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Welcome to our selection of Illinois "Crazy Crate" books that appeared in previous Crate Sale mailings.  Remember that Crate Sale items are not available for on-line ordering due to their limited availability.  If you see something here you would like to order just give us a call at 1-800-419-0200  to place your order!


[CLINTON COUNTY, ILLINOIS / FAMILY]  CRATE 8  BOOK 3:  QUICKS OF EAST FORK, EARLY 20TH CENTURY FARM LIFE   compiled, written and/or edited by H. Wilbert Quick, great-grandson of George Quick.  Starting with the early history of Clinton County, Illinois, and the History of East Fork Township from 1874 to the reorganization of local government in 1976, this book gives an overview of the history of one family and its influence on the home and the home place.  Farming  in Illinois from 1820 to 1976 is discussed, along with the railroads, highways and electricity.  The history of East Fork churches and the recollections of teachers and students who remember the one-room county schools are covered.  Next, comes the account of the descendants of George Quick (1828-1883) and the related families of Carter, Brooks, Pigg and Noller and their genealogies.  Parts of the chapters on early Clinton County history and growing up on  southern Illinois farms were printed in the Bicentennial Edition (July, 1976) of the Centralia Sentinel, Centralia, Illinois.  You know this is a wonderful book when you read the author’s goal in writing it.  He wanted to “give our great-grandchildren more information about us than we can find out about our great-grandparents.”  Information to the 6th and 7th generations, maps, many pictures, lots of lineages, 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870 census entries for the families involved, land entries,  obituaries, cemetery listings, wills, documentation, and more fill this book to overflowing.  If you have these families or any other families, in Clinton County, Illinois, this book will be a source of much useful information to you.  Indexed, 525 pp. HB, like new condition except for library sticker on spine and withdrawn notice on inside front cover, ex lib. You’ll have to be “Quick” to get this bargain, but you will not be sorry!  $50  SALE PRICE $40

[ILLINOIS / SCHOOL YEARBOOKS]  CRATE 11  BOOK 4:  ILLINOIS 1964,  Volume 71, University of Illinois Yearbook.  Covers university life, activities, organizations, residences, seniors, 632 pp.  This book will tell you so much about this university, and the pictures are very good.  If your copy has gotten lost, stolen, wet, destroyed, here is your replacement.  Very good condition, weighs a ton!  (Well, almost.) It will cost more than $5 to send it, but if it means we won’t have to carry it around anymore, we will pay the extra shipping above our normal $5. The book has lots of memories for $15  SALE PRICE $10  I also have some of the other years.  Call me if you are interested in a different year.

[ILLINOIS / INDIANA / KENTUCKY]  CRATE 14 BOOK 4:  ARCHITECTURE AND HISTORIC FOLKLORE ALONG THE LINCOLN HERITAGE TRAIL FROM SPRINGFIELD, KENTUCKY TO SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS.  Indiana Junior Historical Society, Kentucky Young Historians Association and the Council of Illinois Student Historians have collaborated in the compiling and publishing of this work. 1970. As the students studied the area throughout which Thomas Lincoln’s family, including the young Abe Lincoln, traveled, it became apparent to the students that certain architectural styles were spread among all three of these states while others are limited to two or even one of the states.  The booklet is organized by these styles, but it consists of photos of examples of certain styles of architecture with examples and details of their history.  Of course, they picked up on the stories and folklore that came with the photos.  As a genealogist, I was most interested in the locations of the dwellings pictured and found several that my ancestors were likely to have seen.  Some lazy summer day I plan to take a trip to see some of these.  Owner’s names were usually given for the buildings pictured.  Some are even public buildings.  Fascinating study!  44 pp., cardstock cover, folded, stapled, over 100 historic buildings with some information on each.  WAS $8  SALE PRICE $5

[ILLINOIS] CRAZY CRATE 46 BOOK 3: HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ILLINOIS, 1904, By Bateman and Selby. This is a state-wide history attempting to identify those people of more than county interest because of their occupations or efforts or offices. The sketches are usually of a generous nature for an offering of this size running several inches of the two-column page. The historical encyclopedia covers natural features which had been named by the Indians or the early settlers, towns, cities and businesses worthy of note. People, the famous and the not-so-famous have been listed with information a genealogist is dying to get. Birthplace, parents, background, training, marriages, education and much other data is listed for each of the ones chosen and in 616 pages, quite a number were chosen. For a library, this would be an excellent selection because of its timing at the turn of the century and because of its coverage of physical and biographical history. If your ancestor has a sketch in here, you need this book to make sure you are not missing anything!
reprint 1978 by the Bookmark, Knightstown, IN, 8 ½" by 11", hardbound, 616 pages. Price ... $45

[COOK COUNTY / ILLINOIS / CENSUS]  CRAZY CRATE 80 BOOK 12:  COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS, 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS (NOT INCLUDING THE City of Chicago).  Compiled and Indexed by Gertrude W. Lundberg.  Chicago Genealogical Society, 1987.  This mammoth undertaking has been extremely helpful to the people who have Cook County ancestors.  The format is simple and done in two columns per page.  Sample Entry:  Babcock (Bubcock?) (Dwelling #852)-(864 Family #) NNVR (Abbreviation) Twp.  Chester A. , 30(age), M(ale) 172(key to occupation #172= farmer),  NY (born in New York).

