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Newsletter Subtitle: How About a Trip to Ireland?
Month Day Year September 10, 2010

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

First, my apologies to you, my readers, for not having a Crazy Crate ready for you this last Tuesday.  Holidays usually wear me out, but this one REALLY did me in!

A book-reading friend of mine had called me and we made arrangements to take advantage of Half-Price Books big Labor Day Sale.  There are three stores in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area, widely separated, of course.  Two are on the north side and one on the south side. 

We had breakfast here at home at about nine o'clock on Monday morning, then started to the closest one up north and west of my house.  We spent two hours on our feet there producing three bags of books.  Then to the one on the far west side, which is my favorite because it is the largest of the three, thereby producing two more bags and one huge box of books and three hours on my feet.
We ate a late lunch at the McL Cafeteria at Castleton where our Van Treese family holds our whole family's Christmas Party the first Sunday afternoon in December with about forty or more of Grandpa Joseph Henry Van Treese and his second wife Susan Elizabeth Chlorinda McClure Van Treese's 13 children, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren all meet and eat our family dinner!  We have lots of kids that come. That's good!

Last we headed south to the last book store, which is on the south side, and with which I am the most familiar because they have lots of children's books which I purchased for my classroom up until I retired in 1999.  At that time, many of them were priced at 25 cents each, and I bought lots for my classroom.  That way, if a child fell in love with a book, I could let him/her take it home with him.

Now I search for the children's books I buy for my two great-granddaughters for Christmas at very reasonable prices.  As a first, second or fourth grade teacher for over thirty-six years, I know if you give a child enough books, read to him while he is young, he will be chomping at the bit to learn to read for his/her own pleasure and he/she will bug you until you teach him the sounds of the letters so he can read it to and for him/herself whenever he/she wants to hear it and you are not there or are too busy to read it to him.

Ray and I had no trouble teaching our children to read because if we had any free time they could see us curled up with a good book.  We all had our favorite chair in which we snuggled up with a good book anytime we could, and I still do.

That was two more hours on my feet and two more bags of books.  Needless to say, after the company left, it was too late to do a crate.
That day was so much fun, but, oh! did I ever ache when I awoke the next morning!

So here is my apology to you for missing out on Tuesday's crate.  If I told you that I did not even think about Tuesday following Monday, you might think I was growing old, but I am not because I know that -no matter how many birthdays I have -  OLD is always twenty years older than I am!  So there!

Thanks for taking your time to look at our Crazy Crates.  You never can tell when a surname will jump out at you and you will have found a book with some real help for you on your families.

I had so much fun shopping those book sales I decded to share the fun with you, so here is your SALE crate!  ENJOY!  Books have been marked down for sale on this newsletter.  Order now for the best selection of these new and used books.  For many of these, but not all, we have more than one or in some cases, we have dozens of them.

Ireland-CRAZY CRATE YOGS 70:  BOOK 1:  IRISH FAMILY RESEARCH MADE SIMPLE.  REVISED EDITION.  E. J. Collins, Summit Publications, 1993 Edition.  NEW copies.  Before 1922 for 700 years, the British ruled all of Ireland.  Irishmen like to believe that their ancestors constantly struggled against the British rule.  This is not entirely true.  Until modern times, the nineteenth century, the resistance was not always consistent, nor was it concerted.  Many people who came to Ireland as Englishmen, the oppressors, later became the oppressed, as they became absorbed into Ireland.  It is said of some of these Englishmen that they became more Irish than the Irish themselves.  The Table of Contents speaks first of the Irish immigration from their previous homelands.  Then, next came the Irish History and the Land.  He starts you on your research with the Chapter: Begin Your Research into Your Irish Family in the U.S.
Then it is Off to Ireland, by Internet, or telephone, by letter, through computer, book and microfiche.  There are 19 illustrations in this user-friendly book.  Lots of large print for those of us who are optically challenged!  A great way to begin or augment your search and our special SALE - A - THON book.  You can buy this great 75 page, 11 by 17 inch book [folded to 8.5 by 11 inches per page] book for, not its regular price of $10, but for only $8.  Order before September 30 to get this bargain!  This book tells you how to, this book tells you where to, and why to and when-to and it is also on sale!  What could be nicer!  Order for only $8 by September 30, and find that lucky Irish family of yours!  WAS $10.  Now priced with 20% off at $8!

Immigrant Research-CRAZY CRATE YOGS70 :  BOOK 2:  SEARCHING FOR YOUR IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR.  By Fran Carter-Walker.  ©2000.  NEW Printing.  90 pages, cardstock cover, stapled three times. She starts with the basics.  On the first page she defines Migration as [the act] of moving within a country from one place to another.  Emigration is the act of moving out of a country.  Immigration is the act of moving into a new country.  Associated with these is Naturalization which is the act and process of Becoming a Citizen in the new country.  Twenty-two Chapters lead you through the process - backwards, of course - from their arrival here back to their departure from the old country.  She identifies the sources you will need to know about and in every day English tells you what to do to be successful.  This author leads you to the sources, tells you how to use them and then guides you to the next step.  Years of being successful as a teacher and researcher have brought her tremendous success and her books have helped others to be successful too.  This book, ordinarily priced at $18 is another SALE-A-THON SPECIAL at only $14.40 until September 30.    Now priced with 20% off at $14.40!  Several copies are available.

