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Newsletter SubtitleBROWSING THROUGH A NEW BOX - IN, KY, & VA
Month  Day  Year: November 9, 2010



This has been a really busy week.  This new box has some really good books in it, and here is just a sample!  More coming later.

KY - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 75:  BOOK 1:  FORT KNOX CEMETERIES IN BULLITT, HARDIN AND MEADE COUNTIES, KENTUCKYBy Sam McDowell, ©1975.  Includes 11" by 15" map with the location of the cemeteries marked right on this excellent folding map just inside the back cover.  367 pages, each 8" by 11", hardbound, library quality , ex lib with stampings of name and small label on the spine plus one library paper stamp 3½" by 3½" for the library identification also stamped with "Withdrawn". 

This book is chock full of tombstone inscriptions from this area's over 140 cemeteries.  The every name index runs from page 311 to page 367 with three columns per page with 65 names per column.

Almost 200 names per page and 56 pages equals over 6,000 names.  The names are listed in the book after the name of the cemetery, location, history and other pertinent details concerning the cemetery were listed.  In abstracting these surnames, a count of each of the first names would be impossible to do and contain it in this newsletter, but I have attempted to do all surnames with ten or more first names (10-19) listed with a (,) and 20 to 64 are marked with an (*), a column = 65 names) or more will be marked with (**):  Adams*, Allen 2½columns, Allston, Anderhub, Anderson*, Anshutz, Applegate, Arnold*, Ashby*, Atcher*, Austin*, Aylsworth, Barker*, Basham, Beard, Bennett*, Berry, Bishop*, Blair, Blakel(e)y*, Bleakley*,  Bleven/s *, Bogar(d/t)*, Bohannon, Bolton, Brady, Branch, Brandenburg*, Brooks*, Broomfield, Brown*, Brumfield, Bryant*, Buckler*, Buckles*, Buckman*, Bunger, Burch*, Butler*, Byerl(e)y, Calloway, Calvin, Carico, Carr*, Carrico*, Chaffin, Chamber(lain/line), Chambers, Chapman, Chappell*, Chenault, Clark**, Clevidence, Cock( e)rell*, Coleman*, Congrove, Connell, Cook*, Cooley, Corbet/t 2/3 col., Cowley, 1 column, Coy, Crist, Croan/e, Crow/e, Crutcher, Daugherty*, Davis column, Dawson ¾ column, Devine, Dillander*, Dillard*, Dink, Ditto ½ column, Doudell, Douglas*, Downard*, Drury*Duncan, Dupre,  English*, Eubank/s, Evans, Farmer, Felker*, Fergus(s)on, Field/s*, Fisher, Fletcher *, Forbis, Foster, French*, Froman 1 column, Funk 1 column, Geoghegan, Gill *, Gillmore, Glen/n*, Goldsmith 1 column, Graham*, Gray*, Green, Greenwell ½ column, Griffee*, Griffin, Guthrie, Hall*, Harbolt, Hardesty, Hardy*, Hargan 1 column, Harris*, Harrington, Hart ½ column, Hawkins*, Haynes, Hays 1 column, Hearn, Henderson, Hibbs 2/3 column, Higbee 2/3 column, Hill 2/3 column, Hinton*, Holston*, Howard*, Howlett 1 column, Hubbard, Hubbs, Huffman ½ column, Hunt, Hutchens, Jeffries, Jenk(e/i)ns, Jewell, Johnson ¾ column, Jones ¾ column, Joyce, Karr *, Keith, Kelley, Kelly, Kendall*, Kennedy, Key/es Kinnison, Lane, Langley ½ column,Las(s)well, ½ column, Lawson, Lee 1 2/3 column, Legrand, Leonard ½ column, Lewis 1 column, Long, Lovell, Lusk*, Lutz*, McCormack, McCoy, McCracken ½ column, McCullum, McGinnis, McMill(a/e)n , McNutt, Marcum, Martin, Masden, Masters, Melton, Merker, Metcalf, Meunier*, Meyer/s *, Miller 1 column, Mitchel/l 1 column, Montgomery*, Moore 2/3 column, Morris, Mossbarger, Mulkns, Mullen, Myers 2/3 column, Nall , Neil/l, Nevitt, Noe, Ogle, Oliver, Orms, Osbo(u)rn/e, Overton*, Owen, Owens*, Padgett*, Palmer, Partlow, Patterson ¾ column, Payne, Peak 1 column+, Pearl ½ column, Pearman ½ column, Pendleton*, Perry*, Phillips ½ column, Pike ½ column, Pool/e, Preston 2/3 column, Prewitt, Pusey 1 column+, Quick, Rahm ½ column, Randall, Rardon, 1½ columns, Rayman*,  Read, Reeser, Reesor 1 column, Ridgeway, Rigney , Ritchie, Rogers, Rouse*, Ryan ½ column, Samuels, Scott ½ column, Seelye*, Shacklett, Shain/Shane, Shean, Shearer, Sheets , Shelton*, Sherrard*, Shircliff ½ column, Shivel(e)y, Shofner, Shwabenton, Sipes, Skinner ¾ column, Smith 1 column+, Snellen, Snider, Stader ½ column, Stallings, Stith 1 column+, Stoval/l 2/3 column, Straney *, Strange, Streible 2/3 column, Summers, Sutherland, Talbot/t, Tarpley*, Taylor ½ column, Thomas ¾ column, Thompson 1 column, Thurman, Todd*, Triplett/e ½ column, Troutman, 2/3 column, Veirs 1 column+, Viers ½ column+, Vowels*, Wale/s, Walker1/2 column, Warren*, Watts ½ column, Welch 2/3 column, White, Whitworth*, Wilkerson*, Williams 1 column+, Wimp, Wise 1 column+, Withers 2 columns, Wooldridge 1 column+, Wright, Yates*, Yeager, Young*, and Zwicker.  Ex lib PRICE: $55        


