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Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)
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FWC-0210 W.P.A. (Works Progress Administration). By Fran Carter-Walker. 76 pages, softbound $17.00 
This publication tells what these records are and where to find them. It discusses published and unpublished records, church, manuscript and county archives. Also tells how to use these records.

WORKS PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION. By John W. Heisey. Indianapolis, IN. 56 pp. $12.00.  The W.P.A. Historical Records Survey, 1988.  These WPA sources are well known in Indiana and used thoroughly because they list in alphabetical order the index to the records of births, marriages and deaths for 67 counties.  Not all of the 92 counties in the state were completed.   This book covers the entire country and lists many other categories of records done by this most helpful project.  Plus inventories of the court-houses showing what records were available and where they were being kept in the 1930s.  Many other indices to records were made also.  Directories of churches and other religious organizations, church records/church archives, county records/ archives, federal records/ archives, municipal and town records, public records/ archives, state records/archives, vital statistics records, manuscript records, microfilmed  records/ archives and miscellaneous data surveyed for each of the 48 states and the District of Columbia.  All of these categories, state by state, for which records were found appear in this publication.  56 pp.  New copies.  $12.  

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