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Recording Your Family History
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HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR GENEALOGY. by L. J. McGrady. 72 pp., $8.00.  
Writing, publishing, and marketing your family history are all in this guide written by a man who has been through it all. This book will save you hours and dollars. Don't try it without this guide!

WRITE IT RIGHT. A MANUAL FOR WRITING FAMILY HISTORIES AND GENEALOGIES.  By Donald R. Barnes and Richard S. Lackey.  5 “ by 8”,  Laminated white cover with a beautiful quill pen and ink jar on the cover and lots and lots of good information inside.  Both of these men were Certified Genealogists and Mr. Lackey’s “CITE YOUR SOURCES” is still a best seller in the field.  This book was written as a companion book to his “CITE YOUR SOURCES” book and takes your knowledge a step further into the future when you will have collected so much of this genealogy “STUFF” that it cries for organization and polishing into a memorial to your ancestors.  Second Edition. 1988, 124 pages. This book gives a clear and easily understood guide for writing a family history or genealogy article or book. 

It has one of the best and easiest-to-understand explanations of the numbering systems which can be used to get your ancestors to line up right in your books.  When you come to problems [and who doesn’t?] in the pages of this book, the answer is right there. Whether  it be how do I handle an adoption, skeletons in our family closet we don’t want anyone to find, coats of arms, conflicting evidence, etc., you will find help here.  Very few genealogists set out to do the research with the idea of writing a book or indeed writing anything at all.  We often are not writers, we are researchers.  We just like digging up this stuff!  But sooner or later we must settle down and turn our thoughts and our energies to how do I get this stuff in order?   How do I put it on paper?  Help me, we cry.  And here is your answer!

These two accomplished authors have written just the book that can help you solve your dilemmas and get the job done.  Don’t wait until you have embarassed yourself and your family by doing it wrong.  Do it right with the help of these two fine authors!  They cover preparing to write, your purpose in writing, and numbering systems [as I said, one of the clearest explanations I have ever seen in print – and with samples].  They’ll help you outline the work.  They’ll help you write the text.  They’ll help you prepare the draft  and finish it off with proper editing.  They even have a whole chapter on Problems and Advice.  You’ll fin d the problems when you start to write, or they will find you!  Then you will need the advice.  Lots of answers are in this book.  I only wish I had read this book before I started writing this newsletter.  Life would have been a lot easier!

Price 9.00