname indicates over 10 DIFFERENT first names are listed under the surname.

Abar, Abee, Abbett, Abbey, Abbot, Abbott*, Abel, Abell, Abend, Abens, Abernathy, Abernethy, Ables, Abot, Abram, Abrams, Abrose, Abshear, Ackeman, Ackley, Acremont, Acres, Acrott, Acton, Acuff, Adair, Adams**, Adamson, Adarris, Aday, Adcock, Ades, Adkins, Adkinson, Adkison, Admiers, Adrain, Adrine, Affack, Aflic, Agan, Agard, Agnew, Aherst, Aickison, Aikman, Aikmore, Ainsley, Ake, Akeroyd, Akers, Akin, Akins, Akur, Albarns, Albertson, Albertz, Albright, Alden, Aldrich, Aldridge, Aldson, Alensworth, Alexander**, Alexandria, Algar, Aliston, Alkire, Allard, Allbright, Allee, Allen**, Allender, Allensworth, Alling, Allison*, Alloway, Allphir, Allsberry, Almand, Alt, Althans, Alvey, Alvord, Alwin, America, Ames, Amidon, Amons, Amos, Amsden, Anderhile, Anders, Anderson**, Anderton, Andras, Andre, Andrew, Andrews*, Andrus, Ange, Angel, Angle, Anglen, Anick, Ankrum, Anshute, Anthis, Anthony, Antle, Antrobus, Anway, Apger, Aplegate, Aplin, App, Appel, Apple, Appleton, Aram, Arbaut, Arbuthnot, Archbold, Archer, Archey, Archibald, Ardery, Ardrey, Argust, Armling, Armonstraut, Armor, Armour, Armstrom, Armstrong**, Arnet, Arnett, Arnette, Arnold**, Arnstaedt, Arnstutz, Arras, Arrington, Arrowood, Arsames, Art, Arterberry, Arterburn, Arterbury, Arther, Arthur, Artour, Arundell, Ary, Asford, Ash, Ashburn, Ashby, Ashcraft, Asher, Ashley, Ashlock, Ashly, Ashmore, Ashworth, Askem, Askins, Asteria, Aston, Atchitnson, Atchison, Ater, Atherton, Atkerson, Atkins, Atkinson, Atteberry*, Atthoun,Atwater, Atwell, Atwood*, Auberts, Aubry, Aud, Audume, Augburn, Augustin, Augustines, Aulte, Aumant, Aumerle, Austen, Austin**, Auston, Auxer, Avery, Awfield, Axtell, Ayers, Ayres*

Babb, Babcock, Barber, Bachand, Bachelor, Back, Backenstos, Bacon, Badgely, Badger, Badgley, Badgly, Bady, Bagby, Baget, Baggs, Bagley, Bagly*, Bags, Bagwell, Bailay, Bailer, Bailey**, Baily, Bain, Bainbridge, Bainbrook, Baird*, Bake, Bakel, Baker**, Balard, Balch, Bald, Baldridge, Baldwin*, Bale, Balenger, Bales, Baley, Ball*, Ballance, Ballard*, Ballerton, Balls, Balnum, Baltimore, Baltzell, Baly, Balz, Bamber, Banmore, Banca, Bancher, Bancom, Bancroft, Bandle, Bandy, Baning, Banks, Bankson, Bankston, Bannan, Banner, Banning, Bannon, Banson, Banta, Banton, Barbara, Barbec, Barber*, Barbery, Bardin, Bardwell, Bardwick, Bare, Bareglen, Bargance, Barger, Barges, Barham, Barker**, Barkhouser, Barksfield, Barlow, Barly, Barnaby, Barnam, Barnan, Barnard, Barnes**, Barnet, Barnett**, Barnhart, Barnhill, Barns, Barnum, Barr, Barrack, Barrackman, Barran, Barrass, Barret, Barrett*, Barringer*, Barron, Barrow, Barrows, Barruck, Barry, Barth, Barthelo, Bartholamew, Bartlet, Bartley, Bartolf, Barton*, Bartton, Bartuch, Bascom, Basford, Bashale, Bashew, Baskun, Bassee, Basset, Bassett, Basshew, Bassler, Basy, Batch, Batcher, Bateman, Bates*, Batey, Bathe, Batley, Batson, Battea, Batter, Battershul, Batterton, Battow, Baty, Baugh, Baugher, Baughman, Baum, Baumann, Baungardner, Baurasa, Bawhan, Baxter, Bay, Bayance, Bayne, Bays, Beach*, Beacher, Beadle, Beagle, Beal, Bealina, Beall, Beam, Beambrey, Bean, Beane, Bear, Beard, Beasley, Beasly, Beaton, Beattie, Beaty, Beaubian, Beauchamp, Beaumont, Beaver, Beavers, Beba, Bebee, Bechirt, Beck*, Beckam, Becker, Beckham, Beckly, Beckman, Beckwith, Beddle, Bedell, Bee, Beebee, Beeby, Beeden, Beedle, Beedleman, Beedles, Beegley, Beeler, Beenet, Beer, Beers, Beesly, Beetle, Beets, Beever Beggs, Beghtol, Begole, Behan, Behm. Beidleman, Beily, Beldon, Belknap, Bell**, Beller, Belleville, Bellonge, Bellows, Bellson, Belomy, Belonge, Belsey, Belsha, Belsy, Belt, Belton, Beman, Bemas, Bemsal, Bence, Benedict, Benhom, Benjamin, Benly, Bennet*, Bennett**, Bens, Benson, Bensyl, Bent, Benton, Berch, Bergan, Berge, Berinss, Beriot, Bernard, Bernier, Berr, Berrets, Berry**, Berthold, Bertholph, Berton, Besley, Besly, Bess, Besse, Bessey, Best, Beswick, Betts, Betzel, Bevel, Bevoy, Beyweath, Bice, Bickering, Bicknell, Biddle, Bidinger, Bidwell, Biehl, Biehls, Bierbin, Biermann, Bietendall, Biggins, Biggot, Biggs, Bigley, Bigs, Bilderback, Bilet, Bilew, Bill, Billet, Billings, Bilingsly, Bills, Bilyen, Bingham, Bining, Binion, Binton, Birch, Bird**, Birdsell, Birkbeck, Biron, Bishop*, Bison, Bissell, Bisson, Bitch, Bitz, Bivins, Bixby, Bizzle, Blachard, Black**, Blackard, Blackburn, Blackford*, Blackington, Blackledge, Blackmore, Blacko, Blackstock, Blackston, Blackwell, Blagg, Blaid, Blair, Blaise, Blake, Blakely, Blakeney, Blaker, Blalock, Blanchard, Blanckenbaker, Blanckenship, Blankinship, Blanton, Blarchard, Blasdell, Blay, Bledsor, Blessing, Blevins, Blew, Bliss, Blissett, Blizzard, Block, Blodre, Bloget, Blood, Bloom, Bloomershin, Bloomfield, Bloss, Blue, Bluff, Blynn, Blythe, Boardman, Boatright, Bobette, Bock, Boden, Bodenhamer, Bodine, Boen, Boerser, Boff, Bogardus, Bogart, Bogg, Boggess, Boggy, Bohamon, Bohner, Boid, Boilvin, Bois, Boismeneu, Boisvenue, Boit, Bolan, Bolen, Bolenger, Bolerjack, Boles, Bolesdman, Boll, Bolton, Boman, Boncoat, Bond*, Bondd, Bondinan, Bondman, Bonds, Bone, Bonean, Bonen, Boner, Bongartiner, Bonham, Bonkam, Bonnel, Bonner, Bonnett, Bonnyfield, Bonser, Bood, Book, Boos, Booth, Boothe, Booy, Borah, Borchett, Boren, Borien, Borin, Bork, Borland, Bornaby, Bornman, Borronphol, Borst, Borum, Bosley, Bosselt, Boswell*, Bothwell, Bottoms, Botton, Bouch, Boucher, Bouhl, Boules, Boultenhous, Boupard, Bourn, Bovee, Bover, Boving, Bovinger, Bovoe, Bowen**, Bower, Bowers, Bowin, Bowl, Bowlen, Bowler, Bowlin, Bowling, Bowls, Bowman*, Bowyer, Box, Boyce, Boyd**, Boyden, Boye, Boyer, Boyers, Boyl, Boyle, Boyne, Boyt, Boze, Bozeman, Bozier, Brace, Brackall, Bracken, Bradberry, Bradbury, Bradey, Bradford, Bradie, Bradley**, Bradly, Bradsbuy, Bradsby, Bradshaw*, Bradslery, Brady*, Bragg, Braher, Brainard, Braiton, Brake, Bramhall, Bramlet, Branch, Branden, Brandon, Brandy, Brannar, Brannen, Branner, Brannon, Branson, Brantley, Branum, Brasee, Brasher, Brassell, Brassetton, Brassfield, Brassiere, Bratton, Brawdwell, Brawner, Brawnson, Bray, Brayhill, Brayton, Brazee, Brazelton, Brazleton, Bread, Brean, Breckenridge, Breden, Breed, Breen, Breese, Breidicker, Brenan, Breneman, Brenner, Brent, Brenzel, Bretzler, Breverton, Brewer*, Brewner, Brewsaw, Brewster*, Brezeley, Brezin, Brian, Briant, Bridgers, Bridges*, Bridgewater, Brierly, Briessacker, Bridgewater, Brigg, Briggs, Bright, Brigs, Briley, Brillehan, Brimot, Brindage, Brines, Briney, Brink, Brinkerhoof, Brinsmade, Brinter, Brison, Brissey, Brostol, Britele, Britt, Brittain, Britton, Brittongham, Brottonham, Broadie, Broadwater, Brock, Brocket, Brockett, Brockman, Brohon, Bronaugh, Bronnson, Bronson, Brook, Brooker, Brookes, Brookfield, Brooks**, Brooksmith, Broom, Brosley, Bross, Brotherhood, Brothers, Brotton, Brouser, Browder, Brown**, Brownell, Browner, Brownfield, Browning*, Brownlee, Brownsfield, Brownnson, Bruce*, Bruder, Bruff, Brum, Brumit, Brundage, Bruner, Brunk, Brunt, Bruntor, Brust, Bruster, Bryan*, Bryant**, Bryent, Brynes, Bryon, Buchannan, Bucher, Buck*, Buckhanan, Buckhanon, Buckingham, Buckley, Buckman, Buel, Buffalo, Buffon, Buffum, Buford, Bugg, Buggis, Bulkley, Bull, Bullard, Bullinger, Bultt, Bump, Bunch, Bundram, Bundy, Bunker*, Bunson, Bunyan, Burbudge, Burch*, Burd, Burden, Burdick, Burdell, Burfield, Burgamire, Burge, Burger, Burgess, Burget, Burgh, Burgiss, Burk, Burkby, Burke, Burkett, Burkey, Burkhard, Burkhart, Burkit, Burkley, Burley, Burlingame, Burly, Burman, Burner, Burnes*, Burnet, Burnett, Burnette, Burnham, Burns*, Burnseller, Burr, Burrell*, Burress, Burries, Burris, Burriss, Burroughs, Burrougs, Burt, Burton*, Bury, Busbey, Busby, Bush*, Busher, Bushnell, Bushong, Bussa, Buswill, Butcher, Buterfield, Butler**, Butt, Butte, Butten, Butterfield, Buttery, Buttler, Buttles, Button, Butts, Butz, Buzan, Busby, Buzee, Buzick, Bwoy, Byers, Byington, Byrd, Byron, Byrum