Sarah M., 27 (age), F(emale), born in NY.

Chester R., 5 (age), M(ale), born in NY. 

W. S. Probest, 20 (age),  M(ale), born in NY.  There was one huge effort made to produce this book.  Book is in alphabetical order in each of several sections.  306 pages, softbound, stapled $40.   

[ILLINOIS / HENRY COUNTY / INDEX] CRAZY CRATE 85 BOOK 4: INDEX TO THE NAMES OF PERSONS APPEARING IN THE HISTORY OF HENRY COUNTY, ILLINOIS. Prepared by the Genealogy Projects Committee, the Winnetka Public Library, Winnetka, Illinois.Chicago, H F Kett. 1877. Cardstock cover. 169 pages. $10. This book contains only an every-name index to the above titled history, which is not included, but would be a wonderful addition to the library of anyone who owns the history book, which was not indexed. This book also includes copies of pages from the history which include war records concerning the Henry County War Record. Hours of work went into the preparation of this index. You can have this complete every-name index for only $10

[ILLINOIS / INDIANA / CEMETERIES / VERMILION COUNTY, IL / VERMILLION COUNTY, IN / BENTON COUNTY, IN]CRAZY CRATE 86  BOOK 6:  ILLIANA RESEARCH REPORT #1, Edited by James V. Gill, 1966, Illiana Genealogical Publishing Company, 47 pages, $9.  This book contains the following information from Illinois and Indiana, check out the 1840 Federal Census of over 600 pensioners from both states. For Vermilion County, Illinois. you can check out the Lynch Cemetery, the Ingersoll Cemetery and the Niccum Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions.  Includes Abstract of Newspaper Death Notices from the Danville Daily Newspaper,  April 19, 1906 and a Bride’s and a Groom’s index as well as the Early Marriages 1826-1830. 

For Vermillion County, Indiana, you can check out Newport Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions and for Benton County you can check out Totheroh Cemetery Inscriptions and a Genealogical Abstract of published biographies of Hickory Grove Township, Benton County, Indiana, families.  Not much but names, dates and places but lots of those are here.  Isn’t that what we want? $9 

CRAZY CRATE 154  BOOK 1: I REMEMBER WHEN, A WHITESIDE COUNTY, ILLINOIS GENEALOGISTS BICENTENNIAL PUBLICATION.  1976, Whiteside County Genealogists, 156 pages, 8 ½ by 11, hardbound, new condition, multiple copies. $12.  This book is a collection of the memories of times past when lives were lived at a simpler, slower and perhaps more basic level.  The compilers were indebted to the many contributors to this fine book.  It is really nostalgic in feeling and would be a fine gift to any of us old enough to remember the “good ole days”.  I spent time reading several of the little stories with which this book is full to brimming over.  They stirred a lot of memories within me.  I think when I retire “again”, I’m going to write a book like this one.  This county held a contest to consider the stories written and to select the ones that appear in this book.  You share, with the writer, a special event, a day, a year in their life.  A special little glimpse into the life of one person, and when you finish their story you know if you ever met them, you would be friends.  This book could entice many people to consider living in Whiteside County, Illinois.  It is full of nice stories and nice people!  I would be happy to have these fine people on my family tree!

Here are the titles of a few of the stories in the over 100 that were chosen. Community Spirit in the Early Days, The Music Box That Talked, Dining Room Surgery, Special Days at School, Refrigeration in 1910 (Boy, did I learn some lessons in this one!), Glad I Came to America,  Memories of the Hard Winters, From Pimples to Wrinkles, My Father and the Winnebago Indians, Homesteading in Nebraska, The Circus, When Grandma was a Kid, Smiles ‘n Tears, I Heerd Tell, Memories, Gone Geese, Smallpox Epidemic, A Hunting Story (about a boy and his dog), Growing Sorghum and Making Vinegar, The Great Depression, A Muskmelon Initiation, The Great Flood, My Life Was a Chain of Miracles Aren’t all of our lives just that?  Think about it.), How ‘Twas and Now T’is, My First Year Teaching School, A Gift of Nostalgia, Making Suet Pudding, all examples of I Remember When.  Great Reading!  Book ends with pages similar to those found in Family Bibles for the husband’s 5 generation genealogy chart, the wife’s five generation genealogy chart, with pages for the children’s information and the page for the grandchildren and a lovely Events to Remember page.

This one is a keeper for historians, genealogists, writers of family history (hundreds of ideas you can use to pull stories like these out of your loved ones!  $12   


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