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Month Day Year NOVEMBER 19, 2010

YOGS CRAZY CRATE76: November 19, 2010

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Obviously, this newsletter is just a small sample of the materials that are available here and from those books in my collection which will be marketed this year to libraries, seminar attendees, my newsletter subscribers, and on our website.  Congratulations are due to John Palmer!  With his cooperation, we have put together a massive set of John's not-yet-sold-books from last year's CRAZY CRATES JP01-JP54.  They will be loaded on the internet shortly.  I wil let you know when they are up there!


We really do hope you find something that will benefit your genealogy here.  I have removed all the books that were sold prior to November 15, 2010, from this crate list , so all of these books listed here are available today, but they may not be by tomorrow, because so many of these are one-of-a-kind books, and when this copy is sold, there will be no more unless I find another as I travel. 


The books are generally, mostly unmarked, except for the owner's name and address, and very much like new, but they have been used, and I will tell you of any excessive wear or damage.  Many owners use a name and address label or stamp that information in their books, so the books could find their way back home if they were borrowed. 

I have not tried to remove these.  I suggest that you simply apply your own name and address label on top of hers or over her stamped information, thereby marking the book as your property without causing further damage. 


You just wait right there and we will parade as many of these books past you on these newsletters as time permits.  We really do appreciate the readers of our publications and we really hope that we have been of some help in bringing to your attention some materials that are in print, or by now maybe, out-of-print, that can help you solve your challenging problems which have an annoying habit of popping up in this hobby.  In this day and age, buying a book is probably a much more economical solution to a problem than even driving to the distant library that you think might have it. 

You can waste hours of your time looking online for a solution even while you know you can only believe about half of what is there, and nobody knows which half you can believe!

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CRAZY CRATE YOGS 76: SALE CRATE:  20% off on these sale priced books for the months of November and December.

BRITISH GENEALOGY - CRAZY CRATE YOGS76:  BOOK 1:  FF063:  IN SEARCH OF BRITISH ANCESTRY:  By Gerald Hamilton-Edwards.  GPC, 1974. Third Edition, 293 pages, hardbound, subject-indexed.  The contents are varied and cover in detail most of the following subjects:  Discover What is Already Known, Keeping Your Records, Civil Registrations Census Returns, Parish Registers, Non-Parochial Registers, Wills and Administrations, Marriage Licenses, Some Printed Sources, Periodicals and Newspapers, Records of Clergymen, Lawyers, Doctors and others, Naval Ancestors, Army Records, The East India Company, Jews, Huguenots and other Immigrants, Scottish Records I, Scottish Records II, Irish Records, Welsh Records, The Dominions, the U.S.A. 

and other countries, various other sources, Places of Search I. The Society of Genealogists, Places of Search II. The Public Record Office, Places of Search III. The British Museum and other Libraries, 

Genealogy and Heraldry, Genealogy and Biography, Further Back, Searching in the U. S., Writing it up.  Plus Recent Developments.  

There is appended a suggested Questionnaire and an example of a Tabulated Pedigree form, a bibliography, recent publications 1966-

1974, and an index.  Whatever you are looking for, you should find 

some good clues in a book so thoroughly covering this subject!  Like new!  Price was $20  Now sale priced 20% off at $16


WILLS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.  Compiled by Jeremy S. W. Gibson.  GPC, 1974, ©1974, 210 pages, neatly hardbound, subject indexed.  

Like new condition.  This man has made a special life's work out of helping genealogists to find the items that help provide information 

to all of the genealogists about their ancestors in the British Isles.  He concentrates his efforts in helping us find information in English 

records and he covers the entire British Isles territory in this book.  

The genealogist knows that wills are an excellent place to find proof 

of relationships for a family.  But where to find the will can be a real problem.  However, wills are usually filed where the deceased owns property, but in the occasional case, this may not be so.  This guide is designed for the searcher and endeavors to indicate the different 

courts' that might have had pre-1858 jurisdiction over any specific parish or area.  All places were subject to at least a two-tier system:  in England and Wales the over-riding Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) and the local court.  Frequently it was three-tier:  a consistory (diocesan) court, with superior or concurrent jurisdiction (often only in in special circumstances or at certain times) and the normal lowest court, the archdeaconry.  The family historian will want their own one surname, or perhaps, more thn one, and all related surname's wills.  Every pertinent will you can find will add to your knowledge of your family.  All courts are listed and treated here in this book.  You need 

this information to properly align your related families.  There is much more detail for each of these localities in this book.  Price was $20.  

