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The perfect gift for any researcher or any genealogist who likes to travel to talk to relatives, visit libraries or tromp through graveyards. This attractive binder comes complete with lineage charts, family group sheets, and a handy storage pocket.
Binder In your choice of:

HHMB-BRWN Pecan Brown
HHMB-KLGR Kelly Green
HHMB-MRNB Marine Blue

Sorry we are currently out of Pecan Brown and Marine Blue mini-binders! Be back in stock soon.

NEW colors are coming soon!

These six-ring binders are perfect for recording information, yet comfortable to use because of their convenient 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 size. These books are permitted in many libraries. Ideal for traveling. They make a great gift idea! Get 2; one for the husband's family and one for the wife's family. Give one to your brother or sister and one for each of your children.

The SECRET is that each page, in the binder, folds out to a
Colossal 13 and 1/2 inches WIDE!


The complete binder contains:

Thirty HHLB1 Family Group Sheets
Ten HHLB2 Six-generation Lineage Charts
Priced at: $20
Additional Forms & Charts Available For Your Mini-Binder:
HHLB1  Family Group Sheets
(10 forms, both sides, 13.5" wide)  Sample
10 for $4
HHLB2  Lineage Charts
(10 forms, both sides, 13.5" wide)  Sample
10 for $4
HHLB5 Census Kit 1790-1930
(12 forms, about 10" wide)
12 for $4
HHLB6 Deed Transaction Forms
(10 forms, about 10" wide)
10 for $4
HHLB7 Personal Will Abstracts
(10 forms, about 10" wide)
10 for $4
HHLB8 Military Service Record Forms
(10 forms, about 10" wide)
10 for $4
HHLB9  Obituary Research Forms
(10 forms, about 10" wide)
10 for $4
HHLB10  Cemetery Research Forms
(10 forms, 10" wide)
10 for $4
HHLB11 Funeral Home Research Forms
(10 forms, about 10" wide)
10 for $4
HHLB12  Sample Kit - Contains 2 each of LB6 thru LB11
(12 forms, 10" wide)
12 for $5
HHLB14   Contact Sheets
(10 forms, 13.5" wide)
10 for $4

Contact sheets
have room for 192 genealogy contacts! Have your sister's work phone number with you... The address to that courthouse you have only been to once... Keep your genealogy buddies contact info handy... The e-mail address of that out-of-state society. Places for: Name, Address, Phone, E-mail and notes! Use it to contact your neighborhood delivery restaurant, when you have found the trail of that elusive great uncle, and need another 3 hours at the library!

For those of you who prefer a LARGER notebook....
Basic Research Series

Designed with clarity, quality and organization in mind,

is printed on 8 1/2" x 11" forms.

This series gets your family information organized in quick fashion. A buyer for the famous Harvard University bookstore called our filing system "brilliant," a comment echoed by many others.

Our newly revised Basic Research Form Kit contains:

A complete set of forms including...

1 set of index tabs
1 HHFH40, Six-generation lineage chart
1 HHFH41, Five-generation lineage chart
1 HHFH42, Six-generation couple lineage charts

These three sheets are all 11" x 17" and fold to fit into your binder.


The following record keeping sheets are also included:
HHFH32 ..... 25 Family History Timeline Forms

..... 1 Set of 25 family group sheets
..... 1 Set of 25 research log sheets
HHFH61 ..... 25 Biographical History Sheets 
HHFH62 ..... 25 Bits & Pieces Sheets
..... 25 Research Organizer Sheets

Included is ONE [1] sample of each of the following Speedletter forms;

HHFH120 ..... For requesting birth, marriage, death and divorce records
HHFH121 ..... For requesting deeds, wills, leases
HHFH122 ..... To request family information from others
HHFH123 ..... To request lineage information from others

The value of this kit lies in its superb design and quality. All paper used for these forms is acid-free and will last for many years, preserving your research for your families use in the next century. A fitting memorial to leave behind for your family members to maintain & build on for the future.

