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General Military                         

by Barbara Wolfe. 4 Volume Set for $50.00

This is an index of the names of those who served from 1784 - 1811 for the U. S. Information given is name, rank, and unit in which he served. Contains all information necessary to order the soldier's packet from the National Archives.

Volumes are available individually:

by John W. Heisey, 47 pages, 8.5" x 11 " Price ... $14.00

Over 42 million soldiers & sailors left military, bounty land and/or pension records. Record descriptions, how & where to get them, and how to use them. Addresses of archives, societies & veterans' organizations.

[INDIANA / MILITARY]  HH-ADGEN2  INDEX TO THE REPORT OF THE ADJUTANT GENERAL OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, SECOND VOLUME (an every name index to Volume IV of the Report of the Adjutant General) by Glenda K. Trapp. No date. Trapp Publishing Service.    Every library that has this set should have this volume right beside its Volume 4.  There are nearly 150 men on each page and there are 353 pages.  Looking for your ancestor in this list of Civil War soldiers is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  This index gives you a magnet to work with that will find your ancestor immediately.  New, hardbound.  Most large libraries in Indiana have this original volume, so you can get the information you need from the volume once you have found your ancestor in the index.  Gives you everything you need to write to the Archives for state records of your ancestor.  WAS $49  SALE PRICE $40 

Revolutionary War

by Geo. K. Schweitzer, 110 pp., 6" x 9", softcover ... $9.00

A 110 paged book containing 407 sources for tracing your Revolutionary War ancestor. Chapters include I: Revolutionary WarHistory, II: The Archives, III: national Publications, IV: State Publications, V: Local Sources, VI: Military Unit Histories, VII: Sites and Museums.

by Fran Carter-Walker, 27 pages, 8.5" x 11 " Price ... $11.00

Those who have Loyalist ancestors sometimes find it hard to come up with records that help to explore those families. This book is full of hints, tips and locations to help you find records of great importance to the successful compilation of your history.

FF23:  CRAZY CRATE FF23:  BOOK 1:  C-004:  ADVENTURES OF A REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER --  EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.    PRIVATE YANKEE DOODLE:  1962.  Reprint.  305 pages, indexed, hardbound.  $25. The book begins with maps of the colonies between the Hudson and Yorktown including an insert of Philadelphia and thereabouts, and a second map of a part of the Yankee Colonies from Boston to New Jersey with an insert of the New York and Brooklyn Area.  The subtitle from the title page adds, "Being a narrative of some of the adventures, dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin, Edited by George F, Scheer, Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston & Toronto.  The editor explains the true author of the book was Joseph Plumb Martin, the father of the copyright holder.  Joseph was a 70 year old resident of a small Maine coastal town called Prospect at the time of its publication.  His son, James Sullivan Martin, was originally thought to be the writer.  The book failed to capture much attention or arouse much wide interest at first, but it did seem to have added a bit to its author's local distinction as a revered veteran.  For more than a century it remained a remote historical mine worked only occasionally by scholars.  "His narrative reads, not like the reflections of a fireside veteran, but like the fresh, earthy, humorous, and sometimes rowdy storytelling of a boy."  Born in 1760 in Becket, Massachusetts, the son of a recently-ordained 28 year old, Yale educated, minister of a new Congregational Church.  His mother was Susanna Plumb, daughter of a well-to-do farmer of Milford, Connecticut, a short ride from New Haven.  His father was an impulsive man, given to the free expression of his own, not always wise, ideas.  Asked to leave his pastorate, he left his son behind with his father-in-law and moved on to finish his career in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York, both preaching and working at the cooper's trade until his death in 1795.  Joseph, reared with his grandparents' care was that of any ordinary, hard-working farm boy.  "He never attended formal school, but somewhere he acquired an ability and passion for reading and self-expression."  At first, too young to go, he then decided to give soldiering a try and he enlisted for six months, as a private, on  the 6th of July of 1776.  He took part in the Battles of Brooklyn, New York, Harlem, and White Plains.  He went home for the winter, but re-enlisted in April, 1777, for a period of three years or "during the war" to begin a tour of duty that lasted until the army was disbanded six years later in 1783.  His life story continues for records abound for him.  He married, had five children, but never prospered.  As a laborer, but now unable to work, he filed for his pension from his service, which was granted in the sum of $8 monthly.  He also worked steadily as the Town Clerk from 1818 to 1843.
He died quietly on May 2, 1850, and was buried at Sandy Point Cemetery on a sunny knoll upriver from his first dwelling in Prospect on Fort Point.  Much documentation is given for this life. The Editor left this book pretty much as it was written, and the account is fascinating.  Very easy reading and quite interesting in its details.  PRICE $25 
FF23:  CRAZY CRATE FF23:  BOOK 2:  A069:  INDEX OF PATRIOTS, REVOLUTIONARY WAR HEROES AND THEIR FAMILIES.  By The Cincinnati Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1893-1981.  Compiled by and signed by: Jeraldyne Beets Clipson and Katherine Brewer Brinkdopke.  1983.  Book number 40.  1983.  7" by 9 " 287 pages, hardbound  PRICE:  $30.  The Roster of Members gives their name and the ancestors they have proven.  The Index of Ancestors gives nearly a full column about the facts that concern this particular soldier previously named, and this is the major part of this book running from page 35 to page 281.  For each soldier mentioned you will find his birth, and where, if known; death date and where; who he married and where; a list of his children with birth, marriage, death data; a record of his service, when and where; and the people in the Cincinnati Chapter who claim him as an ancestor.  There is a lot of information here on men who served from many different colonies, and whose descendants wound up in Ohio. PRICE:  $30