Now sale priced 20% off at $16


List. 1982.  By Jeremy S. W. Gibson, ©1986.  Federation of Family History Societies, London, England.  Reprint  USA - GPC, 33 pages, cardstock covers, 5½  by 8 inches, wrappers, softbound, Indexed by Location. Price:  $6  Now sale priced 20% off at $4.80


FUNDAMENTALS OF GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH.  By Laureen R. Jaussi and Gloria D. Chaston, Third Edition.  414 pages, hardbound with dust jacket, Section 1. Genealogical Research Terminology.  Pick up the vocabulary.  Section 2. Genealogical Research Tools.  Section 3.  Basic Genealogy Records.  Section 4.  Lesson Assignments. Everything you really need to know that you may never learn on the internet. Book is worn. Obviously, it has been very well used.  Price $16.  Now sale priced 20% off at $12.80

GENERAL INTEREST - INDEX TO SOURCES: CRAZY CRATE 76: BOOK 5: A178:  INDEX TO GENEALOGICAL PERIODICALS.  By Donald Lines Jacobus.  GPC, Approximately 390 pages of work has already been 

done for you in this astounding book by one of our country's best 

known genealogists.  Softbound, published in one volume, these 

helpful indexes to periodicals which give much information on certain families will lead you to much of the work that has been done in periodicals. There is a list of places and subjects as well as hundreds 

of, mostly New England states sources and surnames in this book.  If you find the surname you want or the county information you want listed in this book most large libraries would have copies of the periodicals he has indexed in this volume.  At least now you know 

where to look!  Was $30  Now sale priced 20% off at $24




CRAZY CRATE YOGS 76:  BOOK 6:  B211A.  EVERY-NAME INDEX TO HISTORY OF THE NEWSPAPERS OF BEAVER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA.  Compiled by Nancy B. Foster, ©1993.  17 pages, cardstock covers,     round plastic punched holes binding.  This original book is available 

in many large genealogically-oriented libraries.  But the index is only available here.  It is excepional because of the great amount of genealogical information the original book included.  This index, therefore, is much welcomed by the genealogical community.  The following surnames have three or more first name references in this book:  Agnew 4, Alexander 3 (7 pp.), Amberson 4, Anderson 16, 

Barclay 4, Barker 14, Beaton 3, Beitch 5, Berry 3, Bigger 4, Bigler 3, 

Bliss 11, Burton 4, Butler 3, Carson 9, Chamberlain 8, Clark/e 4, 

Conway 5, Corbus 4, Correll 3, Critchlow 5Curtis 7, Daniels 4, Deitrich 4, Disbrow, Dunlap 3, Early 6, Eberhart 3, Edgar 4, Evans 5, Fetterman 3, Frank 5, Fulkman 3, George 3, Hamilton 5. Harris 3, Hay(e)s 8, 

Hemphill 3, Henry/s 12, Holmes 3, Hoopes 4, Imbrie 6, Johns(t)on 3, Jones 5, Kennedy 8, Keyser 7, Lemmon 6, Logan 8 (14 pp.), Mansfield 4, Mat(t)hews 6, McClure 6, McG(r)egor 7, McNees 3, Mellon 5, 

Mitchell 4, Nibro 3, Nicholson 3, Odell 3, Palmer 4, Patton 3, Porter 12, Quay 12, Ramsey 3, Reader 12, Reed 12, Rutan 6, Scott 3, Smith 5, Stiffey 3, Sutherland 3, Tallon 7, Taylor 6, Telford 5, Townsend 3, Wallace 3, Weyand/s 17 (many pp.), Whisler 8, White 7, Williams 3, Wilson 8, and Wolf 4.   PRICE:  $5  Now 20% off at $4

