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Newsletter Subtitle:  YOGS CRAZY CRATE 73:  SC AND NJ!
Month Day Year:  November 2, 2010

Welcome back!  We have some interesting books for you this newsletter, but they are mixed in nature, so you will need to check each one to make sure you don't miss a good one!


Doesn't it almost always work this way?  I was sure I had all the South Carolina books together.  Then I literally stumbled over one more, so I am going to start this crate with that one before it gets away from me again!  Here it is! Crazy Crate73:


SC - CRAZY CRATE YOGS73:  BOOK 1:  HISTORY OF OLD PENDLETON DISTRICT, [SOUTH CAROLINA] WITH A GENEALOGY OF THE LEADING FAMILIES OF THE DISTRICT.  By R. W. Simpson.  A Heritage Classic.  Published originally in 1913.  This facsimile reprint by Heritage Books, Inc., MD, was printed in 1988. 243 pages, 5½" by 8½", laminated wrapper cover, and indexed.  The Pendleton District in northwestern South Carolina has a complex history.  It was originally part of the Cherokee Indian lands which were divided in 1749 to create Pendleton and GreenvilleCounties.  The name was subsequently changed to Pendleton District and it finally ceased to exist as a political unit about 1825 when it was subdivided to form the present Anderson and Pickens Counties.  This volume provides a brief (70 pages) history of the region followed by hundreds of genealogical sketches of district families.  The genealogies are generally lacking in vital statistics, but nevertheless provide a wealth of genealogical data.  The index lists every name in the historical part (pages 5-68) and the buried names in the genealogical part (pages 69 to 223) of this book.  Thus if you are researching the Adams family, look first at the Adams family article (pages 142 and 143) and then check the individual names found here in the index elsewhere in this book.  In order to abstract this index, I am listing all the surnames that have a family (f) sketch and all the surnames that have four or more individuals listed.  Adams ((f means family), Adger f, Alexander, Allen, Anderson f, Aull, Bacot, Banks, Barton, Bates, Beef, Bellotte f, Benson f, Beverl(e)y, Bishop, Blake, Blas(s)ingame f, Boggs, Bomar, Bostic, Bowen, Boyd, Breazeal, Brewer, Briggs, Brown, Broyles f, Bruce, Burt, Calhoun f, Campbell, Carlisle, Carpenter, Carter, Chamberlain, Chappel/l, Cherry, Chisholm, Clark/e, Clayton, Clemson, Cleveland, Corr(o)uth, Craig, Crawford, Crayton, Crenshaw, Cunningham, Cuthbert, Dart, Davant f, Davis, Dean, Dendy, Deyampert, Dickinson f, Dickson f, Douthitt, Doyle, Dugas, Dupree f, Earle f, Easley f, Erskine, Evatt, Farmer, Ferrell, Ford, Foster, Gaillard f, Gaines, Gambrell, Garlngton, Garrison, Glenn, Graham, Grant, Green, Gresham, Grey, Griffin, Hacket/t, Hagood, Hall f, Halsey, Hamilton, Hampton, Hanckel f, Harris, Harrison f, Hayne f, Henry, Heyward, Hill, Hillhouse, Hoke, Holcomb/e, Holleman, Holmes, Houston, Hubbard f, Hudgens, Hunter f, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnson, Johnstone, Jones, Keels, Kennedy, Kilpatrick, King, Klugh, Latte f, Law, Lay, Lee, Lewis f, Ligon f, Lockhart, Lorton f, Lyles, Mackey, Majors, Marshall, Martin f, Mauldin, Maverick, Maxwell, Mays f, McBryde f, McConell, McElhanny f, McElroy, McLees, Miles, Miller f, Mills, Mitchel/l, Moore, Moss, Mullinix, Murray, Newton f, Noble, Norris, North f, Norton, O'Donnell, Orr, Osborne, Owen f, Partlou, Perry, Pickens f, Pike f, Pinckney f, Poe f, Porter, Prevost, Randell f, Reed, Reese f, Reid, Richardson, Robinson f, Ross f, Rucker, Russell, Schoen, Scott, Seaborn/e f, Seabrook, Shanklin f, Sharpe f, Shaw f, Sheppard, Simpson f, Sitton f, Sloan f, Smith f, Smythe, Steel/e f, Stephens, Stevens f, Stribling f, Symmes f, Taliaferro f, Taylor f, Terrie, Thompson, Trescot/t f, Turpin, VanWyck, Wagner, Walker, Waring, Warley f, Warren, Washington, Watkins f, Watson, Waymon, Webb, Weyman, White, Whitfield f, Whitner f, Whitten, Wilkinson, Wlliams, Wlson, Wofford and Wright.  Good condition, previous owner's name only sign book is not new.  PRICE:  $20