Cabiness, Cable, Cadule, Cady, Caffee, Cafield, Cagam, Cagle, Cain, Cairns, Calaham, Calahan, Calamel, Calbert, Calbreath, Caldwell*, Caliot, Calkin, Calkins, Calkotire(?), Call, Callaway, Callison, Cally, Calver, Calvert, Calvin, Cambell, Camerin, Cameron, Camin, Camlin, Camp*, Campbell**, Campell, Campf, Campfield, Campplell, Camron, Cannan, Canada, Canaday*, Canader, Canatsey, Cane, Canedy, Canfield, Canley, Canman, Cannon*, Canterberry, Cantrall, Cantrell*, Capaling, Caport, Capp, Caraway, Card, Carden, Carder, Carens, Carey, Carco, Carion, Carl, Carle, Carleton, Carlin, Carlisle, Carlock, Carlskin, Carman, Carmen, Carmichael*, Carnifix, Carny, Carol, Carothers, Carpenter*, Carper, Carr**, Carrens, Carrice, Carrico, Carrigan, Carrol, Carrolton, Carry, Carsart, Carson, Carsort, Carte, Carter**, Cartmel, Cartwright, Carver, Cary, Casad, Casady, Casard, Casart*, Case, Casey*, Cash, Casinger, Casody, Casper, Cass, Casseday, Cassel, Cassidy, Cassle, Cast, Casteel, Casterline, Casterlow, Castle, Castleberry, Cate, Cates, Catlin*, Caton, Caudle, Caufman, Caughron, Causey, Causland, Cavalla, Cavanaugh, Cavney, Cavory, Cawley, Cawthron, Cayton, Cawley, Cawthron, Cayton, Cearms, Cecelle, Cecil, Center, Cetchan, Cetler, Chace, Chadd, Chadeon, Chadey, Chadwick, Chaffe, Chaffee, Chaffer, Chalerhan, Chalfant, Challifeux, Chamberlain, Chamberlane, Chamberlin, Chambers*, Chamblin, Chamness, Champion, Champlin, Champon, Chance, Chancey, Chandler, Chapel, Chapen, Chaphisan, Chapin, Chaplin, Chapman**, Chappat, Charington, Charkston, Charles*, Charters, Chartey, Chartrand, Chase, Chatfield, Chatillon, Chatmon, Chatrand, Chatterton, Chavis, Cheague, Cheatem, Check, Chedwood, Cheek*, Cheeney, Cheeny, Cheesingham, Chelet, Chelton, Chena, Cheneoth, Chenoeth, Chenoweth, Cherry, Cheseldine, Cheshire, Chesney, Chester, Chew, Chewing, Chibber, Chiesman, Child, Childers, Childres, Childs, Chilson, Chin, Chiney, Chinoeth, Chipman, Chism, Chisum, Chittenden, Chitty, Chives, Chlopiski, Choat, Chrag, Chrisman, Christerson, Christy, Chrysler, Church, Churchill, Cimmerman, Cisenhall, Cissna, Citter, Civey, Civibey, Clack, Clagwell, Clair, Clairy, Clamo, Clampett, Clampitt, Clanton, Clarage, Clarday, Clark**, Clarke, Clarkson, Claton, Clauser, Clawson, Claycomb, Clayes, Claypole, Clayston, Clayton, Claywell, Cleaveland, Cleavland, Cleck, Clemant, Clemen, Clement, Clements, Clemmens, Clemments, Clemon, Clemons, Clemore, Clendening, Clenkenburd, Clepper, Clessens, Cleveland, Clevinger, Clifford, Clift, Clifton, Cline**, Clingel, Clingler, Clingman, Clingum, Clinkingbeard, Clinton, Cllark, Clocumb, Clopp, Close, Closson, Cloton, Cloudis, Clough, Clover, Clow, Cloyd, Clump, Clutz, Clyman, Clymer, Cobb, Cobble, Coborn, Coburn, Cochenover, Cochran*, Cochrane, Cocklin, Coder, Coe, Coen, Cofenbury, Coff, Coffal, Coffel, Coffey, Coffin, Cofflen, Coffman*, Coghill, Cogsdell, Cogswell, Cohorn, Cohuan, Coigloof, Coil, Coke, Cokeley, Colany, Colberson, Colbert, Colburn, Colclasure, Colcord, Coldren, Coldwell, Cole*, Coleby, Colegrobe, Coleman*, Coles, Coley, Collard, Collenberger, Collens, Collin, Collins*, Collingsworth, Collison, Collor, Collough, Collvert, Colman, Colmire, Colton, Colwell, Combs, Commings, Commons, Compstock, Compton*, Comstock, Conant, Conant, Conaway, Condit, Condon, Condor, Cone, Conelly, Coney, Conkey, Conklin, Conley, Conlin, Coonly, Conn, Connell, Connely, Conner*, Connover, Conrad, Conroy, Constable, Constant*, Converse, Conway, Coogan, Cook**, Cooksy, Cooley, Coolidge, Coon*, Cooney, Coonrod, Coons, Coonts, Coopenbarger, Cooper**, Cope, Copeland*, Copes, Coplen, Copley, Copock, Copps, Corbele, Corbon, Cordell, Corder*, Corey, Corgan, Corish, Cork, Corley, Cormack, Cornean, Corner, Corngil, Cornish, Cornny, Cornsable, Cornwell, Corothers, Correll, Corrie, Corrigan, Corry, Corse, Corsey, Cortney, Cortright, Cortwrithg, Cortyne, Corwin, Cory, Corzine**, Cosart, Cosley, Cossey, Cossit, Costly, Coterell, Cotnam, Cotrell, Cott, Cottingham, Cotton, Cottoner, Cottrell, Couch, Couger, Coultas, Couler*, Coultis, Councell, Courte, Courter, Courtney, Courtright, Cove, Cover, Covington, Cowan, Cowden, Cowgill, Cowin, Cowles, Cowls, Cowtdry, Cowtrey, Cox**, Coxe, Coy, Cozine, Crab, Crabtree, Crackle, Craddick, Craddock, Craft, Crafton, Craig*, Crain*, Cramer, Crampton, Cranch, Crandall, Crane**, Crans, Crask, Crathen, Craton, Craven, Cravens, Craver, Craw, Crawford, Crawley, Cray, Craylow, Creaghead, Creamer, Creaver, Crebs, Creek, Cregg, Creighton, Crell, Crenn, Crenshaw, Cress, Creswell, Creth, Crew, Crews*, Crider, Crilly, Crimmin, Crippen, Cripps, Crishman, Crisman, Crisp, Criss, Criswell, Crites, Crochran, Crocker*, Crocket, Crockett, Crockhite, Crofford, Croft, Cromer, Cronun, Crook, Crooker, Crooks, Crosbey, Crosby*, Crosley, Crosman, Cross*, Crosson, Crouch, Croune, Crow, Crowder*, Crowell, Crowl, Crowley, Crowly, Crowse, Crowser, Croy, Crozier, Crule, Crumb, Crumbaker, Crumby, Cruse*, Cruses, Crutchings, Crutre, Crutty, Cuberley, Cue, Culbrouth, Cullison, Cullum, Culp, Cumings, Cummings, Cummins, Cummons, Cumons, Cundiff, Cuningham, Cunningham*, Cunnion, Cunrod, Cunts, Cup, Cuqua, Curby, Currand, Currant, Curren, Currey, Currie, Currier, Curry*, Curtis**, Curtiss, Curts, Cury, Cusha, Cushing, Cushman, Cusick, Custer, Cuswell, Cutchun, Cutler, Cutlip, Cutter, Cutwright, Cyurs

Dabney, Dack, Dagget, Daggett, Dagley, Dahm, Dailey, Daily*, Dalany, Dalbey, Dalcher, Dale, Dallis, Dalton, Dalzell, Damomer, Damron, Dan, Dancer, Danels, Danforth, Daniel*, Daniels*, Danley, Dannehold, Danron, Darae, Darant, Darby, Dardon, Dare, Daring, Dark, Darkhurst, Darling, Darnall, Darneal, Darneals, Darnell, Darniel, Darrow, Darter, Darvariroz, Dashner, Dashorer, Dauber, Daugherty, Davenport, David, Davidson**, Davie, Davinport, Davis**, Davison, Dawdy, Dawson*, Day*, Dazey, Dazit, Deakin, Deamude, Dean*, Deans, Deardoff, Dearduff, Deavenport, Debby, Deboard, DeBord, Deborie, Dobruler, Debush, Dechene, Deck*, Decker*, Deckerson, Deckson, Decoster, DeCourcey, Deeds, Deel, Deer, Dees, Deets, Defunport, Degan, Degnon, Degouski, Degraff, Dehage, Dehague, Deisher, DeJarnet, Delano, Delany, Delap, Delay*, Delee, Delone, Delong, Delonge, Delorrne, Delow*, Delsh, Demare, Demared, Demash, Dement, Demerest, Demerit, Deminde, Demmick, Demming, Demorest, Demsey, Denevant, Deneven, Denis, Denison, Dennell, Dennis*, Dennison, Denny, Densterkoetter, Dent, Dentley, Denton*, Deny, Deobald, Deputy, Derecobacke, DeReimer, Derikson, Derks, Deshon, Despain, Desper, Devanport, Devault, Devenport, Devilley, Devolt, Devore*, Devors, Dew, Deweese, Dewey, Dewitt, Dial, Diale, Diamond, Dick, Dickason, Dicken, Dickens, Dickerman, Dickermon, Dickerson*, Dickey Dickinson, Dickler, Dicky, Dicus, Diesel, Dietx, Dill, Dillard, Dillday, Dilley, Dilliard, Dillingham, Dillon**, Dimery, Dimick, Dimmick, Dimmond, Dimon, Dimond, Dines, Dingle, Dingwerth, Dinkelman, Dinman, Dinnell, Dinney, Dinsmore, Dirker, Disney, Divilbiss, Dixon**, Dobbs, Dobson, Dockerty, Dodd, Dodds, Dodge, Dodson, Doe, Doge, Doherty, Doig, Doke, Doland, Dolch, Dolen, Doling, Dolitsch, Dollahon, Dolson, Domass, Donaho, Donahoo, Donaldson, Donnally, Doncarlos, Donce, Done, Donley, Donnedy, Donnelly, Donner, Donnis, Donoven*, Donovin, Donovon, Dooks, Doolan, Doolen, Dooley, Doolitle, Doolittle*, Doolon, Dooly, Doorly, Dopps, Doran, Dore, Doremus, Dorey, Dorherty, Dorman, Dormon, Dorney, Dorrance, Dorrel, Dorrill, Dorris, Dorsett*, Dorsey*, Dorton, Dosher, Dotey, Doty, Doubty, Dougan, Dougerty, Dougherty, Doughty, Douglas, Douglass, Doulson, Douthart, Douthit, Dowd, Dowdy, Downen, Downer, Downes, Downey, Downing*, Downs*, Dowth, Doyl, Doyle, Drain, Drake, Draper, Dray, Drennen, Drennon, Drenon, Dressel, Dresser, Drew*, Drezer, Driggers, Driscill, Driscoll, Drone, Drouin, Druey, Drullinger, Drummond, Drummonds, Drury, Dryer, Dubois, Ducase, Ducham, Duchette, Duck, Dudley, Dudney, Duees, Duese, Duey, Duff*, Duffenbacker, Duffield, Dugger, Duglass, Duke, Dukes, Dulap, Dulard, Duley, Dull, Duly, Dumphy, Dunaven, Dunaway, Dunbar*, Duncan**, Dunham, Dunnington, Dunkham, Dunlap**, Dunlop, Dunn*, Dunseth, Dunsmore, Dunyon, Dupree, Duprey, Dupuy, Duran, Durangeot, Durant, Durbin, Durell, Durgan, Durgen, Durgin, Durham, Durkee, Durken, Durley, Durush, Duryea, Dusenbey, Dusock, Dutchasn, Dutton, Duval, Duvall, Duweese, Dwire, Dyer*, Dykins, Dyre, Dyserd, Dyvonport

