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Newsletter Subtitle : JOHN PALMER CRAZY CRATE 61
Month Day, Year :  November 12, 2010

This is Crazy Crate JP 61:


Hello Everyone!  Here's another crazy crate from John Palmer today.


Well, here we are - back with another listing of exciting finds.  I finally wrapped up the last genealogy conferences for the year, doing the last five in back-to-back weekends.  It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year.


So far I've already committed myself to four conferences, and the list is getting longer each week.


Here's our exciting list of this week's new crate books.  We hope you'll find something to satisfy your holiday wants!  It never hurts to do your holiday shopping early any year, or, maybe especially this year.  Almost anyone can use an interesting book.


CT - FAMILY - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 1: Deacon George Graves.  1636 Settler of Hartford, Connecticut and His Descendants.    2005.  192 pages  3-ring binder.  We picked this up at an estate sale.  This book was downloaded March 1, 2005, and printed from the Graves Family Website.  Deacon George was born in England, possibly around 1600.  He died either in 1668 or 1673, depending upon the source you use.  He apparently had two sisters.  George Graves was one of the original proprietors of Hartford, Connecticut, where he settled about 1636.  This book covers hundreds of descendants through the 8th generation.  Some dates are as late as 1948.   Price:  $10.00


CT - CRAZY CRATE JP 61  BOOK 2:   Tombstones From The New Haven Green That Were Removed in  1821 and Placed Along the Wall of the Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven Connecticut.  2004.  33 pages.  In binder.  We picked this up at an estate sale. This is a downloaded copy of a complete listing which was transcribed to the best of the author's ability in 2003.  It was downloaded from the Grove Street Cemetery website in 2004.   Price $5.00


GENERAL - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 3:  Genealogy is More Than Charts. By Lorna Duane Smith.  Ellicott City, Maryland. Lifetimes.  1991.  Third printing 1993.  329 pages.  Softcover.  An excellent source book presenting hundreds of ideas on how to enhance your genealogical research and how to make your family history more meaningful.  Discusses oral histories and family reunions; archival protection for your photographs and other important documents; how to use craft skills to make samplers, blankets, etc.; learning  crafts of your ethnic background;  do's and don'ts for researching in libraries and interacting with librarians; researching cemeteries, and much more.  Price:  $14.95


CANADA - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 4:  Researching Canadian Land Records.  By Sharon L. Murphy.  Toronto:  Heritage Productions.  2001.  164 pages.  Plastic comb binding.  This book discusses land record terminology, land measurement, various land systems, and land records available for each province. Price:  $16.00


RESEARCH TRIP - UTAH:  CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 5:  Planning a Genealogy Research Trip to Salt Lake City.  By Dr. Penelope Christensen.  Toronto, Canada:  Heritage Productions. 2nd edition.  2005.  118 pages.  Plastic comb binding.  Get the most from your trip to the Family History Library at Salt Lake City from this book. The author is an experienced researcher at the History Library and gives the little known details such as what to wear, how long to stay, a map of the Salt Lake City Family History Library area, where to stay, where to shop, tourist sites.  Other information includes getting tourist information, updating charts and lists, research needs such as a briefcase and binder, note taking and library telephone numbers.  Chapters cover the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the Family Search Center, film and fiche readers, book call numbers, and much more.  Price:  $11.00


