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Month Day, Year: DECEMBER 10, 2010
CRAZY CRATE JP 63 - December 10, 2010.

Hello Everyone!

Well, we're finally getting over our first Lake Effect Snow storm  here in northern Indiana - fifteen inches or more in some places.  I'm sure glad I don't live in Buffalo, New York.  I received an order on my ebay site the other day.  It was from Saskatoon, Canada and the buyer says it sometimes gets to 30 degrees below zero up there.  BRRR!

I have a friend who is planning on moving to Surprise, Arizona, in January. It's not too far from Sun Cities, Arizona.  She says the weather is a lot better.  I looked up the weather on the internet yesterday and it was in the 70s.  That sure sounds good to me.!

Here is another exciting listing of items in our inventory: 

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 1:  INDEX TO BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF LA CROSSE, TREMPEALEAU AND BUFFALO COUNTIES, Wisconsin.  Compiled by Millicent Zindel Hild.  Madison. WI:  Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, Inc.  1982.  42 pages.  Softcover  This index covers over 1,100  names found in the book, Biographical History of La Crosse Trempealeau and Buffalo Counties, Wisconsin, published by the Lewis Publishing Company in 1892. The index indicates on what pages the name will be found in the original book.  The names may appear more than once on that page or several times in a biographical sketch.  Price:  $6.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 2:  CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS FROM GREEN COUNTY WISCONSIN.  Madison, WI:  Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, Inc.  1975.  56 pages.  Softcover. The cemeteries covered in this book cover Cadiz (Sacerman) Cemetery, (Cadiz Township), Bethel (Hawthorne) Cemetery,  West Clarno Pioneer Cemetery, and United Methodist Church Cemetery (all in Clarno township), Union Church Cemetery (in Spring Grove), and State Line Cemetery (Rock Grove, in Stephenson County, Illinois).   Information for each cemetery is listed separately and varies with each entry.  Entry includes name of deceased, sometimes birth dates and ages, death dates, names of spouse, etc.  There are no maps of the cemeteries shown. The three-page index contains over 500 surnames and the pages on which they are listed.  First names are not given in the index. Price:  $7.50

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK  3:  INDEX TO NAMES IN HISTORY OF LINCOLN, ONEIDA, AND VILAS COUNTIES, WISCONSIN, ILLUSTRATED.    Indexed by Mrs. Sturges Bailey.  Madison, WI:  Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, Inc.  1980.  55 pages.  Softcover.  We recently received this copy from the publisher. This index contains the names of over 8,000 people who are mentioned in The History of Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties, Wisconsin, Illustrated, written by Jones, McVean, etc. and published by H. C. Cooper, Jr. and Co. in Minneapolis-Winona, Minnesota in 1924. The index indicates on what pages the name will be found in the original book.  The names may appear more than once on that page or several times in a biographical sketch.  Price:   $7.50