Eades, Eads, Eager, Eagon, Ealy, Eames, Erhart, Earl, Earls, Early, Earnest, Earnhart, Earnold, Earnst, Earp, Easley, Easly, Eason, East, Eastman, Eastridge, Eastwood, Eaton*, Eavers, Eaves, Ebel, Eberle, Eberlein, Eberman, Ebly, Eby, Eckert, Eckle, Eckler, Eckley, Ecorton, Eddington, Eddleman, Eddy, Eden, Edgar, Edge, Edger, Edmonson, Edmonston, Edmund, Edmunds, Edmunston, Edom, Edward, Edwards**, Edworthy, Eeyer, Egan, Egbert, Egelston, Eggemann, Eggleston, Eib, Eichhorn, Eidman, Ekelburner, Ekle, Elam, Elbert, Elder*, Eldridge, Elms, Eli, Elkin, Eldins, Ellefret, Ellege, Ellerd, Ellett, Ellingr, Ellington, Elliot, Elliott**, Ellis**, Ellisridge, Ellmore, Ells, Ellsrige, Ellsworth, Elmore, Elms, Elsberry, Else, Elsizer, Elster, Elston, Elsworth, Elwell, Emberson, Embery, Embree, Emely, Emerson, Emery*, Emmett, Emmonds, Emmons, Empson, Emrick, Encminger, End, Ender, Enderton, Endicott, Engel, England, Engle*, Engleman, Engletson, English, Engram, Enlow, Ennis, Enoch, Enochs, Enos, Enox, Ensley, Enurck, Epire, Epley, Epshear, Ervin, Esbenshied, Esey, Esley, Eson, Espenshied, Espenshite, Espinhine, Essex, Estaberk, Etcherage, Etherage, Etherton, Etling, Eubank, Eubanks*, Eutis, Evans**, Eveleth, Evens, Everett, Everingham, Everman, Evey, Evins, Ewing**, Exeline, Eyman, Eymann, Ezard, Ezell

Faber, Facel, Fagan, Faggart, Fagity, Fagot, Fahnestock, Fair, Fairchild, Faribanks, Fairley, Fairmon, Fakener, Faley, Fallgate, Fancher, Fannlers, Fanrose, Faraty, Farchild, Faris, Farland, Farley, Farlin, Farmer**, Farnam, Farnner, Farnsworth, Farr, Farrell, Farris, Farthing, Farwell, Fatheree, Fauber, Faukner, Faulkner, Faust, Fay, Fealing, Fears, Feebey, Feed, Feeney, Fegly, Fein, Felds, Felix, Felky, Fell, Fellows, Fellps, Felmeley, Felt, Felta, Felton, Felts, Fenick, Fenkerton, Fenner, Fenton, Fergason, Ferguson*, Ferman, Ferras, Ferrell, Ferren, Ferrier, Ferril, Ferrill, Ferrington, Ferron, Fessney, Fetcher, Fete, Fetts, Feuren, Fick, Ficklin, Fidler, Field, Fielder, Fields, Figby, Fike*, File, Files, Fillebers, Finagan, Finch, Finders, Findley, Findly, Fink, Finkley, finley, Finly, Finny, Firey, Firlebern, Firrel, First, Fischer, Fish, Fisher**, Fisk, Fitch, Fithian, Fitts, Fitz, Fitzgarrel, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerrald, Fitzgibbons, Fitzgirl, Fitzhu, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Fix, Flacke, Flagerty, Flagg, Flahart, Flake, Flanagan, Flanagin, Flanders, Flanegan, Flanery, Flanigan, Falnigin, Flannery, Flaught, Flearville, Fleehart, Fleming**, Flemming, Flenonton, Flesher, Fletcher*, Fleury, Flick, Fliene, Flieschbein, Fliff, Flinn, Flint, Flinton, Floery, Flory, Floumbood, Flource, Flower, Floyd, Flukenstein, Flutner, Fly, Flynn, Fobes, Fogg, Foleo, Foley, Folger, Folia, Folkner, Folks, Folson, Fondebonne, Fondu, Fonnekon, Foot, Forbes, Force, Forcy, Ford**, Fordon, Forman, Foreman, Forest, Forguson, Forhilleh, Forist, Forquer, Forrist, Forry, Forseith, Forster, Forsythe, Fort, Fortner*, Fortney, Fortune, Forwood, Fosdick, Foss, Foster**, Fouch, Fouk, Fountain, Founton, Fourchette, Fourghet, Fourth, Fowler*, Fox, Foxnoff, Fraesr, Fraine, Frair, Frakes, Fraleigh, Fraley, Fran, France, Frances, Francis*, Francisco, Frank, Frankburgher, Frankford, Franklin*, Franks, Frary, Frasher, Frasier, Frayley, Frazee, Frazer*, Frazier*, Frazure, Frederick, Free, Freeburn, Freel, Freeman**, Freemon, Freer, Freeze, French*, Freshwater, Freyvogel, Frick*, Friedlander, Friend, Fries, Friess, Frind, Frink, Frisbe, Frisby, Friscur, Fritz, Frobar, Froester, Frogge, Froman*, Fromon, Fronkerty, Frost, Fruit, Frumain, Fry*, Frybarger, Fryer, Frymore, Fudge, Fulford, Fulkerson, Fulks, Fuller**, Fullinweder, Fulsifer, Fulsifur, Fulton, Fulwiller, Funderburk, Funk**, Funkhouser*, Furcade, Furgason, Furges, Furgeson, Furland, Furlong, Furlow, Furnace, Furtier, Futha

Gable, Gadd, Gadner, Gage, Gager, Gailey, Gainer, Gaines, Gains, Gaions, Galager, Galaspy, Galbraith, Galbreath, Gale, Gales, Gallice, Gallihar, Galloway, Galusha, Gambell, Gambling, Gambrell, Gambriel, Gammill, Gammon, Gamson, Genensher, Ganey, Ganis, Gann, Gannon, Gant, Gappin, Garason, Garbo, Gard, Gardener, Gardner*, Garland, Garley, Garlich, Garmon, Garner, Garnett, Garret, Garre, Garretson, Garrett**, Garrick, Garrison**, Garritson, Garritt, Garrold, Garrot, Garrott, Garten, Garter, Garth, Garvey, Gash, Gaskill, Gaskin, Gassaway, Gasser, Gassett, Gasten, Gastier, Gaston*, Gates*, Gatewood, Gather, Gatt, Gattin, Gatton, Gatupup, Gaudin, Gaudry, Gaughf, Gavoin, Gay*, Gaylord, Gazaway, Gealsby, Geathouse, Gebhart, Geddes, Geer*, Geere, Geerkhart, Geeseland, Gehrmann, Geiger, Geiscler, Gellett, Gelson, Genin, Gennings, Gent, Gentry, Geroge**, Gerberuk, Gere, Gerhardt, Gerl, Gerlack, Gesford, Gest, Gester, Getchell, Geyer, Geyner, Ghant, Ghants, Gibbens, Gibber, Gibbins, Gibbon, Gobbons, Gibbs*, Gibler, Gibson**, Giddings, Gideon, Gierserk, Giffen, Gifford, Giger, Gilbert**, Gilbrath, Gilbreath, Gile, Giles, Gilgis, Gilham, Gilkinson, Gilky, Gill, Gillan, Gillaspie, Gilleland, Gillem, Gillenwaters, Gillespie, Gillett*, Gillham, Gilligan, Gilligen, Gilliland, Gillison, Gillman, Gillmore, Gillock, Gills, Gillson, Gillum, Gilman, Gilmartin, Gilmore, Gilpatrick, Gilphin, Gilson, Gilworth, Gin, Gindling, Gingery, Gingrich, Ginn, Gipford, Gipson, Girue, Gisbert, Gissam, Gittings, Gitty, Givins, Glan, Glans, Glaser, Glasgow, Glass*, Glasscock, Glassgow, Glaze, Gleason, Glener, Glenn, Glesson, Glick, Gloudon, Glover, Glurier, Glynn, Gobin, Gochanners, Godaird, Goddard, Godfrey, Godwin, Goethe, Goforth, Goin, Goings, Gojert, Gold, Golden, Goldings, Goldsmith, Golens, Goliger, Golliday, Golonley, Golt, Gooch, Good, Goodacre, Goodal, Goodall, Goodbread, Goode, Goodenough, Goodhart, Goodhue, Gooding, Goodle, Goodman**, Goodmon, Goodner*, Goodnight, Goodpasture, Goodrich*, Goodspeed, Goodwin*, Goodwright, Goodyear, Gooner, Goore, Gooting, Goowin, Goram, Gordan, Gorden, Gordon*, Gordun, Gordy, Gore, Goree, Goren, Gorham, Gorin, Gorley, Gorman, Gormley, Gormon, Gorsuch, Gosetch, Gosey, Gosh, Goslin, Goss, Gossage, Gosset, Gossett, Gostage, Gott, Goudy*, Gouer, Gouger, Gould*, Gouting, Gowdy, Gowen, Gower, Gox, Grabb, Grabendeck, Grace, Grady, Gragg, Graham**, Grammar*, Grammer, Grand, Grane, Granslate, Grant*, Grass, Grasshan, Grate, Gratton, Graves*, Gray**, Graham, Grayn, Grayson, Greathouse, Greely, Green**, Greenawalt, Greene, Greenell, Greenfield, Greening, Grenlee, Greenley, Greenman, Greenwalt, Greenwood*, Greer*, Gregg, Greggs, Gregory*, Greher, Gresham, Grewer, Grey, Grichun, Grider, Gridly, Grieser, Griffee, Griffin**, Griffith*, Griffiths, Griggery, Grigory, Grigsby, Grimes, Grimsley, Grind, Grindle, Grinnold, Griphen, Grisemire, Grissman, Grissom, Grist, Gritton, Grob, Grobal, Groce, Groh, Groher, Gronden, Groner, Gronnen, Groom, Groovel, Gropf, Groselaulle, Groses, Gross, Grossmann, Ground, Grousback, Grout, Grove, Grovemore, Grover, Groves*, Grubb, Grubble, Grubbel, Gruber, Grummons, Grunenwald, Gruning, Guard, Guffy, Guiler, Guinn, Guisinger, Guitlead, Gull, Gulleford, Gulley, Guls, Gundy, Gunn, Gunter, Gupton, Gurley, Gustun, Guterwitz, Guthery, Guthrie, Gutinges, Gutlein, Gutteridge, Guy, Guyer, Guyman, Guynn, Gwin, Gwynn