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We are going to visit the state of Connecticut in this crate.  I have only been there to that wonderful state once for a genealogy conference.  Writing down your memories adds life to your genealogy, and even though you may not use them in your finished book; your kids and grandkids will appreciate the time you took to share some special memories with them.  This is one reason why I am so grateful for the present hobby of scrap-booking which also helps to preserve those "special moments" when you realize that life is really good and worth the living and the collecting!
CONNECTICUT - CRAZY CRATE 76: BOOK 7: AN INDEX TO THE 1800 FEDERAL CENSUS OF FAIRFIELD AND HARTFORD COUNTIES, STATE OF CONNECTICUT.  Compiled by Lowell Volkel.  This is the first in a series of of three volumes that index the entire state of Connecticut for the census year 1800.  ©1968.  Taken from Microcopy 32, roll 1.  The names of the heads of households were the only ones recorded and were recorded in this index as they appeared to be written in the census.  Check every possible misspelling you can think of!  The surname is given first in 

one alphabetical listing; followed by as many first names as were found, each representing an entire household, on their own line, followed by the county abbreviation, (f) for Fairfield and (h) for Hartford, and then the page number of the actual census and coming in last there is the

line number of the census page. Sample: Surname Middlebrook:  [First name, page and line number follow]:  Abraham f180-26.  Betty 166-77.  David f180-22.  Elizabeth f180-25.  Hannah f180-20.  John f180-1.  Jonathan f152-25.  Jonathan f142-29.  Jonathan f192-20.  Nathan f192-19.  Oliver f52-23.  Robert f180-27.  Samuel f24-57.  Samuel f192-29.  Somers f192-36 and Stephen f180-19. 

If you have this information from this book, you will know when you have copied all the entries off Ancestry.com without having to go through the index and look at the thousands of entries they have that are not yours and only confuse everyone!  You will know exactly what name to insert in the box and exactly what state, and exactly what page number he/she should be on.  The more you refine and describe your search, the more likely you will find your ancestor on the first or second page.  You also know you should have 16 separate lines to copy down.  Some are even on the same page.  Page 180 has seven Middlebrooks on it and page 192 has four names on it.  At this time all the Middlebrook ancestors were living in Fairfield County.  None appear in any other county of Connecticut in this census.  Surnames with over 10 first names are listed here.  If that surname has over 20 an asterisk will be added: Abbott, Abby, Adams*(55), Alderman, Alford, Allen column+, Anderson, Andress, Andrus*column+, Arnold, Bacon, Baker, Baldwin*, Banks 2/3 col, Barber col +, Barlow, Barnard, Barns ½ col, Barnum ¾ col, Bartram, Bates 1/3  col, Beach 2/3 col, Beardsle 1 ½ col, Beckwith, Beers ¾  col, Belden ¾ col, Bell, Benedict 1 ½ col. Benn(e/i)tt 2 col, Benton*, Betts*, Bidwell 2/3 col, Bishop*, Bissel*, ½ col, Blackman 

2/3 col, Blin, Boardman, Booth 1 col+, Botsford, Bowt(e/o)n, Bradley col, Brewer, Brooks Brown 1 ½ col, Brownson, Brush, Bu( c)kley, Bulekley*, Bulkley, Bull, Burnham*, Burr [Aaron is here]1 1/3 col, Burritt, Burton, Butler ½ col, Cable, Cadwell ½ col, Camp ½ col, Carter, Case 1 2/3 col, Chapin, Chapman ½ col, Church, Vhurchell, Clark 1+ 

col, Cole 2/3 col, Coley*, Collins *, Comstock*, Cook/e ½ col, Couch, Cowles ½ col, Crane, Crof(ee/u)t, Crofur, Curtis/s col, 2 ½ col, Daniels, Davenport, Davis ½ col, Day, Dayton, Deming col, Dibble*, Dickenson, Dikeman, Dimon, Disbury, Downs, Drake*, Dunham, Dunning, Dutton, Edwards ½ col, Elsworth*, Ensign, Fairchild colm Ferriss ½ col, Filly, Finch 1/3 col, Fitch 1/23 col, Foot ½ col, Foster, Fox ½  col, Francis 1/3 col, Freeman, French ½ col, Fuller ½ col, Gaylord*, Gilbert ¾ col, Gillet/t col, Gleason, Glover, Godfry, Goodale, Goodrich col, Goodsil, Goodwin*, Goold, Gorham, GossardGraham, Granger*, Grant, Gray ½ col, Green*, Gregory col, Gridley*, Griff(e/i)n ½ col, Griswol col+, Hale col, Hall 2/3 col, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hanford1/2 col, Harris/s, Hart, 1 ½  col, Hatch, Hathaway, Hwley 1 col+, Haydon, Hays ¾ col, Hendrick, Hickok, Hill 1/3 col, Hills col, Hitchcock, Hobby, Hodge, Holcomb 1col +, Hollister*, Holmes, Hooker, Hoskins*, House, How, Hoyt 2 ½ cols, Hubbard*, Hubbell 1 12/3 col, Hull ½ col, Humphry 2/3 col, Hunt, Hurd, Hurlbert ½ col, Husted, Hyatt, Jackson 1/3 col, Jennings 2/3 col, Johnson ¾ col, Jones ¾ col, Judd ½ col, Judson 2/3 col, June, Keeler col, Keeney, ½ col, Kellogg ½ col, Kent, Kilbourn, King, Knapp1 1 ½ col, Lake, Lewis 1 ½ col, Lockwood 1 ½ col, Loomis col, Lord 1*, Lounsbury, Lyon col. 