Early Immigrant Research-CRAZY CRATE YOGS70:  BOOK 3:  SEARCHING FOR YOUR PRE-1800 IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR.  By Fran Carter-Walker.  ©2000.  NEW Printing, 71 pages, 8.5 by 11 inches, cardstock covers, stapled 3 times.  This lady has written over 31 books on genealogy.  She has spoken at dozens of local, state and national meetings.  She knows what she is doing!  And she knows how to teach you how to do good, well-documented genealogy.  She helps you first to create a research outline.  You fill in what you know and she tells you what, where and how to find what is missing.  She tells you about early census records, using probate, wills and inventories to expand your knowledge of your ancestor.  She helps you find what is already in print and cautions you to be careful about using it, because too often it may not be reliable.  She leads you to look for land records, military records from early wars and militia notes county-by-county.  She points out major migration trails and helps you be aware that they were not all open at the same time.  She guides you to look for early church records and how to find and utilize early newspaper records.  She leaves no stone unturned and neither will you after you read this book!  Remember until September 30, this book, regular price was $15 will be priced at just $12 for the targeted help you need.  Now priced with 20% off at $12.

Surnames in Ireland - CRAZY CRATE  BOOK YOGS70:  Book 4.  THE ORIGINS OF OVER 200 IRISH SURNAMES, The Researchers, 21 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, Unused books, cardstock cover, 8.5 by 11, inches folded in half, Now SALE-A-THON priced at only $2.40  Samples of descriptive paragraphs:  
1.)  BARRETT:  This name was introduced into Ireland in the late twelfth century by two distinct Anglo-Norman families.  One settled in County Cork and the other in the Mayo-Galway area.  The southern Barrett's, who gave their name to Barretts Country in County Cork, were more prolific than the Northern Barretts, but it was the Connacht family which played a greater role in Irish history.  These Barretts founded a sept [a tribe, an extended family] and in time came to possess much of the land in northern Mayo.  
2.)  GALLAGHER:  The O'Gallaghers' territory extended over a large area in County Donegal.  The name ranks 14th on the list of the most common names in Ireland.  It is found mainly in the northwestern counties of Ulster and Connach and in County Donegal.  
3.)RYAN:  There are nearly 28,000 persons by the name of Ryan living in Ireland, making it one of the ten most common names.  The majority of Ryans come from the counties of Limerick and Tiperary where the traditional territory of that sept was located.  Over 90 surnames are treated in this manner.  Over 215 surnames, which have been associated with or descended from the ninety main families in the index are placed where they belong in this book, so you know what name you are really looking for!  SALE-A-THON PRICE  $2.40.  Multiple copies are available.

Ireland - ULSTER SAILS WEST - YOGS CRAZY CRATE  70  BOOK 5:  By William F. Marshall.  GPC, 79 pages, laminated cardstock covers, 5.5 by 8.5 inches.  First published in 1950 in Belfast, Ireland.  This is the Story of the Great Emigration from Ulster, [Northern Ireland] to North America in the 18th Century.  Together with an outline of the part played by Ulstermen in Building the United States.  Chapters include:  Ulster's Mark on the United States, Ulster Sails West, Why? Religious Intolerance When 1718-1774, The Five Ships, New Derry, Where? The Ulster-American Achievement, The Road to the West, The Revolution, The Army, The Civil War, The Declaration of Independence and the Presidents, The Church, Education, Abolition and the Press, Entirely an Ulster-American Achievement.  There are eight Appendices which include a bibliography, references, names of ministers, and names of Ulstermen-way too many to list here.  USED.  Priced at $9  20% off brings price to $8.10.

Ireland - IRELAND CALENDAR 2003.  YOGS CRAZY CRATE YOGS 70 ITEM 6:  By INSIGHT.  2003.  Lovely laminated cover in full color 8.5 by 12", 12 gorgeous full-color photographs of scenes in Ireland, January is winter in Co. Whitlow; February is Glenveagh in Co. Donegal; March is Poulnabrone Dolmen in Co. Clare; April is Kinsdale in Co. Cork; May is Dingle in Co. Kerry, [beautiful fields of green and yellow]; June is Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare;  July is Sheep in West Cork; August is Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry, September is The Lighthouse in Fanad Head in Co. Donegal; October is Connemara landscape in Co. Galway; November is Glanmore in Co. Kerry and December is Achi Island in Co. Mayo.  Beautiful coffee table book.  Also suitable for framing.  Be sure you study the cover closely.  You may be surprised at what is actually there!  Price $6.  Now 20% off.  $4.80

Ireland - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 70  ITEM 7:  IRELAND OF THE WELCOMES, VOLUME 52, #3 - May-June 2003.  Beautiful full-color magazine includes such articles as Windmills of the Skerries, Yesteryear's Shop, A Walk in Kilkee, The Victorian Visitor.  Cover pictures one of the Windmills.  Articles about Kilkee in June, Crystal Frontier, Byways Rather than Highways, Bits & Pieces, Book reviews, Essential Tourist Guide, Festivals in Ireland.  Pictures are beautiful and articles are great!  Regular U. S. price is $3.95.  Just $2 with any other purchase.