Haas, Haberd, Hack, Hacker, Hackett, Hadden, Hadley, Hadlock, Hadrell, Hafford, Hagadine, Hagany, Hagar, Hager, Hagerdy, Haggard, Haghes, Hagins, Hagland, Hagler*, Hahn, Hahneman, Haiger, Haight, Hail, Haile, Hain, Haines, Hair, Haisington, Haisting, Halbert, Halcomb, Hale**, Haley*, Halfleaer, Halford, Halgate, Hall**, Hallam, Hallen, Haller, Hallock, Halsey, Halstead, Haly, Ham, Hambet, Hambrick, Hamilton**, Hamlin, Hammars, Hammel, Hammer, Hammers, Hammil, Hammilton, Hammond, Hammonds, Hamond, Hamonds, Hamons, Hamphill, Hampten, Hampton*, Hanaley, Hanaman, Hanan, Hanback, Hanby, Hance, Hanchen, Hancock, Hand, Hanes, Haney, Hanfling, Hanford, Hankins, Hanks*, Hanland, Hanna*, Hannah, Hannand, Hansbraw, Hanson, Hany, Hara, Harbaugh, Harberson, Harbeson, Harbor, Harbour, Harbur, Hard, Harden*, Hardgrave, Hardgroves, Hardin, Harding, Hardwick, Hardy*, Hare, Hargis, Hargrave, Hargraves, Hargroves, Harick, Harington, Harison, Harkin, Harl, Harlan*, Harland, Harlin, Harloh, Harlow, Harm, Harman, Harmeter, Harmon**, Harmon, Harms, Harness, Harnet, Haron, Harp, Harper, Harr, Harrel, Harrell, Harrington, Harris**, Harrison**, Harriss*, Harrison*, Harrover, Harrowver, Harryman, Harsamine, Harshbarger, Hart**, Hartley, Hartline, Hartman, Hartson, Hartsough, Hartwell, Harvey*, Harvy, Harwerth, Harwood, Hascall, Hase, Hasel, Hasen, Haskal, Haskell, Haskill, Haslin, Hassey, Hasti, Hasting, Hastings, Hasty, Hatch, Hatcher, Hatchett, Hatfield*, Hathaway, Hatheton, Hathoway, Haugher, Haveis, Haven, Havenhill, Havert, Havins, Havit, Hawf, Hawk, Hawkins*, Hawley*, Hawly, Haworth*, Haws*, Hawthorn, Haxby, Hay*, Hayden, Hayes, Hayles, Hayne, Haynes*, Haynie, Hays*, Hayse, Hayward, Haywood, Hazen, Hazlet, Hazleton, Hazzard, Heacock, Headen, Headlock, Headrick, Headspeath, Heady, Healndpold, Healy, Hearlson, Hearrer, Heart*, Heason, Heath*, Heaton, Hebble, Heberer, Heck, Heckman, Hecock, Hedden, Heddon, Hederick, Hederrick, Hedgcock, Hedges, Hedly, Hedrick, Heeter, Hefflin, Hegerman, Hegley, Heisker, Heisler, Helinger, Hellermann, Helm, Helmick, Helmkamp, Helms, Helton, Hemen, Hemenway, Hemingway, Haminway, Hammengway, Hemmingwa, Hemphill, Hemstock, Henchcliff, Henchler, Henchliff, Henderlight, Henderseter, Henderson**, Hendeson, Hendith, Hendren, Hendria, Hendricks*, Hendrix, Hendrixon, Hendryx, Hendsley, Henemon, Henly, Henman, Hennessee, Hennig, Henry*, Hensen, Henshaw, Hensley, Henson*, Henten, Henthorn, Henzel, Hepburn, Herbert, Herd, Herington, Hern, Herndon, Herod, Herrell, Herrick, Herrin, Herring*, Herrington, Herrling, Herryman, Hershey, Hersy, Hertel, Hervey, Hesker, Heskett, Hesler, Hess, Hesser, Hester, Hetherly, Heton, Hett, Heward, Hewett, Hewlit, Hews, Hewston, Heyland, Hiatt, Hibbard, Hibberd, Hibbs, Hibsenbrant, Hichcock, Hick, Hickey, Hickman**, Hickok, Hickoox, Hickox, Hicks*, Hicky, Hide, Hieroman, Hiflin, Higans, Higbee, Higby, Higden, Higenbottom, Higgins**, Hight, Hightower, Higinbotham, Higins, Hiland, Hilderbrant, Hildreth, Hildrith, Hileman*, Hiler, Hilgard, Hill**, Hillard, Hillars, Hillery, Hillin, Hillingworth, Hillis, Hillman, Hills*, Hillsbury, Hillyard, Hillyear, Hilsabeck, Hilsabook, Hilt, Hilton, Hilyard*, Himmel, Hindbern, Hinde, Hindman, Hinds, Hineman, Hines, Hinkle*, Hinkley, Hinman, Hins, Hinsey, Hinsty, Hinton, Hisbarger, Hiscock, Hitchcock, Hite, Hitover, Hitt, Hittle, Hivdorn, Hoadley, Hoag, Hoagh, Hobart, Hobbie, Hobbs, Hobert, Hobs, Hobson, Hock, Hockner, Hodge, Hodges*, Hodgins, Hodgson*, Hoebreaker, Hoelzcher, Hoffman*, Hoffmann, Hoffner, Hofman, Hofner, Hogan, Hogans, Hogebrone, Hogg, Hoggatt, Hogges, Hogginson, Hoggison, Hogland, Hogshead, Hogue, Hohn, Hoig, Hoke, Holaday, Holbrook, Holbrooks, Holchable, Holcom, Holcomb*, Holdberby, Holden, Holder, Holderby, Holderman, Holdridg, Holeman, Holemes, Holems, Holfing, Holgate, Holiday, Holland, Hollaway, Hollawell, Hollenbeck, Holler, Holleway, Holley, Hollingsworth*, Hollinshead, Hollowa, Hollowbush, Holloway, Holman, Holmes*, Holroy, Holt*, Holton, Holts, Holtsoucer, Homer, Homes, Honey, Hon, Honn, Hontes, Hood**, Hoof, Hoofman, Hooke, Hooker, Hooley, Hooper*, Hoos, Hoots, Hoover, Hope, Hopfinger, Hopkins**, Hopkinson, Hopper, Hopson, Hord, Horine, Horn, Hornback, Horne, Horner, Hornes, Horney, Horrel, Horseman, Horsford, Horsley, Horstman, Hortin, Horton, Hosick, Hoskins, Hoskinson, Hossock, Hostior, Hotnail, Houge, Hough, Houghan, Houghton, Hounan, Houpt, Houscutter, House*, Houseman, Housen, Houser, Housley, Houstin, Houston, Houtz, Hovey, Howard**, Howart, Howarton, Howe*, Howel, Howell*, Howert, Howes, Howk, Howland, Howlet, Howvy, Hoyt*, Hoz, Hozer, Hubbard*, Hubbert, Hubble, Huber, Hubers, Huckaby, Huckleberry, Huckuby, Huddleston, Huddlsten, Huddlston, Hudgens, Hudson*, Huff*, Huffman*, Huffmaster, Hufford, Huffstutler, Hufman, Huggins, Huges, Hughs**, Huit, Hulbert, Hulbig, Hulbreth, Hulchett, Hulin, Hull, Hultze, Humaker, Hume, Humfries, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunbole, Hunecker, Hunley, Hunn, Hunsaker*, Hunsinger*, Hunt, Hunter*, Huntington, Huntley, Huntson, Hurd, Hurley, Hurly, Hurst, Hurt, Husbands, Husbrook, Huse, Husk, Huskopf, Hussey, Hust, Husted, Huston*, Hutchcraft, Hutchens, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutchkins, Hutchson, Hutson, Hutt, Huttenhow, Huxtable, Hyatt, Hyde, Hydon, Hyman, Hymer, Hynes, Hynman, Hypes

Ibel, Ibers, Ides, Igo, Iler, Iles, Iliff, Imbrie, Inat, Indercott, Ingalls, Ingersoll*, Inghaham, Ingham, Ingraham, Inis, Inman, Invenall, Ireland, Irish, Irosper, Irvin*, Irvines, Irwin*, Isenogle, Iserhett, Israel, Iverson, Ives, Ivey, Ivie

Jack*, Jackman, Jackson**, Jacob, Jacobey, Jacobs*, Jaegel, Jagger, Jakeways, James**, Jameson*, Jamison, January, Jaquee, Jaquess, Jaquish, Jarod, Jarot, Jarred, Jarrett, Jarrot, Jarrott, Jarvis, Jatho, Jay, Jayne, Jeans, Jeffers, Jefries, Jefrson, Jellett, Jenessen, Jenkins*, Jenks*, Jennett, Jenning, Jennings, Jens, Jernagan, Jerome, Jessney, Jessup, Jester, Jewel, Jewell, Jewett, Jewitt, Jimerson, Jimison, Jinkens, Joffree, John, Johndron, Johns, Johnson**, Johnston*, Join, Joiner, Joll, Jolleff, Jolliff, Jolly, Jomey, Jondron, Jones**, Jonter, Jordan, Jorden, Jordon, Joseph, Joslin, Jost, Jourdan, Jourden, Joy, Joyal, Judd*, Judge, Judson, Judy, Julian, Julias, Jumps, June, Junep, Junkins, Jurden, Jurdon, Just, Justice, Juvenall

Kafman, Kaler, Kalowsky, Kander, Karek, Kareker, Karr, Karrer, Kartchner, Kasson, Kaufman, Kavanagh, Kavanaugh, Kaysing, Keagwin, Kean, Kearnes, Kearny, Keating, Kebscis, Keck, Kedler, Keeler, Keeling, Keely, Keen*, Keenan, Keener, Keeney, Keeny, Keer, Keesler, Keffer, Kegas, Kegin, Keightley, Keiser, Keister, Keith, Keithe, Keiver, Keizer, Kellar, Kellen, Keller*, Kellor*, Kelley*, Kellogg, Kelly**, Kelsey, Kelso, Kelsy, Kemberling, Kemp, Kemper, Kemple, Kempster, Kenady, Kenchler, Kendall*, Kendrick, Keneday, Keneday, Kenedy, Keneipp, Kenman, Kenna, Kennady, Kennedy*, Kenner, Kennerly, Kenney, Kennon, Kennot, Kenny, Kenshalo, Kent, Kentfield, Kenton, Kentral, Kerbey, Kercher, Kerchival, Kereker, Kerenthe, Kern*, Kernon, Kerr, Kerregen, Kerrell, Kersey, Kershaw, Kesener, Kesler*, Kesselring, Kessler, Ketchpool, Ketchum, Kettler, Key, Keys, Kibble, Kice, Kidder, Kidney, Kight, Kilbern, Kilborn, Kilby, Kile, Kilgore, Killaby, Killam, Killebrew, Killian, Killing, Killison, Killpatrick, Kilpatrick, Kilparick, Kilsby, Kimbel, Kimber, Kimble*, Kime, Kimmel, Kimmet, Kimmey, Kindle, Kindull, Kiney, King**, Kingade, Kingury, Kingcade, Kingery, Kingman, Kingsbury, Kingsley, Kingston, Kington, Kinkade, Kinkley, Kinman, Kinner, Kinney*, Kinny, Kinsey, Kinyon, Kinzie, Kipp, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkham, Kirkpatric, Kirkpatrick*, Kirksea, Kirth, Kirtley, Kisadd, Kiseeker, Kiser, Kistler, Kitchell, Kitchen, Kizer, Kizle, Kizler, Klanbaugh, Klater, Klaughburg, Kleckner, Klein, Kleinschmitt, Klepper, Kline, Klinkhart, Klotz, Klun, Klyne, Knapp, Kneeland, Knell, Knight*, Knipe, Knipshell, Knobeloch, Knobitz, Knoble, Knodle, Knoebel, Knohel, Knoph, Knott, Knotts, Knouse, Knowland, Knowles, Knowls, Knox, Knuckolds, Knup, Koch, Koehler, Koen, Koerner, Kolb, Koontz, Koser, Kowny, Krafft, Kramer, Kratzch, Krauss, Kreabaun, Kreigh, Kriechbaum, Krieger, Krill, Kroh, Krondy, Kropp, Kruck, Kruse, Kuder, Kueety, Kugler, Kunstler, Kurch, Kurler, Kurney, Kurny, Kurtz, Kury, Kusey, Kuster, Kuykendall, Kuysbury, Kuyse, Kyger, Kygers, Kyle, Kyse