HH-BKIT-FRMS Basic Research Forms Kit $24.95

We also carry some beautiful binders that go with these forms and come in 13 colors, please call us for more information.  

Ancestral Lineage Charts
Choose the Ancestral Lineage Chart best suited to your own needs. We offer three different charts. These forms are perfect for keeping a visual record of your lineage. Printed on high quality heavy vellum paper, the professional designs leave plenty of room for your handwritten entries. But, unlike many charts sold, ours is designed for typewriter use too. The five or six generation charts fold precisely at the right spot for use in a standard typewriter. You may choose numbering systems too. Our charts are available with numbers by each name (individual numbering) or by couples (family unit numbering). This allows you to set up your tabs either way and use the Ancestral Chart as the index to your filing system. We also provide a 6-generation ancestral chart for use by couples in tracing their joint family lines. Our exclusive documentation section printed on the back of all forms aids you in later retracing your sources of information if necessary.
Six Generation Individual Chart
Six-generation family unit numbering chart, 11" x 16 1/4", printed both sides, folds once, (for use by an individual)

Ancestral Chart
HHFH40 - Ancestral Chart

HHFH40-1 $2 Each
HHFH40-5 5 for $8
HHFH40-10 10 for $15

Five Generation Individual Chart
Five-generation individual numbering chart, 11" x16 1/4", folds once, (for use by an individual)
HHHHFH41 ... Ancestral Chart

HHFH41-1 $2 Each
HHFH41-5 5 for $8
HHFH41-10 10 for $15


Six Generation Couple Chart
6 generation couple numbering chart, 11" x 16 1/4", folds once, (family unit numbering) Room for ten children and their ancestry.
HHFH42 ... Ancestral Chart
HHFH42-1 $2 Each
HHFH42-5 5 for $8
HHFH42-10 10 for $15

Four Generation Individual Chart

8-1/2" X 11"- 4 Generation Individual Numbering; form for listing information sources on back; heavy index weight paper.    Additional Details
HHFH221 ... Ancestral Chart

HHFH221-25   (pack of 25 forms) $5
HHFH221-100   (pack of 100 forms)  $15

Four Generation Photo Ancestral Chart

8-1/2" X 11", printed one side only; on heavy index weight paper. Additional Details

HHFH222-1 Ancestral Chart $1.50 each
HHFH222-25 Ancestral Chart 25 for $25

Family Unit Chart
This is one of the handiest and most efficient forms ever developed for recording detailed information about each family unit in your ancestry. Its crisp, modern, professionally-designed format guides you in seeking and recording information you need. Spaces on the 8-1/2 X 11 form allow the recording of details on the husband, wife, grandparents, and 14 children and their spouses, including birth, death and marriage information. Printed on heavy index weight paper with form for listing source information on back. Additional Details
HHFH50 ...  Family Chart
HHFH50-25 25 for $6 Family Chart
HHFH50-50 50 for $11 Family Chart
HHFH50-100 100 for $20 Family Chart

Family Unit Charts
8 /12" x 11" Family Unit Charts exactly like our FH 50 forms, but on regular weight paper, printed on both sides. Additional Details
HHFH50A Family Charts
HHFH50A-25 25 for $5  Family Charts
HHFH50A-50 50 for $9 Family Charts
HHFH50A-100 100 for $17 Family Charts

Research Log
What better way to keep yourself organized than to have a step-by-step activity log of the work you have done, or need to do, for each ancestor. Keep track of telephone calls, letters written, books and records searched. It also permits you to log in all certificates, letters, pictures, and other information you receive. 8-1/2' X 11'. Click Here for Additional Details
HHFH60-25 Research Log 25 for $5
HHFH60-50 Research Log 50 for $9
HHFH60-100  Research Log 100 for $17


