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Month Day Year: NOVEMBER 5, 2010




Sorry about the lack of newsletters these last three weeks: We have been experiencing technical problems big time with the computer that crashed a couple of weeks ago.  Then we had problems with loading our newsletter through Constant Contact's newly remodeled site.  It gives the newsletter a quite different look!  They have been working with me diligently, and I think we just may have been successful.  This one is going in just fine!


Honestly, folks, if you ever decide to do a newsletter, maybe to the members of your family, or at your job, don't bother trying anyone else!  These people know how to get a tough job done!  I highly recommend them, and I have over 300 newsletters to show for it!

Here is a rundown on my telecommunications woes!


1.)  [TELEPHONE SERVICE]  Telephone problems, I hope, have now been fixed.  The static is gone.  The problem seems to be in the under-ground lines they just put in two years ago.  They may need to dig up those underground wires and replace them, but the repairman thinks they will hold for now.  Let's hope he is right and the static on these lines is, at least, less!


2.) [COMPUTER PROBLEMS]  The computer that crashed just before three weekends ago while I was gone is now up and running.  It is doing some very weird things that I do not understand, but so far, it is working again as a typewriter with a really easy delete key.  However, it is not doing some of the things I need for it to do when it comes to formatting, short cuts that don't work, and transferring data to Constant Contact, which sends it all on to you.


3.) [PROGRAMMING PROBLEMS]  Every once in a while my computer will bug me to use this smiley face on the scroll bar, but when I do, as I sometimes do automatically, because that one click lets me move around the page to proof these Crazy Crates, now it just goes crazy!  Up and down faster than I can follow!  The entire page jumps around as if I had told it to start a game of musical chairs.  My computer guy, Carl, is going to work on it, hopefully next week, and you will know he was successful if you get this Crazy Crate 72 on time. 


4.)  [CRAZY CRATE YOGS71]  This crate is in "sick bay" at this time, but if we can salvage anything from it, you should see it in a week or two!]


5.[  VOICE MAIL REPORT]]:  If you have left a voice mail for me since March 3, 2010, and some 176 of you have, then I will get back to you, hopefully before the end of this year, but I am now busy copying the relevant phone numbers and messages from that date to this.  You see, they give you all the older dates first, so I can't answer yesterday's calls until I listen to all the other old ones that came before yesterday.  According to last week's THIRTEEN PAGES OF COPIED CALLS, I am now up to August 3, 2010.  So if I get to work on these all day on Sunday, [ I didn't last Sunday, because company showed up, and I could use the relaxing break after that big seminar in Louisville.]  You see, I can't work on them during the day [10 to 6] while I am at work, because then all of those people who call me that day get sent to voice mail!!  But I should soon be able to get back to those of you who called this last week, I hope before Christmas,!  

Once I get all of these voice mails copied off, and returned, then I will access them each day and return them that day or the next day, whenever possible. 


We were closed on Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, 2010, for our trip to the Louisville, Kentucky, Genealogical Society's Seminar.  We needed to get there early, so we could set up on Friday Night.  A glut of cars, trucks, and buses slowing traffic to a stop-and-go basis, bumper-to-bumper, filled every lane of traffic on every on-ramp and off-ramp as well as on "THE BRIDGE over the Ohio River." Actually the traffic slowed us up for about four extra hours, so we did not make it inside to set up at all; and that meant we had to unload and set up on Saturday morning. I was scheduled to speak at 9:00 in a room as faraway from where we were supposed to set up as it could get, and stay in the same church we were in. 


Luckily my driver, Paul Hardcastle, has been helping me with these seminar runs for about eight years, and he can, and did, set that one up, and tear it down later, just fine, and all by himself!  Thanks, Paul!