Labragt, Labuisier, Labusier, Lacey, Lacherty, Lackey, Lackland Lacock, Lacroin, Lacroix, LaCroy, Lacy*, Ladd, Lafardy, Laferty, LaFever, Laflin, Laforce, Lagantry, Lagantry, Lagloy, Lagnon, Laine, Lair, Laird, Lake*, Lakin, Laman, Lamar, Lamaster, Lamb, Lambert, Lame, Lamer, Lamm, Lamon, Lamotte, Lamping, Lampkin, Lampman, Lampy, Lancaster, Lance, Lancuster, Land**, Landebt, Lander, Landhart, Landrith, Landsdon, Landy, Lane*, Laneen, Laney, Lang, Langdon, Langerand, Langerin, Langford, Langley, Langlois, Langly, Langston, Langwell, Lanham, Lankford, Lankston, Lannhard, Lanpher, Lansdon, Lant, Lanterman, Lantis, Lany, Laparge, Lapense, Laperche, Larame, Lard, Large, Largent, Larimore, Lark, Larkin, Larkins, Larobertiere, Larons, Larrance, Larrence, Larrimore, Larrison, Lary, Lasater, Lasell, Lash, Lashell, Lashley, Lashmate, Lashure, Lasley, Lassag, Lastly, Laswell, Latham, Lathrope, Latimer, Latimore, Laton, Latt, Laurenz, Lavalet, Lavallette*, Lavan, Lavely, Law, Lawes, Lawler*, Lawless, Lawrence*, Lawson, Lay, Laycock, Layman, Layton, Leach, Leadly, Leager, Leal, Leards, Learned, Leary, Leason, Leathers, Leaton, LeCompte, Ledbetter, Ledgerwood, Ledora, Lee**, Leech, Leedes, Leek, Leeland, Leeper, Leet, Lefevre, Leffingwell, Leffler, Legg, Legier, Lehner, Leibe, Leighton, Leland, Leman, Lemard, Lemen*, Lemley, Lemon, Lemons, Lenard, Lenblar, Leneare, Leneave, Lenebarger, Lenersturt, Lenkert, Lenover, Lenox, Lenthacunts, Lenton, Lentz**, Lenz, Leonard*, Lepage, Lepire, Lerd, Lesher, Lesley, Lesly, Lester, LeTemps, Lethergraphen, Letner, Levally, Level, Levensen, Levering, Leverton, Levit, Levitt, Levy, Leweas, Lewis**, Lewman, Liddle, Liebig, Liepshitch, Lieurance, Ligget, Light, Lightfoot, Lighton, Lighty, Like, Likins, Liles, Lilley, Lillie, Lilly, Lince, Linch, Lincoln, Lindauer, Linder, Lindly, Lindsay, Lindsey, Line, Liner, Lines, Lingenfetter, Lingle**, Linhof, Linkins, Linley, Linn, Linsey, Linville, Linzee, Linzy, Lipes, Lipkin, Lippet, Lippincott, Lipscomb, Lipsley, Lipsy, Liptrap, Lisenbee, Lisher, Lisney, Listenbarger, Lister, Littel, Litteral, Little**, Littlejohn, Littler, Lively*, Livers, Lives, Livesay*, Livingston, Loarch, Lobdall, Lobdell, Lochlin, Lock, Lockalier, Lockard, Locke, Lockert, Lockett, Lockridge, Lockwood, Locus, Loder, Loftis, Loftlin, Logan**, Logen, Loisel, Loisur, Lolly, Lomax, Loncon, Long**, Lonfellow, Longley, Longnecker, Longner, Longworth, Longyear, Lonover, Lonsberry, Lookabee, Looks, Loomis, Loop, Loos, Lootz, Lorany, Lord, Lore, Lorig, Loring, Lots, Lotswitic, Lott, Loud, Loudaback, Loudebeck, Louden, Lough, Louis*, Loury, Louther, Lovall, Love*, Loveall, Loveing, Lovejoy, Loveless, Lovell, Lovesee, Loving, Lovins, Lovlin, Low**, Lowell, Lower, Lowery, Lowman, Lowrey, Lowry, Loy, Loyd, Lozee, Loxer, Lucas*, Luce, Luch, Luckett, Luckner, Lucky, Lucon, Lucus*, Lucy, Luddington, Ludnoun, Ludwick, Ludwig, Luens, Luken, Lump, Lunchford, Lundear, Lundergan, Lunesch, Lung, Lunt, Lusby, Lusk, Luster, Luther, Luttrell, Lutz, Lybarger, Lyell, Lyerley*, Lyle, Lyman*, Lynch*, Lynn**, Lyon, Lyons*

Mabee, Macay, Mace, Mack, Mackentire, MacKentire, Macker, Mackerel, Mackey, Macklehany, Macklera, MacMaken, Macy, Madden*, Madder, Maddison, Maddock, Maddon, Maddox, Maden, Madill, Madison, Maerz, Maeter, Magee, Magness, Maham, Mahan, Maherty, Mahler, Mahon, Mahoney, Mahony, Mahu, Mahuren, Maid, Main, Mainard, Mains, Majors*, Makemson, Makimson, Makmater, Malacky, Maley, Malick, Mall, Mallery, Mallory, Malone, Malony, Maloy, Mamar, Manard, Manchester, Mandeville, Mandrill, Manerd, Mangers, Mangle, Maning, Manley, Manlove*, Mann*, Mannaghan, Manney, Manning, Mannis, Manse, Manson, Mantton, Manville, Maples, Maracle, Marball, March, Marchent, Marcial, Marcum, Mardon, Margrady, Mariam, Marian, Maricle, Mariem, Marion, Mark, Markeley, Markell, Markey, Marki, Markley, Marks, Markus, Marley, Marlin, Marlinlouck, Marlow, Marney, Maroon, Marques, Marquot, Marr, Marrice, Marsenger, Marsh*, Marshall, Marshal, Marshell, Marston, Martin**, Martyn, Martzcoff, Marucle, Marvel, Marvin, Masan, Mascall, Maser, Masey, Mason**, Massenger, Masseran, Massey, Masterly, Masters, Mathare, Mathena, Matheney, Matheny, Mather, Mathers, Mathes, Mathew, Mathews*, Mathias, Mathis, Matin, Matlock, Matlocks, Matney, Matsel, Matteason, Matteson, Matthews, Mattison, Mattock, Mauhall, Maulding, Maule, Mause, Maxam, Maxcey, Maxey, Maxfield*, Maxwell*, May, Mayan, Mayberry, Mayfield, Mayhall, Mayhew, Mays, Mayson, McAban, McAdams, McAfee, McAffee, McAllen, McAtee, McBride*, McCabb, McCabe, McCafferty, McCalister, McCallister, McCam, McCan, McCane, McCann, McCardle, McCarroll, McCarther, McCarthy, McCarty*, McCaslin, McCasson, McCaul, McCauley, McCaw, McCawley, McCease, McCeess, McChesney, McChilland, McCinly, McClain, McClanahan, McClary, McClay, McClean, McCleary, McCleen, McCleland, McClellan, McClelland, McClenahan, McClerken, McClernon, McClewer, McClintick, McClintie, McClintock, McClintok, McClinton, McCloud, McClure**, McColister, McCollum, McComas, McComber, McCome, McCommas, McConn, McConnel, McConnell, McCool, McCoole, McCorcle, McCord, McCorkel, McCormack, McCormic, McCormick, McCormuk, McCoun, McCowlen, McCown, McCoy**, McCracken, McCrackin, McCrary, McCray, McCreary, McCrosky, McCudden, McCullah, McCulley, McCulloch, McCullock, McCullough, McCulluck, McCully, McCummins, McCune, McDafney, McDanal, McDanel, McDaniel**, McDannel, McDermolot, McDermot, McDill, McDonald*, McDou, McDougle, McDow, McDowell, McDoyle, McDuncan, McElhamun, McElhane, McElhany, McElhannon, McElheny, McElherrin, McElhoes, McEllester, McElyea, McEntosh, McEvers, McEwen, McFadden, McFall, McFarlan, McFarland, McFarlin, McFarling, McFeron, McGarity, McGaw, McGay, McGee*, McGehey, McGenis, McGill, McGinnes, McGinnis*, McGivin, McGlachlin, McGlassen, McGlasson, McGlaughlan, McGory, McGovan, McGowen, McGown, McGraham, McGraw, McGray, McGreer, McGreggor, McGregor, McGrew, McGrigger, McGuire, McHatton, McHenry, McHutton, McInally, McInelly, McInter, McIntire*, McIntosh*, McIntyre, McKane, McKaughan, McKay, McKee, McKellups, McKendree, McKeney, McKenna, McKenny, McKenzie, McKenzie, McKenzy, McKey, McKeynold, McKibben, McKim, McKing, McKinney, McKinny*, McKinsey, McKinster, McKneely, McKnew, McKnight, McKurtry, McLane, McLaughlin*, McLean, McLearnin, McLease, McLemore, McLevain, McLeway, McLimore, McLin, McLochlin, McLocklin, McLoughlin, McMaken, McMackin, McMahan, McMain, McManaman, McMartin, McMayhill, McMicle, McMillan*, McMillen*, McMorris, McMortery, McMullen, McMullin, McMurphy, McMurry, McMurtry, McNabb, McNail, McNair, McNeal, McNealy, McNear, McNeele, McNeeley, McNeely, McNeil, McNeman, McNiel, McNiell, McNut, McPeak, McPherson, McPheters, McQuady, McQueinn, McQuian, McQuin, McQuown, McReda, McRerry, McRery, McReynolds, McRoberts, McSarley, McStrann, McTrey, McVay, McWade, McWalkers, McWay, McWhorter, McWilliams, Meacham, Mead, Meador, Meadows, Mealer, Means, Mears, Mease, Meatet, Mecham, Mechan, Medcalf, Medill, Medlin, Medlock, Medor, Medows, Meecham*, Meedlin, Meek, Meeker, Meeks, Megary, Meghee, Meier, Meigs, Meihen, Meisser, Melborn, Melican, Melius, Mellan, Melrose, Melson, Melton, Melvin, Menard, Mendenhall*, Meneley, Menia, Meninger, Meninghall, Mennus, Menter, Mentizer, Menz, Meradeth, Meredith, Meriell, Merill, Meriwether, Merk, Merkel, Merker, Merod, Merel, Merell, Merril, Merrill, Merriss, Merritt*, Merryfield, Merryman, Meryfield, Mesenger, Meserlee, Meserole, Meshenge, Meshler, Messecher, Messenger, Messerault, Messerer, Metcalf, Metier, Metts, Metz, Metzler, Meyer, Meyley, Meyner, Miars, Mibberd, Mibbey, Michael, Michaels, Michel, Michell, Michener, Mickemson, Mickey, Middlecoff, Middlesworth, Middleton*, Mier, Miers, Mikels, Milburn, Miles*, Miley, Miligan, Millary, Millener, Miller**, Millet, Millian, Milligan, Millikan, Millikin, Millington, Million, Millis, Millman, Mills*, Milmus, Milner, Milsap, Milslagle, Milsoaw, Milsted, Milton, Minard, Minchin, Miner*, Mines, Minkler, Minnick, Minor, Mins, Minshall, Minson, Minta, Minto, Minton, Mire, Mires, Misener, Misenheimer, Miskil, Misley, Misman, Mitchel*, Mitchell**, Mitcheltree, Mitchill, Mittelcoff, Mittelstaedler, Mitton, Mitts, Mitz, Mizener, Moberry, Mobley, Mobly, Mock, Modgelen, Moeser, Moffett, Moffit, Moffitt, Morgan, Moghke, Moke, Moldon, Moler, Moley, Molton, Monarch, Monodonhall, Mondy, Mongomery, Monheart, Monk, Monroe, Monson, Montague, Montarey, Monteeth, Montgomery*, Montoth, Moobery, Moody, Moon, Mooneyham, Moor*, Moore**, Moorney, Mootry, Moraine, Myres, Mytick