Biographical History Form
Use this form for recording the history of your ancestors' lives. Who were they? What did they do? What were their interests? List on this form the facts you find about the conditions of the times, amusing stories, anecdotes, places of residence, occupations, church affiliations, military service and other such information which will be helpful in compiling a family history.
You may also use this form to compile a final write-up on each ancestor's life. 8-1/2" x 11" Printed two sides. Click Here for Additional Details
HHFH61-25  Biographical History Form 25 for $5
HHFH61-50  Biographical History Form 50 for $9
HHFH61-100  Biographical History Form 100 for $17


Genealogy Time Line
Helps sort out who lived when. This simple little form which helps you show when each ancestor lived in bar chart form, has become very popular. Why not try a few and see if they make it easier for you, too? Click Here for Additional Details
HHFH32-25 Genealogy Time Line 25 for $5
HHFH32-50 Genealogy Time Line 50 for $9
HHFH32-100  Genealogy Time Line 100 for $17


Research Organizater
At last! Help is here. Have you ever driven 100 miles to search records at a courthouse or library then returned home and discovered you forgot to search one record? This handy form helps you to organize your research according to where you need to search. Now when you write or travel to get information you can be sure to get all the information for all the ancestors you're currently working on. This form also provides a checklist so you will know when all the information has been recorded on ancestral charts and family unit charts. 8-1/2" x 11", printed on two sides. Click Here for Additional Details
HHFH64-25 Research Organizer 25 for $5
HHFH64-50 Research Organizer 50 for $9
HHFH64-100 Research Organizer 100 for $17


Bits and Pieces Sheet
Researchers everywhere have been telling us what a good idea this sheet is. Filed under each tab, this form allows you to record stray bits and pieces of information for later use in unscrambling the ancestral puzzle. Researchers also use it for recording unverified information such as misspellings, conflicting data or sources, and other potentially important information. You ought to have it for your research too. 8-1/2" x 11", printed on two sides. Click Here for Additional Details
HHFH62-25 Bits & Pieces Sheet 25 for $5
HHFH62-50 Bits & Pieces Sheet 50 for $9
HHFH62-100 Bits & Pieces Sheet 100 for $17


Census Extraction Forms
An 11-piece series of forms which are most useful in recording information taken from the all-important census tracts. Census forms are available for each federal census year from 1790 to 1930 (except 1890 because more than 99% of that census was destroyed by fire or water damage.) Select the census forms you will be working with most and order those as you need them.

Form HHFH100 is a census checklist. It helps prevent duplication and wasted work, as every census you search is recorded with its positive or negative results. All forms in this series are 8-1/2" x 11", printed on one side.

Packets of any one Form..........25 for $5.00

Packets of any two Forms.........50 for $9.00     

Packets of any three Forms......100 for $17.00

Minimum order of any one form:25
HHFH100-25 CensusChecklist
HHFH180-25 1790
HHFH181-25 1800; 1810
HHFH182-25 1820
HHFH183-25 1830; 1840
HHFH184-25 1850
HHFH185-25 1860
HHFH186-25 1870
HHFH187-25 1880
HHFH188-25 1900
HHFH189-25 1910
HHFH191-25 1920
HHFH192-25 1930

Personal Data Sheets
Allows you to record, in brief form, all the significant dates and places in your own personal history, such as graduations, awards, etc. It helps to serve as a memory jogger and reminds you to seek specific information on your own history. Perfect for informal gatherings at family reunions and other gatherings. 8-1/2" x 11", printed on two sides on heavy weight acid-free paper. Additional Information
HHFH83-25 Personal Data Sheets 25 for $5
HHFH83-50Personal Data Sheets50 for $9
HHFH83-100 Personal Data Sheets 100 for $17


Research Forms
The following forms are printed on standard weight [20 pound] acid-free paper:
Form F1 is a standard 5-generation lineage chart, in a horizontal format, with space for birth, marriage and dath data for the first four generations. 8-1/2" x 11"
Form F2 is a standard 5-generation lineage chart. (Same as F1, but in a vertical format)
Form A3 is our most popular horizontal family group sheet. Designed for use with the typewriter or handwritten. Use with F1 lineage chart.
Form A4 is an upright family group sheet for the three ring binder. It has room for twelve children and is designed with lines for handwritten usage. Use with F2 or H1.
Form B1 is a resources checklist to record where information has been collected, indicate what sources are yet to be researched. It indicates county records, census records, family traditions, newspaper records, etc. A "must" for the serious genealogist who strives for accuracy in their research.
Form B2 is a resources checklist in an upright form. This form is especially designed to be used with A4 and F2.

