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*NEW LISTINGS: NEW BOOKS.  WF2-OH: HOWE'S HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF OHIO.  Order by Howe's, county name and price:

These booklets are excerpts from this huge two-volume set by Henry Howe which were published in his 1898 Edition and covered all of Ohio's Counties.  These have been reprinted from the original by The Bookmark from Knightstown, Indiana, which is no longer in business and I am unable to reorder these.  Most of these are new, but I have attended several seminars with them and they may be somewhat shopworn as people checked for their surnames in them at seminars.

[NOTE from the publisher]:  Dr. Howe LL.D., wrote, compiled and sketched his original History of Ohio in 1847.  Between 1885 and 1890, he compiled a revised and enlarged edition of his original history.  His concise, yet informative, history of each county in Ohio should prove valuable to genealogical researchers not having this book readily available to search..  

Dr. Howe's Introduction to his two-volume set is worthy of inclusion in each county book.  These individual booklets, most about 6" by 9", some a little smaller, some a little larger, the size depending solely on how and in what size they were printed at the time.  All have cardstock covers.  All are stapled.  The larger ones, from Bookmark, which were done on 8 " by 11" paper and cut to size before stapling, are also taped.  The dates covered by the history of each county are listed with that county and their individual prices are listed also, as well as the quantity for the Bookmark products I have on hand to sell.  For the Book B price list, I either have none (XX) or just one, which I have not separately marked with a quantity, but should you want any of these after my stock is depleted, I can order more.

These histories have been reprinted many times over the years because of their value both to historians and genealogists.  Although there are 88 counties in Ohio, these copies are the only ones I have still in stock.  This is a final close-out of this Bookmark product.  

The original Howe's Histories now sell on the rare book market for hundreds of dollars, and these reprints of each county's history are much more affordable.  Genealogists may have only a few lines that passed through Ohio to get to somewhere else and only have an interest in one or a few of the counties.  This breaking down of the entire set allows them to purchase only the counties they want.

All of these booklets are illustrated with Howe's sketches made from 1846 to 1890.  As the number of pages varied, so did the price.  Most of the books were 20 or more pages.   Sample format from the book for Adams County contains 20 pages of text plus the one-page reproduction of the 1868 Atlas of Ohio map for Adams County by H. F. Walling, which was reduced to fit the page.  Next, is Dr. Howe's Introduction to the Centennial Edition of four pages. The history, itself for this one county sample, begins on page 223 of the original book & continues to page 240.  

A population total is given in the Adams County Book from the census data for 1840 and 1880 for each township, and totals for 1820. 1840, 1860 and 1880 including the number that were Ohio-born in 1880.  Articles in the Adams County book include the following:   The Settlement at Manchester is recorded in detail.   Israel Donalson's Narrative of his Captivity, The Shawnee Camp, McDonald's account of Indian history at Manchester, Ellison's Captivity, The first Court Held in West Union in 1846, Manchester, Industries and Employees, the Bark Cutters, Plan of the Serpent Mound, Traveling Notes, Bellefontaine, Old Soldiers, Women of the Scioto Valley, The Scotch Irish, Steamboat Racing, Experience of an Old Time River Man, River Beacons, The Best Sleep in History and the Blessing of the Moon are just some of the topics covered in this book.  Very interesting reading, early and later settler's names and six very helpful sketches to see, too! Similar formats are used throughout all the counties.  Most are available in this one mini-volume for this one county.  Price A books are for the Bookmark editions of this series.  

Price MTNP books are books published by a different publisher.  They are the same materials in a larger size, 8" by 11", with larger print, with a newer style cardstock cover, wrapped around the entire book, and are all newly done in a more recent printing.  I only have one each of most of the Price MTNP books.  If I have none of the books now, it is shown by XX.  I can re-order any column MTNP books for you.