Nab, Nadot, Nagee, Nagel, Naile, Nall, Nance*, Naper, Napper, Nardor, Nash, Nasworthy, Nation, Nations, Nave, Nawcross, Nayel, Neal*, Nealey, Nearen, Neavill, Nebuker, Neddleton, Neel, Neely, Neesbit, Neese, Neff, Negers, Neidger, Neighbors, Neil, Neily, Neiser, Nelson**, Nendigh, Nepper, Nerval, Nesbit, Nesler, Netler, Nettleton, Netts, Neuberth, Neugler, Neuhoff, Neuser, Nevel, Nevells, Nevett, Nevill, Nevitt, New, Newberry, Newbrough, Newby, Newcom, Newcomb, Newcumer, Newel, Newell, NEwfield, Newhall, Newkerk, Newkirk, Newlin, Newlon, Newman**, Newsom, Newsum, Newton*, Nexin, Niblock, Nice, Nichaelson, Nicherson, Nicholas, Nicholdson, Nicholes, Nichols*, Nicholson, Nickle, Nickles, Nickls, Nickols, Nickolson, Nicles, Nicolas, Nicoles, Nicols, Niece, Niecum, Night, Niles, Niman, Nimerick, Nimmon, Ninght, Nisbeth, Nisbett, Niver, Nixon*, Nobel, Noble, Nobles, Noel, Noffsinger, Nois, Noland, Nolehouse, Nolen, Nolin, Noll, Nolton, Norch, Nordick, Nordmeyer, Norman*, Norris*, North, Northcut, Norton*, Norwell, Nothrop, Nott, Nottage, Nottingham, Nowell, Nowland, Nowlin, Noxen, Noyes, Noyse, Nugent, Null, Nuring, Nutt, Nutterfee, Nutting, Nye

Oakley, Oakly, Oaks, Oakwood, Oberles, Obney, Obree, O'Briant, O'Brien, Obrine, O'Brine, O'Conner, O'Daniel, Oddekirk, Odel, Odell, Oden, Odile, Odle, Odler, Odom, Odonel, Odorn, Odum, Oertel, Offett, Oftenbrinker, Ogden, Ogdon, Oghs, Ogle*, Oglesbey, Oglesby, Oglevie, Olchy, Olden, Oldendorf, Oldridge, Olds, O'Lehy, Oliver*, Oller, Ollis, Olliver, Olmstead, Olmsted, Olphen, Olphin, Oltus, Oman, O'Marra, O'Neal, Oneal, O'Neil, Onglemon, Onnemann, Onos, Ooley, Oory, Oram, Orcutt, Orendorff, Organ, Ormsby, Ornton, Orr*, Orrick, Orsbern, Ortery, Orton, Osbern, Osborn*, Osbourn, Osburn, Osgood, Osman, Osten, Ostrander, Ostrom, Otridge, Ott, Otter, Otten, Outland, Overfield, Overman, Overmyer, Overstalls, Overstreet, Overton, Owen**, Owengs, Owens**, Owin, Owings, Owins, Owk, Ownes, Owsteld, Oxford, Oxley, Oxx, Oyler, Ozburn

Pace, Paddock, Paddox, Padfield, Padgett, Padon, Page*, Pain, Paine, Painter, Paisley, Palfreeman, Palmer**, Palmier, Pandavis, Pane, Pangborn, Panson, Pape, Paradis, Parcel, Pare, Parham, Parish*, Parit, Park, Parker**, Parkerson, Parkherst, Parkhurst, Parkin, Parkins, Parkinson, Parks**, Parkust, Parlier, Parmely, Parmenter, Parmer, Parmerly, Parmly, Parmunter, Parnel, Parnell, Parnish, Parr, Parrish, Parrott, Parson, Parsons, Partlow, Parvin, Parvis, Paschal, Pasco, Pasfield, Pate*, Patrick, Patridge, Patten, Patterson**, Patteson, Patton, Paul, Paulas, Pauling, Paulston, Pawling, Paxton, Payne*, Payton, Pea, Peabody, Peach, Peacock, Peak*, Peake, Pearce*, Peargouz, Pearing, Pearl, Pearson, Pearpeak, Pearson, Peary, Pease, Peasley, Peats, Peck, Peckenpaugh, Peckerel, Peckerell, Peckinpaw, Pedicord, Peecock, Peeler, Peer, Peers, Peersbarger, Peeters, Peffer, Pegg, Pegis, Peifenbury, Peish, Pelgrim, Pelham*, Pelky, Pelletier, Pelly, Pemperton, Pena, Pence, Penconeau, Pendellton, Pendelton, Pender, Pendergrass, Pendleton, Penfield, Penington, Penn*, Penney, Penninger, Pennington*, Penny, Penrod, Pensanan, Pensly, Penson, Pensoneau, Pentecost, Penter, Peoples, Pepper, Peramon, Perce, Perio, Perkey, Perkins*, Perley, Perris, Perron, Perry**, Perryman*, Perse, Persinger, Pery, Peryman, Peter, Peterman, Peters*, Peterson*, Petit, Petri, Pettebone, Pettengill, Pettgrue, Pettingall, Pettis, Pettit, Pettitt, Petty, Pettybone, Pettyjohn, PettyPool, Petyjohn, Pevalore, Pfaffar, Pffeffer, Pfeiffer, Phanson, Phar, Pharis, Pharris, Phater, Phelps**, Phenix, Philbrick, Philips**, Philleps, Phillipps, Phillips**, Philpot, Phipps, Phoenix, Phulipere, Phunister, Pickard, Picken, Pickens, Pickerall, Pickerin, Pickering, Pickett, Pickins, Pickle, Pickrell, Pierce**, Piercy, Piershbacher, Pierson, Pigg, Pike*, Pilcher, Pile, Piles, Pillsberry, Pinegis, Pinesmith, Pinkerton, Piper*, Pippin, Pirce, Piser, Pitchford, Pitinger, Pitman, Pittman, Pitz, Pixley, Place, Planck, Plasters, Platner, Platt, Pleasant, Plimpton, Plott, Plowman, Plum, Plumb, Plummer, Plumtoe, Plunket, Plymate, Poate, Poddall, Poe, Poffenberger, Pofinberger, Poge, Pogue, Pointer, Points, Poland, Polem, Polk, Pollard, Pollock*, Polly, Polmore, Polston, Pomeroy, Pond, Pool**, Pollum, Poor, Pope, Popham, Pophun, Poplin, Popp, Porks, Porter*, Ports, Posey, Posson, Post, Posten, Postgate, Posthauer, Poter, Potete, Pots, Pott, Potter**, Potterfield, Pottle, Potts, Pouch, Poulston, Powel, Powell**, Powels, Power, Powers*, Powlas, Powlass, Powrman, Praedinbok, Prater, Prather, Prats, Pratt*, Prediger, Predy, Prentice, Prescott, Preston*, Pretty, Prettyman, Pribble, Price**, Pricket, Prickett, Pricthett, Priddy, Pride, Prier, Priest, Prim, Primm*, Primot, Prince, Prior, Pritchard, Pritchet, Pritchett, Probasco, Probst, Proctor, Prouty, Provine, Provoll, Prow, Pruett, Pruitt, Pryor, Pucket, Puckett, Pugh, Pullam, Pullan, Pullen, Pulley, Pulliam, Pullree, Pulse, Pulsipher, Pumroy, Putney, Purce, Purcell, Purcy, Purdom, Purdy*, Purkins*, Purse, Purvine, Purvines, Purvis*, Puterbaugh, Putman, Putnam*, Putney, Putrament, Pyatt, Pyle, Pyles, Pynchon

Quail, Queen, Querd, Quick*, Quigg, Quigly, Quinbey, Quinn, Quinton, Quitman, Qushing