Book continues to Zuklin.  Only two copies are left.  First caller gets the new reprint [only one of that printing left.  $10]  Second caller gets the older copy with a little sale sticker residue in upper left corner at $8. SPECIAL SALE PRICE:  $10 & $8 With 30% off that is $8 and $6.40.



M. Volkel.  This is the second of a series of three books that index the complete 1800 Federal Census of Connecticut.  ©1969.  Taken from Microcopy 32, roll 2.  The names of the heads of households (which  were the only ones written down by the original census taker) were 

the only ones recorded in the three columns on each of 121 +[5 pages not in that count (which were 1 title page, 3 were introduction and explanation of format matching page numbers with individual towns, so so you will know which town you are going to be looking in for more records plus the last partial page of the index with 125 names on it.) All typed with 57 names per column.  3 columns X 57 names per column =171 names per page X 121 pages = over 20,816 heads of households in this book alone!  WOW! 

They were listed in this index as they appeared to be written in the census.  Check every possible misspelling you can think of.  The surname is given first in one alphabetical listing; followed by as many first names as were found, indented three spaces and each on their own line, followed by the county abbreviation (l) for Litchfield, (n) for New Haven, (t) for Tolland and (w) for Windham] and then the page number of the actual census and last in the entry comes the line number of the census page.  Sample:  Ventress, Will   n42-5 which means Will Ventress is listed in New Haven County, on page 42 on line 5.  The 1800 census  

did include numerical totals for different age groups in the household sorted by sex. These numerical counts are not included in this book, but they are listed on the census page referenced in this book and on the microfilm itself. [NOTE:  Everyone who was living in the household as their normal abode on the day appointed to take the census as of a certain date which varied year to year was listed.  They did not have to be related.  Surnames with over 10 first names are listed here.  If that surname has over 20 first names, an asterisk will be added: Abbe, Abbot/t*, Abel, Adam/s full col, Allen 2 full cols+Ames, Andrews ½ col, Andrus col+, Arnold, Atwater ¾ col, Atwood ½ col, Austin col, Avery,Backus, Bacon ½ col, Badcock, Badger, Bailey ½ col, Baldwin 3 col+, Ball, Barber 2/3 col, Barker, Barns 1 ½  col, Barrows ½ col, Bartholomew ½ col, Bartlet/t ½ col, Bassett full col, Bates ½ col, 

Beach 1 ½ col, Beardsle(e/y) ½ col, Beckwith, Beecher col, Beers, Benedict ½ col, Benham ½ col, Benjamin, Bennet, Bennit, Benton ½ col, Bingham ½ col, Bishop 1+, Bissell/l 2/3 c, Blckman *, Blake, Blakslee ½ c, Bliss ½ c, Booth, Bostwick*, Botsford*, Bradley 2 ½ c, Brewster, Bristol 2/3 c, Brockett ½ c, Bronson1 1 ¼ c. Brooks 1/2c. Brown 2 ½ c, Bryan/t, Buck ½ c., Buckingham ½ c., Buel ½ c., Bugbee, Bull, Bunnel/l 2/3 c., Burge/s,Burnham, Burr, Butler, Byington,  2/3 c.,  Cady*, Calhoun, Camp*, Candee, Canfield*, Carey, Carpenter*, Carrington*, Carter*, Case*, Castle, Catlin*, Chaffe, Chaffee, Chamberlain *, Chandler, Chapin, Chapman*, Chase, Chatfield, Chidsey, Child, Chittenden*, 

Church, Churchil, Clark*(over 3 columns), Cleaveland, Clerk, Clinton, 

Coe, Cogswell, Cole*, Coleman, Collins*, Cone, Converse*, Cook*, Cooley, Cooper*, Cowls, Crampton, Crane*, Crocker, Cruttenden, 