AUSTRALIA - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 6:  The Fatal Shore.  The Epic of Australia's Founding.  by Robert Hughes.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf.  1986.  688 pages.  Softcover.  Note:  There is a slight "curve" at the lower outside front cover, where people have opened the book.  Here is history on an epic scale - a riveting brilliantly written account of the birth of Australia out of the suffering and brutality of England's infamous convict transportation system.  Eighty years lay between the landing at Botany Bay in 1788 of the First Fleet - carrying 736 convicts, men and women - and the arrival of the last ship in 1868.  During this period the continent served first as an enormous jail, as England rid herself of a whole unwanted class, and then gradually, painfully transformed itself into a flourishing nation.  How this happened, and with what anguish is told in this book.  The detail is fascinating.  Drawing upon hundreds of original sources - letters, diaries, obscure documents (many of them never used before) Hughes creates a wonderfully vivid picture of the background of transportation, the squalor and depression behind the gracious facade of Georgian life (in 1797 one in eight Londoners lived by committing crimes), and the savage laws designed to deal with the mob.    He brings us the pathos and drama of the months-long voyages, with their poor food and diseases and leg-irons - the occasional good doctors and humane captains who tried to make things easier,  the wild scenes of debauchery and sadism that often marked the arrivals at Botany Bay.  We see the spread of the prison colonies:  Macquarie Harbor and Port Arthur in Van Diemen's Land, Point Puer (a penitentiary for children); the beautiful and horrible Norfolk Island, and more.  We hear the stories of those desperate "bolters" who attempted to escape fleeing into the bush in the hope of reaching China, or sailing off to their death in makeshift boats, or turning to cannibalism after weeks of wandering.  Yet tiny settlements spring up on the edges of the vast, unexplored continent, new aristocrats emerge, and gradually create a distinctive Australian culture, one that prefers to ignore its origins.  Sixty-seven black-and-white photographs enhance the text. The eighteen-page index covers nearly 1,800 entries. Price:  $6.00


MILITARY ARTIFACTS - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 7:  From the Attic to the Military Museums.  How to Honor Your Family By Donating and Preserving Military History.  By Robert Parker Fondes. No place of publication.  1st books.  2001.  119 pages, softcover.  Written in an informal, personal, and sometimes emotional style, this book details how the author, with no children or other immediate family,  donated his family military memorabilia and artifacts from the Revolutionary War era,  World War I and World War II to various United States museums.  Over 40 photographs and illustrations, and a guide for preserving and donating military history with tax information and museum data are included.   The intent of the book is to challenge readers to realize that they, too, can contribute to military history before items are lost forever.   Price:  $15.00



ITALY - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 8:  A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors.  How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage.  By Lynn Nelson.  Cincinnati:  Betterway Books.  1997.  146 pages.  Softcover.  This practical guide takes beginners step-by-step through the research process, and includes advanced tips for more experienced researchers.  Information includes how to use major American records such as census and naturalization, ship passenger lists, passport applications, family letters, church records, cemetery information, how to interview relatives, and how to research Italian records, including civil documents and the marginal notes of many records.  Price:  $16.99


GREAT HOW-TO BOOK.  CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 9:  Unpuzzling Your Past.  The Best-Selling Basic Guide to Genealogy.  By Emily Anne Croom.  Cincinnati:  Betterway Books.  1995.  3rd Edition Expanded, Updated and Revised.  278 pages.  Softcover.  Start getting answers today with the best-selling book.  With wit and enthusiasm, the author provides the tools and information you need to begin your family history adventure, with step-by-step guidance, forms to copy, places to look, and interesting examples each step along the way.  Focusing first on the family as a source of information, the book provides interview formats and ideas for taping family papers and keepsakes, oral tradition, and memories.  It also introduces to researchers all the multitude of public records helpful in identifying and learning about ancestors - from newspapers and cemeteries to censuses and land records.  Highly recommended!  Price:  $15.00.


RESEARCH IN OUR NATION'S CAPITAL AREA - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 10:  The Center.  A Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Capital Area.    By Christina K. Schaefer.  Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co. 1996.  148 pages.  Softcover.  From its first appearance in 1965, this popular guidebook has succeeded in leading the researcher through a bewildering maze of agencies, departments and archives in the Washington, D C. area, highlighting the unique role the DC area plays as a repository of genealogical materials.  This book aims to identify those resources in the Washington, DC area that will aid family historians in tracing their ancestors.  In meeting that goal, it shows the researcher precisely what genealogical resources are available in the nation's capital and where they can be found.  Price:  $15.00.