VA - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 75:  BOOK 2:  BRIEF OF WILLS AND MARRIAGES IN MONTGOMERY AND FINCASTLE VIRGINIA 1733-1831.  Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, CertifiedAmerican Lineage Specialist.  Originally published in Hillsville, VA in 1932.  Reprint published by GPC in 1976, Baltimore.  ©1976.  Montgomery has the distinction of being one of the oldest of western Virginia's counties.  The land was a part of Augusta County, then for a short period was a portion of the short-lived county of Fincastle, which was subdivided into the three counties of Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky counties of Virginia.  In 1776 Montgomery contained 12,000 square miles and extended as far west as the Ohio River.  Sixty other counties were, either entirely or partially, formed from Montgomery with 26 in western Virginia, 25 in what is now West Virginia, and nine in Kentucky! 

The author states: "The marriage records have been gathered from every possible source, first, the few minister's returns that were recorded in a register; second, the original bonds; then the original minister's returns, and lastly from old lists, filed with the minister's returns, but usually unsigned."

The format is simple:  groom's name, bride's name, surety or minister and date.  In most instances the surety [bondsman] was either the parent of the bride  or groom.  Very small print, 5" by 8" pages, 44 for marriages and 11 for wills and administrations.  Book is alphabetically arranged by groom's surname.  No bride's index.  Book is used.  Front cover has several scratches across left side.

PRICE:  $8


IN - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 75:  BOOK 3: CLARK COUNTY, INDIANA MARRIAGE RECORDS 1801-1849.  Computerized format, compiled and published by Heritage House, [YOGS], ©1991,  118 pages, 8½" by 11", cardstock covers, stapled.  116 marriages on each page in this format: Groom's surname then first name; Bride's surname, then first name; date - month, day, year:  SAMPLE:  Patterson, William L.   Richardson, Nancy W.    Aug 18, 1842.   Clear print, easy to read. lOTS OF NAMES! PRICE:  $24


KY - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 75:  BOOK 4: GARRARD COUNTY, KENTUCKY ABSTRACTS OF PENSION APPLICATIONS FOR THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR, WAR OF 1812 AND INDIAN WARS.  Revised and Edited by Jana Sloan Broglin.  Published by YOGS, ©2003.  This book is taken from the depositions of the soldiers who fought in these wars many years after the date of service.  An every name index appears at the back of the book, making this book very easy to use, and assisting you in finding each one of the mentions of your ancestor's surname in the excerpts included.  As always when using abstracts, request the photocopies of the original documents from the soldier's pension file in the National Archives. 