NJ - CRAZY CRATE YOGS73:  BOOK 2:  EARLY GERMANS OF NEW JERSEY.  Their Histories, Churches and Genealogies. With Maps and Illustrations.  By Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers [with a new foreword by Kenn Stryker-Rodda.  Originally published in DOVER, NJ, in 1895.  Reprinted 1969 and then this 1982 edition.  ©1969.  667 pages, hardbound.  Ex lib - library with four markings, two bookplates inside front cover [gift & withdrawn] and stamp of library on top of closed pages and above the Foreword.  This book did not circulate. This book covers northwestern New Jersey in detail. It includes other early settlers of old RoxburyTownship from Southold and Southampton and many other families with which they intermarried.  The Foreword mentions this as useful for families of English, Scottish, or Dutch origin as for German ones.  The author relied on the families of his own and neighboring parishes for much of the information.  They brought out for his inspection their Bibles, parlor albums, and personal papers, told him their ancestry much as English families had.  He read their wills.  This book is a wonderful collection of CLUES, but, most often, the source is not noted, as was common in those days, and may remain yet to be proven.        

The following place names are mentioned in his Preface: the records of Newton, Belvidere, Flemington, Somerville and Morristown.  He checked everyone of the 62 books of wills located at Trenton. Church records at Stillwater, German Valley, New Germantown, Lebanon and Mount Pleasant were carefully compiled.  To gather additional data the inscriptions in 31 cemeteries from Newton to Flemington, including those of Lamington, Bedminster and Somerville, were copied.  There are 26 Chapters in this book, Part I, covering in detail the following:  German Forefathers, the Moravians, Early Church History, The Muhlenburgs, German Reformed, Fairmount Presbyterian Chuch, Reformed Church of Lebanon, Upper German Valley, Lower Valley, Unionville, Schooley's Mountain, Schooley's Mountain Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church of Pleasant Grove, Settlers of Tewksberry Twp., Southold, Southampton, Chester Presbyterian Church and Spruce Run, "Swake" and Clarksville Lutheran Churches.  Part II contains the genealogies, covering in alphabetical order important information from one detailed paragraph to several pages in length of information on the following surnames:  Abel, Adams, Aller, Alpock, Ammerman, Anthony, Apgar, Appelman, Aree, Ayres, Axford, Baldwin, Bale, Banghart, Barkman, Bartles, Bartley, Batson, Beam, Beattey, Beavers, Bell, Bellis or