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Month Day Year: NOVEMBER 5, 2010


CRAZY CRATE 74: November 5, 2010


IL - YOGS CRAZY CRATE74:  BOOK 1:  THE BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JOHNSON, MASSAC, POPE AND HARDIN COUNTIES, ILLINOISContaining Biographical Sketches of Prominent Representative Citizens.  Published in Chicago by Biographical Publishing Co., 1883.  This book is a reprint by Cook & McDowell Publications, no date.  658 pages, 8" by 11", hardbound, sturdy, heavy library binding, includes portraits of some of these citizens.  Ex lib.  One label inside front cover and one small label on spine.  Book is in nearly new condition.

The Introduction states, "The time has arrived when it becomes the duty of the people of these counties to perpetuate the names of their pioneers, to furnish a record of their early settlements, and relate the story of their progress."  This book works hard to accomplish that goal.  The book ends on page 619, and a four-column index follows from page 623 through 658.  Surnames with 5 to 19 first names are marked with (,).  Surnames with more than 20 are marked with an asterisk (*).  Surnames with a column or more than one column [about 70 lines] are marked with (**).  Abbott*, Adams, Albright*, Alexander*, Alford, Allen, Allsip, Anderson*, Armstrong, Arnold, Atwell, Bailey, Bain*, Baker*, Baldwin, Barger **, Barnett*, Barnwell*, Bath, Bauer, Beames, Bean, Beauman, Belford, Bender, Bengert, Benson*, Bigelow, Bilderbeck , Billington, Bissell, Blackman, Blanchfill, Boos, Borman/n, Boulden, Bowker, Bradford, Bradshaw, Bratton, Breedlove, Breeze, Brenningmeyer, Bridges*, Bridwell, Broadway, Brockett, Bronson, Brooks, Brown, Bruner*, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckner, Buddenbaum, Burgess*, Burke, Burnett*, Burns*, Burris, Burton, Bush, Butler, Byrne, Caldwell*, Calhoon*, Calhoun, Campbell, Card, Carmichael, Carr, Carson, Carter*Caset, Casper*, Chapman*, Chester, Choat*, Clanahan, Clark*, Clymer, Cole, Collier, Collins, Conley*, Cooley, Cooper, Copeland, Copland*, Cotton, Cover, Covington, Cowsert, Cox*, Craig, Crow, Crum, Cruse, Cullum, Cummings, Cummins*, Curry, Damron*, Dark, David, Davis, Dent, Dinwiddie, Dixon, Downey, Driver, Duncan*, Dunn*, Eccles*, Edmndson, Edredge, Elkins*, Elliott, Ellis, Estes*, Evans, Feezor, Fern*, Ferrel, Field, Finney, Finny, Fisher*, Fitch, Flick, Floyd*, Foote, Foreman, Fowler, Fox, Frances, Frayser/Frazier*, Freeman, Frizzell, Fry, Fulkerson, Galeener, Gallamore, Garrett, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert*, Gill, Gillespie*, Gilliam, Glass, Glassford, Goddard*, Goodwin, Gordon, Gore*, Gossage*, Gowan, Grace, Graham, Gray, Green, Gregory, Griffin, Griffith, Grissom*, Gullett*, Gurley, Hahs, Halcom, Hall, Hamilton, Hammack, Hancock, Hankins, Harmon, Harner, Harper, Harnell, Harris*, Hart*, Hazel, Heaton, Hedricik, Heideman, Helm, Henderson, Henry*, Herring, Herrington, Hess, Hester*, Hicks*, Hileman, Hill*, Hobbs, Hodge/s, Hogg, Holland, Holloway, Hood*, Horsley, Hosick, Houchin, House, Houts, Howard, Howell*, Howerton, Hubbard, Hughes, Hughey, Humphrey, Hunsaker, Hutchison, Jack, Jackson, Jenkins*, Jennings*, Johns, Johnson**, Joiner, Jones**, Keeley, Lindsay, Looney, Lowery, and Lukens.  There are still fifteen pages of index to go, but I think three pages of this abstract will have to do for now.  If yo need  names from the back half of the alphabet, call me and I will look it up as long as I have the book.  Huge book. PRICE: $75      


MO - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 74:  BOOK 2:  FIRST SETTLERS OF THE MISSOURI TERRITORY.  VOLUME I.  By Carolyn Ericson and Frances Ingmire.  ©1983.  190 pages, softbound, laminated covers, glued and taped under the lamination.  Grants from the American State Papers, Class VIII, Public Lands.  The first American settlement in what is now Missouri was in 1787.  In 1795 American settlements were established in what is now St. Charles County, north of St. Louis.  It was then called Upper Louisiana or New Spain.  Until 1803 France and Spain passed control of the Louisiana Territory back and forth.  In the Louisiana Purchase [of 1803] ownership passed into the hands of the United States.  In 1805 Missouri became part of the Territory of Louisiana and remained so until 1812 when it became a Territory in its own name.  At that time the population was 20,000 inhabitants.  This area of the Missouri Territory included the present states of Arkansas and Oklahoma until 1819 when Missouri applied for statehood.  Congress then created the Arkansas Territory and included the area that is now the state of Oklahoma. 