Garrard County was formed June 1, 1797, from Lincoln County, which was one one of the first three counties in Kentucky.  These depositions and applications were filed in the Garrard County, KY, Courthouse [address included].  Surnames with two or more first names are included here: Adams 2, Allen 2, Anderson 5, Arnold 4, Baker 7, Banks 2, Berry 2, Boone [Capt. Daniel], Brady 9, Brank 3, Brown 16, Bryant 9, Buford 3, Burnam 2, Campbell 6, Carter 2, Childers 2, Chinn 3, Christy 2, Clark [George Rogers], Clark/e 3, Cornwallis 2, Crockett 2, Crutchfield 2, Davison 2, Davis 3, Donoho 2, Edgington 2, Edm(e/i)ston 2, Edmonds 2, Edmundson 2, Egerton 14, Elbert 2, Fleming 5, Fletcher 2, Floyd 5, Goldsbery 2, Goolsberry 3, Green/e [Gen. Nathaniel] 5, Harlan 2, Harris 2, Harrison [Benjamin] 3, Haw (e) (s) 3, Hicks 7, Hix 2, Holmes 2, Howes 3, Hudson 22, Hunt 2, Irvine 1, Jack 2, Jackson 15, Jam(m)ison 3, Jeff(e)ries 2, Jennings 3, Johnson 2, Jones 4, Kennedy 8, Lawson 3, Leak 2, Letcher 8, Lewis 3, Logan 8, Lyons 2, Marshall 2, Mason 4, Mat(t)hews 2, McCol(l)ister 2, McCoy 4, McDowell 3, McIntosh 2, McKee 4, Merriweather 2, Montgomery 3, Moore 3, Moran 2, Mos(e)by 2, Muhlenburg 2, Myers 2, Naylor 3, Nelson 5, Owsley 2, Parker 4, Pendleton 2, Phil(l)ips 2, Pickett 2, Pollard 10, Poor 9, Poore 2, Porter 2, Powe 2, Powell 7, Pry 2, Rams(a/e)y 6, Rawson 2, Richardson 3, Robards 17, Robert/s 4, Robertson 7, Rosson 2, Rutherford 2, Salters 4, Scott 5, Shackleford 2, Shrewsberry 6, Slavin/s 2, Small 3, Smith 2, Sne(a/e)d 3, Somerv(e/i)ll/e 2, Spilman 2, Spot(t)swood 2, Stephens 5, Steuben [Baron] 2, Street 7, Stubblefield 2, Sutton 5, Taylor 7, Thompson 2, Tongate 3, Trabue 2, Trigg 2, True 2, Tungate 2, Walden 2, Walker 2, Washington [Gen. George] 3, Wayne, [Anthony] 2, Whistler 2, White 4, Williams 3, Wilson 3, Wood 2, Woodford 2, Woods 2, Woodson 4, Wright 3 and Yant(i)(es) 4.  The number given is the number of pages on which these surnames appear.  The surname may appear a dozen times on the page, but is only counted once.  Most of these entries are nearly a full page long and contain much detail on the families, first names, when and where married, when moved to Kntucky, unit they servd with, where and when.  Surnames are only counted once on each page even though they may be found many times on that page.  NEW!  PRICE $19


OH - YOGS CRAZY CRATE75:  BOOK 5:  D-057. INDEX TO THE HISTORY OF BUTLER COUNTY, OHIOCompiled and published by Thelma Hudson, Crossroad, Ohio. ©1984.  39 pages.  All pages form an index to the following book:  A HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHICAL CYCLOPEDIA OF BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO With Illustrations and Sketches of its Representative Men and Pioneers, published by Western Biographical Publishing Co., Cincinnati, OH in 1882, which is not included here.  Although this book is a complete index, I am just abstracting surnames with more than five first names.  Surnames with more than 10 will have an asterisk (*).Surnames with many more will get (**)  Abbott, Adams, Alexander*, Allen, Anderson**, Andrews*, Anthony, Appleton**, Armstrong*, Atherton**, Augspurger**, Ayers**, Bachman, Bailey, Baird, Baker*, Ball, Banker**, Barcalow*, Barkalow*, Barnard, Barnett, Barnitz*, Basson, Baxter, Beal, Beard, Beardsley*, Beatty, Bebb, Beck*, Beckett*, Beckley, Bell**, Bender*, Benham, Bennett, Berry, Betz*, Bevis, Bigham**, Bishop, Black*, Blackburn, Block, Boal, Boatman**, Bohlender, Boli, Bonebrake, Bonnell, Bonney, Borger*, Bowers, Bowman, Bradbury, Brady, Brant, Beelsford**, Brewer*, Bridge, Brooks**, Brosier*, Brosius *, Brown**, Bruck, Bryant, Buck*, Buehl, Buhl, Burk, Burke, Butler, Butterfield**, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell**, Cann*, Carle, Carr, Case, Cass, Catterlin, Chambers, Chase, Chatten, Cheeseman*, Cisle, Clark**, Clawson**, Cochran, Collins*, Cone*, Conover**, Cook*, Cooper**, Cornell, Corwin*, Cowden, Cowley, Cox, Craig, Crane*, Crawford**, Crider, Crist*, Crume, Culbertson, Cummins, Curryer*, Curtis, Dare, Darr*, Daugherty, Davidson, Davies, Davis**, Davison, Dawson, De Armond**, De Camp, Deam, Deardo( r)ff, Decker, Deem, Deemer, Delacourt, Demoret, Denise, Descombes, Dick**, Dickey**, Dilg, Dillon, Dimmick*, Dodds, Douglas, Douglass, Doyle, Drake, Dunn, Dunwoody*, Eaton, Eckert*, Edwards, Eichler, Eisle, Elkins, Elliott**, Ellis*, Ely, Emerick**, Emerson*, Eny(e)art, Evans**, Everson, Faries*, Fetherling*, Finch*, Finkbone*, Finn, Fisher*, Fitzgerald**, Fleener, Fleming, Flenner, Foster, Fouts, Fox, Francis**, Frechtling, Freeman, Fripps, Fry.  SORRY, I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME HERE!  Call me if you need something from G to Z.  PRICE: $10.           


OH - YOGS CRAZY CRATE75:  BOOK 6:  BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO MARRIAGES.  1803-1806.  Four pages photocopied from Ohio Records and Pioneer Families Periodical,  8 ½ " by 11" paper.  Over 220 marriages, groom's name, bride's name, date and who married them.  PRICE:  $2 INCLUDES POSTAGE.





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