Culver*, Curtis*, Cushman, Cutler*, Daniels, Davis*, Day, Dayton, 

Dean*, Deming, Dexter, Dibble, Dickerman, Dickinson, Dimock*, Dixon, Doolittle*, Dorman*, Doud*, Douglass*, Dow, Downs*, Dudley*, 

Dunbar, Dunham, Durand, Durkee, Dutton, Eaton*, Edgerton, Edwards*, Egleston, Eldridge, Elliott, Emmons, Evarts, Fairchild*, Farnham, 

Fellows, Fenn*, Fenton, Field, Fisk, Fitch*, Flint, Foot*, Foote*, 

Forbes, Ford*, Foster*, Fowler*, Fox, Freeman*, French*, Frink, Frisby*, Frizbie*, Frost* and Fuller*. Latest copies new, plastic binding-5 copies $10 each.  Older reprint, plastic binding 2 copies, stapled and taped $10 each.  SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $8. Sale 20% off $6.40  Still older copies stapled 4 copies $7.  Sale price: $5.60                                                                                                                                                                                                           


third of a series of three books that index the complete 1800 Federal Census of Connecticut.  ©1969.  Taken from Microcopy 32, roll 2.  60 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, cardstock covers  The names of the heads of households were the only ones recorded and were recorded in this

index as they appeared to be written in the census.  Check every 

possible misspelling you can think of.  The surname is given first in one alphabetical listing; followed by as many first names as were found, 

each on their own line, followed by the county abbreviation [m for Middlesex and n for New Haven] and then the page number of the actual census and last comes the line number of the census page.  Sample:  Ventrous, John m525-16 which means John Ventrous is listed in Middlesex County on page 525 on line #16.  The 1800 census did 

include numerical totals for different age groups in the household sorted by sex, so you still need to look these up on Ancestry.com.  Surnames with over 10 first names are listed here.  If that surname has over 20 an asterisk will be added:  Gallup*, Gardner*, Gates*, Gere*, Gilbert, Gillet, Goff, Goodrich, Graves, Gray, Green*, Griffin*, Griswold*, Hale, Hall*, Hancock, Harris*, Hart, Harvey, Hayden, Hempsted, Hewitt*, Higgins, Hill, Hilliard, Holmes*, Holt, Howard, Hubbard*, Hull*, Hungerford, Huntington*, Huntley*, Hurd, Hyde*, Ingrahm, Isham, Johnson*, Jones*, Kellog, Kelsey*, Kimball, King, Kingsley, Kinne, Kirkland, Knowles, 

Ladd, Lamb, Lane, Latham*, Lathrop*, Latimer, Lay*, Lee*, Leffingwell, Lester*, Lewis*, Lord*, Lucas, PRICE: $15  WINTER SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $12

The entire alphabet does exist in each of these three books for the counties done therein.  A complete index in these three books is right there where you can look at every name given for the whole state.  I just did not have room for all the names!  The above three books are a product of Heritage House, which is the publishing division of Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe which also sells thousands of other books printed by other publishers and all are available from us until they are gone.  Then they will remain on an out-of-print basis and be available for research only.  