(1) Adams Co. 1797-1889 $6 $9.
(0) Allen Co. 1820-1889 XX $9
(1) Ashland Co. 1846-1889 $6 $9
(4) Athens Co. 1805-1889 $6 XX

Auglaize Co. 
(1) Belmont 1801-1889 $7 XX
Brown1817-1887XX $9
(0) Butler XX XX
(3) Carroll 1832-1889 $6 XX
(0) Champaign 1805-1889 XX $9
(0) Clark XX XX
(0) Clermont XX XX
(4) Clinton 1810-1889 $6 XX
(2) Columbiana 1803-1889 $10 $12
(0) Coshocton 1811-1889 XX $9
(3) Crawford Co. 1820-1889 $6 $9
(2) Cuyahoga Co. 1807-1889 $13 XX
(0) Darke Co. XX XX
(2) Defiance Co. 1845-1889 $6 $9
(2) Delaware Co. 1808-1889 $6 $9
(0) Erie Co. XX XX
(0) Fairfield Co. XX XX
(1) Fayette Co. 1810-1889 $6 $9
(1) Franklin Co. 1803-1889 $10 $15
(2) Fulton Co. 1850-1889 $6 XX
(0) Gallia Co. 1803-1889 XX XX
(0) Geauga Co. XX XX
(1) Greene Co. 1803-1889 $9 XX
(0) Guernsey Co. XX XX
(1) Hamilton Co. XX $9
(1) Hardin Co. 1820-1889 $6 XX
(1)  Hancock Co. 1820-1889 $6 $9
(1) Harrison Co. 1814-1889 $7 XX
(3) Henry Co. 1820-1889 $8 $9
(3) Highland Co. 1805-1889 $6 $9
(2) Hocking Co. 1818-1889 $6 XX
(3) Holmes Co. 1824-1889 $8 $9
(1) Huron Co. 1809-1889 $6 $9
(2)Knox Co. 1808-1889 $6 $9
(2) Jackson Co. 1816-1889 $6 XX
(0) Jefferson Co. XX XX
(4) Lake Co. 1840-1889 $8 $9
(1) Lawrence Co. 1816-1889 $6 XX
(0) Licking Co. XX XX
(4) Logan Co. 1817-1889 $7 $9
(2) Lorain Co. 1822-1889 $9 $9
(1) Lucas Co. 1832-1889 $8 $9
(2) Madison Co. 1810-1889 $6 $9
(2) Mahoning Co. 1846-1889 $8 $9
(5) Marion Co. 1824-1889 $6 $9
(4) Medina Co. 1812-1889 $6 $9
(3) Meigs Co. 1819-1889 $6 $9
(1) Mercer Co. 1820-1889 $7 XX
(1) Miami Co. 1807-1889 $6 XX
(3) Monroe Co. 1813-1889 $6 $9
(1) Montgomery Co. 1803-1889 $8 $10
(6) Morgan Co. 1818-1889 $6 $9
(3) Morrow Co. 1848-1889 $6 $9
(0) Muskingum Co. 1804-1889 XX $9
(3) Noble Co. 1851-1889 $6 $9
(4) Paulding Co. 1820-1889 $7 $9
(3) Perry Co. 1817-1889 $8 $9
(2) Pickaway Co. 1810-1889 $8 $9
(3) Pike Co. 1815-1889 $6 XX
(1) Portage Co. 1807-1889 $7 $9
(2) Preble Co. 1808-1889 $7 XX
(3) Putnam Co. 1820-1889 $6 $9
(0) Richland Co. 1813-1889 XX $9
(2) Ross Co. 1798-1889 $8 XX
(3) Sandusky Co. 1829-1889 $9 XX
(3) Scioto Co. 1803-1889 $6 $9
(1) Seneca Co. 1820-1889 $8 $9
(3) Shelby Co. 1819-1889 $7 $9
(0) Stark Co. 1808-1889 XX $9
(1) Summit Co. 1840-1889 $8 $9
(0) Trumbull Co. 1800-1889 XX $9
(0) Tuscarawas Co. XX XX
(2) Union Co. 1820-1889 $6 $9
(3) Van Wert Co. 1820-1889 $6 $9
(1) Vinton Co. 1850-1889 $6 $9
(1) Warren Co. 1803-1889 $8 $11
(1) Washington Co. 1788-1889 $6 XX
(1)Wayne Co.1796-1889$8$11
(5) Williams Co. 1829-1889 $6 $9
(1) Wood Co. 1820-1889 $6 $9
(1) Wyandot Co. 1845-1889 $6 $9