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 4:  INDEX TO BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF DANE COUNTY, WISCONSIN. By Mrs. Sturges Bailey.  Madison, WI:  Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, Inc.  1979.  29 pages.  Softcover.  This index covers over 5,000 names found in the book Biographical Review of Dane County, Wisconsin, which was published by the Biographical Review Publishing Company in Chicago in 1893.  The index indicates on what pages the name will be found in the original book.  The names may appear more than once on that page or several times in a biographical sketch.  Price:  $5.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 5:  FULL-COLOR KNIGHTS AND ARMOUR.  CD-ROM AND BOOK.  By Samuel Rush Meyrick.  Mineola, NY:  Dover Publications, Inc. 2007.  43 pages.  Soft cover plus CD rom.  Dover Elecronic Clip Art for Macintosh and Windows.  Brimming with full-color illuminated illustrations, here is an arresting survey of armour and weapons spanning the ninth to fifteenth centuries.  From Richard the Lionheart in full battle dress to the equipage of anonymous knights, Meyrick's splendid panorama of arms and armour from the Middle Ages showcases ancient military regalia in all its forms.  Crisp and highly detailed depictions of shields, swords, crossbows, helmets, lances, and ornate suits of body armor for knights and their steeds are royalty-free and ready to use in a wealth of art, craft, design project The CD rom contains 98 royalty-free images saved in JPEG format.  Excellent for enhancing scraapbooking ideas, family genealogies or school projects.  Since the files are all JPEG format they will work with: Windows 95, 98. ME. NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 or Macintlsh, all versions with a CD Rom drive.  Price:  $10.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 6:  HERALDIC DESIGNS by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies.  London:  Bracken Books.  1988.  7 pages plus 40 full color plates with 450 designs.  Softcover.  Oversize.  Note:  the outer top of the front cover is slightly bent at the corner. This book is a selection of plates from the Art of Heraldry:  An Encyclopedia of Armory, originally published in 1904.  The 450 full-color selections are taken mostly from English and German illustrations and include  shields and arms drawn by Matthew Parish (died in 1259), examples  from the Zuricher Wappenrolle (first half of the fourteenth century), 16 illustrations from  the Wapenboeck (1370),  many examples from the 1400s, and much more.  Price:  $10.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 7:    THE MAKING OF MODERN IRELAND, 1603 - 1923.  By J. C. Beckett.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf.  1966. Seventh printing, 1983.   496 pages plus three maps.  Hardcover.  Note:  the binding is weak, the front hinge is almost detached from the book, and many of the pages are underlined in pencil.    This book traces the course of events between two watersheds in Irish history - the complete subjugation of the country by the English in 1603 and the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1923.  It offers to the general reader as well as to the more serious student an interpretation of the historical background of modern Ireland, incorporating the results of much recent research.  Though political developments provide the main theme, economic and social factors have not been ignored, and the result is a balanced, highly readable account of how the Ireland of today came to be.  As history the work is remarkably free from bias on a subject that has rarely called forth this virtue.  The seventeen-page index covers nearly 1,200 entries.  Price:  $5.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 8:    A NEW AND POPULAR PICTORIAL DESCRIPTION OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, WALES, AND THE BRITISH ISLANDS, EMBELLISHED WITH SEVERAL HUNDRED HANDSOME ENGRAVINGS.  ILLUSTRATING THE NATURAL SCENERY, CURIOSITIES, ANTIQUITIES, DRUIDICAL AND ROMAN REMAINS, MANSIONS, CATHEDRALS, ABBEYS, CHURCHES, COLLEGES, CASTLES, AND OTHER GREAT WORKS OF ARCHITECTURE, ETC., WHICH ABOUND IN THOSE CELEBRATED COUNTRIES.   Carefully compiled from the best and latest sources by Robert Sears.  New York.  Robert Sears.  1846.  557 pages.  Hardcover.  Note: this is an original edition, not a reprint.  The binding is very loose, the front cover is worn, especially at the edges, and the corners are rounded.  The front cover is detached from the book,   the outside spine is missing, the back cover is well worn, there are some pencil notations on the back flyleaf, the  title page, preface page and several other pages show that the pages had been dog-eared at one time, probably from constant use.  The front flyleaf is detached from the book, but present, and contains the impression of Smith and Brown , Hillsboro, Ohio.  Almost every page has foxing.  Fifty three chapters cover: Description of England and Wales, vegetable production, the people, the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Portland, the Isle of Jersey, the Isle of Guernsey, the Scenery of Wales, Antiquities, Monastic Antiquities, Crosses, Regal and Baronial Antiquities, Mansions, Manufacturing Towns, Commercial Towns, University Towns, Naval Stations, Towns of Residence and Recreation, London, the Municipal Government of the Metropolis, Law Courts, Legislation and Government, Fire Insurance, The Court, Inns, Hotels, Communication, Commerce, Trade, Markets, Manufactures, Bridges, Amusements, Public Worship, Public Walks, Funerals and Cemeteries, Geographical Description of Scotland, the People, Remarkable natural Scenery, Chief Towns, Geographical Description of Ireland,  Climate, the People, Antiquities, Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Connaught. 

