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Welcome to our selection of Family Histories.  Due to the limited appeal of family histories Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe does not routinely stock these materials.  However  in our book-buying activities we often come across these books and are happy to be able to make them available to you here.  Of course these books are offered as a part of our "Crazy Crate" sales and therefore we cannot offer them for on-line ordering.  Be sure to call us to place an order for these books.  Be sure to place your order quickly if you find something you want as many of these are one-of-a-kind books and once it sells, its gone.

Enjoy browsing the histories and give us a call at 1-800-419-0200  to place an order when you see the one you want!


[FAMILY HISTORY/OLIVER] CRATE CRAZY 58, BOOK 3:OLIVER KENFOLKS, VOLUMES 1 & 2, by Kenneth Edward Gilkey, Evansville Bindery, 2003, Brand new, beautifully hardbound, two huge volumes, 87 page every-name index, documentation follows the fact, pictures in front of Volume II, 1,322 pages, Size A. Price ... $120
(Oh, how I wish this man had been working on MY family tree.) This is one beautiful book, printed by Evansville Bindery in Evansville IN, beautifully done, documented, printed and bound, stamped in gold. This book would make any Oliver proud!!

by Betty M. Mann, 1967, ex lib., hardbound, 78 pages, Size A. Price ... $20
Book begins with a letter from Annie Neal Mann with a transcript. Maps of England, Glouchestershire and the Quinton area with a description by the 1841 census taker. This is followed by the auction sale bill of the household furniture and 3 fat pigs plus other items sold before they left England. Next is a copy of the passenger list from the National Archives showing their arrival in New Orleans. A copy of their purchase of a yoke of steers is shown and their first land purchase in Illinois. Military records cover 7 pages. There is a page from the Shuter Family Bible, copies of three obituaries for the following: William John, Hannah and Mariah. Then the genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Neal and Hannah Shuter is shown. Mention is made of the life of Thomas, George, William John, followed by references. Family group sheets and lineage charts, all blank, are included so the line can be updated by the current owner of the book. Index lists over five entries for these surnames:
Barnes 17, Beehm 7, Bosecker 7, Bunting 43, Compton 12, Ernst 6, Evans 7, Fewkes 5, Fisher 7, Green 20, Hallam 6, Harwick 5, Henderson 9, Hortin 16, Hospelhorn 6, Illman 7, Kehl 6, Mann 41, Martin 7, Metcalf 19, McClure 5, Neal 93, Petty 5, Pond 8, Potter 6, Roosevelt 24, Seifert 13, Shaw 7, Shellenberger 12, Smith 18, Summers 13, Tinckham 5, Vincent 10, Wanke 5, Woods 6, Wright 9, and York 8. This lady knows what family history is all about, and she gives you copies of what you want. How nice of her to share what she has found.

[VANDERBURGH COUNTY, IN / FAMILY HISTORY/HERRMANN] CRATE CRAZY 58 BOOK 12: HERRMANN SESQUICENTENNIAL, by Cheryl Herrman, self-published, 2003, new, hardbound, 268 pages, Size A, indexed, Price ... $30    Index to this family history includes the following surnames with 10 or more entries:
Bayer 16, Collins 13, Day 18, Dolletzki 10, Feuerbach 14, Herman 17, Herrmann LOTS, Jung 15, Klump 22, Konrad 12, Kramer 19, Lance 12, Ritz 19, Schenk 17 and Wilderman 10. Illustrated with over 65 pages of identified photos. This is a bonanza for any family genealogist! Michael Herrmann was born around 1794 in Bavaria, Germany, and he married Dorothy Handel. Their son John Michael was born 12 September 1824. He became a farmer and owned 80 acres in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. In 1854 he married the widow Anna Maria Kopp in St. Wendel. This is the story of their family along with the families of Kathrina, his sister, and his brothers Frank Michael, Carl and George Herrman. This book, too, should be in the hands of a family member or someone who is doing genealogy on one of these major names.

[ILLINOIS/OFFERMAN]  CRATE CRAZY 59 BOOK 3: OFFERMAN FAMILY HISTORY THE ANCESTRY AND DESCENDANTS OF HENRY CHRISTIAN OFFERMAN AND MARIA SOPHIA DOESCHER OFFERMAN. PIONEER RESIDENTS OF KANAKAKEE COUNTY, ILLINOIS, Written by Don H. Offerman, 1988, 125 pages, 4 pages of address lists, Includes photographs, DOZENS of family group sheets, Reunion pictures of 1922 {people identified} and more recent pictures also. 14" x 12", softbound, former public library copy. A labor of love for his family by the author, who has provided almost everything, including copies of information from the Family Bible that his descendents would want to know. Hope they keep it up to date! Price ...$20

[FAMILY HISTORY / CLAN MACRAE]  CRAZY CRATE 77  BOOK 4:  HISTORY OF THE CLAN MACRAE.  By The Rev. Alexander Macrae, B.A.  This volume was reprinted in the year 1976 under the sponsorship of the Clan Macrae Society of North America.  Gateway Press, (original 1899), hardbound, 412 pages. With Genealogies.  A list of subscribers is given at the front of this book. I wish I could tell you how many Macraes appear in this book, but I cannot, for there is no every-name index in this edition source material of the book, but if you are a Macrae, you should have this book anyway.  It is a proud line and a fine one and you should know about it for it is YOUR history.  Actually you should buy it and do an every-name index for it so everybody can find their ancestry.  Perhaps one has already been done.  Can you imagine how many other lines have married into these? Those lines are lost without an index.  The  book is $50.