Ireland - CRAZY CRATE YOGS 70 BOOK 8:  A GUIDE TO COPIES AND ABSTRACTS OF IRISH WILLS.  Edited by The Rev. Wallace Clare.  Clearfield Company. 111pages 5.5 by 8.5"  Originally printed in England in 1930.  Reprinted 1972 and 1989 by GPC.  There are wills in this book which have been located and noted from 26 separate depositories, locations or books and articles.  There are 35 lines on each page, nicely spaced for clarity.  Each line covers one date of will* or date of probate, the surname, the first name, widow if she is one, occupation, location [city or county] and a reference as to where the will was found.  Surnames with 3 (,) or more than 3 with (#): Abbott, Adderley 6, Addis, Alcock 5, Allen 5, Anderson 5, Anglesey 5, Archer 15, Armstrong, Arthur 4, Ashe 7, Bacon 7, Baker 4, Baldwin 7, Ball, Bankes, Barlow 4, Barrington 33, Barry 25, Barter 8, Bayly, Becher 6, Bennet/t, Bernard 4, Berry, Biggs 5, Boles 4, Bond, Bor/r11, Bourke 10, Braddell, Brady 5, Brdges, Broughton, Brown 10, Browne 13, Brownlow/e 9, Brunton, Buckley, Burdett, Burrowes 9, Burton 7, Busteed 7, Butler 6, Byrns 9, Cahill, Caldwell 4, Callaghan, Campbell, Campion 5, Carol/l 6, Cary 4, Casey 5, Cashel, Cavenagh 5, Chambers 5, Champion, Chapman, Clare, Clark 4, Clarke 14, Cleland, Cliffe 7, Coffey, Colley 13, Collins, Colthurst 5, Connor, Conyngham/ Cunningham 4, Cooke 9, Coote 6, Copley, Corker 18, Court, Courtenay, Cox 11, Crawford 4, Crofton 4, Crofts 6, Cuninghan, Curtis, Cusack/e 4, Daly, Daniel/l 4, Daunt 20, Davenport, Davis 10, Dawley, Dawly 4, Dawson 9, Deane, Denny 5, Dixon. Dobbin 27, Doherty 10, Dongan. Donovan 4, Dowdall 4, Dowden 5, Dowe 5, Doyle 7, Draper 9, Drinan, Dring, Driscoll 4, Drought, Dublin 5, Dunscombe, Dyer 4, Earbery 4, Eccles 25, Elliott, Ennis, Evans 5, Farmer 13, Farrell 9, Fennell 15, Fenton 4, Fenwik/e 4, Fisher, FitzGerald13, Fitzgibbon 5, Foord, Forbes 4, Forstall, Forster, Freeman, French, Fuller 14, Gamble 12, Gash 4, Geoghegan, Gifford, Gillespie 14, Gillman 32, Gordon 4, Gore, Gorges, Graham 7, Gray 5, Green 8, Gun/n 5.  Book goes all the way to to Z.  Priced at $15.  20% off makes it $12.

© 1992, 1999.  374 pages.  For the serious researcher, this book has it all.  This book is already well established as the standard GUIDEBOOK for Irish genealogy.  This revised and expanded second edition reinforces the book's position as the leaing authority in the field.  The principal changes made for this edition are: the existing material has been updated and augmented by new sources that have emerged in recent years.  A comprehensive listing of all known copies of Roman Catholic records covering dates, locations and formats is included for the first time.  This is one of the most important sources for genealogical searching in Ireland.  There is less dependence on Dublin resources.  This new edition includes details of the Family History Centers of the Mormon Church, one of the world's richest genealogical archives.  This edition has been completely redesigned with a new layout.  Originally priced at $20, This used edition was priced at $16.  Now at $20% off, it is a real bargain AT $12.80.

Ireland - CRAZY CRATE YOGS70 ITEM 10:  MAP OF IRELAND.  This is one of John Palmer's beautiful reproductions in full color of an 1855 map of Ireland in a lovely 11 by 14 inch size.  It has already been inserted in an archival protective sleeve and is ready for framing.  You'll love its soft colors and you will smile every time you see it as you think of those Irish ancestors of yours!  Regular price s $9.  Now with 20% off it is only $7.20.

Thank you for checking out our Irish Crate -should have done this one in March! You know, on the 17th! Remember to call me on our toll-free number [i-800-419-0200] to order any item from this crate!  Pat from YOGS


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