The seminar was on Saturday, October 16, and I  spoke about one of my favorite subjects.  "What Do You Do When You Can NOT Find A Birth , a Marriage , and/or A Death Certificate?  Where do you look when you can't find them where they ought to be?  You wrote the Courthouse, you called the Department of Vital Records, you talked to the County Clerk, or the Genealogical Librarian at the library in the town in which your ancestor lived plus an officialof that county's local genealogical society and the local historical society.  You feel you have checked everything you can, but you still don't have the information you know you need.  I am working on a book to be published, many years from now, when I retire (again), but I would like the list to be over 250 places to look to find the information that should have been on the certificate you have, so far, been unable to find.  I have 184 now, so I don't need all that many to reach 250.  Over 50 attendees came to my speech and received a copy of these "184 places" to find that you might not think of all by yourself.  I have been researching since 1972, and it is really weird all the places that have this information, but, too many times, we just don't think to ask them for it! I have already accumulated these 184, so I am still working on this project.  Several of the attendees gave me some ideas on things to add, so I will bring it up-to-date before I send it on to all of you.  It already runs ten pages!  It will probably be your Christmas Present from us!  Then maybe you can help me add some more from your own genealogical adventures. 


Most genealogists have at least one, or more, situations they have found in print that turn out not to be true at all.  My grandmother always told me "that paper will stand still for anything to be written on it."


Also, we need to remember that what our relatives tell us may be the truth as they know it, but they may not know what really happened, and what they tell you may be, partially, or maybe even totally, in error.  Many years ago, families protected their own members.  They decided on the story they were going to tell others and then, they all told that story, which wasn't factually correct, but did protect a member of the family from emotional, societal, or even, legal punishment!


Newspapers often change or alter a press notice so that it will be more reportable, easier read, shorter or longer to fit the space they are trying to fill; and in the doing, sometimes change the meaning completely! And some "news stories" on the TV can turn out not to be true after a week of discussion and fact-finding. 


Even drugs that are advertised for years for a certain health problem "you can be cured by a certain product" may turn out, ten or twenty years later, to be advertising AGAIN on TV, telling your heirs that if you took that drug, you, or more likely they, may be eligible for compensation because it was more harmful than helpful; and indeed, it may have cost you your life! 


We are finding out that our children's textbooks may be written NOT to explain to our children how our government  got us into this mess or that war that our countryhas been in, but instead to blame certain people for misguided policies, and to hide the people who actually held the reins of power, and by their application or refusal to apply a remedy, often made things eveen worse.  Or, heaven forbid, could that bad result be what they wanted to do in the first place?  Do they already have another job or project lined up where they will be even more powerful?


How about the expensive radio and TV ads run by varying groups or individuals, who are touting a certain theme or aim, and would back Lucifer, himself, if he promised to look good and say the right things they want him to say, and then do what they told him to do once they got him or her elected!


How about the political ads themselves?  Maybe they are honest.  But many times they are not!  Who really knows?  If you can't believe all of them, can you really believe any of them?  How do you know which ones, or which part to believe?  Politics is a strange world to those of us who are busy running a business, helping to raise our families, improve our communities, keep the world of business moving on and build a better way of life for all of us.


Suppose you talk to Great Aunt Sylvia and she tells you all about her brother's and sister's families, and a trip to the courthouse and a check of the documents in the proper offices don't even come close to agreeing with her list.


Most genealogist's have found at least one birth certificate that is not provable, and probably not right either.  How about finding "mostly fictional"  names on certificates.  If you take anyone's opinion about anything, and you do not bother to validate it BEFORE you add it to your records, you may be lying about something very important to your family tree.  Do you have that branch, or do you not?  Did you check to verify?  Or not?  We have mistakes made in those 17th century documents that are proven-to-be mistakes, but we can't get it changed because tens, maybe hundreds, of people have copied the mistake into hundreds of articles and family trees when it wasn't even true to begin with!


Sometimes proof is not easily available.  If you want to know what to do about it when you don't know-one way or the other-you should have attended my lecture last Saturday, in Louisville, Kentucky.  I have a list to give you later that will help you with this problem!  When I get to 200 items, I will let you know.