Quotations from various newspaper reviews:  "A work of this kind is an admirable addition to the reading materials of young persons.  They give them proper ideas of places and monuments, continually referred to in books and newspapers, but about which very little conception is formed.  Many of the customs of the country are described and illustrated, and almost everything that can instruct and amuse the tarry-at-home traveler, with regard to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, may be found in this interesting and valuable volume."  "This book is decidedly one of the best publications of the present day, and deserves the patronage of every reader of general literature.  It give a capital description of the British Isles, their scenery, antiquities,. Cities and public edifices."  "The description of the city of London occupies a hundred pages, and is made familiar to the stranger by fifty engravings of its principal streets, parishes, buildings, etc."  Nearly 300 wood engravings enhance the text.  Price:  $25.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 9:    REFERENCE GUIDE TO  MINNESOTA  HISTORY.  A SUBJECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, AND ARTICLES IN ENGLISH.   Saint Paul, MN:  Minnesota  Historical Society.  1974.  132  pages.  Softcover.    Information is grouped into 28 categories, including  Indians, Discovery and Exploration, Beginnings of White Settlement, Population, Government, Local History, County and City Histories, the Arts, Business, and much more.  The 17-page index covers over 3,600 entries.  Price:  $10.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 10:    AMERICAN INDIANS.  A SELECTED CATALOG OF NATIONAL ARCHIVES MICROFILM PUBLICATIONS.  Washington, D.C.  National Archives Trust Fund Board.  U. S. General Services Administration.  1984.  91 pages.  Softcover.  This select catalog lists the records published on microfilm by the National Archives and Records Service that relate directly to American Indians, to the formation of Federal Indian policy, and to the personnel who created or enforced that policy.  The catalog is divided into civilian agency records and military establishment records.  In each section, the publications containing the most information about Indians are listed first.  Brief narratives give the history of the office that created or accumulated the records, as well as the type, scope, and organization of the records themselves.  In several cases, the narrative has been omitted because the publication titles are self-explanatory and the publication consists of only a single roll of microfilm.  In other cases, narratives are used sparingly because the records on microfilm cover a broad range of subjects, only a few of which relate directly to American Indians.  The narratives in this catalog are necessarily less detailed than the information contained in the descriptive pamphlets, which have explanations of the origin, content, and arrangement of records for most microfilm publications.  In this catalog the Civilian Agency Records include Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Records of the Indian Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, Records Relating to Census Rolls and other Enrollments, Records Relating to Indian Treaties, Records Relating to Territories, Records Relating to Appointments, and Records of Miscellaneous Civilian Agencies.  The Military Establishment Records in this catalog cover Records of the Adjutant General's office 1780s - 1917, Records Relating to Military Service, Records of United States Army Continental Commands, 1821 - 1920, Records of the Office of the Secretary of War, and Records of Miscellaneous Military Establishments. You can find some of these microfilm rolls at the Allen County Public library and possibly other large genealogy libraries or contact your local library's interlibrary loan department to see if they order it for you. Price:  $5.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 11:    Chippewa and Dakota Indians.   A Subject Catalog of Books, Pamphlets, Periodical Articles, and manuscripts in the Minnesota  Historical Society.  St. Paul, MN:  Minnesota Historical Society.  1969.   2nd printing 1970.  131 pages.  Softcover.  This pamphlet provides a valuable bibliography of printed and manuscript materials on two Indian tribes - the Chippewa (or Ojibwa) and the Dakota (or Sioux).  It reproduces for the first time some 2,100 subject entries in the public catalogs of the Minnesota Historical Society's library and manuscripts collections on the area's two major Indian groups.  This volume is divided into two parts - printed materials and manuscripts.  Of the approximately 2,100 entries, 1,400 describe printed items and about 700 are of manuscripts.  The listings reproduce all the entries and subentries for the subject headings "Chippewa Indians" and "Dakota Indians", as well as those for "Chippewa language" and "Dakota language."  As a result there is considerable duplication, since a given title may appear within two or more headings.    It is hoped that this inventory of the extensive and often unique holdings of the society will fill a gap in the sparse bibliographical literature available and serve as a finding aid for scholars, teachers, and librarians interested in the Chippewa and Dakota Indians.   Price:  $10.00

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 12:    THE COLLECTED FABLES OF AMBROSE BIERCE.  Edited, with Introduction and Commentary, by S. T. Joshi.  Columbus, OH:  Ohio State University Press. 2000.   389 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  this is an ex-library copy.    Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914?) wrote nearly 850 fables in a literary and journalistic career that spanned more than forty years.  Less than half of these fables have been reprinted from their original appearances in newspapers and magazines of a century or more ago, and Bierce himself reprinted scarcely more than a third of them in the two editions of his Fantastic Fables (1899 and 1911). Bierce's fables are unique of their kind, and yet they reveal a thorough familiarity with the long history of the fable as a literary form;  indeed, much of their brilliance resides in their adaptation and expansion of that form. What sets Bierce's fables apart from others of their kind - aside from their sheer quantity and their consistent brilliance - is their pungently satirical "morals", their skewering of a wide array of political, social, and even literary foibles and their exemplification of Bierce's sharp skepticism in regard to human character and endeavor. There are 846 fables in this book, some only one or two sentences, many several paragraphs long. An additional section in the book provides a commentary on the fables including the date of first publication of the fable as well as selected reprints.   There is an alphabetical six-page index of titles, and a 13-page alphabetical index of characters.  Price:  $7.50

CRAZY CRATE JP BOOK 12:    THE SURNAME OBERST IN THE UNITED STATES.  THEIR LOCATION AND ALLIED FAMILY NAMES GAINED THROUGH MARRIAGE.   Prepared by Charles Lowell Oberst.  1989.  84 pages.  Softcover.   Information in this book begins with John Martin Oberst (Born in Switzerland, Kanton Aargau, Mayden, 1754 and Died in America, 1845).  He married Ursula Luetzzelechwab in Switzerland.  They had one known child, John.  This book follows the descendants of John Martin Oberst through the eighth and ninth generations.  Information provided includes names and dates and family relationships.  No index.  Price:  $25.00

Thank you, John, for this neat set of books.  Call Pat if you see something you would like sent to you in time for Christmas giving or to fill a little spare time for you during this Holiday Season.  Remember if my line is busy or you go to Voice Mail, [It is still not working,] Just give me ten minutes and call me back at 1-800-419-0200.    PAT frzom YOGS!

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