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YOGS  CRAZY CRATE 76 :  BOOK 9 & 10:  B172. CHRONICLES OF OLD SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS.  A CHRONOLOGY OF MAJOR EVENTS FROM 1000-1009 WHEN LEIF ERICSON AND HIS NORSEMEN FROM GREENLAND, VISIT THE NORTH AMERICAN COAST TO 1926.  By Frances Diane Robotti.  Foreword by Russell Leigh Jackson.  Subtitle:  A History in Miniature.  Bonanza Books, ©1948.  129 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, hardbound book, dust jacket.  Here is covered the colonial expansion of England during which Massachusetts was founded.  The growth of Salem from 1626 to 1932 is shown against the state and national scene.  The author traces the history of witchcraft from 1484, when a Papal decree made it a crime, to Salem's participation in the mass madness.  The book covers the Quaker whippings, the military disaster of King Phillip's War for Indian or white survival, the privateering years in which Salem became so great a sea power that Salem meant America in exotic ports of the world.  Comprehensive in scope, the book is authenticated by leading scholars in America and England, contains a bibliography, index, addendum and is illustrated with twenty-eight selections from the Essex Institute Art Collections of woodcuts and portraits which are scattered throughout.  Two copies are available, second copy has no dust jacket.  PRICE:  Was $10 Now sale priced 20% off at $8
MA & CT: CRAZY CRATE YOGS 76:  BOOK 11:  THE GUARDIANS OF THE NEW WORLD.  By Doris H. Wackerbarth.  278 pages, softbound, wrappers, ©1980.  Signed by the author.  In 1630, John Winthrop led a Great Migration of over 3,000 souls westward across the Atlantic to establish a new England.  The Massachusetts Bay Company, unlike the lonely band of near martyrs of the Mayflower Plymouth Company who had come ten years before, was not off-course nor was it of one mind.  Indeed, some members never agreed with anyone. Winthrop's Puritan company were mostly political refugees.  The leaders were men of estate, and the majority of them were businessmen, tradesmen and freeholders; many had left Old England without permission; the dependent families and single men and women passengers were chosen for the contribution they could make in the new undertaking.  From the first, dissenters struck out in every direction seeking like-minds. In 1675, Hadley, on the Connecticut River, was a pre-planned community, the third fresh start for its chief engagers.  When King Phillip's War began, they had been secretly and treasonously sheltering in their midst, for eleven years, a pair of old political allies with a price on their heads.  They had retreated from not-so-safe-keeping in Milford and New Haven.  The Guardians is the story of the pioneer-settler protectors of two Judges of Charles I, friends who sheltered them at the time New England was coming of age.  The Guardians is a stirring account of the settlers who came to the wilderness of the New World in an effort to preserve representative government, and their struggle to prevent their established governments from being corrupted by absolute power.  Wonderfully instructive about our early history.  Written like a novel would be.  Very readable.  PRICE: Was $18 Now sale priced 20% off at $14.40
MA  CRAZY CRATE  YOGS 76: BOOK 12:  A GUIDE TO BERKSHIRE COUNTY, MASSACHUSETTS CEMETERIES, By the Berkshire Family History Association,  ©January 1988.  ix, 110 pages, 8.5 by 11 inches, cardstock cover, GBC binding, plastic circular spine $15.  There are three basic sections.  The first section is a directory of every burial ground, private or public, found in each of the thirty-two towns or cities of Berkshire County and is divided into 32 parts, one for each municipality, arranged alphabetically.  A detailed map is on the facing page of each:  Adams, Alford, Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Egremont, Florida, Great Barrington, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Ashford, New Marlborough, North Adams, Otis, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Sandisfield, Savoy, Sheffield, Stockbridge, Tyringham, Washington, West Stockbridge, Williamstown and Windsor.  Section Two has Sources for Cemetery Inscriptions [which should be available in any library of this county/town] and Section Three holds a few inscriptions from cemeteries in the very small burial grounds.  No names of the deceased in the first two sections, but great information on where the names can be found.  Great maps with directions to all these locations.  PRICE: Was $15 Now sale priced 20% off at $12

NEW ENGLAND  - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 76: :  BOOK 13: FFA068: THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER. Periodical Booklet, VOLUME CXVIII, OCTOBER, 1964, WHOLE NUMBER 472.  Editor Gilbert Harry Doane.  Published by the Society.  79 numbered pages, queries, and 6 additional pages of ads and catalog.  Small print  $3.  The major articles cover Constance Shepherd, 1578-1631, who married in 1595 Edmund Bressey[Bracy of Mauden and Wooten, co, Bedford], and by him had ten children.  John & Thomas were  in New England 1644.of Littlecote with many descendants  12 pages;   Samuel Church of Stonington, Connecticut 11 pages; Benjamin Franklin Wilbour obituary 1 page; The Rev. Richard Bourne of Sandwich, Massachusetts (1610 - 1682) 5 pages; Noah Lougee (1792-1842) 5 pages which have been removed from this copy; The Canfield Husband of Sarah Willoughby and the wife of Samuel Camfield of Norwalk, CT. 2 pages; The Diary of Elizabeth (Porter) Phelps 10 pages; Inscriptions from the Pleasant View Cemetery, Tiverton, R. I. lots of detail 4 pages; Harvard Classes [names of students] of 1756-1760 4 pages; Bowdish-Burleson Bible Records 2 pages, Vital Records of York, Maine 5 pages.  Names, names and more names.  Unindexed, but definitely there are lots of names in here. Plus queries and a list of genealogies available from the Society Was $3 Now sale priced 20% off at $2.40                                         

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our crates.

We really appreciate those people who are willing to give our books a second chance to be helpful.  Who knows?  Maybe the one you have been looking for will be on this crate or the next crate.  Blend this research with your census and courthouse research and see how your family puzzle can grow to be more complete!

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