[MYSTERY / GENEALOGY / RING FAMILY]  CRAZY CRATE 80  BOOK 11:  ONLY A FEW BONES.  By John Phillip Colletta.   As a case in point, consider John Phillip Colletta’s best-selling genealogy book ONLY A FEW BONES.  His investigation into his fourth-great-grandfather’s death in the middle 1870s created a spine-tingling nystery that made his book our bestseller this year for the third year in a row!!  He had to use techniques similar to those of a private detective as well as genealogical techniques unique to this hobby, but solve it he did!  As you will see if you read this book.  If you want your own private copy, it is still for sale here.  476 pages, softbound at $18.  This would make a fabulous Christmas gift for someone who likes spell-binding mysteries to read!  [Maybe you can borrow it back from him/her to look at the almost 100 pages of fine documentation and family material at the back of his book.]

[FAMILY HISTORY / MOSEMANN]  CRAZY CRATE 83  BOOK 8:MOSEMANN FAMILY DIRECTORY—THE DESCENDANTS OF JACOB AND MAGDALENA FREY MOSEMANN.  Compiled by John H. and Ruth H. Mosemann.  Gateway Press, 1987.  Hardbound, 161 pages, every-name index included.  The book begins with an introduction covering the author’s sense of history and family.  There is a map of both the German settings and the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, settings of this early family.  $30.

The progenitors of this extended family were Jacob and his wife Magdalena Frey Mosemann, and their story is told first.  The story of the education of this young man, who was ordained in 1822  and advanced to become a bishop in just three years follows. Section I concerns the family of Michael Frey Mosemann and Maria Heer.  Section II is the story of the family of Veronica Frey Mosemann and Heinrich Bahr.  Section 3 contains the family of Philip Frey Mosemann and Elizabeth Heer.  Section IV contains the story of the family of Mary Frey Mosemann and Christian Herr.  Section V contains stories of the family of Barbara Frey Mosemann and Solomon Gehman. Eight appendices contain research finds such as a will, inventory of an estate, obituaries, etc.  A family book destined to be cherished by any members of the Mosemann, Frey, Heer/Herr or Gehman families.  A warm family tale, well told, destined to be cherished. 

[TENNESSEE / MISSISSIPPI / FAMILY HISTORY-RICKETTS] CRATE CRAZY 86  BOOK 13:  COUSINS WATSON’S AND RELATIONS.  By Shirley Watson Bain.  No publisher, no date found.  137 pages, perfect binding, quality heavy paper covers. $30.  Generously illustrated, pictures modern and old, appears to be printed on high-quality paper, documentation presented in the book is usually pictured.  This book is about Watson’s and includes the Cobb, LeGrand, Shackleford, Hart, Lonnergan, Cox, Langford, Montgomery, Allman, Hodges, Bowlin and Cather families.  Bible Records are pictured.  Family group records are typed at the back.  Index for this book would aid in finding your cousins to the Watsons. Profusely illustrated with maps, land records, documents ands photographs.  In the first 54 pages there are over 100 illustrations!  $30

[VIRGINIA / TAYLOR SURNAME] CRAZY CRATE 89  BOOK 5:  MILLER IN VIRGINIA:  EXCERPTS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX.  The Researchers, 1991, cardstock covers, stapled and taped binding, 48 pages, good condition.  These records contain information on the surname MILLER only in the state of VIRGINIA.  These are records of births,  christenings, marriages, census records and wills.  Print is very small, so keep your magnabrite handy!  Originally $12.  Now only $9

[KENTUCKY / WILLSON/WILSON SURNAME]  CRAZY CRATE 89  BOOK 10:  KENTUCKY SURNAME SERIES:  WILSON/WILLSON, VOLUME 1[All that are available.]  Compiled by Joan Colbert Gioe, The Researchers, Cardstock covers, stapled and taped, 20 pages. This is not the same as the above offerings. $4This is a very useful tool if you are searching for the surname WILSON/WILLSON in KENTUCKY.  Every name in this book is a Wilson of some kind or other!   First is a list of 1790 Kentucky taxpayers which includes county of residence for WILLSON and WILSON.  Next is a list of Kentucky Taxpayers for the year 1800.for both spellings.  Again this includes county of residence.  Next is a list of some Wilson wills and which counties they left a will in, followed by an ABSTRACT of the 1810 Kentucky census with both spellings, counties of residence and all the categories and members of the family by ages, not names. This is followed by the Index to the 1820 census of Kentucky with counties of residence.  Last is five pages of WILLSON/WILSON marriages from KENTUCKY with counties.  This is a book you can not afford to be without if you have this surname in your lineage. Simply to check to make sure you found everything, it is worth $4