Order by Howe's, county name and price:

*****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****  

*NEW LISTINGS: USED.  FFOH-2A & FFOH-2B -   D021.  HISTORY OF OHIO.  BOOK SET:  With emphasis on the Historical and Biographical Aspects.  By Charles B. Galbreath, Secretary of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, Former State Librarian and Secretary of the Ohio Constitutional Convention (1912).  Historical and Biographical, in three volumes, Original Edition. Illustrated, Published by The American Historical Society, Inc.  Chicago and New York, 1928.  THREE VOLUMES for one PRICE: $200.  The Prefatory note is of great value, for it is here that the author gives the book-by-book compilation of the various Histories of Ohio, and their author's qualifications with their publication data.  An original, matched set in good shape for their age as they are eighty years old.  Covers have an occasional bumped corner, but books are neat and well bound.  They have obviously been well cared for.  No covers are loose.   

Volume I includes many articles, the most interesting, being the  How and When(?) Ohio became a state, [Ohio voted in 1803 to apply for statehood and did so, however Congress failed to formally acknowledge and admit the state of Ohio to the Union at that time, and did not officially recognize it for over one hundred years, but it clearly did function as a state during that period. The evidence is that during that time ten Presidents were elected, seven of which were born in Ohio.  And of five Chief Justices of the U. S. chosen during that time, three were appointed from Ohio. [This controversy as to its date of admission continues as there are five separate dates which, in some important document, represent the birth of the State of Ohio.  [[Leave it to a Legislature, Executive Branch or Judicial System to "mess up" and when they all have a say in it, you can be sure they will NOT agree.]]  March 1, 1803, is the most commonly accepted date.

The Counties of Ohio section follows.  This is one of the most outstanding features of this set of books.  Volume I contains the following articles:  Introduction, Sketch of the Geological Formation of Ohio, A History of Flood Control in Ohio, Archaeology of Ohio, The Struggle for the Ohio Country, The North American Indian, The Dunmore War, From the Conspiracy of Pontiac to the Treaty of Paris, The Ordinance
of 1787-its Origin and Authorship, The Northwest Territory under Gov. Arthur St. Clair, Gen. Arthur St. Clair's Expedition Against the Indians, Wayne's Campaign Against the Indians, Treaty of Greenville, How and When (?) Ohio Became a State(detailed above), Counties of Ohio, Ohio's Public School System, Ohio's Institutions of Higher Learning, Ohio Public Libraries, Newspaper Press of Ohio, Ohio Literary Men and Women, The War of 1812, The War with Mexico, The Civil War, Our War with Spain and Ohio in the World War.  The index begins on Page xi (11) and continues through page L (50).

Beginning on page 669 and running to the end of Volume 1 is a list of those brave men of Ohio, who in the First World War gave their last full measure of devotion and earned the Gold Star.  These 6,500 men are listed in this section alphabetically by county.  They will not be forgotten.  Army, Navy and Marines, with no indication of their rank, who died, are listed with their date of death, including the women of the Army Nurse Corps who served and died beside them.  Generals are listed separately.  