The grants included in this volume are those which were presented for confirmation in 1812.  Many of the settlers had lived on their land for many years.  The applicant gives the information regarding how he acquired the land, how long he had lived on it, and frequently gives information as to his occupation, and the size of his family."  Much genealogical and personal information is included in these abstracts primarily for what is now the state of Missouri, found in this book and in its companion Volume 2 [the following book.].  The eight-page index simply refers to the page in this book where the abstract is found.

The Commissioners, whose job it was to ascertain and adjust the titles and claims to lands (in Missouri) were Edward Tiffin, John B. C. Lucas, Clement B. Penrose and Frederick Bates.  Since their names appear on practically every page, they have been omitted from this list. Other names which appear on over 20 pages will be marked with an asterisk (*) as they may have been officials, commissioners and/or huge landowners.

Two columns per page, over 50 lines per column, so with over 800 surnames, most of which appear on only one page, I have decided to copy only those surnames that appear on two pages or more with the number of pages on which they appear:  Able 7, Adams 3, Aidenger 3, Ameroux 2, Andrews 2, Arrell 2, Austin 4, Baker 8, Barseloux 2, Bassett 4, Bear 3, Bellew 5, Bequet 2, Bernard 2, Bohrer 2, Bollinger 14, Bond 4, Bonne 2, Boone 4, Bouche 2, Bound 2, Bowie 2, Boydston 2, Bradley 3, Brant 3, Bryan 4, Bull 2, Burns 6, Butler 3, Byrd 13, Caldwell 4, Callaway 4, Campbell 3, Carondelet 6, Caso 10, Caulk 3, Cerre 4, Chartran 3, Chouteau 8, Clamorgan 2, Clark 3, Connor 2, Conway 3, Cook 2, Coontz 2, Cottle 5, Cousin 22, Cox 6, Coxe 4, Crow 9, Cruzat 2, Cunningham 4, Darst 3, Davis 5, Decelle 6, Delassus*, Dluziere*, Deselle 3, Detcemendy 2, Dillon 2, Dolge 5, Donaldson*, Donldson 2, Duquette 2, Earl 3, Edwards 2, Estes 6, Evans 3, Ewing 4, Fagot 3, Fallis 2, Ferrell 2, Fooy 2, Foreman 2, Foster 4, Friend 3, Garner 2, Gerrard 3, Gibany 4, Gibson 5, Girard 2, Godair 4, Grande 5, Green 3, Griffith 2, Grojean 3, Guething 3, Guouard 3, Hacker 3, Hall 3, Hancock 2, Hand 3, Hart 2, Hawkins  

3, Hayden 3, Hays 11, Heldebrand 7, Hempstead 3, Hodge/s 3, Horine 4, Horsley 2, Hortez 2, Howell 3, Hubble 6, Jackson 4, James 4, Janin 2, Jarrot 3, Johnson 7, Johnston 3, Jones 8, Keithley 2, Kennedy 2, Keytz 2, Labeaume 3, Lacroix 4, Lafferty 2, Lafleur 2, Largeau 2, Lassus 2, Lawson 2, Leduc 4, Lafevre 8, Lagrand 5, Lesieur 4, Lewis 7, Logan 3, Lormer 10, Lorimier 2, Low 5, Lucs 2, Luenco 15, This is getting too long, so I am going to do those appearing on 3 or more pages for the rest of the alphabet.  Mackay*, Manning 3, Marechakl 3, Martin 4, Maxwell 6, McCarty 5, McConnell 3, McLaughlin 3, McNeal 5, Miche 9, Miller 4, Moore 5, Morales 3, Morgan 3, Mullanphy 5, Murphy 10 Musick 3, Myers 6, Neyswanger 6, Olive 3, Patterson 9, Peyroux 14, Phillips 3, Pratt 3, Pratte, Ramsay 9, Randall 4, Reed 7, Richardson 3, Rodney 3, Roy 3, Russell 3, Rutgers 4, Serezo 3, Sexton 3, Shaw 3, Simpson 3, Smith 13, Soulard*, St. Vrain 3, Stewart 3, Stoker 3, Strickland 4, Tayon 9, Thorn 6, Tison 3, Treat 4, Trenchard 3, Trudeau*, Trudell 3, Tucker 7, Valle 13, Villemont 6, Wagoner 3, Waters 3, Welsh 6, Wideman 4, Wods 5, Worthington 3 and Young 8.  PRICE:  BOTH VOLUMES FOR $45.