CRAZY CRATE 166:  BOOK 11:  SUPPLEMENT TO “GENEALOGY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF EDWARD COLBURN COBURN” 1635-1913.  By Gerald Franklin Coburn, Helen Crocker Ehmcke and Loran Alva Coburn, Descendants of Charles Coburn 1790-1995, Loran A. Coburn, Editor.  186 pages, hardbound, gold title, front and spine.  Published by Stevenson Genealogy Center. 1996.  $30.  This supplement to the Original book ADDS THE INFORMATION Came from England in 1635.  Purchased land in Dracutt on Merrimack in 1668, Occupied this purchase in 1669 and was reprinted in 1978 by Goodspeed’s Book Shop, Inc. in Boston in 1978.  This copy bears the bookplate of Helen Ehmcke, one of the authors.  Map of Dracutt inserted at front of book.  Related families of this book included in the index are:  Austill 4, Beckwith 6, Beeson 3, Bennett 3, Bruch 7, Burr 3, Burroughs 4, Christensen 3, Coburn 122, Colburn 8, Crocker 27, Dierking 4, Darper 4, Duerre 3, Dyer 3, Edwards 10, Ehmcke 8, Eisenman 3, Fiedler 5, Fisher 4, Frahm 3, Galles 18, Hatch 11, Heintz 4, Hugo 5, Jensen 20, Clinger 3, Knapp 3, Lopez 3, Morton 3, Nelson 13, Persoon 7, Peterson 3, Prosser 4, Radebaugh 11, Rouse 4, Soltes 3, Specht 3, Staver 3, Tvietnes 16, Vaughn 5, Vogt 3, Walker 14, Wise 3, Woodard 4, Woodward 3, Wright 3. 

CRAZY CRATE 184:  BOOK 3:  THE PEDIGREE OF FLETCHER GARRISON HALL. By Garrison Kent Hall.  Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Used. 1979.  Edited by Dr. Ralph J. Campbell.  Sources listed at front.  473 pages, hardbound, good condition. USED. $45.Surnames listed in the pedigree of this man:  Hall, Fletcher, Macy, Forbes and their relatives.  Surnames in the copious index include the following with 10 or more first names:  Adams, Alden [yes, the famous two are here.], Allen, Ames, Andrews, Arnold, Austin, Bailey, Banks, Barnard, Barnes, Bascom, Beach, Belt, Booth, Bradbury, Bragdon, Brasseur, Brewster, Brooke, Brown, Bunker, Burr, Carr, Carter, Chapin, Chase, Church, Clark, Coffin, Coley, Contee, Cook, Cornwall, Couch, Crow, Deering, Dickinson, Doherty, Duckett, Duvall, Dwight, Finn, Fletcher, Flint, Folger, Foote, Fowler, Francis, Frelinghuysen, Frost, Gardiner, Gardner, Garrison, Goodrich, Grave, Gray, Griffin, Griffith, Hall 1 ¾ column, Harris, Harwood, Hawks, Hussey, Hutchinson, Hyde, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Kent, Kleinhaus, Knight, Lambert, Lawrence, Lee, Leggett, Lewis, Lincoln, Linthicum, Lloyd, Loomis, Lyman, Macy 2 columns, Mauleverer, Mitchell, Nelson, Osborne, Otis, Pabodie, Paddock, Pancoast, Parker, Partridge, Peck, Peene, Perkins, Pierce, Pike, Pinckney, Plimpton, Plumb, Pomeroy, Potter, Ridgway col., Rumsey, Sanborn, Seymour, Sherman, Sherwood, Simmons, Smith, Soule col., Southworth col., Spooner, Sprague, Standish, Starbuck, Stevens, Stockton, Sweet, Tibbetts, Todd, True, Tryon, Ward, Warren, Waterman, Watson, Watkins, Welles, Wheelwright, White, Wight, Wilkinson, Williams, Wing, Wood, Worthley, Worthington and Wright.  In the place name index, CT has 6 columns of place names, MD 2 ½ cols, MA 7 ½ cols, NJ 1 ½  col., NY1 ½ col, RI 1 col., ENGLAND 7 cols., GERMANY 1 col.  Dozens of portraits.  Not many can boast of a pedigree like this one.  Documented, extensive work! Dust jacket has had a price sticker on it, some glue residue.  Book appears to be in good condition.  $45


Hope you found something you need (or just want),  give us a call at 1-800-419-0200  to place your order to make sure you are the one who gets it!