Radcliff, Radferd, Radford, Rae, Raffauf, Ragan, Rage, Ragen, Rager, Ragin, Ragland*, Ragon, Ragsdale, Rail, Railesback, Railsback, Rainbolt, Raines, Rale, Rallenkotter, Ralls, Rames, Ramey, Ramsay, Ramsey**, Rancan, Ranch, Rand, Randall, Randle, Randleman, Randolph, Raney, Rankin**, Rankins, Ranney, Ransdall, Ransom, Ranson, Rape*, Rapert, Rapier, Rialer, Rapolich, Rapp, Rarden, Raridan, Ratcliff, Ratekin, Rathbon, Rathe, Ratliff, Ratliffe, Rauber, Rauch, Rauk, Raushkolb, Rauth, Raver, Rawlings, Rawlinsen, Ray**, Raybourn, Raykill, Raymond, Rayney, Read, Reader, Ready, Reagan, Realey, Reary, Rease, Reasor, Reatherford*, Reaves, Reber, Reckhow, Rectney, Reddick, Reddington, Reder, Redfern, Redfield, Redfrend, Redman, Redmond, Redpath, Redy, Reece, Reed**, Reeder, Reedeyelel, Reel, Rees*, Reese, Reeser, Reeves, Regan, Regel, Reggin, Reggs, Reichard, Reid*, Reiley*, Reily, Reinhardt, Reinheart, Reinhold, Reitsell, Relnell, Remers, Remley, Renard, Rener, Renfrow, Renn, Renner, Rennick, Reno*, Renshaw*, Rent, Rentfrow, Renth, Rentleman, Rentshler, Renz, Reshon, Rester, Restine, Retinghouse, Retstein, Rettick, Rettinghouse, Reves, Rexrode, Reyfield, Reynals, Reyno, Reynolds**, Rhodes*, Ricard, Rice**, Rich, Richard, Richards*, Richardson*, Richart, Richason, Richey, Richie, Richints, Richmond, Richy, Rickets, Ricketts, Rickey, Rickley, Rickord, Ricobs, Riddle, Riddler, Rider, Ridgeley, Ridgely, Ridgeway*, Rieseck, Riess, Rigg*, Rigby, Riggans, Riggin, Riggins, Riggles, Riggs*, Rigs, Rigslee, Riley*, Rilley, Rily, Rima, Rine, Rinehard, Rinehart, Ringrose, Ringshouse, Rink, Rino, Rion, Ripatoe, Ripley, Rippatow, Rippon, Rishell, Risley, Ritch, Riychey, Ritchie, Ritner, Ritsnell, Rittenhouse*, Ritter**, Rives, Roaan, Roach*, Roadenling, Roads, Roan, Robart, Robarts, Robartson, Robb, Robbe, Robbins, Robbinson, Roberdson, Roberson, Roberts**, Robertson**, Robeson, Robey, Robins, Robinson**, Robison, Roby, Roche, Rock, Rockerfeller, Rockhold, Rockwell, Rockwood, Rodd, Roderick, Rodes, Rodet, Rodgers, Rodman, Rodrick, Roe, Roek, Rogers**, Roland, Rolen, Roley, Rolin, Rolinson, Roll, Rollins, Rolls, Rolph, Rolston, Roman, Romans, Romine, Rondells, Roney*, Rontleman, Rony, Rood, Rook, Roos, Root, Rorex, Rosa, Rose*, Rosenbum, Rosher, Roshouge, Rosman, Ross**, Rossel, Rossmann, Rossway, Roswell, Rotel, Roth, Rothbine, Rothrock, Rothwell, Rouce, Roundney, Rountree, Roup, Rourk, Rouse, Rout, Routh, Routs, Row, Rowan, Rowark, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Rowles, Rowley, Rown, Roy, Royal, Royce*, Royer, Roys, Royster, Ruark, Ruby, Rucker, Ruckle, Ruckman, Rudd, Ruddock, Rudolph, Rue, Rueger, Rugard, Ruith, Rukl, Rule, Ruler, Rull, Rulong, Rumroytz, Runcles, Runelds, Runnells, Runnels, Runols, Runtz, Runyon, Rupert, Ruphen, Ruppenthaler, Ruse, Rusel, Rusell, Rush, Rusk, Russel*, Russell**, Russle, Rust, Rutenfranz, Rutherford, Rutledge, Rutlege, Ryan, Ryanson, Ryburn, Ryehart, Ryeley, Rynear, Rynehart, Ryon

Sabine, Sacket, Sackett, Saddler, Sadler, Sadorus, Safford, Safley, Sage, Sailors, Salinger, Salisbury, Sallee, Sallier, Sallsman, Sally, Salsberry, Saltonstall, Salva, Sammis, Sammons, Sample, Samples, Sampson*, Sams, Samuel, Samuels, Sandborn, Sandburn, Sanders**, Sanderson, Sandford, Sands, Sanford, Sanger, Santherr, Sapp, Sappington, Sarbor, Sargeant, Sargent, Saterfield, Satire, Satley, Satterly, Sattler, Sattrlaa, Saucier, Sauer, Sauerwein, Saul, Saunders, Saunderson, Savage, Sawin, Sawyer, Sawyers, Sayer, Sayr, Sayre, Scales, Scamehorn, Scantling, Scarratt, Schaefer, Schaeffer, Schamehorn, Schank, Schaumloeffel, Scheam, Scheel, Scheely, Schiemer, Schillinger, Schingle, Schleicher, Schlemmer, Schlunk, Schmick, Schmidt, Schmuck, Schneider, Schnider, Schofield, Scholl, Schonamtsgruber, Schoolen, Schoppe, Schort, Schrader, Schray, Schrode, Schubart, Schubhegel, Schuchman, Schuck, Schuff, Schultz, Schussel, Schweater, Schwery, Schwind, Scoby, Sconce, Scoomaker, Scoot, Scott**, Scouf, Scouton, Scovel, Scovell, Scovill, Scribner, Scriffin, Scripps, Scrivins, Scroggin, Scrogins, Scrughan, Scudder, Scurlock, Sdwsky, Seal, Sealey, Sealner, Seals, Sealy, Seaman, Seammon, Search, Seargant, Searl, Searle, Sears, Seaton, Seaver, Seawell, Seawright, Sedan, Seders, Seekman, Seely*, Seely*, Segraves, Seibert, Seible, Seiler, Seitz, Seiwell, Selby, Seleman, Selfridge, Sell, Sellars, Selleck, Sellers, Sells, Selly, Senard, Senate, Sentin, Serand, Serat, Sergant, Sergeant, Sessions*, Setford, Setherland, Settle, Sevehely, Sewall, Seward, Sexton, Seybold, Seyfried, Seymore, Sezar, Shackelford, Shade, Shadle, Shadly, Shadrick, Shaefer, Shaeffer, Shaer, Shafer, Shain, Shall, Shane, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon, Shanon, Sharer, Sharning, Sharoon, Sharp*, Shasteen, Shatron, Shaun, Shaver, Shaw**, Shay, Sherwron, Shea, Shear, Shearer, Shearinder, Shearman, Sheely, Sheets, Shehi, Sheigley, Shelby, Shelcup, Shelden, Sheldon, Shelhouse, Shell, Shellenbarger, Shelly, Shelton*, Shepherd*, Shepley, Sheppard, Sherbourn, Sherell, Sherer, Sherill, Sherman, Sherrell, Sherridan, Sherrill, Sherry, Sherwood, Sheurks, Shewmake, Shibe, Shields, Shiger, Shinall, Shinbarger, Shincius, Shinkle, Shipley*, Shipman, Shipton, Shire, Shires, Shirley, Shirrill, Shirtliff, Shively, Shober, Shoe, Shoemake, Shoemaker, Shoeman, Shoey, Sholl, Shomaker, Shomburgh, Shomnipple, Shonich, Shonz, Shook, Shopshear, Shore, Shores, Short**, Shots, Shoup, Shoupe, Show, Showwalter, Shrader, Shreeves, Shrom, Shuberd, Shuemaker, Shuff, Shurffield, Shuldiz, Shull, Shult, Shultheis, Shultz, Shumaker, Shumate, Shumway, Shunk, Shunkle, Shurtliff, Shutt, Shwortz, Sickford, Siddell, Siddler, Sides, Sidwell, Sieber, Sieg, Sight, Sights, Siler, Silkwood, Sill, Sillamon, Silliman, Sillivant, Silvey, Simenton, Simington, Simmarl, Simmerman, Simmons**, Simms, Simonds, Simone, Simons, Simonson, Simpkins, Simpson**, Sims, Sinclair, Singer, Singleton, Siphord, Sipple, Sires, Sisney, Sissen, Sisson, Sivly, Six, Sixbee, Skaks, Skeets, Skein, Skenn, Skiddy, Skidmore, Skiles, Skinner*, Skipworth, Skirven, Skull, Slade, Slagle, Slaid, Slaker, Slane, Slater, Slaton, Slaughter, Slavins, Slawson, Sleers, Sleet, Sleeth, Sleighton, Slicer, Slinker, Sloan*, Sloanes, Slocomb, Slocumb, Sloey, Slone, Slough, Sloughter, Slover, Smahl, Smahlenberger, Small, Smiler, Smiley, Smily, Smiser, Smith**, Smithey, Smithson, Smoothers, Snap, Snapp*, Snell, Snider**, Snodgrass*, Snow, Snowls, Snyder*, Sodowsky, Sodusky, Sollars, Solls, Solman, Solsberry, Sommers, Songer, Soper, Sotcher, Sott, Soule, Sourwine, South, Southard, Southerland, Southward, Southwell, Southwick, Sovereign, Sovrein, Soward, Sowders, Sowell, Sowers, Spaer, Spafford, Spain, Spalding, Span, Spangler, Spare, Sparkes, Sparks*, Sparrow, Speak, Spears, Speck, Speckman, Speed, Spence, Spencer*, Sperber, Sperry, Spicer*, Spidel, Sipdle, Spies, Spigg, Spilky, Spiller*, Sping, Spivey, Spochey, Spohnhammer, Sponeburg, Spores, Spotswood, Spottswood, Sprague, Sprigg, Spring, Springer, Springs, Sprinkle, Sprounce, Sproules, Sproull, Sprouls, Spurgin, Spurier, Spurling, Spurlock, Squires, Sronce, Staats, Stabeck, Stace, Stackpole, Stacks, Staehli, Stafford, Stahl, Stakan, Staken, Stakon, Staley*, Stallings, Stalnaker, Stambaugh, Standard, Standerfor, Standerford, Standish, Standy, Stanfield, Stanley**, Stanly, Stansbury, Stanwood, Staples, Stapleton, Stapp, Stark, Starke, Starkes, Starkey, Starner, Starns, Starr*, Staton, Statt, Staut, Stauter, StClair, Stearns, Stebbens, Stebbins, Stedman, Steel**, Steele, Steersman, Stees, Stein, Steinbrick, Steinheimer, Steinle, Stemmler, Stennet, Stenniger, Stephan, Stephens*, Stephenson, Sterling, Sterns, Sterrett, Stetman, Stevans, Stevart, Stevens*, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart**, Stice, Stigaman, Stiles, Stilley, Stillings, Stillman, Stillwell, Stilt, Stillwell, Stinde, Stine, Stinely, Stones, Stinett, Stipp, Stirges, Stites, Stitgebaur, Stitsworth, Stivers, StJean, StJohn, Stocks, Stockton, Stockwell, Stocton, Stoddard, Stoebler, Stoker, Stokes**, Stolder, Stoltz, Stom, Stombaugh, Stone**, Stonecypher, Stoneking, Stonwater, Stoonts, Storch, Storm, Storms, Story, Stoubt, Stoudy, Stout*, Stover, Stow, Stowden, Stowe, Stowell, Stowers, Stowlings, Strader, Strain, Strait, Stran, Strange, Straugh, Strauther, Strautman, Strawbridge, Strawmat, Strawn, Street, Streeter, Streter, Stricker, Strickland, Stricklin, Stright, Stringer, Stringfield, Stringham, Striplin, Strode, Stroeder, Strokey, Strong**, Stroud*, Stroup, Struck, Struthers, Stuard, Stuart**, Stubbefield, Stubbs, Stubs, Stuck, Stuckey*, Studivan, Stuerd, Stuert, Stull, Stuntz, Sturgeon, Sturges, Sturgess, Sturm*, Sturzheim Stutz, Stutzman, Sublett, Suddeth, Sudeth, Sugg, Suiter, Suliven, Sullans, Sullins, Sullivan, Sulliven, Sumerean, Sumers, Summer, Summers*, Summerville, Summons, Sumner*, Sumpter, Sums, Sunderland, Suns, Surdan, Surffert, Sutcliff, Suthard, Sutherland, Sutherlin, Sutlif, Suton, Sutton*, Swain, Swallow, Swan, Swaney, Swank, Swanner, Swanson, Swarthout, Swarts, Swearenger, Sweat, Sweet*, Sweigan, Sweney, Swesey, Swift, Swiger, Swineheart, Swinford, Swingle, Swingley, Swisher*, Switezer, Switzer, Switzler, Swolley, Swope, Syburt, Sykes, Sylva, Symms, Syms