MO - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 74:  BOOK 3:  FIRST SETTLERS OF THE MISSOURI TERRITORY.  VOLUME II.  CONTAINING GRANTS IN THE PRESENT STATES OF MISSOURI, ARKANSAS AND OKLAHOMABy Carolyn Ericson and Frances Ingmire.  ©1983.  180 pages, softbound, laminated covers, glued and taped under the lamination.  Grants from the American State Papers, Class VIII, Public Lands.  This Volume begins with Number 206.  This time we will begin with those names appearing on three or more pages.  Adams 3, Allen 3, Baker 4, Bates 8, Beauvais 6, Becquette 3, Benito 4, Brazeau 4, Bryan 3, Burns 3, Byrd 4, Caldwell 4, Callaway 3, Carondelet 3, Cerre 5, Choutau*, Clamorgan 6, Clark 9, Collins 3, Connor 3, Cousin 4, Cox 7, Coxe 9, Crow 6, Delassus*, Delauney 7, Deluziere 6, Devoir 5, Dodge 8, Donaldson*, Dunnegant 4, Aston 4, Friend 9, Gayon 4, Gratiot 4, Greenwalt 3, Hebert 4, Hinckson 4, Honore 3, Hosdley 5, Hunot 4, Hurley 3, Janis 6, Johnston 6, Jones 9, Kelly 3, Labadie 3, LaChnce 5, LaCroix 5, LaFleur 4, Laforge 8, Lard 3, Lassus 9, Lebeame 7, Leduc 3, Lagrand 4, Lesieur 11, Lewis 4 Logan 4, Lucas*, Mzckay 17, Maddon 6, Massey 6, Matthews 3, McCourtney3, McCoy 5, McDonald 5, Michel 5, Montmenie 3, Morales 3, Moreau 3, Musick 3,  Myers 13, Nash 4, Papin 4, Parent 3, Patterson 7, Penrose*, Peyroux*, Pratte 6, Quick 3, Ramsay 4, Ramsey 5, Richardson 7, Robertson 12, Ruddell 8, Sarpee 3, Scott 3, Smith 16, Soulard*, Spencer 3, St. Cyr 8, St. Vrain12, Story 6, Strickland 3, Tayon 3, Thompson 5, Tison 9, Trenchhard 3, Tucker 6, Valle 10, Vandenbender 3, Wagoner 7, Waters 8, Westover 3, Wilson*, PRICE:  TWO VOLUMES FOR $45


VA - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS74:  BOOK 5:  THE PARISH RECORDS OF SAINT PETER'S, NEW KENTCOUNTY, VIRGINIA 1680-1787.  A Heritage Classic. By the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.  Published by the National Society of the Colonial Dames in America in the state of Virginia.  Richmond, 1904.  This has to be a reprint, covers like this were not available in 1904.  Parish Records Series, No. 2.206 Pages,

5½ " by 8", softbound, laminated coverstock, glued binding.  Good condition, used, a few markings.When New Kent County was formed in 1654 from York County, it also included what is now King William, King and Queen and Hanover Counties.  It is not known when St. Peter's Parish was founded, but the vestry book begins in 1682.  This volume includes birth, baptismal marriage and death records as recorded in their original order [book] along with a complete name index.  It includes records on both blacks and whites.         