Details are given on the formation of each county, The county sketches, and all 88 of them are covered in detail, give you a lot of information. These are not the same skethes as are availlable in the above individual county books by Howe's.  You get the census figures from 1920, the farm reports as to the crops grown and bushels harvested, size of farms, etc.  Maps abound, parent counties are named, county officers are named, little hamlets to small towns to large cities are identified.  You will find out where they came up with the county's name, what the soil is like, what minerals are present, the area in square miles, the name of all the townships, what kind of population settled here, who came first, what groups, if any, settled here, where they came from (states or countries).  The 1923-1924 agricultural census furnished lots of data about how many dairy cows, bushels of potatoes, tons of hay, and the average farm size and lots more.  In Licking County, they mention the "Refugee Tract" [100,000 acres] where some Canadians who supported the Americans during the Revolutionary War were relocated with the awards of property given by our Government to former residents of the British Provinces in Canada whose lands were confiscated in Canada, and then they were told to leave.  Many came to Ohio.  Many served in the war on our side and were rewarded with from 160 acres to 2,240 acres in Franklin, Licking and Perry Counties.  

They talk about the Ohio Canal which runs through Licking County.  This sketch covers farms, what they grew, how many bushels, etc. and manufacturing shops and what they made.  They mention the Drummer Boy of Shiloh and Chickamauga, Johnny Clem, the smallest person ever enlisted in any army, who was born in Newark in 1851, and ran away to enlist in the Union Army in the Civil War.  They mention the "Mound Builders and their works" as the tourist attraction it still is today.  These sketches tell you much of the early history of that county.  Articles on the Public Schools, Newspapers, The War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish American War are all covered in Volume I.  A large 38-page index, which covers the entire set, comes at the FRONT of Volume I.

Volume II covers the Constitution of Ohio and the three conventions that hammered out the final form by 1912.  Volume II, like Volume I, has matched bindings all of which are tight, 832 pages, dark green heavy bindings with hinges that are good and tight.  This second book covers the following sub-topics:  The Constitutional Evolution of Ohio, Constitutional Convention of 1802, From the Constitutional Convention of 1802 to the Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851, The Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851, Men of the Second Constitutional Convention of Ohio,  From the Constitutional Convention of 1851 to the Constitutional Convention of 1873-1874, Constitutional Convention of 1873-1874.  Men of the Third Constitutional Convention (1873-1874) of Ohio, Amendment of the Constitution, Constitutional Convention of 1912, Since the Constitutional Convention of 1912, Anti-Slavery in Northwest Territory, Anti-Slavery in Ohio, The Underground Railroad, By Force of Arms, The Temperance Movement in Ohio, The Women's Suffrage Movement in Ohio, the Ohio State Grange, Annals of Ohio Administrations and Eminent Ohioans.  This book focuses on the Political side and to that end the lists at the back of this volume are of Women who have Served in the Legislative and Judicial Departments of the State, United States Senators from Ohio, Ohio Congressmen and a fact sheet with some interesting, though dated, facts about Ohio.  In 1928 Ohio had 7 million people, was an agricultural and an industrial state, had 80 cities, had 30,000 domestic and foreign corporations authorized to do business in Ohio, 94 steam railroads, 85 street railroads, 217 electric companies, 117 gas companies, 495 telephone companies, 950 savings and loans associations, 1,110 state and local banks, 840 insurance companies, among many other businesses, had 40,730 square miles of land, only 4% was laid waste, and 30,000 acres of inland lakes!  Would be interesting to get today's estimates wouldn't it?  A Chapter on Eminent Ohioans concludes the second volume.    PRICE:  Three Volumes for $200.