Bellowsfelt, Bernhard, Berger, Bird, Bloom, Bodine, Bowman, Brown, Buchanan, Budd, Bulmer, Bunn, Busenberry, Carhart, Carlisle, Case, Castner, Chambers, Coleman, Colver, Condict, Couse, Craig, Cramer, Crater, Cregar, Cummings, Dallicker, Davis, Deats or Teats, DeCe, DeCamp, DeRose, Dickerson, Dierdorff, Dilts, Dorland, Drake, Dufford, Eckel, Ege, Eich, Emmons, Engell, Eoff, Faircloe, Farley, Farrow, Felt, Felmley, Filds, Fisher, Fleming, Flock, Flumervelt, Folk, Force, Fox, Frae, Frelinghausen, Frey, Fritts, Frone, Gray, Griffiths, Gulick, Hager, Haines, Hance, Hann, Hartram, Heath, Heaton, Hedges, Hendershot, Henderson, Henry, Hildebrant, Hiler, Hilts, Hockenbury, Hoffman, Honness, Hoppock, Horton, Howell, Hummer, Hunt, Iliff, Kelsey, Kempel, Kern, Kester, Kice, King, Kinnan, Kline, LaGange, Lake, Lance, Larason, Lawrence, Leek, Lerch, Lindabury, Lomerson, Lucas, Luse, Martinus, Messlar, Mettler, Miller, Ming, Moore, Neighbor, Neitser, Nicholas, Nunn, Ogden, Ort, Overton, Pace, Parker, Pew, Philhower, Pickle, Pool, Potter, Race, Rarick, Raub, Rawling, Read, Reed, Reeves, Roger, Rhinehart, Rittenhouse, Roberts, Robertson, Rockafellow, Roelofson, Runyon, Rusling, Salmon, Salter, Schenkel, Schleicher, Schooley, Schuyler, Schwartzwelder, Seals, Seifers, Seward, Shafer, Sharp, or Sharpenstein, Sherwood, Shipman, Shirts, Shultz, Smith, Snook, Snyder, Sovereen, Stark, Stein, Stephens, Stiger, Streit, Struble, Stryker, Sutphin, Sutton, Swackhamer, Swarts Swazey, Teel, Teeple, Terry, Terryberry, Thomas, Tiger Titman, Todd, Topping, Trimmer, Van Atta, Van Buskirk, Van Fleet, Van Horne, Van Nest, Van Pelt, Van Sickle, Van Vechten, Vernoy, Vescelius, Vogt, Vosler, Wack, Waldorf, Walters, Ward, Waer, Weise, Welsch, Weller, Werts, Wildrick, Wiley, Willett, Wills, Wintermute, Wire, Wolf, Woodhull, Wortman, Yawger and Youngs.  Part III  consists of 8 Appendices:  Ministers, Mount Olive Churches, Churches of Flanders, The "Old Straw" Lutheran Church at Phillipsburg, Ringoes, Mt. Pleasant, Knowlton, Stillwater; Lists of names of persons naturalized, Settlers on "Society Lands," Signer's to Weyand's Call, Customers of German Valley storekeeper, 1763.  Used, in good condition.  The index contains only those names which are out of their alphabetical order. [ in the sketch those may be mostly spouse surnames that married into the main name.]  Even omitting the ones that are IN their alphabetical order, there are 26 pages of double columned names here.  Index is printed in very small type.  [Keep your Magnabrite handy!  Only $25 to multiply the light on the page by four times, and multiply the size of the type by four times.]  Illustrations are well done, but the type is smaller than usual in this book.  PRICE:  $48