Now on to today's list of familiar books you will probably recognize [and some you won't!], as standards for good genealogical research.  When the internet fails us, or you need simply to check and verify something you saw on a data base, somewhere,there are some very important things for you to remember.  You can find nothing but CLUES on the internet.  Many of these clues lead only to dead ends.  Many are actual factual mistakes any good genealogist should be able to spot.


Ancestry.com is not a quotable source.  You must find the source they found or the record from which they copied the information in their database.  Is that an original, or provable source from a courthouse document?  Or is it from a Family Bible, a newspaper article, or a printed genealogy?  Is it another solid source, or is it just the rambling memory of a relative?


There are many names, dates and places in articles which include people's errors in their information, hearing, spelling, transcribing, and typing, so what is printed on the internet or available in these huge data bases that, upon scrutiny, may not be true, and, in the light of a trip to the appropriate county courthouse's contents which can/should or may not, ever have been true at all. 


 We owe it to our family tree to get it right.  If your book is to be used as a source, years from now, do you want your families to set up a website to list your mistakes?


GENERAL SOURCE GUIDEBOOK - CRAZY CRATE 72  BOOK 1:  THE SOURCE - A GUIDEBOOK OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY.  REVISED EDITION. ©1997, Edited by Loretto Dennis Szucs & Sandra Hargreaves Luebking.  Ex-lib. Library stamp on top of the contents page and on the closed book top of pages are the only signs of previous ownership.  Published by ANCESTRY.  These two ladies are well known to me, and I highly recommend this book to you.  In its 834 pages, hardbound edition, dust jacket included, comes a virtual encyclopedia of where to find what you need to find to PROVE your ancestry.  It is not enough to assemble the data about certain names.  After all a telephone book gives you lots of names that may, or may not, be related to each other, but it is not a genealogy!  Genealogies must contain: names, dates and places which prove family relationships.  This book has full chapters on:

1.) The Foundations of Family History Research;      

2.) Databases, Indexes, and Other Finding Aids;

3.) Research in Birth, Death, and Cemetery Records;

4.) Research in Marriage and Divorce Records;

5.) Research in Census Records;

6.) Research in Church Records;

7.) Research in Court Records;

8.) Research in Land and Tax Records;

9.) Research in Military Records;

10.) Research in Business;

11.) Employment ands Institutional Records;

12.) Research in Directories; and

13.) Research in Newspapers;  


Under the heading of Ethnic Origins: there are Chapters titled: 1.) Immigration; 

2.) Finding Immigrant Origins;

3.) Trackng Native American Family History;

4.) Tracking African-American History;

5.) Tracking Hispanic Family History;

6.) Tracking Jewish-American Family History. 


Under Time and Place come:

1.) Chapters on Tracking Twentieth-CenturyAncestors;

2.) Tracking Urban Ancestors;

3.) Tracking Through Heredity and Lineage Organizations. 


The List of Contributors runs three pages with sketches for those genealogists who helped research, write and proof this book. 


Also there are seven Appendixes, full of things you will need to know:

A - National Archives Regional Archives System;

B - State Archives;

C - Historical Societies;

D - The Family History Library and Its Centers;

E - Genealogical Societies;

F - Where to Write for Vital Records;

G - Selected Acronyms and Abbreviations.


The book was originally priced at $50.  This book was never used in the library and is in very good condition.  PRICE:  $45  NOTE:  Several other of these books are available at varying prices from $25 to $40.  It is one of the books you will need to consult every time you run into a question you don't already know the answer to, or a problem you can't solve, or a situational or location-based problem for which you have no answer, or the intimidating upheaval caused by the dreaded "brick wall."