Size: 8-1/2" x 11", Printed on standard weight, acid free paper.
Price for

F1......5-generation lineage chart...horizontal format

HHF1-25 25 for $4
HHF1-5050 for $7
HHF1-100 100 for $12.00
HHF1-200 200 for $22.00
HHF1-500 500 for $50.00

HHF2......5-generation lineage chart...vertical format

HHF2-25 25 for $4
HHF2-50 50 for $7
HHF2-100 100 for $12.00
HHF2-200 200 for $22.00
HHF2-500 500 for $50.00

HHA3......Horizontal family group sheet

HHA3-25 25 for $4
HHA3-50 50 for $7
HHA3-100 100 for $12.00
HHA3-200 200 for $22.00
HHA3-500 500 for $50.00

HHA4......Upright family group sheet

HHA4-25 25 for $4
HHA4-50 50 for $7
HHA4-100 100 for $12.00
HHA4-200 200 for $22.00
HHA4-500 500 for $50.00

HHB1......Resources checklist...horizontal format

HHB1-25 25 for $4
HHB1-50 50 for $7
HHB1-100 100 for $12.00
HHB1-200 200 for $22.00
HHB1-500 500 for $50.00

HHB2......Resources checklist...vertical format  

HHB2-25 25 for $4
HHB2-50 50 for $7
HHB2-100 100 for $12.00
HHB2-200 200 for $22.00
HHB2-500 500 for $50.00


Generation Chart
Our very own seven generation chart. 11" x17", printed one side. Folds once to fit in a three ring binder. Sent folded and punched.

HH-H1-1 1 FOR $1.00
HH-H1-6 6 FOR $5.00
HH-H1-12 12 FOR $9.00
HH-H1-50 50 FOR $35.00
HH-H1-100 100 FOR $60.00

This is a very popular series among those doing considerable research. According to genealogists who use them, the professional look of these forms improves the response. Use these handy fill-in-the-blank letters to request information on your ancestors from others. Their 8-1/2 X 11 size fits neatly into your binder, filed under the tab for your ancestor. 
HHFH120 For birth, marriage, death or divorce records Sample   12 for $4.00
HHFH121 For deeds, wills, leases, estate records  Sample 12 for $4.00
HHFH122 To request family details from individuals  Sample 12 for $4.00
HHFH123 To request lineage information from individuals  Sample 12 for $4.00


Ancestral Wall Charts

You've been asking us about these, so here they are! Choose a delightfully whimsical style or a more formal one. Printed in 17" X 24" size to fit in easily-obtainable frames. Heavy paper is durable and long lasting. Your combined order is shipped rolled up in a tube. It gives you, at a glance, the important details of your lineage. These colorful, first-class wall charts are great for gift-giving too. Green and black on cream paper. Especially appropriate for hanging on the wall of the family room, dining room, or living room. Especially nice hanging for a crib.

Decorative Tree

HHFH209A-1: Four Generation Chart (17" x 24")
$6.00 Each

HHFH209A-6: 6 for $30.00

Decorative Ivy Trim
Lineage Chart
HHFH209B-1: Six Generation Chart (17" x 24")
$6.00 Each

HHFH209B-6: 6 for $ 30.00

Family Tree Fan Chart
9 Generation Chart
Parchment look paper, 24" x 18"
Makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas!