Surnames in the index with three or more first names are listed here. Surnames with five lines [ usually holds at least ten names or even as many as fifty] of first names are marked*:  Adams*, Addison*, Aldridge, Alford*, Allen*, Alloway, Ammon, Amos*, Anderson, Andrewson, Apperson*, Armistead Askew, Ashcroft, Ashling, Atkinson*, Austin*, Bacon*, Bailey*, Baker, Ballard, Bardrick, Barker, Barkwell, Barnes*, Barnett*, Bartwell, Bassett, Battin, Baughan, Bell, Bettes, Benns, Binns*, Blackstone, Blackwell, Bolton, Bostick, Boswell, Bottom, Bourn/s, Bows, Bowles, Bowm, Bozman, Bradly*, Bray Briant, Briggs, Bristow, Brock, Brooker*, Brooks, Brothers*, Brown*, Browning, Bryant, Briggs*, Bullock, Bumpus, Burbridge, Burk, Burrows, Butler*, Butts*, Bxton, Byrd, Cade*, Carless, Carter, Case, Chamberlayne*, Chambers, Chandler*, Chancey, Chapell, Chew, Childes, Christian*, Clarke*, Clarkson*, Clopton*, Cock, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Corley, Cook*, Cooper, Cottorill, Condon, Cox*, Craford, Crew, Crittenden, Crue, Crump**, Crumpton, Custis, Dabne(ie/y), Dalton, Dandridge, Danforth, Daniel*, Darrum, Davis*, Davison, Day, Dennett, Dennis, Depress, Design, Dickinson, Dillan, Dixon, Dodd, Dollard*, Drake*, Dudley, Dungee, Ellis, Elmore*, Ellison, England, Epperson, Evans, Farell, Ferguson*, Ferris, Field, Finch*, Firth, Fleming, Fuellen, Forbes*, Foster*, Frances, Freeman, Furbush, Fusell, Fuzell, Galling, Gannaway, Garrard, Garwood, Gauling, Gaulding, Gentry, Gilliam*, Glenn*, Goldwell, Goocher, Goodall, Goodwin, Gording, Gowan, Granger, Grant, Graves*, Gray, Green*, Gregory, Grindley, Guilliam, Gunnell, Haiden, Hall, Hamblet, Hamlet, Hamlyn, Hankey, Hanson, Hardcastle, Hardon, Harfield, Harmon, Harris*, Haslewood, Hatten*, Haynsworth, Hazelgrove, Heath, Helton, Henderson, Henson, Hester, Hewlett*, Hight, Hill*, Hilliard*, Hilton, Hitchcock, Hockaday, Hollings, Hood, Hopkins, Howard, Houle/Howie*, Hubart, Hubbard, Huchens, Hudson, Hughs, Hulett, Ingram, Ivey, Jackson, Jameson, Jarratt, Jenkins, Jenings, Joanes*, Johnson*, Jones*, Kempton, Keiningham, Kimbrell, Kimburrow, King, Labamore, Lacy,*, Langford, Lanaster, Lawson, Leake, Leigh, Lemay, Leonard, Le Strange, Lewis*, Lightfoot*, Linzey, Littlepage*, Lucas*, Luck, Lyon, Machen, Macon*, Mad(d)ox, Major, Mallary, Man, Manning, Mantiply, Marston, Martin**, Mson, Massey*, Mask, Matthews, May, McCommick, McDougle, McGehee, McGregor, Meanly*, Medaras, Medlock, Meekins, Mekins, Miltomn, Menitree, Meredith, Meriwether, Merry, Meux, Miller,Mims, Michell, Mitchell, Mochi, Moon*, Moore**, Moorman, Morgan*, Morris*, Moss/e*, Mossom, Nance, Napier Nash, Neeve/s, Netherland, New, Nicholas, Nordan, Norris, Noaghon, Ohern, Oslin*, Otey*, Page, Paisley, Par( r)ish*, Park/e, Parker, Parkinson, Pasly,Patterson**, Paul, Peace*, Pearson*, Peasley. Pepper, Perkins*, Perry, Person, Phillips, Pierson, Pinchback*, Pines, Plant, Plumley, Poindexter*, Pointer, Pollard*, Pond, Porter, Prerdd, Price, Pritchard, Pruet, Pry(e/o)r, Pullam, Ragland*, Ragling, Rayle/e, Raymond, Realy, Reid, Renall, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson*, Roach, Roberts, Rocket, Roe, Rogers, Roper*, Ross, Rost, Rountree, Russell, Sanders*, Sandwich, Savory, Scott, Scruggs*, Sharp/e*, Sherlock, Sherman*, Showers, Simes, Simons, Skiner, Slaughter, Slayden, Sledd, Smith*, Smithers, Snead, Snorve/Snowe, Spear/e*, Spencer, Sporell, Spradlin, Sprague, Spurlock*, Stanly, Stegall, Stephenson, Stewart, Stils, Stone, Strange*, Stringer, Strong, Studskill, Swinney, Symcock, Talle, Talman*, Tate, Taylor*, Teate, Terrell, Thomas, Thompson*, Thorp, Tiler, Tinsley, Tisdale Toler, Tomson, Toney*, Tornes, Troer, Truett, Tucker*, Tudal, Tudor, Turner*,Tyree*, Upshur, Usory, Vaiden*, Valentine, Vannerson, Vaughan*, Wade, Waddell*, Waddy*, Wakelin, Walker*, Walton*, Ward, Ware, Warfeld, Warren, Watkins, Watson*, Weaver*, Webb*, Webster, Whitechurch, Whitlock*, Wicker, Wild, Wil(l)ford, Wilkins, Wilinson*, Williams, Williamson, Willis*, Wilson, Winfield, Winfree*, Woard, Woods/Woode, Woodward, Wyatt, Yates, and Yowell.  

PRICE:  $26 


Thank you for checking out our crate toay.  Not so many books, but lots and lots of names! Hope you find some of yours on today's crate.  Pat from YOGS



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