INDIANA - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 11:  The Indiana Book of Records, Firsts and Fascinating Facts.  by Fred D. Cavinder.  Bloomington and Indianapolis:  Indiana University Press.  1985.  358 pages. Softcover. Note the back cover has a crease near the outer top. What the Guinness Book has done for the records of the world, this book does for Indiana, whose resourceful natives and residents have blazed a birth trail of accomplishments in nearly every field.  Hoosiers have headed the pack in the pioneer world, in the introduction of the automotive age, and later in the creation of the air age, and even today in the space age.  A major section of the book is devoted to sports records of all varieties:  archery, basketball, baseball, football, bowling, golf, table tennis, soccer, swimming, track and field events, harness racing, bicycling, racquetball, fishing, and hunting, the Indianapolis 500, and Olympic medals won by Hoosiers. 

Nor need the pursuers of trivia be disappointed in Indiana.  The nation's first association of horse-thief detectives (i.e. vigilantes), the first Tarzan, the first loganberry, the first daily high-school newspaper - this is a mere fraction of the wonderful whimsy in this census of people who excel, excite, enthrall, and exceed the expectations of even the most eager Hoosier-phile.   The book is divided into 65 main sections, including Accidents and Disasters, Balloons,  Colleges and Universities, Crime and Criminals, Desks, Economics, Fairs and Festivals, Food and Drink, Indians, Land, Music, Newspapers, Presidents, Radio, Sports, War, and more.  The thirty-six page index covers over 1200 names   Price:  $7.50.


AUTHORS OF INDIANA - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 12:  Bibliographical Studies of Seven Authors of Crawfordsville, Indiana.   Lew and Susan Wallace, Maurice and Will Thompson, Mary Hannah and Caroline Virginia Krout, and Meredith Nicholson.   By Dorothy Ritter Russo and Thelma Lois Sullivan.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society.  1952.  486 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  singed by Dorothy Ritter Russo.  This extensive bibliography attempts to identify books, pamphlets and magazine articles written by these well known Hoosier writers.   Before 1900 all of these writers were considered to be in the top American literary forces.  The fact that they all came from the same town at nearly the same time was fantastic, and earned Crawfordsville the nickname of "Athens of Indiana".  Short biographical sketches precede the bibliographic information.  The entries for each author provide the

full title of the book or article, first editions, a physical description of the book, collation, end papers, illustrations, bindings the publication dates, additional notes, the first time that a newspaper or magazine article appeared in print and much more.  This book is a must-have resource for anyone collecting first editions.  Price:  $30.00.



CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 13:  Homer E. Capehart.  A Senator's Life, 1897 - 1979.   By William B. Pickett.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Historical Society.  1990.  243 pages.  Hardcover.  For many of this generation, Senator Homer E. Capehart was the archetypical Midwestern Republican.  Conservative and anticommunist, Capehart made a successful career out of opposition to big government and support for anti-interventionist foreign policy.  A hulking, cigar-smoking man with a round face and receding hairline, by the end of his career he appeared a symbol of the politics of a bygone era.  Capehart's life is a remarkable success story. The son of an Indiana farmer, his formal education did not extend beyond high school.  After service in World War I, he sold farm equipment and popcorn machines until 1927, when he established the Automatic Phonograph Corporation.  Though he lost control of the company at the beginning of the Great Depression, he persuaded the Wurlitzer Company to produce coin-operated phonographs.  By the mid-1930s, jukeboxes had helped make Capehart a millionaire.  Restless, worried about the expanding power of the federal government, and looking for a new challenge, he turned to politics.  In 1944, the forty-seven-year-old Capehart was elected to the U. S. Senate, where he remained until his defeat by Birch Bayh in 1962.  Fifty-five photographs enhance the text. The nine-page index covers over 700 entries.  Price:  $7.50.


