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 Addenda to JP craazy crate 80:  More Church Records 

August 30, 2011

Here is the book that disappeared on the regular crate, so I went back to my computer and now here it is.  This is not a duplicate crate.  This is just the book that did not bold in its entirity.  It just disappeared.  Pat 



CRAZY CRATE JP 80 BOOK 11:  The Religious Denominations in the United States: Their History, Doctrine, Government and Statistics. With a Preliminary Sketch on Judaism, Paganism, and Mohammedanism.By Joseph Belcher, D.D. Embellished with Nearly Two Hundred Engravings.   Philadelphia: John E. Potter; Indianapolis: Sterns and Spicer; Memphis: J. G. Clarke. 1856. 1,024 pages. Plus four pages of book reviews. Note: This is an original edition, not a reprint. The binding is tight, the leather covers show some wear but are not cracking. The spine shows some wear but the gold lettering and design are clearly visible, although not crisp. There is much foxing throughout the book. The inside front cover has a bookplate for Chas F. Goodwin.


If you're an avid genealogist tracing your family history, you've probably discovered that you have relatives who belonged to a wide variety of various faiths. Perhaps there are family stories about ancestors breaking family ties because of religious issues. This book discusses the differences between the denominations as they were prior to 1856. Each denomination is treated separately, with separate sections for each division within a denomination.  

The following religious groups are covered:   Judaism; Paganism; Mohammedanism; Baptists: Associated Baptists, The Old School Baptists, The Six Principle Baptists, The Sabbatarians, or Seventh -day Baptists, The German Baptists, or Tunkers, The Freewill Baptists; The Congregationalists; The Protestant Episcopal Church; Lutherans: The Lutheran Church. Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod; Methodists: Methodist Episcopal Church, Calvinistic Methodists, African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Methodist Protestant Church, Wesleyan Methodist Church; Presbyterians: Old School, New School, Associated Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Presbyterians; Reformed Churches: Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church, Reformed Presbyterians, or Covenanters, Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, The German Reformed Church, The Reformed Mennonites;   The Roman Catholic Church; The Unitarian Church; The Adventists, Bible Christians, Christians, The Christian Israelites, Church of God, or Winebrennarians, Disciples of Christ, or Campbelites, The Evangelical Association, or Albrights, Friends, or Quakers, Orthodox Friends, or Quakers-Hicksites; The Jews; Latter Day Saints, or Mormons; The Mennonites; The Moravians; The New Jerusalem Church, or Swedenborgians; Amish, or Hooker Mennonites; The Restorationists; The River Brethren; The Schwenkfelders; United Brethren in Christ, or German Methodists; United Society of Believers, or Shakers; The Universalists A series of appendices discuss the influence of Religion on the Country, Religious Conditions of the Indians, Church Edifices, Agendas for Religious Societies, Sunday Schools and the Sunday School Union, Christian Cemeteries, The Religious Press, and Christian Foreign Missions. Price: $35.00


Pat from YOGS.  Could not get it in right away, but you should have this one on Tuesday morning also.

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