Tabor, Tacket, Tackett, Taft, Tailor**, Take, Talbot*, Talbott, Talbut, Talcott, Tally, Talmadge, Talmage, Tamble, Tancrey, Tankertley, Tankesly, Tannalille, Tanner*, Tanquary, Tarble, Tarltin, Tarr, Tate*, Tatman, Tayall, Taylor**, Teachaner, Teague, Teahener, Teats, Teaum, Teel*, Teeple, Teeter, Teeters, Tefenboch, Teft, Tell, Tempel, Temple, Templeton, Tenel, Tenison, Tenmalt, Tergeon, Terney, Terrel, Terrell, Terrill, Terry, Terwillenger, Teslar, Teter*, Tetrick, Tetriks, Tetterton, Thacker, Thackson, Tharp*, Thaston, Thatcher, Thayer, Theiss, Thiele, Thiell, Thielman, Thirston, Tholey, Thomas**, Thomason, Thompetren, Thompkins, Thomspon**, Thoraughman, Thorensson, Thorn, Thornhill, Thornsberry, Thornsby, Thornton**, Thorp, Thoup, Thouroughman, Thrailkell, Thrall, Thrap, Thrascott, Thrift, Throgmorton, Thurman, Thurmans, Thurston, Tibbetts, Tibbs, Tibit, Tibs, Ticknor, Tickren, Tidwell, Tiedly, Tilley, Tilton, Times, Timmerman, Timmion, Timmons, Timms, Tindall, Tinker, Tinkham, Tinney, Tinny, Tinsley, Tippy*, Tipton, Tirpening, Tirrell, Tisdale, Tishue, Tittmann, Titus, Toby, Tobyne, Todd**, Todhunter, Toff, Toffelmire, Toggart, Tolan, Tolbert, Tolbut, Tolcott, Tole, Toler*, Toles, Tollbert, Tolle, Tollefson, Toller, Tolley, Tolly, Tolman, Tolover, Tomason, Tomblinson, Tombs, Tome, Tomlin, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Toney, Tonygate, Tood, Tool, Toole, Tooles, Toomey, Tootcheam, Tope, Torbell, Torns, Torrence, Torrents, Torry, Tosh, Tourne, Towel, Tower, Town*, Towne, Towner, Townly, Towns, Townsand, Townsend, Townson, Towser, Tozer, Trabill, Trabue, Tracy, Trailer, Trainer, Tramell, Trammell, Trapp, Trask, Trauwell, Travers, Travis, Treat, Trebber, Treese*, Tremble, Tremmell, Tremple, Trent, Trepler, Tribaut, Trice, Trickel,Trickle, Triffle, Trimble, Tripp*, Trips, Troat, Trochy, Trosper, Trotier, Trotter, Trouber, Trousdale, Trout, Troxwell, Truax, True, Trueblood, Truit, Truitt, Trull, Trumble, Trumbo, Trunks, Truscott, Trusdel, Truse, Trusty, Trutlinger, Tryon, Tryrie, Tucker**, Tugaw, Tuggle, Tull, Tulles, Tunis, Turcoe, Turentine, Turk, Turkington, Turley, Turly, Turnball, Turnbull, Turner**, Truney, Turpin, Turrel, Tusenberry, Tuttle, Tweed, Tweedy, Tweetle, Twinn, Twiss, Twist, Twogood, Tyler, Tyrel, Tyrie, Tyry, Tyson

Uline, Ulm, Ulmer, Ulrich, Umpstead, Underhill, Underwood*, Unzicker, Upchurch, Updike, Upton, Urgerhart, Ury, Ustick, Utly, Utter*, Utterback, Uttor, Uty

Vadican, Vail, Valaski, Vales, Valley, Vanalstine, VanAlstyne, VanAustin, VanBergan, VanBrocklan, VanBrunt, Vance*, Vancil*, Vancill, VanClaracon, VanClaricon, VanDaren, Vandaveer, Vandenburgh, Vandeveer, Vandevender, Vandever, Vandgriff, Vandike, Vandoren, VanDoren, Vandry, Vandusen, Vandveer, Vaneaton, Vanebl, Vanetter, Vangundy, Vanhining, VanHoff, VanHorn, VanKerk, Vankirk, VanMeter, VanNalzah, VanNatton, VanNorman, Vanooris, VanPelt, VanPett, Vanriper, VanRonsalier, Vansant, VanSickle, Vantrees, Vanvickler, VanVlict, VanVoltenbergh, VanWagner, Vanwickle, Vanwinkel, Vanwinkle, Varner, Varney, Varnor, Vaucher, Vaughan, Vaughn**, Vaught, Vauhan, Vautrain, Veach, Veatch, Vegal, Vendarin, Venters, Verbeck, Verble, Verden, Verdery, Verdon, Verkler, Vermillion, Vertler, Vertrees, Vesey, Vesser, Vetch, Vetyar, Vice, Vichman, Vick, Vickers, Viehman, Vies, Vilet, Villars, Vina, Vincent, Vines, Vineyard, Violet, Vire, Virgin, Vise, Visiger, Visina, Voelzer, Vogel, Vogt, Volman, Vonn, Vonschodder, Vontire, Vore, Voris, Vorus, Vosburg, Voscum, Vought, Vowell, Vroman, Vullin

Wabour, Waddam, Waddell, Waddle, Wade*, Wadeburn, Wadkins, Wadly, Wadsworth, Wagerman, Waggoner**, Wagner*, Wagoner, Wagonseller, Wait, Wakefield*, Walace, Walbry, Walcher, Walden*, Waldriff, Walgarmott, Walker**, Walkerson, Wall, Wallace**, Wallan, Wallbridge, Waller, Walles, Wallis, Walter, Walters*, Walton, Walts, Walworth, Walzer, Wampler, Wamser, Wangellen, Wanzer, Ward**, Wardwell, Ware*, Warfield, Warhoop, Waring, Warmick, Warner*, Warnick, Warran, Warren**, Warrington, Wash, Washam, Washburn, Washere, Wasson, Wateman, Waters, Wathingham, Watker, Watkin, Watkins*, Wator, Wats, Watson**, Watt, Watterman, Watters, Watts, Waugh, Way, Wear, Wease, Weast, Weatherall, Weathers, Weatherspoon, Weaver*, Webb**, Webber, Weber, Webster*, Weddle, Wedel, Weed, Weeks, Wegar, Wegens, Weger, Wehrheimer, Weibel, Weight, Weilbacher, Weilland, Weilmunster, Wein, Weinel, Weingart, Weir, Wekins, Welch**, Welden, Weldon, Welk, Wellman, Wells**, Welman, Welmans, Welsh, Welson, Weltey, Welton, Welty, Wendling, Wensh, Wentlessloater, Wentworth, Werner, Werrecke, Werth, Wesenbergh, Wesson, West**, Westbrook, Westcot, Westcott, Westerfield, Westermann, Westfall, Westfield, Westgarth, Westmoland, Westner, Weston, Westrope, Wetherby, Wetherow, Wetmore, Wetsell, Wettig, Wetzel, Weykoff, Whalen, Whaley, Whalin, Whalon, Wharton, Wheat, Wheeler**, Wheelus, Wheetley, Wheetlesy, Whicker, Whip, Whipple, Whisiken, Whitacar, Whitacre, Whitaker, Whitchurch*, Whitcomb, White**, Whiteaker, Whithead*, Whiteman, Whitenack, Whiteside, Whitesides, Whitfield, Whitford, Whiting, Whitinghill, Whitley, Whitlock*, Whitman*, Whitmer, Whitmore, Whitnell, Whitney, Whitset, Whitside, Whitsides, Whitson, Whittenberg, Whittenbergh, Whittiker, Whittington, Whittle, Whitton, Whitwide, Whitworth, Whler, Wible, Wick, Wicker, Wickers, Wickersham, Wickham, Wickins, Wicks, Widderton, Widdig, Widdows, Widner, Widows, Wiece, Wier, Wies, Wiesborn, Wiese, Wiggentin, Wiggenton, Wigger, Wiggins, Wigginton, Wiggs, Wightman, Wigle, Wigley, Wikerson, Wilber, Wilborn, Wilbourn, Wilcox**, Wilcoxen, Wilcoxon, Wolconsen, Wilcoxson, Wilder, Wilderman*, Wildermann, Wildi, Wilding, Wiles, Wiley, Wilgamot, Wilhuby, Wilkason, Wilkerson, Wilkey, Wilkins*, Wilky, Willard*, Willerd, Willes, Willett, Willetts, Williams**, Williamson**, Williard, Willin, Willis*, Willison, Willott, Wolloughbee, Wills*, Willshire, Willson, Willyard, Wilman, Wilmans, Wilmore, Wilmot, Wilsey, Wilson**, Wilz, Wimberly, Wimer, Wimmer, Winans, Winchell, Windle, Wondsor, Wine, Winebaugh, Wineman, Winfrey, Wing, Wingate, Winkle, Winkler, Winn, Winnans, Winshall, Winslow, Winson, Winstanly, Winter, Winterman, Winters, Wirey, Wirth, Wisbey, Wisdom, Wisdon, Wise, Wisely, Wiseman, Wiser, Wishon, Wiswell, Witherow, Withers, Withrow, Witman, Witmore, Witsell, Witt, Wixon, Wodds, Woesley, Wolcot, Wolcott, Wolene, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolford, Wolgamot, Wolverton, Womach, Wood**, Wodall, Woodard, Woodbourn, Woodbury, Woodin, Wooddy, Wooden, Woodey, Woodford, Woodman, Woodrod, Woodrome*, Woodrough, Wodrow, Woodruff, Woods**, Woodson, Woodward, Woodword, Woodworth, Woodwortt, Woolard, Wooldrige, Woolen, Wooley, Woolf, Woolington, Woolly, Woolsey, Wootan, Wooters, Woralls, Worelle, Workman*, Works, World, Worley, Worly, Wornack, Wornam, Worrell, Worthen, Worthingham, Worthington*, Wortman, Wren, Wrigh, Wright**, Wrigley, Wrissell, Write, Wunderlich, Wunderlin, Wyatt, Wybay, Wyckoff, Wycoff, Wycuff, Wyer, Wyeth, Wyman, Wynd, Wynkoop, Wynn

Yeager, Yales, Yaman, Yancy, Yapp, Yarborough, Yarnall, Yates*, Yeager, Yeal, Yeamans, Yeareny, Yew, Yocum, Yocumb, Yoho, Yong, York*, Yorke, Yost, Young**, Youngblood, Younger, Youngken, Younglove, Youngs, Yount, Youst, Yunger, Yunsker

Zachleben, Zanes, Zanger, Zechariah, Zeil, Zellars, Zetton, Ziegler, Zigler, Zimmerman*, Zubweiler