NJ - YOGS CRAZY CRATE 73:  BOOK 3 & 4:  NEWJERSEY:  DIGGING FOR ANCESTORS IN THE GARDEN STATEBy Kenn Stryker Rodda, Litt.D., F.A.S.G., C.G.  Published by the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Inc,  ©1970 [One copy is dated 1970].  [One copy of the Reprint is dated 1984.]  This is a transcript of a talk given by the author before the Genealogy Workshop held in connection with the Local History Workshop in Detroit, Michigan.  I have a line of Drakes from New Jersey and I learned more from this book than I learned while in New Jersey.  I was astonished to learn that I had more books in my library at home on my county, than I found on the shelf in the New JerseyState Library! This was back in the 1970s, so I hope they have more books in their library by now.  They are especially needed in New Jersey as the First Federal Census for this state was taken for the 1830 census.  All prior Census, 1790, 1800, 1810 and 1820, have been lost or destroyed by fires.  A fine nine-page bibliography is listed, so you know what has already been compiled (and indexed) to assist you with your research.  Remember to ask for these at your local library.  PRICE:  $9 for each.


NJ - YOGS CRAZY CRATE73: BOOK 5:  RAHWAY & PLAINFILD, NEW JERSEY QUAKER METING RECORDS.  By Cox, Indexed by Selby Publishing & Printing.  1992.Ex lib, multiple stickers and markings. 144 pages, cardstock covers, stapled and taped.  The following record is a transcription of notational abstracts made of monthly meeting records by John Cox, Jr.  These cards were left with the Haviland Record Room of New York Yearly Meeting who has allowed them to be copied.  Some of the script was nearly indecipherable and was copied as it appeared.  The Table of Abbreviations is absolutely required to understand the notes.  Surnames in the index that appear on three pages (,) or more (actual number of pages) are listed here:  Adams, Allen 6, Atk(e/i)nson 4, Ayres, Bishop 4, Bloodgood, Borden, Brooke, Brotherton 12, Brown/e 10, Bunnel, Burdsall 6, Clarkson, Clifton 6, Closson, Cohu, Cook, Copeland 7, Corlies 6, Cowperthwait/e 4, Cutter, Dakin 4, Davids, Dell 12, Dickinson, Dobson, Dorland, Elston 4, Fitz Randolph 35, Fox, Freeman 4, Gach, Greenleaf, Griffen 4, Griffith, Hadden, Hance, Hallet/t 9, Hampton 11, Harned 21, Hartshorn/e 9, Haydock 9, Hedden, Hedger 4, Hicks, Hopkins, Hunt 4, Jackson 11, Jacobs 4, Kesater, King 8, Kinsey 8, Knight 4, Laing 59, Latham 5, Laws 3, Leggett, Likin, Ludlam, Lundy 5, McComb/s, Marsh 30, Martin 5, Miller 6, Moore 24, Morris 4, Murray, Nichols , Osborn/e 5, Parker 8, Potts 4, Pound 32, Price 4, Robertson 4, Russell, Sanford, Schooley 8, Shotwell 88, Simcock 5, Smith 34, Southwick, Taylor 4, Thorn/e 24, Tilton, Townsend 9, Underhill 7, Vail 55, Way 6, Webster 45, Williams, Willis 8, Wills, Wil(l)son 13, Wright and Young 3.  Lots more names with one or two pages listed.  Ex lib PRICE: $18


NJ - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS73:  BOOK 6: B179.  INDEX TO HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF NEW JERSEY.  Index compiled and printed in 1984 by James E. Stout.  The book which was indexed is BARBER, John and HOWE, Ward Henry's Historical Collections of New Jersey, originally done in 1844, and often reprinted.  Now here is the index to this book based upon the 1868 edition, reprinted in 1966 and 1975.  This index has 42 pages, is nicely typed in a three-column format.  All names from the book are indexed.  The first page holds 45 surnames and does not even complete the letter "A".  Most large libraries have the book.  if you buy this book you can pick up or  order photocopies from a library that has the book.  You have the key to unlock the wonderful collection of material inside.  $10


NJ - YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS73:  ITEM 7:  PHOTOCOPIES OF AN ARTICLE FROM THE GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE OF NEW JERSEY, VOLUME XXXIX NUMBER 3 [WHOLE NUMBER 153].  6 Pages on 4 sheets.  TITLE:  MORRIS COUNTY MILITIAMEN OF 1778.  This is a partial list of about 200 men who were in the Militia whose names are NOT found in Stryker's List.  Includes one page of genealogy of the Van Dalssen-Van-Dalsem Family.  PRICE $3 includes postage. 


NJ - CRAZY CRATE YOGS73: BOOK 8:  COUNTYATLAS OF WARRENCOUNTY, NEWJERSEY FROM ACTUAL SURVEYS BY AND UNDER THE DIRECTION OF F. W. BEERS. Published in 1874 by F. W. Beers & Co., New York in 1871.  Reprinted in 1976 and in this edition in 1983.   Pages are 11" wide and 16" tall.  55 pages.  Includes full spread views [16" by 22"] of The United States, New Jersey 1874, outline map of  Warren County], followed by a single paged Table of Airline Distances pg.2 and the statistical Census of the 1870 Census of all counties that had 34,419 people in Warren Township [no names, just numbers per township.]  The atlas has a small, less than one inch circle of glue residue in upper right hand corner where a price sticker once appeared.  Interior maps look brand new.  Many landowner names are given where space permits on the individual city, county & township maps.  Business notices fill the last three pages.  Townships in WarrenCounty are Allamuchy, Blairstown, Frelinghuysen, Franklin, Greenwich, Harmony, Hardwick, Hope, Independence, Knowlton, Lopatcong.  Mansfield, Oxford, Pahaquarry and Washington.  Shipped Flat.  PRICE:  $20   