INDIANA MAYLOWER SOCIETY - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 14:  Mayflower Descendants.  Lineages of the Indiana Society.  Indianapolis:  The Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants.  1977.  437 pages.  Hardcover.  Note:  name of previous owner stamped on inside front flyleaf.  Some names have red marks and notations.  This book provides a complete listing of the passengers of the ship, Mayflower, at the time of its landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.  It then provides a listing of each of the known descendants who were living in Indiana.  Other information often includes birth dates, places, and death dates.  Price:  $15.00.


FRONTIER ARMY 1783-1846 - The Sword of the Republic.  The United States Army on FRONTIER MILITARY - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 15:  the Frontier, 1783 - 1846.  By Francis Paul Prucha.    Bloomington, IN:  Indiana University Press.  1977.  Softcover.  Note the outside bottom edge of the front cover has a slight bend.  On April 19, 1783, George Washington ordered his soldiers to go home.  No one favored a peace-time army.  Yet the years that followed saw the young nation embark on a dramatic surge of expansion that demanded the military as national protectors.  This book is the story of the army in its new multifaceted role as the agent of the republic during the period 1783 - 1846.  It is the story of federal troops called up to enforce paper possession with physical occupation when treaty and purchase opened up the region from the Appalachians west to the Mississippi and the vast new frontiers in the Louisiana Territory.  At Fallen Timbers, Tippecanoe, and the Thames, the federal military forces met the early challenge from the Indian nations and their British allies.  This book recounts vividly the wars, the construction

of western forts, and the tragic saga of the removal of Indians from the East.  A vivid chronicle of the transition from wilderness to hard-core settlement, it illuminates a neglected and fascinating chapter in American history.   Price:  $10.00


U. S. ARMY RANGERS - CRAZY CRATE JP 61 BOOK 16:  SHADOW WARRIORS.  A HISTORY OF THE U. S. ARMY RANGERS.  By Mir Bahmanyar.  Great Britain.  Osprey Publishing.  2005.  326 pages.  Hardcover. Note:  the author is a former US Army Ranger, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.   No American military unit can claim as colorful and volatile a history as the Rangers, who have led the way in America's wars for well over 300 years.  This book traces the Rangers from the time of Robert Rogers during the French and Indian War of the 18th century to the most recent combat operations in Iraq.  Modern Army Rangers combine the rugged individualism of American frontiersmen with the finely honed ability to operate as a close-knit team, wreaking havoc behind enemy lines. This fascinating volume focuses on the experiences of these men, and incorporates many first hand accounts of dramatic Ranger actions provided by the combatants themselves.  Illustrated throughout with 140 color and black and white photographs, and accompanied by detailed appendices, this is a fresh, new look at the world of the U. S. Army Rangers.  The book is arranged into three parts:  Part 1 covers the Rise of the Rangers, Part II covers America's Small Wars, and Part III covers the Global War on Terrorism.  Appendix A contains information on Korean War Era Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) with a number of Ranger Company, Activation Data, Subordination, Duty Station, Inactivation Dates and Inactivation Stations.  Appendix B covers information on Long Range Patrol Companies and Detachments, Ranger Companies and Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols (Provisional).  Appendix C contains the 75th Ranger Regiment Lineage and Honors from its organization in 1943.  Appendix D covers Ranger Citations - Operation Enduring Freedom.  Appendix E covers Organization and Equipment - Introduction to the Ranger Regiment.  Appendix F covers Ranger Doctrinal Statements.  Appendix G covers the 75th Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment.  Appendix H covers Global War on Terrorism Medals.  Appendix I covers the Roles of MI NCOs in the 75th Ranger Regiment.  Appendix J covers Ranger Citations - Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Appendix K covers Ranger Commanders (beginning with Col. William Darby), Appendix L  covers the Distinguished and Honorary Members of the 75th Ranger Regiment.  Appendix M covers Ranger Battalion awarded Combat Streamer.  The thirteen page index covers over 1,000 entries.  Price:  $15.00


Thanks, John!  You have some interesting books on this list.  p.s  Remember to call me at 1-800-419-0200 if you se something you would like to order.  Pat


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