FF23  CRAZY CRATE FF23:  BOOK 14:  A051:  KING PHILLIP'S WAR.  THE HISTORY AND LEGACY OF AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN CONFLICT.  By Eric B. Schultz and Michael J. Touglas.  The Countryman Press, Woodstock, Vermont.  416 pages, hardbound, dust jacket, very good condition.  $30.  At the Pilgrim's first Thanksgiving in 1621, chief among the honored guests was Massasoit, the sachem of the Wampanoag.  Half a century later, in 1676, colonial soldiers walked through Plymouth with their horrible spoils of war: the severed head of Massasoit's son, King Philip, on a stake.  Philip had been shot at the end of a bloody two-year conflict which began as a skirmish between the Wampanoag and the English on the frontier of Plymouth colony and ended with many of New England's settlements reduced to ashes.  With as many as eight hundred deaths and countless homes destroyed, the English suffered terribly during the war.  Nevertheless, the Native American suffered even greater losses in their pivotal struggle against the colonists.  Devastated by disease and famine, the native peoples of southern New England were violently removed from their ancestral homelands, with thousands slain or sold into slavery.  This book provides an in-depth history and a guide to the sites where the great ambushes, raids, and full-scale battles took place.  It provides insight into a dark and formative period of America's past.  What the colonists learned from their Indian warriors  in the swamps and woods of New England would prove invaluable to their own fight for freedom a hundred years later, and the colonists' retaliation for the war would become the model for how the Americans would deal with the Indians for the next three centuries.  A very thought-provoking book!   PRICE:  $30      

War of 1812

By the United States Government, and Indexed by Lowell Volkel, 1977, 664 pp., 5.5" x 9 inches, Hardbound ... $50.00

This previously rare document contains the patents issued by the General Land Office in the Illinois Military Tract between October 1817 and January 1819. The new index contains over 17,000 names. No one has determined the number of War of 1812 veterans who actually moved to their free land in the Illinois, Arkansas or Missouri military tracts. Over 60% of these patents were issued in the Illinois Military Tract. This tract, located between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, included the present counties of Adams, Brown, southern Bureau, Calhoun, Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, southern Henry, Knox, Marshall, Mercer, McDonough, Peoria, Pike, Putnam, Schuyler, Stark, and Warren. The entry for each veteran gives the patent date, land location, name, and residence to whom the patent was delivered, and the delivery date. In his introduction, James Walker gives a history of bounty land legislation and explains the records that can be obtained from the bounty land files at the National Archives. (1840 House Document 262, 26th Congress, first session.)

Civil War

by Geo. K. Schweitzer, 1984, 93 pp., 6" x 9", softcover ... $9.00

A guide to tracing your Civil War ancestor, with 316 sources listed. Chapters include I: The Civil war, II: The Archives, III: National Publications, IV: State Publications, V: Local Sources, VI: Military Unit Histories, VII: Civil War Events.



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