TO AMERICAN GENEALOGY. By Val D. Greenwood.  609 pages, 6" by 9" hardbound.  Laminated copy stands up to the hard use it is going to get.  Covers all bases.  In every field of study there is one book that rises above the rest in stature and authority and becomes the standard work in the field.  In genealogy that book is this one.  People who really want to know how to do genealogy have read this book.  In simple, easy to understand language, this book will take you from being a bewildered beginner to a purposeful practitioner of the hobby/craft.  This book is the most thorough of its kind.  It covers the proper way to do genealogy with enough tips on how to stay on track to keep you from losing your way.  I have read a lot of books on genealogy since 1972, and this and "The Source" are still my go-to books when someone lobs a problem at me I have not encountered before.  This book is a classic.  This is the second edition of this book, published in 1990, was updated to include computer-assisted genealogy.  My lesson plans and lecture notes are based on the timeless principles of proper genealogy investigation which this author makes abundantly clear.  New price was $24.95.  This copy is on sale for $22.


VA - YOGS CRAZY CRATE73:  BOOK 10:  OLD SURVEY BOOK 1, 1746-1782.  PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, VIRGINIABy Marian Dodson Charito.  Ex lib, but in remarkably good condition.  Library reinforced the binding with tape.  Since this book is almost one-inch thick, that was a wise choice.  This volume has 399 pages in it, cardstock covers are in good condition with one fine line less than 3 inches long which has gathered some dust on the back cover.  The book contains photocopies of the original drawings and measurements of the surveyor. plus the details of the deed also in the original handwriting as filed in the courthouse.  The handwriting can be difficult to puzzle out, but what a gem to put in your book!  Three to five of these handwritten records of the survey are on each page, so there are a lot of them in this book.  The index begns on page 371 and goes to pge 399.  Surnames with three(,) or more (actual number) of first names are:  Adams 7, Adkins 4, Adkinson 4, Allen, Anderson 4, Atkins , Atkinson 6, Austin, Ayres 4, Baker 5, Barker, Bennet 6, Blevins 4,

Boaz, Bolling, Bostick, Bynum 5, Callaway 5, Cargill 4, Chadwell, Chaney, Chiles, Choat 7, Clement/s 7, Cloud 4, Cole/s 4, Collin(g)s 5, Colyer 4, Cook 5, Cox 5, Davis 6, Dillard 5, Dodson 7, Donelson, Dun(can/kin)4, Dyer 4, Ec(h/k)ols 5, Edwards 3, Elkins 4, Fallom, Far(r)is 8, Foley, Foli(ce/s), Given, Glass, Goad 6, Gray, Green 6, Griffith 6, Gwin 4, Hale 4, Ha(i)ley 4, Hall 7, Hanb(e)y, Hardy 5, Harris 4, Ha(y)nes, Hendrick 4, Hill 5, Hodges 7, Hubbard, H(o/u)ff, Hughes 7, Hunt, Hutchings 4, Innes, Jennings, Johnson 6, Jones 13, Justice 4, Keesee, Kennon 5, K(e/i)by 5, King 7, Linkford 6, Law/s 4, Lawson 4, Lewis, Little, Lumpkin, Maples, Marr, Mart(a/ai)n 5, Mathews, May/s

5, Miller 4, Mitchell 5, Morgan 5, Morro(ah/w), Morton 5, Mullings, McDaniel 4, McMillion, Nelson 5, Nowlin 5, Oaks 4, Owen 7, Payne 8, Perkins 4, Phillips, Pigg, Pollard, Poll(e)y, Randolph 4, Read/Reed 5, Rentfro(e/w) 9, Rice, Richardson  6, Roberson, Roberts 7, Robertson, Robinson, Ro(d)gers 4, Sam(m)s, Shelton 14, Shields, Shockley,

Short, Sims, Smith 19, Souther(lin/land) 4, Sparks, Standefor(d/e) 5, Stephenson, Still, Stone 7, Sweeting, Talbot 4, Terry 15, Thomas 6, Tribble, Turner, Vaughan, Walker 5, Walters 4, Walthers 4, Waters, Walton 7, Ward, Watkins 6, Watson 5, Webb 5, West, White 6, Williams 7, Wilson 9, Witcher, Wood 5, Woodson 4, Wright, Wynne 4 and Young 3.  PRICE: $37  


Thank you for reading our newsletter today.  If you know a book exists, you can ask for it or call a library to see if they have it.  You may find exactly what you are looking for inside the covers!  If you don't know it exists, you may never, ever see it!   PAT from YOGS


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