Volume III contains the biographical part of this history.  Beginning with John Walworth and his family, there are biographies and family histories, portraits, and genealogical information stunning in its details.  
In the sketch of John Gallagher, the first page is of his background, his 47 trips to Europe, his wholesale liquor business, two full pages of details includes this paragraph:  "September 12, 1873, John Gallagher married Rose Kennedy, daughter of Bernard and Elizabeth Kennedy of Letterkenny, Donegal County, Ireland. Children:  1. Patrick, living in Warren County, Ohio.  2.  Elizabeth, wife of Christopher William Deibel, manager of the Liberty Theatre in Youngstown by whom she has children:  John C., born in 1903; Dorothy Mary, born in 1905; Ellen Elizabeth, born in 1907; Rosemary, born in 1909; Chrtistopher, Jr., born in 1918, died in 1926.  3. Mary, wife of Emil A. Renner, realtor, by whom she has children: George J. the 4th, born in 1907; John A., born 1909; William W. born 1911; Robert J. born 1913; and E. Arthur, Jr., born 1917.
On January 6, 1924, at the age of seventy-nine, Mr. Gallagher passed on to the highest reward which awaited one of his genuine goodness and exemplary life.  He left behind a sorrowing family and many friends who appreciated his sterling worth to his community.]

The index to this section, apparently did not extend to grandchildren of the subject.  The book does, but the index does not, so the actual number of people in these sketches may be higher than the number I am listing.  The index includes the following surnames with two (,) or more (#) first names: Avery 10, Backus, Banning 10, Barney 10, Barnum 7, Bell, Benner, Bird 6, Bishop, Bott 4, Bradley 10, Breneman, Brown 9, Burt 9, Clement 4, Clevenger, Cohagen 6, Colson, Corry 3, Coulson 4, Coward, Custer 7, Dallas 5, Deibel, Demmitt15, Dreese,  Drummond 11, Dudley 5, Dunl(a/o)p 4, Dunn 3, Eager, Eaton 3, Ebertlein, Elliott 9, Emerick, Flath 6, Fletcher 6, Flinn, Gallagher 3, Gill, Glawe 4, Goodenow, Gould 8, Graham 13, Graydon, Grothe 5, Harper, Hartshorn 12, Hastings 5, Helleberg 3, Hinman 11, Irvin 6, Israel, Jones 4, Joyner 5, Keam, Keginmeister, Kempf, Kepler 4, Kimmel, Kneialy 3, Knowlton 8, Kreitzer, Kring, Kriz, Leete7, Lenz 5, Lewis, McCann 7, McEwen, Margedant 6, Maurer, Maxwell 4, Morgan 10, Morris 4, Muth 4, Neal, Norton, O'Dwyer 5, Oblinger 11, Oskamp 6, Payne 8, Perrine 2, Powell 7, Puchta 6, Ra(y)ce 4, Renner, Rodger, Roe 4, Ross 4, Rowley, Sampsel 5, Savage 5, Schmidlapp 3, Schulte 4, Sheehy 8, Sheets, Shroyer 6, Skidmore 3, Slade, Slavin 9, Smetana 3, Smith 10, Sparrow 6, Spitler, Staebler 4, Stake, Stallyon 4, Stanley 6, Stanton, Stine 5, Stratmeyer, Strickler 3, Stroop 4, Thomas 4, Thompson 6, Tisdale 9, Trader 5, Truesdale, Vicars, Wagner 8, Walters 7, Walworth 30, Weden 5, Whitney 15, Willett, Wilmot, Wilson 3, Woodbridge 9 and Wyne 3.  Also listed in the index are Ancient lineages of several surnames: Angouleme, Anjou, Aquitaine, Banning, Baskerville, Berenger, Bird, Bradley, Bray, Carnegie, Devereux, Fitz-Allen, Flanders, Hainault, Holland, House of Capet, House of Castile, Leete, Milbourne, Provence, Roe, Royal Decent of Walworth, Royal Descent of Whitney, Royal Line of Portugal, Russel/l, Ruthven, Se(a/y)ton, Taillefer, Touchett, Vicar(is/s), Whitney, and Wye.  Color plates show coats of arms.  Some of the sketches are well over 3-5 pages of detailed information about the subject's lineage and life.  The Walworth sketch runs eight pages, and also has an additional eight full-page pictures of portraits.   The back of the portraits is left blank.  All three are priced to sell as a set for $200.  Some genealogist with Ohio Ancestors would be so pleased to have this book in their personal library!  PRICE: THREE VOLUMES FOR $200.


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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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