HHFT3-1 Family Tree Fan Chart $6.00 Each
HHFT3-6 Family Tree Fan Chart 6 for $30.00

United States Map

Reproduction of Mitchel's 1860 US Map showing westward migration route. 18" x 24" Printed on parchment look tan paper with black ink for an old time look. Would look great decoupaged with charred edges.


HHMP320 U.S. Map   $6.00
HHMP321 U.S. Map Same map as above, but laminated in plastic so you can trace your ancestors' route with colored markers $8.00

Special Offer

Mix & Match any six of the above four items for $ 25.00
HHFT1 fan chart, HHFH209A or HHFH209B ivy charts, or HHMP320 map.
(Sorry, the MP321 Laminated Map is NOT a part of this offer)

This offer not available for on-line ordering, please call to order this special offer.

Lineage Charts



These 16" x 20" 7 generation charts are suitable for framing. In muted water colors on a soft white background. These charts make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and anytime you need a thoughtful gift! 

MOM'S OLD WHITE FARMHOUSE                               

HHHOUSE1-1 $8.00 Each
HHHOUSE1-2 2 for $15
HHHOUSE1-6 6 for $40 



HHBARN1-1 $8.00 Each
HHBARN1-2 2 for $15
HHBARN1-6 6 for $40

Also available as a set of 1 Farmhouse chart and 1 Barn chart

HHBRNHSPR-1 1 set for $15
HHBRNHSPR-2 2 sets for $28
HHBRNHSPR-3 3 sets for $40


Generation Charts
These two charts HHM1 and HHM4 are 17" x 22", folded twice and pre-punched for binder Can be opened and used without removing from the binder or opening the rings.

Chart HHM4: Complete information (birth, marriage, death, where) for five generations plus space for the names of 9 brothers and sisters and their spouses, or 18 brothers and sisters of each ancestor without their spouses. Anyone with whom you correspond could easily spot the marriage that would prove your are cousins, for anyone descended from any marriage on this chart would be a cousin to some degree.

HHM4 ...Five Generation Chart

HHM4-1 $2.00 Each
HHM4-4 4 for $7.00
HHM4-12 12 for $20.00
HHM4-50 50 for $70.00
HHM4-100 100 for $120.00


Chart HHM1: This is an eight generation chart. It provides space for full birth, marriage, death and where information back a full six generations.

HHM1 ...Eight Generation Chart 

HHM1-1 $2.00 Each
HHM1-4 4 for $7.00
HHM1-12 12 for $20.00
HHM1-50 50 for $70.00
HHM1-100 100 for $120.00

HHM-12 This 12 Generation Chart has room for a full 9 generations of names on the front, [with space for birth date & place, marriage date & place, death date & place and burial place for the 1st through the 5th generations.  Birth and death information for two additional generations [# 6 & #7] follows with room for names only for generations  [#8 & #9].  Every name on your direct line for a full nine generations is listed. 

On the back, you begin with 32 of the people that are listed in the 9th generation on the front repeated here [your choice which ones] with additional room for birth date & place and death date & place information. Generation #10 has room for birth & death dates, with generation #11 and #12 having space for names only. This chart has spare room for additional generations or notes. The chart is 29" x 23". It comes folded and pre-punched for a 3 ring binder The chart can be opened and used without removing it from the binder or opening the rings.

HHM-12-1 $2.00 Each

HHM-15: This 15 Generation Chart has room for a full 9 generations of names on the front, [with space for birth date & place, marriage date & place, death date & place and burial place for the 1st through the 5th generations].  Birth & death information for two additional generations [# 6 and #7] follows, with room for names only for generations #8 & #9.  Every name on your lineage for a full nine generations is listed. 

On the back you pick up with a repeat of a partial 9th generation for 32 people that are listed in the last generation on the front side, and you have room to extend those lines to the 9th great grandparents.  Then you choose 32 names from that list to extend for the remaining three generations.  The chart is 29" x 23". It comes folded and pre-punched for a 3-ring binder.  The chart can be opened and used without removing it from the binder or opening the rings.

HHM-15-1 $2.00 Each


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