FRANKLINCOUNTY, ILLINOIS - OBITUARIES, BENTON EVENING NEWS, FRANKLIN COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  1922-1930.  By Carla Pulliam, ©1994, 156 pages, indexed, cardstock covers, stapled and nicely taped. Ex-lib.  This book mostly contains complete obituaries.  Surnames with four (,) or more (#) first names are:  Adams 26, Adkisson, Aiken 26, Alden 5, Alexander 20, Allen 6, Alsop 12, Anderson, Baggett 15, Bailey 7, Bain 20, Baldwin 7, Batta, Bauer 12, Beat(e,t,t)y, Bell 7, Bennett 6, Biggs 10, Biley 6, Bishop 6, Black 5, Bowman 8, Boyd, Briley, Britton 9, Brown 30, Browning 30, Brownlee, Bryant 8, Campbell 8, Cantrell 9, Carlton, Carter 6, Chandler 5, Chaplain 5, Chapman 6, Clark 13, Clayton 5, Clinton 9, Cole 9, Connor 11, Cook 26, Cordell, Courtney 5, Craddock 20, Crain, Crawford 6, Crider 8, Davis 12, Denham 11, Dillon 14, Dixon 17, Dloge, Dollins, Dorris 5, Doty 11, Dunbar 5, Duncan 12, Durham 5, Elstun 9, Espy 5, Eubanks 13, Ezell, Fabert 11, Fish 10, Fitzgerrell 10, Flannigan, Foster 10, Foulk 12, Freeman, Frost 13, Fultz 5, Gant, Glover 12, Grant, Gray 8, Griggs 14, Grimes, Guiney 5, Gunter 12, Heathcoat 11, Hall 8, Hammond 6, Hampton 14, Harris 9, Harrison 19, Hartman 10, Heard 8, Heinzman 6, Hesler 9, Hill 28, Hinch 5, Hindman 7, Hobbs 19, Hogan, Holland 9, Howell 6, Hudson 5, Hungate 8, Hurst 7, Hutchins, Ing 7, Isaacs 14, Jacobs 12, Johnson 16, Jones 58, Jordan 8, Jordon, Keller, Kimmell 6, King 19, Kirk 10, Kirkpatrick 15, Kist 6, Knight 6, Kreis 6, Lager 20, Lambert 5, Lane 7, Learned 23, Lefler 10, Lehr, Lemon 8, Lemons 8, Lewis, Lipe 20, Little 17, Lowery 7, Lowry 10, Ludwig 13, Luster 5, Mabry 5, MacDonald, Maddox 9, Mannen, Martin 16, Mason 20, McCann 8, McClure 7, McCollom, McCormack 5, McCreery 16, McDonald 9, McFarland 12, McKenzie, McNeil 9, McPherson 5, Meadows 10, Miller 16, Mills 23, Minor, Mitchell 7, Moore 89, Morris 16, Mumbower 14, Murphy 15, Naylor 5, Neal 20, Neulist 5, Neunlist 6, Nolen 14, Norcross 10, Odle 13, Odum 10, Overturf 7, Page 15, Park 7, Parker 5, Payne 34, Pearce 11, Peek 5, Pemberton 12, Penny10, Perrine 7, Perryman 10, Peterson 7, Phillips 18, Pickard13, Plasters 7, Ponsetti 5, Pope 22, Potter 7, Powers, Price 17, Prigmore, Puckett 23, Purcell 8, Quillman 6, Rainey 8, Ray 8, Rea 9, Reed 10, Rice 12, Rogers 7, Russell 11, Sanders 9, Sandusky 14, Sears 12, Seibert 11, Shaw 10, Shelton 9, Shepard 5, Shepherd 8, Shetler 5, Shew 10, Shirley 10, Silkwood 8, Simmons 10, Simpson 26, Smith 47, Snider 7, Snyder, Span 12, Spears 10, Spiller 6, Stewart 5, Stocton 6, Stotler 9, Summers 15, Swain 28, Sweet 8, Swisher 5, Swoffard, 10, Tadlock 5, Tanner 5, Tate 7, Taylor 27, Threlkeld 8, Tipling 5, Todd, Treat, Trout 5, Tucker 10, Uhls 16, Vantre(a/e)se 6, Vaughn 11, Vantress, Vise11, Walker 18, Waller 8, Ward 21, Watson, Webb 56, Weeks 5, Welch 15, Westbrook, Whaley 5, Whiteside 7, Whittington 8, Wilburn 10, Wilhite 5, Williams 14, Woods 13, Young 17 and [Zwengal/ Zwengel/ and Zwengle 5].  PRICE: $15


BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA - CRAZY CRATE 72  BOOK 3:  EARLY MARRIAGES, WILLS, AND SOME REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS OF BOTETOURT COUNTY, VIRGINIA.  By Anne Lowry Worrell.  Genealgical Pub. Co., Inc.  © 1958.  Originally published in Hillsville, VA in 1958.  Reprint Edition 1976. 69 pages, very small prinT.  Marriage records are first.  Sample Entry:  Abbott, John and Nancy Greenway dau[ghter of] George Greenway-Dec. 26, 1805.  Over 50 entries per page from page 3 to page 51.  Then there are the abstracts of wills and deeds from this county:  sample entry:  Baldwin, Samuel, Pro[bate] Sept[ember], 1793.  Names wife, Mary, and ch[ildren], Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Joseph, Hanna Morris, Thomas Lewis, Alexander, and ch[ildren] unnamed by his first marriage, living in P[ennsylvani]a. except one daughter, Charity.  A brother-in-law, James Wills.  Over 30 of these entries are on each page from 52 to 65.  Some Revolutionary Records of BotetourtCounty fill the last four pages with rank and names and company officer's names.  PRICE:  $8


MAGNABRITES - CRAZY CRATE 72 ITEM 4:  [Magnabrites are now back in stock.  Multiplies the light concentrated under the 2½" high CLEAR plastic dome four times AND magnifies the print four times.  Makes any book MUCH easier to read!

Also super for reading maps, newspapers, legal papers, telephone books and can be used directly on your computer screen or microfilm reader to enlarge and enlighten.  Makes a wonderful gift for any person with dimming eyesight or aging eyes!]  PRICE:  $25


I have some more lovely books that came in last week, but it is already late.  

[Some things make me mad and the following editorial helps to lower my blood pressure, and I am sure it will resonate with many of my readers.  [Reply to me by e-mail if you have a comment to add!]


EDITORIAL.  These comments reflect only my own personal views.]  Paper will stand still for anything to be written on it, truth, fiction or fabrication.  So will TV screens!  Be careful not to believe any political advertisements at all that are negative about some one candidate's opponent.  Mud is easy to sling, and almost impossible to get off the minds of naïve voters who believe most anything they see on the big screen IS the way it really is here. 


My thought is we should not allow any person running for office to say ONE single thing about his opponents.  He should be allowed to talk about no one, but himself, his ideals, his votes, his plans.  If he is blasting his opponent it must mean he has nothing good to say about himself.  Mud slinging in any form is the absence of a candidate's ability to say enough good about his own record to get re-elected.


Let him tell us about his voting record, let him post on his website his vote on each bill.  Then let their voters, the public, [that's us, folks,] decide.  WE are their employers.  Then we can tell him by our votes whether he is doing what we want and need for him to do to build a better, stronger, more capable, and happier nation.


Instead, he is trying to make the case that you should vote for him, not because he is a good man, doing what his voters want him to do, after considering all of Americans' future to come; but because he is, in his own opinion, the better man, Comparing himself to some other candidate by tearing down that candidate's reputation, just doesn'twork for me.  It does, in some cases really hurt that candidate, or his family, but not nearly as much as it demeans himself for sinking to the level of trying out some dirty tricks, which we all now know he favors as a way of doing business!


He thinks his opponent has something wrong with his record.   If that opponent does have something less desirable, or illegal, leave it to the vigorous press, the Fourth Estate, left-leaning or right-leaning, to find it out and to the police to gather the proof!  That smear tactic simply means that the attacking candidate has nothing good to say about his own record that he wants the voters to know.  He is simply announcing that he is a bad candidate, but he wants us to think, he is better than the other candidate, simply so he can get elected or re-elected.  If we let him get away with it, then don't we deserve the bad government we will undoubtedly get from him!



This is already gettng too long.  I think I will close it for now, and start work on Friday's crate!  Thank you for checking out our now-up-and-running newsletter!



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